Trackside Now: PASS 400 Sunday at Beech Ridge
A Exclusive
Sunday, 9:50pm ET - Here are the unofficial results for the 300-lap PASS North Super Late Model feature:

1.  Mike Rowe
2.  Alan Wilson
3.  Derek Ramstrom
4.  Cassius Clark
5.  Trevor Sanborn
6.  Richie Dearborn
7.  Scott Chubbuck
8.  Kirk Thibeau
9.  Travis Benjamin
10.  Rick Martin
11.  Ben Rowe
12.  Dale Shaw
13.  Steve Berry
14.  Dave Dion
15.  Donnie Lashua
16.  Jay Sands
17.  Gary Bellefleur
18.  Joey Porciello
19.  T.J. Brackett
20.  John Fleming
21.  Mike Fowler
22.  D.J. Shaw
23.  Katie Hagar
24.  Donnie Whitten
25.  Bill Rodgers
26.  Kelly Moore
27.  Johnny Clark
28.  Bill Whorff, Jr.
29.  Danny Bubar
30.  Bub Bilodeau
31.  Dan McKeage
32.  Adam Bates
33.  Chris Kennison

Sunday, 9:45pm ET - There is a change to the results from the PASS Pullen Heavy Indsutries Sportsmen feature.  Mike Landry was disqualified from his apparant victory after PASS officials found an unapproved engine part.  This gave the victory to Terry Merrill.

Sunday, 6:14pm ET - Mike Rowe has won his second PASS 300 at Beech Ridge.  He was followed to the line by Alan Wilson, Derek Ramstrom, Cassius Clark, Trevor Sanborn, Richie Dearborn and Scott Chubbuck.

Sunday, 6:09pm ET - While battling for sixth with seven laps to go, Dave Dion spun at the end of the frontstretch and Ben Rowe was put to the rear for his role in the incident.

Joey Porciello has dropped out of the race with an apparant engine problem.

Mike Rowe leads Alan WIlson, Cassius Clark, Derek Ramstrom and Scott Chubbuck.

Sunday, 6:05pm ET - The caution is out again.  This time for a turn one tangle between two cars in the top 10 - Travis Benajmin and Rick Martin.

Sunday, 6:00pm ET - On lap 280, Mike Rowe and Steve Berry were side-by-side for the lead.  Rowe was on the inside and Berry on the outside entering turn four when Berry's #15 spun around.  He went off the turn four banking and cut down a left rear tire, bringing the caution out.

Sunday, 5:55pm ET - Dale Shaw spun in turn two to bring out another caution.  At lap 275, the top five are Mike Rowe, Steve Berry, Alan Wilson, Cassius Clark and Derek Ramstrom.

Dave Dion is the lucky dog recipent under this caution period.

Sunday, 5:53pm ET - Mike Rowe and Steve Berry are putting on a great battle for the lead.  Barry just led a few laps, but Rowe soon got back around him.  Barry isn't giving up easily though...and Alan Wilson reeling in both leaders as he sits in third place over Cassius Clark, Derek Ramstrom, Travis Benjamin and Scott Chubbuck.  We are now coming up on 30 laps to go.

Sunday, 5:48pm ET - We have finally gotten back into a groove of green flag racing.  Mike Rowe has a narrow lead on Steve Berry is heavy lapped traffic.  Travis Benjamin, Alan Wilson, Cassius Clark, Derek Ramstrom and Scott Chubbuck.  

Sunday, 5:36pm ET - Katie Hagar's #14x is the latest car to go behind the wall.

Sunday, 5:34pm ET - The caution is out again.  This time on lap 217 for a turn two spin by Mike Fowler.

Mike Rowe currently leads Steve Berry, Travis Benjamin, Scott Chubbuck, Derek Ramstrom, Richie Dearborn, Dale Shaw and Cassius Clark.

Sunday, 5:30pm ET - Steve Berry is the latest leader of the PASS 300 over Mike Rowe, Travis Benjamin, Scott Chubbuck and John Flemming.

Donnie Whitten's #83 has been pushed behind the wall.  We are working lap 208.

Sunday, 5:24pm ET - On lap 201, the caution came out for a spin entering turn three that involved Donnie Whitten and Bill Rodgers.

Meanwhile in the pits, Adam Bates has refired his #98 , but it sounds more like a popcorn maker than a racecar.  It is also bubbling coolant out of the overflow. 

Bill Whorff, Jr. has also pulled his #0 behind the wall.

Sunday, 5:23pm ET - We're back to green and at lap 200, the top five are Travis Benjamin, Dale Shaw, Steve Berry, Scott Chubbuck and Mike Rowe.

