Trackside Now: Whelen Made in America 300 at Martinsville
NASCAR Whelen and Whelen Southern Modified Tours
Sunday, 2:05am ET - With the final update of the night, here's the race rundown with starting position in parantheses.

1. (1) Donny Lia
2. (4) Ted Christopher
3. (40) L.W. Miller
4. (19) James W. Civali
5. (21) Tim Brown
6. (25) Brian King
7. (16) Dick Houlihan
8. (37) Rowan Pennink
9. (18) Jay Foley
10. (33) Richard Savary
11. (41) George Brunnhoelzl III
12. (24) Jason Myers
13. (34) Brandon Hire
14. (20) Bobby Grigas III
15. (30) Junior Miller
16. (38) Joseph Hartmann
17. (31) Jerry Marquis
18. (14) Eric Beers
19. (36) Jamie Tomaino
20. (13) Ronnie Silk
21. (26) Buddy Emory
22. (22) Burt Myers
23. (15) Billy Pauch Jr
24. (8) Eddie Flemke Jr
25. (2) Todd Szegedy
26. (9) Matt Hirschmann
27. (7) Doug Coby III
28. (17) Ryan Preece
29. (42) Brian Pack
30. (27) Frank Fleming
31. (11) Reggie Ruggerio
32. (3) Bobby Santos III
33. (6) Danny Sammons
34. (12) Mike Stefanik
35. (28) Woody Pitkat
36. (10) Brian Loftin
37. (5) Kevin Goodale
38. (29) Anthony Sesely
39. (35) Wade Cole
40. (43) Zach Brewer
41. (32) Glenn Tyler
42. (39) Jake Marosz
43. (23) Jimmy Blewett

Sunday, 12:10am ET - Donny Lia's magical season continues as he's able to hold off Ted Christopher.  Christopher was able to get beside Lia thanks to lap traffic towards the end of the race but was never able to pass him.  This is Lia's 6th win of the season.  The remainder of the top 5 was L.W. Miller, James W. Civali, and Tim Brown.  Full results to follow.

Saturday, 11:55pm ET - With 265 complete, we're back under caution again, this time for an accident involving Jay Foley and Jason Myers.  Foley had been running 5th at the time of the accident.  Donny Lia continues to lead the race and after fighting off a hard challenge from Ted Christopher, had started to pull away when that caution fell.  Rounding out the top 3 is James W. Civali.

Saturday, 11:40pm ET - With 230 complete and still under green, it's become the Donny Lia and Ted Christopher show at Martinsville.  Lia holds a commending lead but Christopher has been charging through the field and now sits in 2nd.  Still, Lia has about a 10 car length lead over Christopher.  Behind them it's James W. Civali, Tim Brown, and Jay Foley rounding out the top 5.

Saturday, 11:30pm ET - We're under caution again on lap 203.  Zach Brewer and Ryan Preece get together and wad their cars up into the wall in turns 3 and 4.  Donny Lia, Bobby Grigas III, Tim Brown, Jay Foley, and James W. Civali are the top 5.  Ted Christopher finally pitted on lap 193.

Saturday, 11:20pm ET - Caution flies again on lap 189 for a pile up in turn 1.  Among those involved are Burt Myers, Eddie Flemke Jr and Doug Coby III.  At this point Ted Christopher has still not made a pit stop.  The top 10 as of lap 190 are:  Donny Lia, Christopher, Ronnie Silk, Bobby Grigas III, Jay Foley, Tim Brown, Dick Houlihan, James W. Civali, Richard Savary, and Jason Myers.

Saturday, 10:55pm ET - Very shortly after the field took the green again to restart the race, caution came back out and the majority of the leaders who had not pit previously took the oppertunity to do so under the caution. 

Saturday, 10:35pm ET - It's lap 150 and we're under the mandatory competition caution for the next 15 minutes.  The top 10 at this point in the race, prior to pit stops are:  Ted Christopher, Donny Lia, Todd Szegedy, Bobby Santos III, Doug Coby III, Ryan Preece, Ronnie Silk, L.W. Miller, James W. Civali, and Jason Myers.  Christopher will recieve the $1,500 halfway award from Clarence's Steak House.

Saturday, 10:30pm ET - We're back green again on lap 137, with Donny Lia and Ted Christopher practically touching as they battle for the lead.  Christopher takes the lead on lap 138, with Lia all over his tail.  Behind them it's Todd Szegedy, Bobby Santos III, and Doug Coby III rounding out the top 5.

