Trackside Now: Busch East and PASS North at Thompson Int'l Speedway
Ben Rowe Dominates PASS North Race, Caisse Does Same in Busch East
PASS North Pre-Entry List

00 – Jeremie Whorff
0 – Bill Penfold
0M - Dennis Maxfield
04 Joey Porciello
1M - Norm Wrenn
04 - Joey Porciello.
2 – Mike Rowe
4 – Ben Rowe

7- Curtis Gerry
8 – Cassius Clark
14 - Rick Martin
15 – Steve Berry
17 – Travis Benjamin
29 – Trevor Sanborn
33 - Richie Dearborn
35 – Derek Ramstrom
40 – Gary Bellefleur

42 - Dave Macomber
48 - Larry Gelinas
54 – Johnny Clark
59 - Mike Rivard
62 - Les Rose, Jr.
66 – Mike Parks
84 - Scott Mulkern
88 - Alan Tardiff
98 – Adam Bates

Sunday, 2:30am ET - The full Busch East Series results have been released and distributed by NASCAR after the top finishers all apparantly passed what seemed to be an extensive technical inspection.
Busch East Pre-Entry List

03 - Rogelio Lopez 
05 - Guy Pierre
1  - Jeffrey Earnhardt    
2 - TBA
3 - TBA
4 - Jesus Hernandez
5 - Jonathan Smith
16 - Maxime Dumarey
18 - Marc Davis
20 - Joey Logano

21 - Chris Bristol
22 - Ruben Pardo
26 - Scott Bouley
30 - Jeff Anton
31 - James Buescher
35 - Eric Holmes
37 - Michelle Theriault
40 - Matt Kobyluck
41 - James Pritchard Jr.
43  - Tim Schendel
44 - Sean Caisse
52 - Jamie Hayes
55 - Brad Leighton
57 - John Freeman
61 - Mike Olsen
63 - John Salemi
66 - Chase Austin
71 - Eddie MacDonald
83 - Peyton Sellers
84 - Dion Ciccarelli
85 - Rob Humphreys 
96 - Michael Johnson
99 - Bryon Chew

There are 26 PASS North Super Late Models and 33 Busch East Series teams pre-entered for the event.  That number could grow a little bit when the pit gates open in two and a half hours.  Thompson Pro Stocks are being allowed to run with the PASS Super Late Models, so you never know who might tow over to the track today.

Your most recent winners heading into Thompson are Mike Rowe in PASS North and Joey Logano in Busch East.  Logano also leads the BES point standings, while that honor goes to Mike's son Ben Rowe in PASS North.

Practice starts at Noon for the PASS teams and 1:30pm for the Busch East Series.  Check back with later, as we will be bringing you the latest news from the track all day long.
Saturday, 1:50pm ET - After a lengthy red flag period when the track ambulance was called to an emergency situation from outside the speedway, PASS North practice resumed.  There were three solo spins during the session, but no contact was made between muliple cars or the wall.  Thompson Pro Stock regulars Mike Rivard and Dennis Maxfield each spun at different times in turn two.  Travis Benjamin spun exiting turn four and ended up in the frontstretch grass with his #17 Ford, but there was no damage.

Saturday, 1:45pm ET - After some technical difficulties is back online at Thompson.  We hope to have our computer troubles cleared up and provided that they do not resurface, we'll be with you live through the rest of the afternoon and evening straight from the track.
Saturday, 1:55pm ET - Right now, there are 24 PASS North Super Late Models in the pit area.  Two competitors who had pre-entered the event have not shown up.  Those two are Scott Mulkern, who has not run a Super Late Model race yet this season, and Cassius Clark.  Why Clark isn't here is somewhat of a mystery.  He is the defending winner of this race (although he was penalized points and prize money for a rules infraction after last year's Thompson event) and was last year's winningest driver in PASS North.  Recently, the PASS North rules were updated and a weight break was taken away for using a stock-type front snout.  Clark's team had developed a new front snout over the off-season to take advantage of a 50-pound weight break that was allowed in the rulebook.  Clark was competitive in the tour's last race, two weeks ago at All-Star Speedway, even with the added weight, but apparantly the #8 team decided that they might be at a disadvantage here. will have more details on this situation later in the week.
Joey Logano is riding a hot streak into Thompson.
Saturday, 3:35pm ET - Chase Austin was quickest in opening Busch East Series practice with his #66 Rusty Wallace, Inc. Dodge.  Defending BES champion Mike Olsen was over one-tenth of a second behind him in second on the speed charts.
Busch East Practice #1