Sunday, 5:20pm ET - Things got wild on the restart at lap 197.  A multi-car tangle in turn one involved DJ Shaw, Johnny Clark, Kelly Moore and Mike Fowler.  Moore's #47 has its entire left side sheetmetal ripped away, but he was able to drive it away from the scene.  The Shaw and Clark cars are being towed in on wreckers. 

In an unrelated event, Danny Bubar has pulled his #10x into the pits and appears to be done for the day.

Sunday, 5:13pm ET - The caution is out and things have gotten a bit strange here at Beech Ridge.  Kelly Moore now leads, but DJ Shaw went for a lazy spin by himself at the start-finish line as the current caution came out.  This now puts Richie Dearborn, Travis Benjamin, Johnny Clark and Steve Berry as the remainder of the top five.

Shaw will line up in eighth place for the restart.  He did not pit under this caution.

Sunday, 5:12pm ET - 2007 Beech Ridge track champion Bub Bilodeau is behind the wall with his #9 car.  His team has the rear end jacked up and is working in that area.

Sunday, 5:05pm ET - We are at lap 185 and things have come full circle at Beech Ridge. DJ Shaw is back in the lead with heavy pressure from Kelly Moore, who runs a very close second.  Richie Dearborn, Travis Benjamin and Johnny Clark round out the current top five.

Sunday, 5:05pm ET - Dan McKeage has pulled his #40M behind the wall and appears to have parked it for the day.  The driver has gotten out and the team isn't even working on the car, so that is not a good sign.

Adam Bates had gone back out on the track, but came back in behind the wall.  His #98 team is currently working under the hood of their racecar.

Sunday, 4:55pm ET - It's halfway at Beech Ridge and the current top five are Mike Rowe, Ben Rowe, DJ Shaw, Kelly Moore and Cassius Clark.

Sunday, 4:52pm ET - Adam Bates had a great top five run going, but his #98 is now sitting on pit road under green with its hood up.

Sunday, 4:50pm ET - Chris Kennison has retired from the race with handling problems.

Sunday, 4:44pm ET - On lap 138, the caution is out for a solo spin in turn three by Rick Martin.  The caution might have been a blessing for leader Cassius Clark.  His #8 team sprung to life just a few laps before the caution and appeared to be at least considering a green flag pit stop.  The caution allowed Clark to come in and change right side tires.  The whole sequence of events was not trouble-free for Clark though.  He got caught in the pits between the cars of Steve Berry and Travis Benjamin and needed to be pushed around for several seconds to get out - losing valuable time in the process.

Mike Rowe is now the race leader.

Sunday, 4:41pm ET - Outside polesitter Mike Fowler has dropped back through the field and is among the cars now one lap down to leader Cassius Clark.

Sunday, 4:40pm ET - At lap 125, the top five are Cassius Clark, Kelly Moore, Ben Rowe, Adam Bates and DJ Shaw.

Sunday, 4:35pm ET - Former Beech Ridge regular Jay Sands had a top 10 run going earlier in the race, but a green flag pit stop might be the kiss of death for him when it comes to finishing there today.

Sunday, 4:30pm ET - Your top five at the 100-lap mark are Ben Rowe, Cassius Clark, Kelly Moore, Adam Bates and DJ Shaw.

Sunday, 4:17pm ET - Restarts seem to suit Ben Rowe well.  He just took over the lead again from his father, Mike Rowe, when the race went green again on lap 58.

Sunday, 4:14pm ET - Ben Rowe took over the lead on a lap 52 restart, but four laps later his father Mike Rowe passed by on the outside to take the top spot.  That's also when Beech Ridge runners Bill Rodgers and Dan McKeage spun in turn three to bring out a caution.  We're still under yellow with 57 laps on the board and the top 10 are Mike Rowe, Ben Rowe, Kelly Moore, DJ Shaw, Dale Shaw, Adam Bates, Rick Martin, Mike Fowler, Dave Dion and Jay Sands.

Sunday, 4:05pm ET - Kelly Moore started 13th at Beech Ridge due to the fact that he has won a PASS North feature already this season and PASS rules don't let a current season winner start inside the top 10.   But Moore's #47 is a rocket.  By lap 30, he was up to third.  Five laps later, he was second.  By lap 40, he was in the lead.  Currently, at lap 50, Moore leads Ben Rowe (who also started outside the top 10), DJ Shaw, Mike Rowe and Dale Shaw.

