Trackside Now: PASS South "Firecracker 125" at Peachstate
Corey Williams Takes Back-to-Back PASS South Wins
Tuesday 2:12pm ET - For the first time since 2001, Super Late Models are hitting the fast half-mile of Peachstate Speedway in Jefferson, GA.  The PASS South Super Late Models are in the house with their fourth race of the 2007 season, the "Firecracker 125." 

Twenty-seven PASS South machines are here in the pit area and just wrapped up their first practice sesson.  Another practice is scheduled for 2:10-2:40pm, with time trials to follow at 4:15.  The green flag for the "Firecracker 125" is scheduled for 8pm followed by a spectacular fireworks display.  Fans are already filing into the grandstands for the exciting night of racing.
1. 10 Ryan Crane 17.933
2. 92 Jason Hogan 18.115
3. 82 Grant Enfinger 18.263
4. 47 Corey Williams 18.298
5. 10x Joey Senter 18.364
6. 29x Michael Phelps 18.503
7.  02 Tim Nooner 18.509
8.  1 Chris Dunn 18.525
9.  91s Heath Hindman 18.530
10.  62 Mark Gibson 18.576
11.  55 Kevin Perry 18.588
12.  31 Ryan Lawler 18.593
13.  98 Russell Fleeman 18.627
14.  09c Dean Clattenburg 18.637
15.  05 Alex Fleming 18.702
16. 29 Allen Gordon 18.707
17. 23 Jeremy Rice 18.757
18. 28 John Batten 18.760
19. 26x Bubba Pollard 18.778
20. 5 Preston Peltier 18.886
21. 41 Brian Payne 18.938
22. 25 Lane Morrow 19.045
23. 91 Joe Mattress 19.172
24. 89 Lee Hansard 19.217
25. 11 Travis Hearn 19.261
26. 26j Brandon Johnson 19.427

Corey Williams' team works on his car during the practice session.  (51 photos)
Tuesday 4:02pm ET - The drivers meeting has concluded and the drivers left fully understanding tonight's race procedures, which were the topics most talked about during practice.  In tonight's 125-lap PASS South feature, there will be a competition caution on lap 75.  Teams can, but are not required to, come on to pit road and change as many as two tires.  Because of the abrasive surface at Peachstate, PASS Officials have given the choice for teams to put on tires if they choose.  On the competition yellow, if a team decides not to come on to pit road, they will be able to advance positions over the teams that do come in.  Scoring will be frozen for the cars that do pit, so if a driver comes into pit road first, he will restart first of the cars that pit behind the cars that did not pit.

Tuesday 2:56pm ET - The final round of practice is now complete for the PASS South Super Late Models, and the practice sessions were incident free.  Several more cars have pulled into the infield, bringing the total cars close to thirty. There was only one casuality felt in the practice sessions, and that is the 29 of Michael Phelps.  He has loaded up and is heading home with engine troubles.
1.  Ryan Lawler 18.190
2.  Bubba Pollard 18.324
3.  Preston Peltier 18.516
4.  Corey Williams 18.525
5.  Tim Nooner 18.563
6.  Heath Hindman 18.595
7.  Russell Fleeman 18.596
8.  Jason Hogan 18.608
9.  Grant Enfinger 18.655
10.  Joey Senter 18.717
11.  Mark Gibson 18.733
12.  Kevin Perry 18.743
13.  Chris Dunn 18.758
14.  John Batten 18.770
15.  Dean Clattenburg 18.904
16.  Lee Hansard 18.946
17.  Jeremy Rice 18.979
18.  Alex Fleming 18.992
19.  Brian Payne 19.172
20.  Travis Hearn 19.205
21.  Allen Gordon 19.515
22.  Lane Morrow 19.597
23.  Brandon Johnson 19.682
24.  Joe Mattress 19.716

Fastest in second practice was point leader Ryan Lawler. 
Tuesday 4:27pm ET - NASCAR Busch Series driver, ARCA winner and former short-track standout Cale Gale is here at Peachstate running the #33 Pro Truck entry that brought him so much success in 2004 and 2005. 
Current points leader Ryan Lawler topped the charts in the final practice with a time of 18.190. 
Tuesday 6:35pm ET - Corey Williams' team has assessed the gremlins under the hood of the #47 machine, and the culprit for the early exit in the Dash race was a loose coil wire.  They have already made the necessary repairs and are looking forward to the feature, which is scheduled to take the green flag at 8pm.
PASS South Qualifying
1.  Corey Williams 17.717
2.  Preston Peltier 17.931
3.  Ryan Crane 17.980
4.  Jason Hogan 18.014
5.  Heath Hindman 18.018
6.  Grant Enfinger 18.083
7.  Ryan Lawler 18.184
8.  Bubba Pollard 18.195
9.  Jeremy Rice 18.269
10.  Mark Gibson 18.276
11.  Hunter Robbins 18.288
12.  Joey Senter 18.292
13.  Allen Karnes 18.298
14.  Tim Nooner 18.355
15.  Chris Dunn 18.368
16.  John Batten 18.375
17.  Kevin Perry 18.418
18.  Brian Payne 18.424
19.  Russell Fleeman 18.450
20.  Alex Fleming 18.496
21.  Travis Hearn 18.520
22.  Brandon Johnson 18.541
23.  Lee Hansard 18.542
24.  Allen Gordon 18.562
25.  Dean Clattenburg 18.575
26.  Lane Morrow 18.764
27.  Joe Mattress 18.870
28.  Thomas Stokes 18.974
Cale Gale climbs from his Pro Truck at Peachstate.
Corey Williams kept up his PASS South hot streak by setting quick time for the "Firecracker 125"
Tuesday 4:56pm ET - Winner of the most recent PASS South event at Orange County Speedway last month Corey Williams has set fast time for tonight's "Firecracker 125."  Williams' time of 17.717 was more than two-tenths quicker than second-fastest timer Preston Peltier.  Williams, Peltier and Ryan Crane were the only drivers to crack into the 17-second bracket.