1.Chase Austin – 20.526 sec.
2.Mike Olsen – 20.686
3.Peyton Sellers – 20.754
4.Brad Leighton – 20.790
5.Joey Logano – 20.818
6.Matt Kobyluck – 20.828
7.Marc Davis – 20.837
8.Jesus Hernandez – 20.847
9.Eric Holmes – 20.869
The PASS pit area at Thompson.  (51 Photo)
Saturday, 3:30pm ET - We've been having more technical problems at Thompson today.  Please bear with us and we'll bring you news from the track as often as possible.

Saturday, 2:00pm ET - NASCAR Busch East Series practice is now underway.   The only incident so far has been a solo spin in turn four by rookie Dustin Delany.  There was no damage to Delany's #39 car.
10.James Buescher – 20.915
11.Rogelio Lopez – 20.932
12.Sean Caisse – 20.939
13.Max Dumarey – 20.950
14.Ruben Pardo – 20.965
15.Bryon Chew – 20.965
16.Jeffrey Earnhardt – 20.974
17.Mike Johnson – 21.014
18.Jeff Anton – 21.037
19.Jamie Hayes – 21.092
20.James Pritchard – 21.129
21.Michelle Theriault – 21.155
22.Jonathan Smith – 21.216
23.Dion Ciccarelli – 21.237
24.Chris Bristol – 21.259
25.John Salemi – 21.284
26.Scott Bouley – 21.586
27.Laine Chase – 21.763
28.Glenn Sullivan – 21.933
29.Dustin Delany – 21.958
30.Eddie MacDonald – 24.657 

Saturday, 3:50pm ET - Eddie MacDonald has a new ride this weekend.  Instead of familar #48 car, he is behind the wheel of the #71 Grimm Construction Chevrolet.  Rollie LaChance continues on in his role as MacDonald's crew chief.

Laine Chase is driving the #11 car owned by Derek Kehoe.  Three-time Busch North Series champion Jamie Aube is Chase's crew chief. 

Longtime fans of Busch North/Busch East racing might have trouble picking out Mike Johnson today as well.  His familar red and black colors on his #96 have been replaced by a black, purple and yellow scheme.

Saturday, 3:45pm ET - We're in the middle of the day's second Busch East Series practice and Jamie Hayes just half-spun his #52 Chevrolet in turn four.  He did not hit anything and after a brief caution period, he continues on in practice.
Saturday, 4:40pm ET - The heat races for the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series divisions at Thompson are now underway.  Time trials for the NASCAR Busch East Series are scheduled for 5:15pm ET.

Saturday, 4:35pm ET - Derek Ramstrom, who lives not too far over the Connecticut/Massachusetts border from Thompson, rocketed fromt he outside pole into the lead and held it for eight laps to wint he third and final PASS North heat race.  Finishing behind him were Norm Wrenn, Johnny Clark, Les Rose, Jr., Bill Penfold, Curtis Gerry, Mike Rowe and Dennis Maxfield.

Maxfield dropped out of the race on lap four.  He appeared to lose power on his Dunkin' Donuts #0 machine.  Mike Rowe was also off the pace in the race, finishing the eight lap event but falling to the tail early on.

Saturday, 4:30pm ET - The second eight-lap heat race for the PASS North Super Late Models has now concluded.  Stephen Berry led the race wire-to-wire with his #15 car.  The car that he is using today is a new one for him.  Finishing behind Berry in the heat race were Travis Benjamin, Richie Dearborn, Dave Macomber, Jeremie Whorff, Larry Gelinas, Gary Belleffluer and Mike Rivard.

Saturday, 4:22pm ET - The first PASS North heat race is in the books.  Rick Martin led from the pole, but Ben Rowe looked underneath him for the top spot almost the entire race.  On the final lap, Rowe went to the outside of Martin to grab the victory. 