Saturday, 10:25pm ET - Caution comes out on lap 130 when James W. Civali jumps the curb and makes contact with Mike Stefanik coming out of Turn 2.  Stefanik in turn makes contact with Eric Beers and Matt Hirschman.  Beers is able to drive his car into the pits while Stefanik and Hirschman are both going to require tows in.  Stefanik was none too pleased with Civali and expressed as much to him.  Hirschman did walk away from his vehicle and will take a mandatory ride to the infield care center, as will Stefanik.

Saturday, 10:20pm ET - With this caution coming out just before the halfway break, it's not surprising that several cars duck down pit road to put on fresh tires.  James W. Civali, Matt Hirschman, Ronnie Silk, Jay Foley and Eric Beers are among the takers.  The field retakes the green on lap 126 and Ted Christopher prevails over Donny Lia to take the lead.  They are followed by Todd Szegedy, Bobby Santos III and Doug Coby III.

Saturday, 10:15pm ET - Caution come out on lap 121 for debris on the race track.  At this point we're just 29 laps away from the competition caution that will come out on lap 150.  This halfway break will last for 15 minutes and the leader will be presented an award by Clarence's Steak House.  Teams may fuel their cars on this pit stop but they are not allowed to change tires.  We also have a new leader:  Ted Christopher wrestled the lead away from Donny Lia while the latter tried to navigate through lapped traffic.  The remainder of the top 5 is Todd Szegedy, Bobby Santos III and Matt Hirschman.

Saturday, 10:10pm ET - Eddie Flemke Jr, who had been running strong earlier in the race pits under green on lap 103.  His crew jacks up the right side of his car and he'll lose several laps while they make repairs.  The top 5 remains the same.  Further back, Doug Coby III, James W. Civali, L.W. Miller, Ryan Preece and Billy Pauch Jr round out the top 10.

Saturday, 10:05pm ET - Whelen Southern Modified Tour points leader Burt Myers is on pit road while his crew attempts to repair damage caused under the previous caution.  His right front tire was toed-out, and Myers finally rejoins the field on lap 95, at least 8 laps down.  Donny Lia leads Ted Christopher, Todd Szegedy, Bobby Santos III and Matt Hirschman as the leaders cross the stripe to complete lap 98. 

Saturday, 10:00pm ET - We're still under caution and Mike Stefanik, Eddie Flemke Jr, and Tim Brown are among the takers for pit stops.  Green flag racing resumes on lap 87 with Donny Lia resuming the lead once again.  He's followed by Todd Szegedy, Ted Christopher, Bobby Santos III, and Doug Coby III

Saturday, 9:55pm ET - The green came back out on lap 79 but it didn't last long.  A wreck that involved nearly half the field happened in between turns 1 and 2 on lap 80, with most of the cars having no where else to go.  Wade Cole, Kevin Goodale, Reggie Ruggiero and Brian Loftin are the only cars that don't immediately get moving.  Loftin and Goodale both climb from their vehicles while Cole is towed back into the garage area.  Ruggerio, after getting a push, brings his car onto pit road.  The red flag is back out again for clean up.  Donny Lia, Todd Szegedy and Ted Christopher are the top 3.

Saturday, 9:45pm ET - Green out on lap 71, and 4 more laps are completed under green before caution flies again on lap 75 for Buddy Emory's single car spin betweens turn 1 and 2.  Donny Lia has led every lap of the race so far.

Saturday, 9:40pm ET - 20 minutes after the red flag came out, it was lifted after the repairs to the SAFER Barrier were completed.  Several cars take this oppertunity to make pit stops during this caution, among them Junior Miller, Brian Pack, Frank Fleming, and Woody Pitkat.

Saturday, 9:15pm ET - After a long green flag run that found the top 10 unchanged, caution came back out on lap 65 for a wreck involving Zach Brewer and Glenn Tyler.  The rear end of Tyler's car slide on top of the turn 4 wall before coming back onto the track again.  Both drivers walked from their vehicles to take the mandatory ambulance ride to the infield.  The track crew is now looking over the SAFAR barrier to make sure that it doesn't require any repairs.  The red flag has come out as they have determined that there is damage to the SAFER barrier and the crew needs to make repairs.  It will take some time to make these repairs.

