Trackside Now: NASCAR Busch East Series and Whelen Modified Tour at NHIS
It's Race Day for the Busch East Series...Could It Be Title Day for Logano?
Friday 4:24pm ET - With just about one hour before we go green in the NACAR Busch East Series 125-lap feature, the teams are just waiting for the NEXTEL Cup qualifying round to wrap up.  While the teams set up their pit stalls, fans with infield access are getting the boot from those boxes, forced to find somewhere else to take pictures of their favorite Cup stars.

Friday 3:24pm ET - It's still fairly quiet here at NHIS, as there's still about two hours before we go green in the NASCAR Busch East Series feature.  Many BES teams are enjoying some lunch while they await the call to bring their war wagons to pit road for today's race. 

Happy Hour practice times are in from the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series and the short trackers that are here with that division have turned some heads.  Former Super Late Model standout Ryan Mathews was seventh-quick, former USAR Hooters Pro Cup Champion Clay Rogers was eighth, Busch East young gun Sean Caisse was ninth, former NASCAR West Series driver Scott Lynch was 11th, Whelen Mod point leader Donny Lia was 13th and Pro Cup/SLM youngster Brian Scott was 18th.  Southeaster Super Late Model driver Shane Sieg was 25th quick, while former ARCA racer TJ Bell was 32nd.
By the end of the day today, NASCAR history could be made.  Seventeen-year-old Joey Logano can clinch the NASCAR Busch East Series championship today.  There's a number of scenarios that could clinch Logano the title, but because the Joe Gibbs Racing Development Driver holds an 82-point lead over Matt Kobyluck with just today's race and next Friday's event at Dover International Speedway (DE) remaining, Logano's lead is not insurmountable, but it'll be tough for Kobyluck to catch him.

Logano won here at NHIS back in June, while NHIS has never been kind to Kobyluck.  The Montville, CT native Kobyluck has never won here, while Logano won in his first-ever trip to NHIS as well as three other places for a series-high four victories on the year.

We'll have stories from the BES garage as the day goes on, leading up to and all the way through the Aubuchon Hardware 125 later in the day.  For now, see how they qualified by checking out yesterday's qualifying and practice Trackside Now from NHIS for both the BES and WMT ranks.


Joey "Sliced Bread" Logano could clinch the title today at NHIS.  (Jim DuPont Photo)
Friday 11:02am ET - It's another Chamber of Commerce day  here at New Hampshire International Speedway.  While yesterday's on-track action was fast and furious for both the NASCAR Busch East Series and the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour practicing and qualifying, today is more of a lax day here at the "Magic Mile," as only the BES teams will hit the track for their Aubuchon Hardware 125 feature event, which will take the green flag at approximately 5:15pm. 

The BES teams are assembling by their trailers to unload for today's feature while many Modified teams are just milling around the pits chatting, if they're here at all this morning.  The Mod Squad will be back in action for their 100-lap feature on Saturday afternoon.
While most of the BES teams are busy, there are only a few people around the #44 Casella Waste Systems Chevy for Sean Caisse.  That's because many of the Andy Santerre Motorsports crew members that work on Caisse's BES entry are assisting the Germain Racing team on the #03 Casella and Racing Against Cancer-backed NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Germain Racing entry that Caisse will pilot in tomorrow's 200-lap CTS feature here at New Hampshire.  Caisse was fourth-quick in CTS Rookie Practice, his first on-track session in his Truck.

