Some Are Fast, Some Race Well During Thompson Mod Mania Prelims by Denise DuPont
Time Trials and Heat Races Make Up Saturday Racing Card
The second annual Sunoco Modified Mania at Thompson International Speedway (CT) started the weekend with qualifying time trials and heat races on Saturday September 8th, 2007. The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour, True Value Modified Racing Series, and the Sunoco Race of Champions Series are all competing, with features scheduled for Sunday afternoon.
Donny Lia (L) and Matt Hirschman (R) were top qualifiers in the NASCAR WMT and RoC Modified ranks respectively.  (Left - Rick Ibsen Photo, Right - Jim DuPont Photo)
Donny Lia drove the Mystic Missile #4 to to capture his third pole for the 2007 race season in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour.  Lia also proved to be lucky in the redraw.  He will take the green flag on the pole with Ron Yuhas, Jr. on his outside.

Chris Pasteryak, Andy Seuss and Jimmy Kuhn, Jr. won the three True Value Modified Racing Series heat races. Pasteryak is having a great run this year in the TVMRS will start on the pole. Seuss will start right alongside him when the green flag flies on Sunday.  Kuhn, who finished second in the 2006 points, will start third.

Matt Hirschman is doing double duty this weekend.  The young Pennsylvania driver jumped from his WMT ride into his ROC car to win the pole in the Race of Champion series. Matt’s run in his ROC car was .156 seconds faster around Thompson’s track than his WMT car.

Woody Pitkat is doing triple duty at Thompson this
weekend. He parked the #79 WMT car and then belted up in his ROC #79 ride to compete. Pitkat time trialed eighth in the ROC series - a bit better then his 15th spot in the WMT. When you would have thought he had had enough of heat on the track, he suited up to compete in a Sunoco Modified race. He finished the first heat race in third spot, his best finish for the day.

Tomorrow the drivers will go at it all over again to run for the cash in 300 touring laps (NWMT-150; TVMRS-75; ROC-75) at Thompson Speedway’s Sunoco Sponsored Modified Mania Event.

Whelen Modified Tour Starting Line Up
Starting Position  /  Car #   /   Driver

14Donny Lia
26Ron Yuhas, Jr
359Matt Hirschman
419Ronnie Silk
546Dick Houlihan
631Tony Ferrante
72Todd Szegedy
800Jerry Marquis
936Ted Christopher
1006Billy Pauch, Jr.
110Danny Sammons
1264Eric Berndt
133Bobby Santos III
1416Mike Stefanik
1579Woody Pitkat
1658Kevin Goodale
1799Jamie Tomaino
1840Ryan Preece
1914Reggie Ruggiero
2077Rick Fuller
2121Richard Savary
2294Eric Beers
2312Jimmy Blewett
2448Tony Hirschman
2509Bobby Grigas III
2633Wade Cole
2728James Civali
2890Renee Dupuis
2993Rowan Pennink
3010Eddie Flemke Jr.
311Rob Summers
3205Joe Hartmann
339Jake Marosz
3413Tommy Cravenho, Jr
3538Ken Heagy
3627Roy Seidell

TVMRS Starting Line Up for first 18 Positions
(Rest of positions determined through consolation race)
Starting Position  /  Car #   /   Driver

115Chris Pasteryak
270Andy Seuss
372Jimmy  Kuhn, Jr.
428Dwight Jarvis
540Lou Mechalides
632Tom Abele, Jr
735Dale Evonsion
869Jim Dolan
96Rob Goodnough
1007Brian Schofield
1154Dave Etheridge
120Mike Holdridge
1348Ed Dachenhausen
1427Richard Savary
1525Tommy Cravenho
1612Vinnie Annaarunno
1721Glen Billings
1817Jack Bateman

ROC Time Trial Results
Car #   /   Driver  /  Lap Time

60Matt Hirschman18.760
95Lee Sherwood18.838
9Eric Beers18.909
55Steven Reed19.011
66Pete Brittain19.040
75Carl Pasterak19.091
79Woody Pitkat19.169
44Rick Kluth19.183
5Bryan Shumway19.239
88Billy Putney19.346
24Phil Slater19.364
95mJohn Markovic19.420
14Doug Reaume19.622
3Daren Scherer19.802
55xKen Bouchard19.989
85Lenny Fisher20.029
53Sean Patterson20.104
26Gary McDonald20.254
96Butch Perry20.734
9xMatt Clemens20.888
41Kenny Berry21.059
86Mike StefanikMotor Issues

Chris Pasteryak (#15), Andy Seuss (#70) and Jimmy Kuhn (#72) all won TVMRS heat races on Saturday at Thompson.  (Jim DuPont Photos)