Saturday, 9:05pm ET - Still running green here at Martinsville and the field is starting to string out.  Lap 47 finds Donny Lia still leading the race and putting the tail end of the field down a lap.  Running second is Ted Christopher, with Todd Szegedy, Bobby Santos III, Eddie Flemke Jr, Brian Loftin, Reggie Ruggiero, Kevin Goodale, Matt Hirschman and Ronnie Silk rounding out the top 10.

Saturday, 9:00pm ET - We've got green flag racing again for lap 16.  Burt Myers has a problem on the restart and loses several positions but avoids getting into an accident.  The running order is now Donny Lia leading Eddie Flemke Jr, Ted Christopher, Todd Szegedy, Bobby Santos III, Kevin Goodale, Matt Hirschman, Reggie Ruggiero, Ronnie Silk and Danny Sammons rounding out the top 10.  Jimmy Blewett brings his car to the garage on lap 20.  He's out of the race with motor woes.

Saturday, 8:50pm ET - The field retakes the green again on lap 9.  Joseph Hartmann pitted under caution on lap 7.  Donny Lia jumps back out into the lead, with Todd Szegedy running a close second.  Contact between Eddie Flemke and Bobby Santos III while battling for 3rd results in Santos making a great save, but costs him on the track, dropping him back to 5th.  Ted Christopher runs 4th.  Caution comes back out on lap 12 for a Richard Savary spin in Turn 3.

Saturday, 8:45pm ET - Jimmy Blewett and Jake Marosz both drop to the back of the pack as the field takes the green, with Donny Lia leading Todd Szegedy, Ted Christopher, Bobby Santos III and Kevin Goodale rounding out the top 5 on the opening lap.  Caution on lap 3 for the Wade Cole and Jake Marosz making contact and spinning out between turns 3 and 4.

Saturday, 8:35pm ET - Drivers have just been given the commands to fire their engines - we should be getting going shortly.

Saturday, 8:30pm ET - The National Anthem was just performed by the Martinsville High School Marching Band.

Saturday, 8:15pm ET - The track is doing driver introductions right now - estimated start time for the race is now 8:30pm.

Saturday, 7:15pm ET - The drivers are currently on the track for the pre-race autograph session, and the race is scheduled to go off at 8:00pm.  Check back for live race coverage.  In the meantime, here's the starting lineup.

1. 4 Donny Lia 18.853
2. 2 Todd Szegedy 18.860
3. 3 Bobby Santos III 18.906
4. 86 Ted Christopher 18.960
5. 58 Kevin Goodale 19.017
6. 0 Danny Sammons 19.020
7. 77 Doug Coby III 19.032
8. 10 Eddie Flemke Jr 19.052
9. 59 Matt Hirschman 19.054
10. 23 Brian Loftin 19.055
11. 14 Reggie Ruggiero 19.065
12. 16 Mike Stefanik 19.072
13. 19 Ronnie Silk 19.084
14. 94 Eric Beers 19.118
15. 06 Billy Pauch Jr 19.119
16. 46 Dick Houlihan 19.131
17. 40 Ryan Preece 19.162
18. 57 Jay Foley 19.164
19. 28 James W. Civali 19.168
20. 09 Bobby Grigas III 19.181
21. 83 Tim Brown 19.183
22. 1 Burt Myers 19.190
23. 12 Jimmy Blewett 19.208
24. 41 Jason Myers 19.214
25. 17 Brian King 19.227
26. 02 Buddy Emory 19.242
27. 07 Frank Fleming 19.245
28. 79 Woody Pitkat 19.254
29. 11 Anthony Sesely 19.255
30. 69 Junior Miller 19.269
31. 00 Jerry Marquis 19.285
32. 8 Glenn Tyler 19.296
33. 21 Richard Savary 19.304
34. 44 Brandon Hire 19.345
35. 33 Wade Cole 19.355
36. 99 Jamie Tomaino Provisional
37. 93 Rowan Pennink Provisional
38. 05 Joseph Hartmann Provisional
39. 9 Jake Marosz Provisional
40. 36 L.W. Miller Provisional
41. 20 George Brunnhoelzl III Provisional
42. 81 Brian Pack Provisional
43. 18 Zach Brewer Provisional

DNQ: 31 Gene Pack, 26 J. Wesley Swartout, 48 Brad Robbins, 30 Earl Baker, 80 Jay Mize, 7 Thomas Stinson, 76 Jason Trinchere

Saturday, 6:30pm ET - Qualifying is complete.  Donny Lia took the pole while Brian Loftin was the fastest Southern Qualifier in 10th.  We'll have the lineup up as soon as it's available.