The finishing order for the first heat race was Rowe, Martin, Joey Porciello, Trevor Sanborn, Adam Bates, Alan Tardiff, Steve Desamaris and Mike Parks.

Saturday, 3:55pm ET - There have been 23 NASCAR Busch North/Busch East Series races at Thompson, dating back to 1988.  Two men - Ricky Craven and Mike Stefanik have each won three times here.  Bobby Dragon, Kelly Moore, Jerry Marquis and Brad Leighton are double winners and one-hit wonders at the track include Martin Truex, Jr., Andy Santerre, Tracy Gordon and Ken Bouchard.

The only former winners on the entry list today are Leighton, Eddie MacDonald and Matt Kobyluck.
Mike Johnson's #96. (51 Photo)
Busch East Practice #2

1.James Buescher – 20.441 sec.
2.Peyton Sellers – 20.445
3.Mike Olsen – 20.570
4.Michelle Theriault – 20.587
5.Sean Caisse – 20.606
6.Matt Kobyluck – 20.648
7.Rogelio Lopez – 20.695
8.Jamie Hayes – 20.720
9.Joey Logano – 20.728
10. Ruben Pardo – 20.757
11.Marc Davis – 20.798
12.Jesus Hernandez – 20.809
13.Jeffrey Earnhardt – 20.819
14.Brad Leighton – 20.827
15.Chase Austin – 20.846
16.Eric Holmes – 20.931
17.Max Dumarey – 20.953
18.Chris Bristol – 20.991
19.Eddie MacDonald – 21.002
20.John Salemi – 21.051
21.Bryon Chew – 21.085
22.Jonathan Smith – 21.132
23.Dion Ciccarelli – 21.147
24.Mike Johnson – 21.156
25.James Pritchard – 21.193
26.Laine Chase – 21.671
27.Rob Humphreys – 21.749
28.Dustin Delany – 21.862
29.Scott Bouley – 21.964 

Saturday, 6:30pm ET - Sean Caisse, Marc Davis, Eddie MacDonald, Joey Logano and Peyton Sellers are your top five qualifiers for tonight's Busch East Series race.  We'll have a full field rundown available shortly.

Saturday, 4:45pm ET - We now have results of the final BES practice to share with you.  James Buescher was the quickest.
PASS North Lineup

1.Ben Rowe
2.Stephen Berry
3.Derek Ramstrom
4.Rick Martin
5.Travis Benjamin
6.Norm Wrenn
7.Richie Dearborn
8.Trevor Sanborn
9.Dave Macomber
10.Les Rose, Jr.
11.Joey Porciello
12.Johnny Clark
13.Adam Bates
14.Jeremie Whorff
15.Bill Penfold
16.Alan Tardiff
17.Larry Gelinas
18.Curtis Gerry
19.Steve Desmarais
20.Gary Bellefleur
21.Mike Rowe
22.Mike Parks
23.Mike Rivard

Saturday, 6:50pm ET - Scott Sundeen has just won the 20-lap feature race for the Limited Late Models at Thompson. 

Here is your starting lineup for the Busch East Series feature, which is scheduled for approximately 9pm this evening:
Busch East Lineup

1.Sean Caisse
2.Marc Davis
3.Eddie MacDonald
4.Joey Logano
5.Peyton Sellers
6.Jesus Hernandez
7.Mike Olsen
8.James Buescher
9.Ruben Pardo
10.Jeffrey Earnhardt
11.Eric Holmes
12.Matt Kobyluck
13.Brad Leighton
14.Chase Austin
15.Bryon Chew
16.Michelle Theriault
17.Rogelio Lopez
18.Dion Ciccarelli
19.John Salemi
20.Jeff Anton
21.Jonathan Smith
22.Mike Johnson
23.Max Dumarey
24.Jamie Hayes
25.Laine Chase
26.James Pritchard
27.Scott Bouley
28.Chris Bristol
29.Glenn Sullivan
30.Dustin Delany

Saturday, 6:55pm ET - Better late, then never.  Here are the practice results for the PASS North Super Late Models.  Be aware that there were some scoring problems in the first practice session, so those results are partially incomplete.
PASS Practice #2

