Trackside Now: NASCAR Busch East Series and Whelen Modified Tour at NHIS
Friday is Day Two of NHIS' Portion of New England Speedweek
Friday, 7:30pm ET - After  a green-white-checker finish, Joey Logano wins the New England 125.  Brad Leighton jumped the restart but gave the spot back.  The unofficial remainder of the top 5 are Tim Schendel, Landon Cassill, and Brian Hoar.  Full finish to follow.

Friday, 7:20pm ET - The race should have been over at this point but a caution on lap 120 nixed that, and the race is under red once more for track cleanup.

Friday, 7:10pm ET - Joey Logano soundly regains the lead on the restart of the race, pulling away from Brad Leighton and giving himself a comfortable cushion, which is erased when the caution flies for Garrett Liberty on Lap 113.  Does anyone have anything for Joey Logano?  We'll find out when they go back green again with 6 to go.

Friday, 7:00pm ET - Jonathan Smith's race ends with hard contact to the front stretch wall on lap 95.  The top 10 has shuffled up yet again, with Brad Leighton back in the lead followed by Landon Cassill, James Buescher, Joey Logano, Brian Hoar, Tim Schendel, Matt Kobyluck, Jesus Hernandez, Mike Gallo, and Mike Olson.  The restart on lap 101 found Joey Logano taking second from Landon Cassill, but otherwise the top 5 remains the same.  Unfortunately, the cautions keep on flying, with this one coming out on lap 104 for German Quiroga, Jr., Jeff Anton, Chase Austin, and Joe Masessa.  Just 16 laps will remain when they take the green - but will they be run under green?

Friday, 6:48pm ET - John Freeman crunching the wall on lap 88 brings out the caution again.  James Buescher is scored the leader with Brad Leighton, Joey Logano, Landon Cassill, Tim Schendel, Brian Hoar, Mike Olson, Matt Kobyluck, Marc Davis, and Jesus Hernandez round out the top 10.  Green flag will wave on lap 93, leaving just 32 laps to decide the winner.

Friday, 6:38pm ET - After a 15 minute red flag, the reace resumes again on lap 76.  Brad Leighton, Brian Hoar, and James Buescher are single file and double file behind them are Joey Logano, Landon Cassill, Mike Olson, Tim Schendel, Matt Kobyluck, Jesus Hernandez and Ruben Pardo.  Caution again on lap 81, this time for James Pritchard Jr.

Friday, 6:18pm ET - Caution on lap 56 for Eric Holmes who had been leading when the race restarted.  The field took the green again on lap 66, with Brad Leighton leading the field to the line.  There are 29 cars on the lead lap.  3 car accident on lap 68 involving Jeffrey Earnhardt, Tim McCreadie, and Ryan Seaman.  As they run under caution, Brad Leighton remains in the lead with Brian Hoar, James Buescher, Landon Cassill, Michelle Theriault, Mike Olson, Joey Logano, Tim Schendel, Ruben Pardo and Jesus Hernandez round out the top 10.  Red flag displayed on lap 71 for track clean up.

Friday, 5:58pm ET - The yellow is out again on lap 45 for Mike Johnson spinning in turn 2.  Tim McCreadie pits before the pits are open, then the bulk of the field follows him when the pits open the next lap.  There's strategy abound on pit road with some teams taking fuel only and others putting on new tires.  Joey Logano pitted multiple times under this caution.  The new top ten is Eric Holmes, Brad Leighton, Michelle Theriault, Brian Hoar, Mike Olson, James Buescher, Jeffrey Earnhardt, Tim Schendel, James Pritchard, Jr. and Ruben Pardo.

Friday, 5:48pm ET - With 34 laps complete, Joey Logano is again the leader.  He briefly lost his lead on the restart to Peyton Sellers but took it back commendingly on lap 26.  Logano has over a second lead on Sellers.  Josh Wise, Tim McCreadie, Landon Cassill, Matt Kobyluck, Brian Hoar, John Freeman, Chase Austin, and Marc Davis round out the top 10.  After restarting 34th, Sean Caisse is up to 23rd.