Saturday, 3:15pm ET - Doug Coby III was the fastest overall in practice, while Tim Brown was the fastest of the Southern Modifieds.  Surprisingly off the pace was the #69 of reigning Southern Modified Champion Junior Miller, who was 38th overall.  The top 15 practice times were:

1. 77 Doug Coby III 18.849
2. 94 Eric Beers 18.874
3. 86 Ted Christopher 18.875
4. 83 Tim Brown 18.876
5. 4 Donny Lia 18.922
6. 28 James Civali 18.927
7. 21 Richard Savary 18.927
8. 2 Todd Szegedy 18.929
9. 10 Eddie Flemke Jr 18.950
10. 14 Reggie Ruggiero 18.964
11. 23 Bobby Loftin 19.024
12. 26 J. Wesley Swartout 19.033
13. 58 Kevin Goodale 19.058
14. 59 Matt Hirschman 19.062
15. 12 Jimmy Blewett 19.067

Saturday, 3:10pm ET - Practice is complete.  The fastest car was the #77 of Doug Coby III.  We'll have practice speeds up as soon as they're available.

Saturday, 2:00pm ET - Cars are still out on the track practicing and so far it's been pretty uneventful.  The qualifying order for the race, as well as the drivers affiliation, follow.

07 Frank Fleming (S)
83 Tim Brown (S)
48 Brad Robbins (S)
16 Mike Stefanik (N)
57 Jay Foley (S)
69 Junior Miller (S)
1 Burt Myers (S)
30 Earl Baker (S)
5 Randy Butner (S)
11 Anthony Sesely (N)
31 Gene Pack (S)
2 Todd Szegedy (N)
7 Thomas Stinson (S)
9 Jake Marosz (N)
59 Matt Hirschman (N)
33 Wade Cole (N)
94 Eric Beers (N)
3 Bobby Santos III (N)
0 Danny Sammons (N)
40 Ryan Preece (N)
06 Billy Pauch Jr (N)
20 George Brunnhoelzl III (S)
14 Reggie Ruggiero (N)
79 Woody Pitkat (N)
09 Bobby Grigas III (N)
00 Jerry Marquis (N)
76 Jason Trinchere (S)
58 Kevin Goodale (N)
19 Ronnie Silk (N)
44 Brandon Hire (S)
10 Eddie Flemke Jr (N)
4 Donny Lia (N)
41 Jason Myers (S)
8 Glenn Tyler (N)
28 James W. Civali (N)
23 Brian Loftin (S)
98 Rich Kuiken Jr (S)
77 Doug Coby III (N)
18 Zach Brewer (S)
81 Brian Pack (S)
02 Buddy Emory (S)
46 Dick Houlihan (N)
36 L.W. Miller (S)
05 Joe Hartmann (N)
17 Brian King (S)
86 Ted Christopher (N)
93 Rowan Pennink (N)
26 J. Wesley Swartout (S)
80 Jay Mize (S)
21 Richard Savary (N)
99 Jamie Tomaino (N)
12 Jimmy Blewett (N)

Saturday, 1:15pm ET - There are 52 cars in the pits for the lone combined race between the two Modifed Tours.  Practice was delayed for 15 minuets, but cars are now on the track.  Practice is schedule to run for 90 minutes.

Jamie Tomaino was the winner of the 1983 Cardinal 500 at Martinsville (51 Photo)
George Brunnhoelzl III with a new white paint scheme, and renumbered 20 for the race (51 Photo)
Ted Christopher's car is #86 this race instead of it's normal #36 - L.W. Miller is higher in points then TC and will use #36 in the race (51 Photo)
Doug Coby III had the fastest overall time in practice (51 Photo)
Tim Brown was the fastest of the Whelen Southern Modified Tour drivers in practice (51 Photo)
Donny Lia (right) won the pole and Brian Loftin (left) was the fastest Southern qualifer (51 Photo)
Polesitter Donny Lia is interviewed by Speed TV (51 Photo)
Todd Szegedy takes his qualifying laps (51 Photo)
The track crew works on repairing the SAFER barrier... (51 Photo)
...while the field waits it out on the backstretch (51 Photo)
Donny Lia (4) leads Ted Christopher (86) (51 Photo)
Race Winner Donny Lia paid tribute to his fallen friend John Blewett III by placing a tribute sticker on his winner's trophy (51 Photo)
Donny Lia (4) and Ted Christopher (86) battled hard side by side (51 Photo)