Sunday, 4:00pm ET - We're 20 laps into the 300-lap SLM feature at Beech Ridge and so far it has been a Shaw show.  Teenager DJ Shaw currently leads his father, former NASCAR Busch North champion Dale Shaw.  Behind them are Mike Fowler, Rick Martin, Jay Sands, Kelly Moore, Mike Rowe, Ben Rowe, Adam Bates and Donnie Lashua.

Sunday, 3:39pm ET - The drivers are strapped into their cars and the command to start engines should be coming any moment here at Beech Ridge.

Sunday, 3:35pm ET - We've just received word that former PASS North winner Louie Mechilades has won today's True Value Modified Racing Series event at Thompson Speedway (CT).  Mechalides has driven for several different teams in PASS North, including the #29 Cushman Competition entry that Trevor Sanborn currently wheels.

Sunday, 3:20pm ET - We've already seen some great racing here today at Beech Ridge, but the big show is about to begin and the excitement level is rising.

Next up will be the 300-lap feature for the PASS North Super Late Model.  The qualified drivers are now signing autographs and meeting fans on the frontstretch.  Their crew members are setting up the pit stalls.  The weather is still beautiful and we're sitting here in the air-conditioned infield media center (which actually consists of a minivan complete with car seat) ready to bring you all of the action as it happens.  Stay tuned.  We'll be going green shortly.

Sunday, 2:55pm ET - Chris Smith has won the 50-lap PASS Modified feature over Jason Taylor and Tom Oliver.  The victory is a career first for this rookie Modified driver.

Smith, also known by his nickname of "Smitty", is a very popular racer around these parts.  He is a former champion in the track's Super Sportsmen division, has helped out many different Saturday night racers at Beech Ridge and has also served as a tech inspector in the track's mid-week nights of entry level racing.  His significent other, Kristen "The Cookie Girl" Wilson, has also helped boost his team's popularity due to the fact that she regularly bakes hundreds of cookies to be handed out to various teams as victory lane gifts or consolation prizes after a tough race.

Sunday, 2:45pm ET - Chris Smith currently holds a 12 car-length lead over Jason Taylor at the 20-lap mark of the PASS Modified feature.

Sunday, 2:37pm ET - To see how Mike Rowe has already scored a victory this weekend, to recap all of the action from Saturday's heat races or to see who didn't make the show for the PASS 300 Super Late Model race, click here for's PASS 400 Weekend Saturday News and Notes

Sunday, 2:34pm ET - The PASS Modified feature is underway, but is moving along slowly.  There have been two cautions in the first two laps.  Right now, the #66 of Tim Churchill leads the #33 of Bill Dixon under yellow with 38 laps to go.

Sunday, 2:18pm ET - Former Beech Ridge Super Sportsman champion Mike Landry won the 100-lap feature for the Pullen Heavy Industries PASS Sportsmen over Terry Merrill, Shane Tatro, Dan McKeage and Jerry Harrison.

Sunday, 2:09pm ET - We're currently under caution with 14 laps to go in the PASS Sportsmen feature.  Mike Landry is leading over Terry Merrill.

Sunday, 2:00pm ET - Patience.  That was the key word in today's drivers' meeting, held just before practice this morning at Beech Ridge.

"These are long distance races," PASS official Paul Johnson reminded comeptitors from all of the divisions.  "They are no 25 or 30 lap shootouts.  You'll need to pace yourselves."

PASS President Tom Mayberry also warned drivers not to jump the restarts.  He even suggested that anticipating a green flag and hitting the gas was a bad idea.

"Don't take off until you see the green [flag]," said Mayberry.  "I'll be sitting in turn three and I can hear your engines.  We'll mix it up on when the green comes out.  I might just start you on the frontstretch, so watch for the green."

Tires were also an issue that was brought up.  Teams will be allowed six tires in their pit area.  Four can be changed during the race and two will be allowed as spares in case of flats or cut down tires.

Sunday, 1:38pm ET - We are 19 laps into the 100-lap PASS Sportsmen feature and we're under caution.  Mike Landry currently leads Dan McKeage.

Sunday, 1:16pm ET - The winner of the PASS Outlaw feature had a decision to make.  They could either take a $2,000 payday or half that purse and a spot in the 300-lap Super Late Model race.  What did JR Baril decide?

"I'm going to put the car on the trailer and go home," said Baril in victory lane.  "I'd really like to do it, but I have one more race this year and anything can happen in a 300-lap race.  I'm just going to save the car for next week."