Friday, 5:38pm ET - Caution flies on lap 16 when fire breaks out under the hood of Rogelio Lopez.  He climbed safely from the vehicle.  Joey Logano has led every lap so far.  Jeremy Clark was the beneficiary on this caution, putting 34 cars on the lead lap.  The remainder of the top 5 is Peyton Sellers, Landon Cassil, Byron Chew, and Josh Wise.  Sean Caisse pitted on lap 19 - he had been running 4th.

Friday, 5:28pm ET - The field of the New England 125 takes the green with Joey Logano leading the first lap.  Sean Caisse falls back to third after fighting Logano for the lead.  Peyton Sellers, Caisse, Josh Wise and Landon Cassill round out the top 5.

Friday, 3:20pm ET - You can add the #48 team of Tony Hirschman to the list of teams who have worked on their Modifieds today.  They are doing some minor work to their Troyer.  Eric Beers and Jamie Tomaino are the only other ones who we have seen turning wrenches on their machines.  Everyone else has kept their Modifieds loaded in their trailers for tomorrow's race.
today at all, while the NASCAR Busch East Series teams had their cars impounded
after qualifying last night.  They will hit the track next at 5:10pm ET for the New England 125.

Teams will be in the garage area working on their machines though, and's Trackside Now coverage today will focus on what is going on there.

In yesterday's time trials, Joey Logano won the pole over Sean Caisse for the NASCAR Busch East Series, while Ted Christopher topped Donny Lia to score his seventh career pole position at NHIS.


NHIS and Aubuchon officials make their announcement in the track's media center.  (51 Photo)
Friday, 10:30am ET - Track officials have announced a new sponsor for the September NASCAR Busch East Series event at New Hampshire International Speedway and it is a name that series fans will be familar with.

The Aubuchon Hardware 125 Presented by will take place on Friday, Septemeber 14th.  Aubuchon Hardware has been a team sponsor in what was then named the NASCAR Busch North Series in the past - backing cars driven by Carey Heath, Joe Bessey and Andy Santerre.

The hardware store chain is based in New England and that is a good fit for the track in track Chairman of the Board Bob Bahre's eyes.

"They're local and we're please to have them," said Bahre.  This should work out well for everybody."

Friday, 10:00am ET - The early part of today's schedule at New Hampshire International Speedway is heavy with NASCAR Busch Series and Nextel Cup Series activities.  There are no on-track activities for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour
Friday, 12:10pm ET - Greg Narducci, the crew chief for the #09 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour team of Bobby Grigas, III, was involved in an non-racing accident at the track last night and was transported to Dartmouth-Hancock Medical Center.  He is currently in ICU and will be in the hospital for the next several days.  He is expected to make a full recovery.  51 sends our get-well wishes for a speedy recovery to the long-time Modified wrench

Friday, 10:40am ET - Practice for the NASCAR Busch Series is now underway and there is a little bit of short track flavor to it.

USAC star, and driver of the #3 Boehler Racing Enterprises 'Ole Blue on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour, Bobby Santos, III is currently 16th quickest on the time sheets.  Busch East driver Eddie MacDonald is behind the wheel of a Randy MacDonald (no relation) entry and is currently 36th in the rundown.
Friday, 12:30pm ET - The Modified and Busch East Series garage areas have pretty much been ghost towns this morning.

Most of the BES cars were impounded yesterday after qualifying for today's 5:10pm New England 125.  The two exceptions to that are the #96 of Mike Johnson and the #84 of Dion Ciccarelli.  Johnson's team is currently working on the rear end of their machine, while Ciccarelli's team has been repairing damage caused by an underhood fire on his qualifying lap.  Just after Noon, the team fired the engine and it appears that they will be all set for today's race.