1.Ben Rowe – 19.724 sec.
2.Trevor Sanborn – 19.781
3.Rick Martin – 19.803
4.Richie Dearborn – 19.836
5.Johnny Clark – 19.842
6.Travis Benjamin – 19.890
7.Bill Penfold – 19.958
8.Adam Bates – 20.018
9.Jeremie Whorff – 20.047
10.Larry Gelinas – 20.073
11.Alan Tardiff – 20.092
12.Stephen Berry – 20.107
13.Joey Porciello – 20.172
14.Derek Ramstrom – 20.178
15.Mike Parks – 20.210
16.Curtis Gerry – 20.255
17.Dave Macomber – 20.360
18.Dennis Maxfield – 20.368
19. Steve Desmarais – 20.449
20.Gary Bellefleur – 20.538
21.Mike Rivard – 20.824
22.Norm Wrenn – No Time

PASS Practice #1

1.Ben Rowe
2.Stephen Berry
3.Derek Ramstrom
4.Rick Martin
5.Travis Benjamin
6.Norm Wrenn
7.Richie Dearborn
8.Trevor Sanborn
9.Dave Macomber
10.Les Rose, Jr.
11.Joey Porciello
12.Johnny Clark
13.Adam Bates
14.Jeremie Whorff
15.Bill Penfold
16.Alan Tardiff
17.Larry Gelinas
18.Curtis Gerry
19.Steve Desmarais
20.Gary Bellefleur
21.Mike Rowe
22.Mike Parks
23.Mike Rivard

Saturday, 7:15pm ET – Mark Jenison, beat RJ Marcotte in the Thompson Late Model feature.

Saturday, 7:05pm ET – There was a multi-car wreck in turn three on lap 16 of the Late Model race, but the real fireworks came during the resulting caution period when the #70 of Rick Gentes and the #97 of Dave Trudeau made hard contact with each other in an apparent incident of road rage on the backstretch.  Gentes has dropped out of the race.  Trudeau continues on, but is deep in the pack.

Saturday, 6:55pm ET – The #2 team of Mike Rowe was hard at work after their heat race replacing the throw-out bearing on the car’s clutch.  That is the reason why Rowe fell to the back during his qualifying event.

Saturday, 6:50pm ET - Here is the starting line-up for tonight''s PASS feature:
Saturday, 8:32pm ET – Ben Rowe has won the PASS North race over Trevor Sanborn, Mike Rowe, Richie Dearborn and Adam Bates.  Joey Porciello was running fourth on the last lap, but hit the backstretch wall.  Stay tuned for more.

Saturday, 8:25pm ET – 10 to go - leaders are Ben Rowe, Trevor Sanborn, Mike Rowe, Joey Porciello and Richie Dearborn.

Saturday, 8:22pm ET – Another caution has come out.  This time it was for Mike Parks spinning in turn four.  Rick Martin, who led in the middle stages of the race, has been falling pback through the field and has just pitted.

Saturday, 8:20pm ET – The caution came out for Norm Wrenn spinning in turn four on lap 57.  As the cars were slowing down, Johnny Clark's #54 spun out of the top five and fairly hard into the turn one wall.  He is now out of the race.

Saturday, 8:18pm ET – The top five with 20 laps to go - Ben Rowe, Rick Martin, Trevor Sanborn, Johnny Clark and Mike Rowe.

Saturday, 8:17pm ET – Curtis Gerry and Alan Tardiff are both parked on pit road with mechanical problems.  Stephen Berry has also spent some time in the pits tonight. Travis Benjamin is out of the race.

Saturday, 8:15pm ET – Ben Rowe has retaken the lead from Rick Martin.

Saturday, 8:10pm ET – Rick Martin took the lead from Ben Rowe after a lap 38 restart.

Saturday, 7:55pm ET – The first caution of the night has come out in the PASS North race at lap 33.  Travis Benjamin, whose #17 was smoking slightly, spun in turn three.  The track wrecker is now hooking up to his car and it appears that he is done for the night.

Ben Rowe still leads over Rick Martin, Trevor Sanborn, Johnny Clark and Richie Dearborn.

