Trackside Now: PASS North Super Late Models, Beech Ridge Motor Speedway
Practice Has Wrapped Up; It's Go Time Tomorrow
The #3 is also interesting because it is a crossbreed of a Toyota Camry and Ford Fusion.  The bodywork is that of an ABC Fusion, but the decal package is that of a NASCAR Busch Series Camry.  This is to promote the family business, TJ Toyota.  The engine is not typical of PASS North either – it is an ASA Late Model crate powerplant.

Friday, 4:15pm – In keeping with today's informal theme, the Super Late Models are not equipped with transponders and no official practice times are being kept.  There are 40 Super Late Models in the pits today, not including several Beech Ridge regulars who are practicing in preparation for their regular NASCAR Whelen All-American Weekly Series opener on Sunday.

There are also 18 Outlaw Late Models and over 10 PASS Modifieds here so far.  More are expected for tomorrow's official practice and race events.

So far, there have been no incidents on the track in practice.  D.J. Shaw had clutch problems, which the team is repairing right now.  Shaw is actually running his ACT-type Late Model in the PASS North race this weekend.  It is the same car that he won the Governor's Cup at Lee USA Speedway with last month.  The team does have a SLM engine in it.

Friday, 3:30pm – It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood here at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway (ME) for the PASS North Super Late Model season opener.  The weather is clear with barely a cloud in the sky, although it is fairly windy at the track.
Weather is a hot topic since this event was originally scheduled for two weeks ago, but flooding in Southern Maine has bumped it back until this weekend.  Since then, track crews at Beech Ridge have been hard at work repairing, grading and grooming the facility - with most of the flood damage centered around the outfield pit area.  They've done a great job too.  Only a few areas are still muddy and off-limits to haulers today. 

Friday is an informal practice day with the regular Beech Ridge divisions rotating with the PASS North SLMs, PASS Modifieds and PASS Outlaw Late Models for track time.  The sessions will continue through 9pm.  The Super Late Models are now on the track for the first time this year.

We'll have much more live from the Ridge coming up this afternoon as part of's Trackside Now coverage.
While a few areas are considered "No Man's Land", most of the flood damage has been repaired in the Beech Ridge pit area.  (51 Photos)
Friday, 4:15pm – Friday, 5:30pm - There is a new face in PASS North, but it is one that Modified fans in the Northeast are already familiar with.  Tommy Cloce is here at Beech Ridge driving for his family’s Hemi Cuda race team – a group that has had a storied history in the Modified ranks with drivers like Reggie Ruggiero, Brian Ross and Mike Ewanitsko.

Cloce is planning to take in as many as a half dozen PASS North events and possibly the Mason-Dixon Meltdown at Concord Motorsport Park in October.  He is also going to be racing for the Late Model championship at Adirondack International Raceway (NY).

One difference between the familiar Hemi-Cuda Modifieds and the Super Late Model is the number.  Instead of the famous #69 on the car, this entry sports Tommy Cloce’s longtime Late Model number – 3.
Cloce's Camry Car.
Friday, 5:45pm – Friday, 5:45pm – No official practice times are being released today, there are no transponders on any of the cars, but pit area observers are pointing to the #2 of Mike Rowe as one of the machines that has been quickest on various stopwatches.

Friday, 5:40pm – The #4 Super Late Model that Ben Rowe is driving this weekend is the same car that Corey LaJoie drove for the Richard Moody Racing team last month during the Easter Bunny 150 weekend at Hickory Motor Speedway.  LaJoie wrecked in practice and the team has rebuilt the car since then.
Friday, 6:35pm – The #15 Super Late Model that Steve Berry is running this weekend is a car that Corey Williams raced several times last season.  It still sports the same black and orange paint scheme that Williams last drove in the September PASS Outlaw Late Model event at Beech Ridge.

Friday, 6:15pm – Here are (most of) the cars that we have spotted in the pit area at Beech Ridge.  If your favorite PASS North driver isn’t listed, keep in mind that doesn’t mean they won’t be racing.  Today is just an optional practice day for Saturday’s 150-lap feature.  Also keep in mind that some of the drivers listed might be skipping tomorrow’s PASS North race to prepare for Sunday’s Beech Ridge Weekly Series opener.  A few drivers might even run both events
Friday, 6:00pm – Former NASCAR Busch North Series driver Billy Penfold has a new look on his Super Late Model this weekend.  Well, actually it is an old look.  Penfold has painted his #0 bright pink – just like the Pro Stocks that he raced at Maine’s Wiscasset and Oxford Plains Speedways in the early 1990’s.  Penfold reports that his team found a gallon of paint on the shelf from 1992 and used it on the car.  He’s also proud to say that he is probably the first ever PASS North driver to run a pink racecar.  He could be right - we can’t remember any other cars of that color.

Penfold is all fired about the 2006 season.  He even has a brand new SLM under construction that will roll out a little bit later in the year.
00 – Jeremie Whorff
0 – Bill Penfold
0x – Bill Whorff, Jr
04 - Joey Porciello.
2 – Mike Rowe
2x – Steven Jones
3 – Tommy Cloce
3n – Cassius Clark
4 – Ben Rowe
07 – Kevin Kimball
7- Curtis Gerry
10 – Chris Kennison
13 – Mike Maietta
14- Rick Martin
15 – Steve Berry
17 – Travis Benjamin

23 – Lonnie Sommerville
23 – Dale Shaw
29 – Dave Dion
28 – Kirk Thibeau
29 – Trevor Sanborn
33 - Richie Dearborn
34 – Jeff Burgess
35 – Derek Ramstrom
40 – Dan McKege
54 – Johnny Clark
60 – DJ Shaw
72 – Ralph Nason
88 – Alan Tardiff
97 – Frank Fleming
98 – Adam Bates

Friday, 7:20pm – Practice day here at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway has officially come to an end.  There were no further Super Late Model incidents on-track. has learned that Alan Tardiff did go to to the hospital to get checked out after his crash earlier in practice just as a precaution. 

The track will remain quiet until practice begins at 12pm.  Qualifying events will begin at 3pm.

Friday, 6:50pm – The #88 team of Alan Tardiff has loaded up and left the track after a hard wreck in practice.  Tardiff reported to the team that something broke on his Super Late Model, causing it to hit the backstretch wall.  The car is heavily damaged.  Tardiff walked away from the wreck, but was in obvious pain from the impact.
True Value Modified Racing Series driver Tony Ricci helps load Scott Mulkern's outlaw-bodied Super Late Model after BRMS practice.