Shortly after qualifying, the #29 of Allen Karnes pulled out of the event due to engine issues.

The top-eight qualifiers will enter the Dash event later this evening to determine their starting spots in tonight's feature.  The remainder of the field will be set by a pair of 12-lap heat races tonight.  Heats and the Dash begin at 6pm.
Tuesday 6:29pm ET - Preston Peltier will start from the pole in the "Firecracker 125" after dominating the 12-lap Dash event. Grant Enfinger will start second.  Fast qualifier Corey Williams lost power on the first lap and the Williams Brothers Racing team is looking under the hood for the problem.  Because he's locked into the field by his time trial effort, Williams will start 8th in the feature as long as he can find the problem with his car.  1) Peltier  2) Enfinger  3) Ryan Crane  4) Jason Hogan  5) Heath Hindman  6) Ryan Lawler  7) Bubba Pollard  8) Corey Williams

Tuesday 6:23pm ET - Local favorite Joey Senter took the win from wire-to-wire in the second heat.  1) Senter  2) Mark Gibson  3) Tim Nooner  4) Brian Payne  5) John Batten  6) Alex Fleming  7) Allen Gordon  8) Lane Morrow  9) Brandon Johnson  10) Thomas Stokes

Tuesday 6:12pm ET - Jeremy Rice has won the first of two qualifying heat races for the "Firecracker 125"  1) Rice  2) Kevin Perry  3) Chris Dunn  4) Russell Fleeman  5) Dean Clattenburg  6) Hunter Robbins  7) Travis Hearn  8) Joe Mattress  9) Lee Hansard
Preston Peltier's #5 car may have had a big smile in qualifying, but now that it's on the pole for the Firecracker 125, it's probably even happier.  (51 photos)
Tuesday 7:54pm ET - Kevin Barrett held off Cale Gale for the win in the 50-lap Pro Tuck feature event.  Gale followed his father Bubba Gale through the majority of the race, but Barrett came on strong after starting last due to not making a qualifying lap.  Barrett took the lead late, then pulled away on a final green-white-checkered restart.

The Mini Stocks are on track for a 35-lap feature, followed by the PASS South "Firecracker 125."

1.  Kevin Barrett
2.  Cale Gale
3.  Randy Stoudemire
4.  Larry Jordan
5.  DJ Vanderley
6.  Jeff Guthrie
7.  Bubba Gale
8.  Biff Mossman
9.  Josh Adkins
10.  Wes Whitfield
11.  Cohen Motes
12.  Brian Huff
13.  Roger Adkins
14.  Paul Antley
Kevin Barrett (right) was the big winner of the 50-lap Pro Truck race at Peachstate.  (51 photos)
Tuesday 9:50pm ET - Corey Williams was able to hold off Preston Peltier to win at Peachstate.  More to come.

Tuesday 9:45pm ET - The caution came out with three laps to go for the spinning car of third place Bubba Pollard whose car was smoking before the spin, just after Williams took the lead from Peltier.

Tuesday 9:40pm ET - Corey Williams put a nose under Preston Peltier on lap 110, but was unable to take the lead. 

Tuesday 9:32pm ET - On the lap 94 restart, Preston Peltier got a great jump on the outside lane and has taken the lead.  It's Crane, Williams, Pollard, Hogan, Perry, Senter, Clattenburg and Lawler

Tuesday 9:30pm ET - The fourth caution of the day has come out on lap 94 for a single-car spin.  Ryan Crane leads over Peltier, Pollard, Hogan, Williams, Clattenburg, Senter, Lawler, Nooner, Dunn, Gordon, Robbins, Hindman and Rice.

Tuesday 9:27pm ET - Preston Peltier has climbed up from sixth at the competition caution to take second from Bubba Pollard on lap 86 and has begun his charge to make up the nearly full-second gap to leader Ryan Crane

Tuesday 9:22pm ET - Green flag is back out and Ryan Crane has gotten a good jump on the field for the lead and Bubba Pollard has moved up to second as Corey Williams has fallen back to fifth.. 

