Trackside Now: PASS South "South Carolina Clash"
Friday is a Wrap at Anderson Motor Speedway
Some of those big names include the Easter Bunny 150 winner Ryan Lawler, Jason Hogan, and Ben Rowe. Several drivers are making their PASS South debut here at the South Carolina Clash, including Hunter Robbins, Zach Stroupe and Johnny Brazier.

Brazier was the winner of the 2006 Snowball Derby before he was disqualified during tech.  He seems to be competitive where ever he goes and he doesn't expect it to be any different here at Anderson Motor Speedway. 

In fact, he is undefeated when he has raced at this track.  He raced here once ten years ago when the Southern All Stars held an event here, and according to Brazier, "The track is the same track that it was ten years ago."   That red 71 is definitely one car that everyone should keep their eyes on.

The No. 71 is a car to watch at Anderson Motor Speedway.  (51 Photo)
Friday, 3:30pm ET - Trucks are still rolling into the pit area here at beautiful Anderson Motor Speedway, but several big names already have their cars unloaded and are beginning to work on the cars in order to get ready for today's practices which are scheduled to start at 4:00pm.
Friday, 5:33pm ET - The first practice session is still ongoing for the PASS South Super Late Models here at Anderson.  For the most part practice has been incident free aside from the No. 48 of John Batton who went for a spin coming out of four.  He didn't make contact with the wall or any other car, and is continuing to turn some fast laps in practice.

Most of the cars have at least taken one lap, but several haven't took to the track yet including PASS North regular Ben Rowe.

Friday, 4:35pm ET - The first of three practice sessions is now underway at Anderson Motor Speedway. The Friday practice sessions are informal with no transponder times available, but several drivers have already put down what look to be some pretty fast laps including, Preston Peltier and Jason Hogan.
John Batton.
Friday, 6:00pm ET - The first session of practice is over for the Super Late Models and now the local divisions of Legends and Mini Stocks are out on the track now. 
Friday, 7:00pm ET - Cars are still pulling in between each and every practice session.  Here is a list of who is here so far, and more are expected to continue to come in through tomorrow.

1. (02) Tim Nooner
2. (16) Tom McCann Jr
3. (29) Allen Gordon
4. (71) Jimmy Doyle
5. (1) Chris Dunn
6. (48) John Batton
7. (18) Hunter Robbins
8. (51) Zach Stroupe
9. (92) Jason Hogan
10. (31) Ryan Lawler
11. (4) Ben Rowe
12. (71) Johnny Brazier
13. (5) Preston Peltier
14. (10) Logan Dernoshek
15. (23) Jeremy Rice
16. (57) Todd Schuler
17. (66) John Michael
18. (62) Mark Gibson
19. (91) Heath Hindman
20. (76) Gary Greenwood Jr.

Easter Bunny 150 winner Ryan Lawler was one of the drivers who turned some fast laps in practice.
Friday, 8:15pm ET - The second round of Super Late Model Practice is over, and once again most of the cars took to the track.

The heat races for the local division are now underway, the Legends are out on the track now.

Friday, 7:30pm ET - The Super Late Models have rolled back on to the track for some more practice.  It will be the first time out for several cars including Tim Nooner and Logan Dernoshek.

Friday, 7:10pm ET - There are still two practice sessions left for the PASS Super Late Models but one of the cars has already loaded up for the night.  Preston Peltier has put his No. 5 in his hauler for the evening.  They think that their car is pretty good and should be ready for tomorrow's events.
Friday, 8:30pm ET - Wesley Thompson finish in the first spot in the Legends Heat race.  He will start tomorrow's feature event from the pole position.  In the C-Mini division it was Michael York who earned the top spot while in the B-Minis it was Chad Campbell.

Friday, 8:20pm ET - There is one car in the pit area who hasn't taken a time yet and that would be the 76 of Gary Greenwood Jr..  Instead of coming early to practice, Greenwood decided to go and spend sometime with his family watching his son play in a baseball game.
Hunter Robbins.
Friday, 9:20pm ET - PASS South Points leader Ryan Lawler is also reporting engine troubles.  Some people might think that his race weekend was over even before it began, but the last time he had to replace an engine at the racetrack he was able to come back and win his first ever PASS South race at Hickory Motor Speedway, so don't count Lawler out yet. 

Friday, 9:05pm ET -  Yet another late comer has made their way into the pit area.  The blue and black No 26 of Brandon Johnson has been pulled out of the hauler and it outon the taking his first laps around.

Friday, 8:54pm ET - Hunter Robbins is reported to have engine problems.  He is parked in the pit area right now, and looking for another engine so that he can race tomorrow night.

Friday, 8:36pm ET - There is one more practice session left tonight for the Super Late Models and there is already another late arrival for the practice session.  Wesley Stokes in his No. 7 Super Late has just pulled in and is preparing his car to take some practice laps during the next session and Gary Greenwood Jr has also made it to the track and now is putting some laps down.

Ryan Lawler and his team bring an engine hoist over to the car as they look over the engine.
Friday, 9:30pm ET - Practice is complete at Anderson Motor Speedway for the Super Late Models.  While no times were officially took, Gary Greenwood Jr seemed to put down some of the fastest laps. Be sure to check back tomorrow, when gates open at 11, for all the latest from the South Carolina Clash at Anderson Speedway.

Friday, 9:30pm ET - Hunter Robbins was unable to find an engine that would work with his car.  He thought he had found one that he would be able to use courtesy of Johnny Brazier but Robbins car had different engine mounts than Brazier, so Robbins is loading up and heading back to Alabama.