Caisse is not the only short tracker here and entered in the Craftsman Truck Series race.  NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour driver Donny Lia hopes to make his CTS debut behind the wheel of a Whelen-sponsored #36 Toyota for Bill Davis Racing tomorrow.  Also a CTS first-timer, Super Late Model and USAR Hooters Pro Cup young gun Brian Scott and his family have purchased Xpress Motorsports, the IWX-backed #16 Craftsman Truck Series outfit, and are making their debut here at NHIS.  Scott was quickest in CTS Rookie Practice.  Super Late Model standout Shane Sieg, former Pro Cup Champion Clay Rogers and former ARCA racer TJ Bell are also in attendance.
Donny Lia's #36 is parked right next to fellow short track standout Sean Caisse's #03.  (51 Photo)
Friday 2:10pm ET - Even though the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour teams are not on track today, that doesn't mean that everyone's staying away from the track and enjoying the beautiful late-summer weather elsewhere in New Hampshire.  Matt Hirschman's #59 team are putting the finishing touches on replacing the engine on their ride after blowing the primary in practice yesterday.  Hirschman and crew decided not to even take a qualifying lap Thursday and have completed the engine swap today to a backup Billy the Kid powerplant.  Many of Donny Lia's Mod Tour crew members are here just as  fans as they watch their driver compete in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series action today. 

Friday 12:40pm ET - The garage area for the BES teams just officially opened at noon, so that tightly-packed area of the infield is bustling with teams getting their cars unloaded for today's race.
The BES cars remain under covers in anticipation of the start of the Aubuchon Hardware 125.
Friday 6:45pm ET - Joey Logano takes the win and unofficially clinches the championship at New Hampshire.  Mark McFarland saw his excellent run go up in smoke after contact with Sean Caisse landed McFarland in the wall.  Joey Logano, Sean Caisse, Rogelio Lopez, Peyton Sellers, Jamie Hayes, Jerry Marquis, Brad Leighton, Ryan Moore, James Buescher, and Eddie McDonald round out the top 10.   We'll be back later with the full run down.

Friday 6:40pm ET - It's going to be a wild finish in New Hampshire!  Matt Kobyluck, who had made it up to 6th, gets collected in an accident that also involves Kelly Moore and Scott Lynch.  Joey Logano had retaken the lead from Mark McFarland on the restart.  With under 10 to go, the top 5 are:  Joey Logano, Mark McFarland, Rogelio Lopez, Jerry Marquis, and Sean Caisse.  There'll be 6 laps to go when the field takes the green.

Friday 6:35pm ET - It looked like the race was going to run out with no cautions, but with 18 to go, Max Dumarey spun out in the backstretch.  Mark McFarland leads Joey Logano, Jerry Marquis, Rogelio Lopez and Peyton Sellers.  This caution most benefits Sean Caisse, who sits in 6th, who has the freshest tires in the top 10.  Matt Kobyluck sits in 11th.    Just 12 laps remain to decide the race, and possibly the championship!

Friday 6:25pm ET - We have a change on top, with Mark McFarland passing Joey Logano on lap 91.  At lap 100, the top ten is:  Mark McFarland, Joey Logano, Jerry Marquis, Rogelio Lopez, Peyton Sellers, Sean Caisse, Ruben Pardo, Kelly Moore, Jesus Hernandez, and Ryan Moore. 

Friday 6:15pm ET - With 80 laps complete, Joey Logano and Mark McFarland have been trading the lead, but it currently belongs to Logano.  Jerry Marquis sits back in 3rd, and he's followed by Ruben Pardo and Rogelio Lopez.  Matt Kobyluck is 10th.  Sean Caisse, who pitted during a recent caution and has fresh tires, is in 13th.

Friday 6:00pm ET - With 63 laps complete, Joey Logano leads Mark McFarland, Jerry Marquis, Tim Schendel, and Rogelio Lopez.  Joey Logano's biggest challengers for the points lead are Sean Caisse, in 7th and Matt Kobyluck in 17th.

Friday 5:45pm ET - The race restarts on lap 39 after many of the leaders took pit stops.  The new leader is Tim Schendel followed by Jonathan Smith.  Joey Logano is the first of the cars who pitted, sitting in 3rd.  Mark McFarland and Rogelio Lopez round out the top 5.