Saturday, 7:40pm ET – The 75-lap PASS North feature is underway.  At the 20-lap mark, it's Ben Rowe over a charging Rick MartinNorm Wrenn, Travis Benjamin and Trevor Sanborn round out the top five runners at this point. 
17.  Steve Desmarais
18.  Alan Tardiff
19.  Steve Berry
20.  Jeremie Whorff
21.  Travis Benjamin
22.  Dave Macomber
23.  Curtis Gerry
8.  Larry Gelinas
9.  Les Rose, Jr.
10.  Gary Bellefleur
11.  Mike Parks
12.  Rick Martin
13.  Mike Rivard
14.  Joey Porciello
15.  Norm Wrenn
16.  Johnny Clark
PASS North Finish

1.  Ben Rowe
2.  Trevor Sanborn
3.  Mike Rowe
4.  Richie Dearborn
5.  Adam Bates
6.  Derek Ramstrom
7.  Bill Penfold

Saturday, 11:30pm ET - A few post-race notes from the PASS North race - Rick Martin and Joey Porciello both had wheel problems in the race.  Martin caught his trouble before it turned major, although he had to pit and fall from contention for the victory to finishing 12th.  Porciello's broke on the final lap, leading to a hard wreck.  He's okay.  Meanwhile, Johnny Clark's wreck as the caution came out was caused by a cut tire.  Clark told that green or yellow, it didn't matter - the tire cut down and he was going into the turn one wall.

Saturday, 10:15 pm ET - Almost fittingly, the Busch East race at Thompson has ended with the caution and checkered flag being displayed at the same time. Jesus Hernandez and Michelle Thireault wrecked on the frontstretch after an attempt at a green, white, checkered finish.  There is some confusion as to the finish, because it is unclear which scoring loop the final results were scored at, but this much is clear - Sean Caisse won the Pepsi 400 over Matt Kobyluck and Mike Olsen.

Saturday, 10:04 pm ET - Eddie MacDonald, who had been running in the top five not long ago, just spun by himself in turn four within five laps to go.  He had been falling through the field, so it appears that something may have broken on his #71 car.

Saturday, 10:02pm ET – The green flag is set to come out on lap 92 of 100 with Sean Caisse leading Matt Kobyluck and Mike Olsen.

Saturday, 10:00pm ET – Dustin Delany just spun by himself in turn two, with the caution coming out on lap 87. 

Saturday, 9:42pm ET – Jesus Hernandez has just spun into the turn four wall and brought out another caution in the NASCAR Busch East Series event.  We're currently on lap 56.

Currently, Sean Caisse leads Matt Kobyluck, Mike Olsen and Joey Logano.

Saturday, 9:40pm ET – Jeffrey Earnhardt has just pitted under green.

Saturday, 9:35pm ET – Sean Caisse has been warned by NASCAR about his quick restarts tonight.  He's been put on notice that if they consider him to jump any upcoming restart, he'll be black-flagged.

Saturday, 9:30pm ET – Sean Caisse is leading the NASCAR Busch East Series event after qualifying on the pole position for the event.  So far, several drivers including Mike Johnson, Peyton Sellers and Chase Austin have been involved in wrecks tonight.

Saturday, 9:15pm ET – Here is your unoffical finishing order of the PASS North Super Late Model race at Thompson.
Busch East Finish  (Start)

1. (1) Sean Caisse
2. (12) Matt Kobyluck
3. (7) Mike Olsen
4. (13) Brad Leighton
5. (4) Joey Logano,
6. (8) James Buescher
7. (9) Ruben Pardo,
8. (15) Bryon Chew
9. (11) Eric Holmes
10. (20) Jeff Anton
11. (19) John Salemi,
12. (5) Peyton Seller
13. (30) Dustin Delaney
14. (10) Jeffrey Earnhardt
15. (25) Laine Chase
16. (3) Eddie MacDonald
17. (23) Max Dumarey
18. (6) Jesus Hernandez,
19. (18) Dion Ciccarelli
20. (28) Chris Bristol
21. (21) Jonathan Smith
22. (22) Mike Johnson
23. (16) Michelle Theriault
24. (29) Glenn Sullivan
25. (14) Chase Austin
26. (17) Rogelio Lopez
27. (24) Jamie Hayes
28. (2) Marc Davis
29. (26) James Pritchard, Jr.
30. (27) Scott Bouley