It seems that whenever Baril doesn't have a helmet on, he is sporting a Boston Red Sox hat.  Well, this weekend is doubly sweet for Baril since not only did he win at Beech Ridge, his beloved Sox clinched a playoff birth on Saturday night after a come from behind victory against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

Sunday, 1:08pm ET - It will be hard to top the race that was had in the closing laps of the Outlaw Late Model feature.  With five laps to go, the race went green and featured a fierce, but clean, battle for the victory between JR Baril and Tony Ricci.  With four laps to go, Ricci tried Baril high and then crossed over low to take the lead briefly.  Baril came back to retake the lead.  Ricci tried once more and came about one foot short at the finish line.  Baril won, Ricci was second and Joe Becker was third.  The most amazing part was that it appears that none of the contenders ever even touched or rubbed fenders.

Sunday, 12:56pm ET - JR Baril got the best jump on the restart with five to go in the PASS Outlaw race, but second-place runner Tony Ricci will get another chance at it.  The field went half a lap before Carey Heath, Walt Hammond and Charlie Colby wrecked coming out of turn two.  There are Outlaw parts everywhere, so this might take a little bit of time to clean up.

Sunday, 12:53pm ET - The PASS Outlaw feature ran as a 100-lap race in past PASS 400 weekends, but a weekend schedule put out this past week listed it as only being a 75-lap feature.  Apparantly, the distance has been changed again though.  We're working lap 95 under caution right now and the flagger has indicated that there will be five laps to go.

The late stages of the race have been intense, with JR Baril and Tony Ricci swapping the lead back and forth on several occasions.  Ricci currently leads now, but who gets a good restart might decide the winner in this race.

Sunday, 12:34pm ET - We're working the third caution of the PASS Outlaw feature and we are 51 laps into the race's 75-lap distance.  JR Baril led briefly, but early pacesetter Joe Decker is now out front again.  Baril runs in second and is followed by Mike Fowler, Tony Ricci and Chris Staples.

Sunday, 12:22pm ET - Chris Staples is a man on a mission in the PASS Outlaw race.  He started eighth, but has been working the outside lane to move to second-place by lap 22.  He is currently chasing down the leader, Joe Decker.

Sunday, 12:19pm ET - Racing is underway for the PASS Outlaws.  Currently, the #01 of Joe Decker leads JR Baril, Jimmy Rosenfield, Chris Staples and Tony Ricci with 15 laps on the board.

Sunday, 12:14pm ET - Feature racing has begun today at Beech Ridge...sort of.  The Outlaw Late Models made it about 30 feet beyond the starter's stand before a four-car wreck erupted.  The cars of Carey Heath, Shawn Martin, Donnie Lashua and Chuck Colby were involved.  Everyone drove away and will continue in the race.

Sunday, 12:07pm ET - You might think that long-time Super Late Model racer Scott Mulkern would be entering this year's PASS 400 weekend with a ton of momentum.  After all, he came back from being a lap down to finish third in last year's SLM race here, and won the spring PASS Outlaw event at Beech Ridge. 

But Mulkern has cut back on his own racing for this season and instead fielded cars for drivcers like Scott Chubbuck and Larry Gelinas.  Today he continues in the role of car owner, putting his #84 Outlaw Late Model on the track for True Value Modified Racing Series competitor Tony Ricci, who will start the 75-lap Outlaw race in the seventh positon. 

Mulkern, an excavator, is also sponsoring the pole-winning #60 SLM of DJ Shaw.

Sunday, 12:05pm ET - The PASS 400 weekend is only in its third year, but the event is already starting to get quite a following.  There was a fairly long line in front of the grandstands this morning when the ticket booth opened and right now, the stands are over one-third full with only practice having taken place so far.  The 300-lap PASS North race is not projected to start until after 4pm.

As far as the pit stands go, they are fuller than full.  On Saturday, the crowd on the backside of the track was standing room only - several people deep.  The camping areas are full too, even at a cost of $40 per site for the weekend.

Sunday, Noon ET - PASS Modified practice is over and like all of the other sessions today, there were no incidents or caution periods.

Sunday, 11:50am ET - We aren't likely to have timely practice speed updates for you this morning from Beech Ridge.  To see all of the action, get you on-track photos and to bring you the latest reguarding pit stops and cars dropping out of the race later today, we are set up in the infield of the track.  This will work great for the feature races, but not so well for practice.  Because of the tight practice schedule, PASS officials are rotating through divisions very quickly and crossing over the track to where timing and scoring is located, is not an option at this point.

Sunday, 11:45am ET - The first round of today's practice for the PASS Outlaws, PASS Sportsmen and PASS North Super Late Models all had one thing in common.  There were no caution periods or incidents on the track.  The PASS Modifieds are now on track hoping to do the same thing.