Friday 5:39pm ET - Caution comes out on lap 33 for a spinning Joe Masessa.  Sean Caisse is still the leader.  He is trailed by Joey Logano, Mark McFarland, Bryon Chew, Rogelio Lopez, Jerry Marquis, Ruben Pardo, Peyton Sellers, Jeffrey Earnhardt, Jesus Hernandez rounding out the top 10.

Friday 5:30pm ET - On lap 11, Joey Logano passed Matt Kobyluck for the lead.  Running order as of lap 15 is Sean Caisse, Joey Logano, Mark McFarland, Bryon Chew, Rogelio Lopez, and Jerry Marquis.  Matt Kobyluck has fallen back to 11th.

Friday 5:19pm ET - We went green and promptly went yellow.  Jeff Anton has damage and a right flat front.  Restart on lap 3 with Matt Kobyluck leading Sean Caisse, Rogelio Lopez, Bryon Chew and Joey Logano. 

Friday 5:06pm ET - Engines have fired and we're going green shortly here at NHIS.

Friday 5:00pm ET - NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series qualifying has wrapped up and Clint Bowyer has won the pole, out-timing NASCAR Busch East Series graduate Martin Truex, Jr.

More importantly, the track is undergoing one last cleaning before engines fire for the NASCAR Busch East Series Aubuchon Hardware 125.  Here's how they will come to green.

1.  Rogelio Lopez
2.  Matt Kobyluck
3.  Sean Caisse
4.  Bryon Chew
5.  Mark McFarland
6.  Joey Logano
7.  Jeffrey Earnhardt
8.  Ruben Pardo
9.  Peyton Sellers
10.  Jesus Hernandez
11.  Jerry Marquis
12.  Marc Davis
13.  Mike Olsen
14.  Brad Leighton
15.  Chase Austin
16.  Kelly Moore
17.  James Buescher
18.  Ryan Moore
19.  Tim Schendel
20.  Scott Lynch
21.  Jamie Hayes

22.  Antonio Perez
23.  John Freeman
24.  Eddie MacDonald
25.  Jeff Anton
26.  Michelle Theriault
27.  Steve Berry
28.  John Salemi
29.  Max Dumarey
30.  Jonathan Smith
31.  Glenn Sullivan
32.  Mike Johnson
33.  James Pritchard Jr
34.  Scott Bouley
35.  Todd Peck
36.  Joe Masessa
37.  Laine Chase
38.  Jason Cochran
39.  Rob Humphreys
40.  Patrick Dupree
41.  Dion Ciccarelli


Joey Logano hoists his trophy in Victory Lane at New Hampshire.
Joey Logano with his winning hardware
Joey Logano smokes up the front stretch after winning the Aubuchon Hardware 125
22.  81  Mark McFarland
23.  22  Ruben Pardo
24.  41  James Pritchard Jr
25.  11  Laine Chase
26.  21  Antonio Perez
27.  47  Kelly Moore
28.  24  Patrick Dupree
29.  30  Jeff Anton
30.  66  Chase Austin
31.   3  Steve Berry
32.  15  Glenn Sullivan
33.  40  Matt Kobyluck
34.  29  Scott Lynch
35.  14  Joe Masessa
36.  16  Max Dumarey
37.  84  Dion Ciccarelli
38.  76  Jason Cochran
39.  26  Scott Bouley
40.  50  Todd Peck
41.  85  Rob Humphreys

1.  20  Joey Logano
2.  44  Sean Caisse
3.  03  Rogelio Lopez
4.  83  Peyton Sellers
5.  52  Jamie Hayes
6.  35  Jerry Marquis
7.  55  Brad Leighton
8.  74  Ryan Moore
9.  31  James Buescher
10.  48  Eddie MacDonald
11.   1  Jeffrey Earnhardt
12.  63  John Salemi
13.  96  Mike Johnson
14.   4  Jesus Hernandez
15.  43  Tim Schendel
16.  99  Bryon Chew
17.   2  John Freeman
18.  61  Mike Olsen
19.   5  Jonathan Smith
20.  37  Michelle Theriault
21.  18  Marc Davis