Tuesday 9:14pm ET - We've reached the lap-75 competition caution. Ryan Crane holds the lead, but Corey Williams was right on his tail at the drop of the yellow.  It's Crane, Williams, Pollard, Hogan, Senter, Peltier, Nooner, Clattenburg, Lawler, Rice, Dunn, Gordon, Robbins.

Although every team had a choice whether or not to pit under this caution, every car has hit pit road for fresh right side tires and fuel. 

Tuesday 9:09pm ET - Halfway, lap 67: Crane has an eight-carlength lead over Corey Williams, Bubba Pollard, Jason Hogan and Joey Senter.  Grant Enfinger has just lost a lap.  His car appears to be suffering from a flat right rear tire after scraping the wall in the battle for the lead a few laps earlier.

Tuesday 9:01pm ET - The second yellow flag of the night has flown for Lee Hansard's spin off turn two on lap 58.  Ryan Crane continues to show the way over Pollard, Hogan, Williams, Peltier, Senter, Clattenburg, Nooner, Lawler, Enfinger, Rice, Hindman, Dunn, Gordon and Robbins.

Tuesday 8:56pm ET - Ryan Crane has taken the lead of the "Firecracker 125" on lap 43.  Crane had been looking on the outside of Grant Enfinger for a handful of laps, pulling almost even to Enfinger's door off the corners, but Enfinger would come up the track just enough to force Crane out of the throttle.  On lap 43, however, Crane wasn't about to lift and Enfinger's car took a slight right hand turn across Crane's bumper into the outside wall into turn three.  Both cars have continued on and there's no caution, but Enfinger has dropped to sixth and appears to have a flat tire.  It's Crane, Pollard, and Hogan in a three-car breakaway up front.

Tuesday 8:53pm ET - It's now lap 32 and Grant Enfinger has taken the lead.  Enfinger took the low side around Preston Peltier after battling side-by-side up front since the lap-nine restart.  It's Enfinger, Peltier, Ryan Crane, Bubba Pollard, Jason Hogan, Heath Hindman, Corey Williams, Ryan Lawler, Joey Senter, Jeremy Rice and Dean Clattenburg.

Tuesday 8:41pm ET - The first yellow flag of the event has flown on lap 9 for the Travis Hearn machine that hit the wall in turn three.  Top five: Peltier, Enfinger, Hindman, Hogan, Pollard.

Tuesday 8:38pm ET - The green flag is out at Peachstate Speedway. Preston Peltier leads Grant Enfinger on lap one.

Tuesday 8:14pm ET - Steve Hill has taken the checkers in the Mini Stock race, and now it's time for the PASS South Super Late Models to hit the Peachstate half-mile.  The field is assembling on the frontstretch for driver introductions and we will be green in the "Firecracker 125 shortly. 
1.  Preston Peltier
2  Grant Enfinger
3 Ryan Crane
4  Jason Hogan
5  Heath Hindman
6  Ryan Lawler
7  Bubba Pollard
8  Corey Williams
9  Jeremy Rice
10  Joey Senter
11  Chris Dunn
12  Mark Gibson
13  Russell Fleeman
14  Tim Nooner
15  Dean Clattenburg
16  Brian Payne
17  Hunter Robbins
18  John Batten
19  Travis Hearn
20  Alex Fleming
21  Joe Mattress
22  Allen Gordon
23  Lee Hansard
24  Lane Morrow
25  Kevin Perry
26  Brandon Johnson
27  Thomas Stokes

Tuesday 10:52pm ET - Corey Williams has scored back-to-back PASS South victories with his thrilling triumph in the "Firecracker 125" at Peachstate Speedway.  As Williams crossed beneath the checkered flag, fireworks blasted into the sky and the fans went crazy after one of the most spectacular races in PASS South history.

Williams took the lead on lap 122 from Preston Peltier, but the lap 122 caution for Bubba Pollard's wreck closed the field for a final green-white-checkered restart.  Williams got the jump on Peltier, but Peltier battled back and pulled even with Williams on the white flag lap, but Williams was too strong on the outside groove and took the win, his second in a row and second career PASS South victory.

We'll have more from Peachstate in the race story and Leftovers.
1. Corey Williams
2.  Preston Peltier
3.  Ryan Crane
4.  Kevin Perry
5.  Jason Hogan
6.  Allen Gordon
7.  Joey Senter
8.  Ryan Lawler
9.  Chris Dunn
10.  Hunter Robbins
11.  Tim Nooner
12.  Heath Hindman
13.  Jeremy Rice
14.  Dean Clattenburg
15.  Alex Fleming
16.  Mark Gibson
17.  Brian Payne
18.  Lane Morrow
19.  Bubba Pollard
20.  Grant Enfinger
21.  Brandon Johnson
22.  Joe Mattress
23.  Lee Hansard
24.  John Batten
25.  Thomas Stokes
26.  Travis Hearn
27.  Russell Fleeman

Corey Williams climbs from his winning ride a two-time PASS South winner.  (51 photos)