Sunday, 11:25am ET - Here is your starting lineup for today's headlining race, the 300-lap PASS North Super Late Model feature:

Row 160 - DJ Shaw66x - Mike Fowler
Row 2      23 - Dale Shaw     21 - Donnie Lashua
Row 314 - Rick Martin   36 - Jay Sands
Row 4      28 - Kirk Thibeau                83 - Donnie Whitten
Row 50 - Bill Whorff, Jr. 98 - Adam Bates
Row(e) 6           4 - Ben Rowe       2 - Mike Rowe
Row 7      47 - Kelly Moore   04 - Joey Porciello
Row 8      40M - Dan McKeage            29D - Dave Dion
Row 9      53x - Bill Rodgers                53 - Alan Wilson
Row 10    15 - Steve Berry                   8 - Cassius Clark
Row 11             17 - Travis Benjamin            10 - Chris Kennison
Row 12     77 - Scott Chubbuck           40 - Gary Bellefleur
Row 13             54 - Johnny Clark                14x - Katie Hagar
Row 14    10x - Danny Bubar               97x - TJ Brackett
Row 15    33 - Richie Dearborn            29 - Trevor Sanborn
Row 16             35 - Derek Ramstrom           9 - Bub Bilodeau
Row 17     97 - John Fleming

Did Not Qualify - Brad Leighton, Curtis Gerry, Alan Tardiff, Dale Verrill, Kevin Kimball, Paul White and Jeff Morgan

Sunday, 11:15am ET - PASS Outlaw practice went clean and green for 15 minutes, now the PASS Sportsmen have the track.

Sunday, 11:00am ET - The PASS Outlaws are taking pace laps for their first practice session.  Among the interesting entries this week are former NASCAR Busch North Series regular Carey Heath in her #12 machine, Oxford Plains Speedway Late Model hotshoes Shawn Martin and Dennis Spencer, Jr. in the #94 and #8 cars respectively, PASS Modified point leader Chris Staples in his own #5 Outlaw and Beech Ridge Pro Series regular Aaron Ricker in the #22.

Sunday, 10:40am ET - Good morning from Beech Ridge Motor Speedway, just a few miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean in Scarborough, Maine.  The weather is perfect for tonight without a single cloud currently in the sky.  Temps are in the 70's and it is very pleasant in these parts.

Today we have a 300-lap PASS North Super Late Model feature, a 100-lap PASS Pullen Heavy Industries Sportsmen feature, a 75-lap PASS Outlaw Late Model feature and a 50-lap PASS Modified feature in store.

The driver's meeting for all divisions has just concluded and we'll have highlights of that shortly.   We are currently just about 20 minutes away from practice starting.  The PASS Outlaws have the track first and then there will be rotating practice taking place.

Ben Rowe (C), Trevor Sanborn (L) and Scott Mulkern (R) made up the podium after last year's PASS 300 at Beech Ridge.  (Norm Marx Photo)
Heat racing wasn't much fun for Trevor Sanborn (#29) or Katie Hagar (#14x) on Saturday.  The two spun together in turn three.  Their days got better though when Hagar advanced to the feature through her consi and Sanborn got a provisional to start today's race.  (51 Photo)
Chris Kennison returns to the PASS North tour after being absent for much of the summer with hs #10 Richard Moody Racing machine.  (51 Photo)
Even for practice, the grandstand crowd was a healthy one.  The beautiful weather today at Beech Ridge definately helps.  (51 Photo)
The #29D of New England racing legend Dave Dion will start today's PASS North SLM feature in the 16th position.  (51 Photo)
Bill Whorff, Jr. raced weekly at Beech Ridge this season and will start today's PASS 300 in the ninth position.  (51 Photo)
JR Baril (#58) and Tony Ricci (#84) put on a whale of a show during the 100-lap PASS Outlaw feature.  (51 Photos)
Matt Lee (#00) had hoped for a better day in the Outlaw feature.  (51 Photo)
Mike Landry crosses under the checkered flag to win the Pullen Heavy Industries PASS Sportsmen feature.  (51 Photo)
There were racecars everywhere in the PASS Sportsmen feature.  (51 Photo)
With four different divisions seeing action today, the PASS drivers' meeting was packed.  (51 Photo)
Chris Smith pulls his #1 Modified into victory lane at Beech Ridge.  (51 Photo)
The infield pits at Beech Ridge are about to get busy, as the 300-lap SLM feature will soon be starting.  (51 Photo)
Kelly Moore's #47 is one fast racecar early on at Beech Ridge.  (51 Photo)
Adam Bates (#98) and Chris Kennison (#10) both saw their days go bad at Beech Ridge.  (51 Photos)