On the Modified side of things, there is nothing really going on today - offically.  There is no practice and the tech line isn't even open.  At this point, most teams have just kept their cars loaded in their trailers.  Jamie Tomaino's team was doing some minor maintance and cleaning on their #99 and Eric Beers' #94 team is changing their engines after the driver reported a vibration in qualifying.

What are the Mod drivers up to today?  Beers and Tomaino were both working on their cars, Eddie Flemke has been walking the garage and talking to friends and customers of his Raceworks car-building operation.  Mike Stefanik sped by us on a golf cart and Donny Lia has been sighted in the infield this morning. 

Charlie Pasteryak has been seen visiting old friends in the NASCAR Busch Series garage and Ryan Preece has been spotted trying out his photography skills in the Busch garage.

Some drivers aren't even at the track though.  Rookie Andy Seuss drove back to his family's Rockingham Boat business this morning in Hampstead, New Hampshire (about 45 minutes from the track) to put in time in his full-time job as a boat technician.

Mike Johnson's #96 BES team and Eric Beers' #94 Modified team have been busy in the garage area today.  (51 Photo)
Friday, 12:50pm ET - Not all of the drivers on hand this weekend are driving racecars.  There are some notable short track wheelmen helping out teams in the NASCAR Busch East Series for the New England 125.

Multi-time 2007 NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour winner LW Miller is lending a hand to Todd Peck's #50 BES team.  Charles Lewandoski, who has parked his own #01 BES entry for lack of funding so far this year, is spotting for Jeffrey Earnhardt.  The most recent PASS South winner, Corey Williams, is wrenching on Earnhardt's car. 

Jamie Aube practiced and qualified Ryan Seaman's #06 car yesterday, while Seaman was at home in New Jersey with his wife after the birth of their first child.
Friday, 3:15pm ET - The #94 team of Eric Beers has successfully fired up their Modified after changing engines earlier in the day.

Friday, 3:05pm ET - Brian Hoar is a busy guy this weekend.  He'll race in today's Busch East 125-miler at New Hampshire and then head up to White Mountain for tomorrow's ACT Late Model event.  The team has their Late Model loaded into their trailer and will go directly to White Mountain, without stopping by their Vermont raceshop, after today's BES event.

Friday, 2:50pm ET - It has already been a great few days for Busch East driver Ryan Seaman.  The New Jersey driver is running his first race of the season at New Hampshire, but even more importantly is the fact that he and his wife welcomed their son into the world this week. 

Ryan Anthony Seaman was weighted in at six pounds, one ounce and measured 19 inches longer.  The older Seaman plans to run today's race, head straight home to New Jersey and hopefully bring his son home from the hospital tomorrow.
Tony Hirschman's Modified team at work.   (51 Photo)
Joey Logano picked up his 3rd Busch East win of the season and increased his lead in the points.  (Jim DuPont Photo)
1.Joey Logano
2.Brad Leighton
3.Tim Schendel
4.Landon Cassill
5.Brian Hoar
6.Matt Kobyluck
7.James Buescher
8.Ruben Pardo
9.Peyton Sellers
10.Jamie Hayes
11.Mike Olson
12.Josh Wise
13.Michelle Theriault
14.Jeff Anton
15.Jeffrey Earnhardt
16.Joe Masessa
17.Mike Gallo
18.John Salemi
19.Scott Bouley
20.John Freeman
21.James Pritchard, Jr.
22.Dion Ciccarelli

23.Jesus Hernandez
24.Sean Caisse
25.Patrick Dupree
26.Mike Johnson
27.Max Dumarey
28.Marc Davis
29.Kelly Moore
30.Todd Peck
31.Garrett Liberty
32.Chase Austin
33.German Quiroga, Jr.
34.Jonathan Smith
35.Ryan Seaman
36.Tim McCreadie
37.Jeremy Clark
38.Eric Holmes
39.Glenn Sullivan
40.Bryon Chew
41.Eddie MacDonald
42.AJ Lane
43.Rogelio Lopez