True Value Modified Racing Series Gets Ready for '07 Season by Denise DuPont
Rules are Finalized at Off-Season Meeting
Officials, car owners, crews and drivers for the True Value Modified Racing Series are getting ready to start the 2007 race year now that the schedule and rules have been finalized. 
Officials and competitors of the True Value Modified Racing Series finalized their rules package for 2007 recently.  (Jim DuPont Photos)
There will be 18 races on the schedule this year and a non-point Wednesday night show again at Seekonk. The series will re-visit the following tracks: Monadnock, Canaan, Waterford, Thompson, Lee, Seekonk and Beech Ridge. New to the series this year is an Oxford Plains race in July.

Again this year, Monadnock Speedway will officially kick off the series on April 14th.

The Thompson Modified Mania event is now scheduled as a points race. TVMRS will have six qualifying races for this event.  Those qualifiers are at Monadnock (5/26), Waterford (6/9), Lee (7/13), Oxford (7/21), Beech Ridge(8/4) and Canaan (8/11). Any team will be allowed to compete in the TVMRS race during Thompson’s Modified Madness Weekend if they have the series membership, or purchase one, and are legal to the TVMRS series rules.

This year there are also a couple of TVMRS rule changes, which were announced at a recent meeting of officials and competitors.
1.  Provisional positions for the first three races will be based on last year’s driver’s points and rules. After the first three races, provisional positions will be based on car owner points, so that the car owners will not be penalized if the team changes drivers.

2.  If a team qualifies for a race during the consi race they do not have to use a provisional spot.  The option to take a provisional spot will then go to the next team in points.

3.  Lapped cars will stay in their running position during cautions until lap 50. After lap 50, lapped cars will have to go to the back of the pack on a restart.

4.  There will be a lucky dog rule in 2007. The lead car that is one lap down will be able get back their lap but the car will have to start from the back of the pack behind the lapped cars.

5.  Side mirrors will be removed for 2007.

6.  After a caution, the scoring will not go back to the last green lap. Cars will be scored
based on how they go across the start finish line after a yellow flag is thrown.  There will
be no racing to the line.

Rule #6 brought out a lot of discussion among the TVMRS teams and led to several
questions directed to the officials.
As the meeting was dispersing, I caught a couple of drivers to ask their thoughts about
the change to scoring after cautions.

“I think we are all race car drivers and we fight for a position all the time,” said Andy
Seuss, driver of the #70 car. “If you tell me the yellow is out, if I can be ahead of
somebody by the start finish line so I can start ahead of them, I am going to try. I
mean, I can’t say that I am not going to. We will see how the rule goes. The officials
have always done a good job policing the rules and hopefully it will go smoothly.”

Shelly Perry, one of the newer drivers to the TVMRS series this year expressed her opinion:

“It is going to be different. I do not think that it is going to be as much of a problem. Drivers respect each other enough that they are going to have it in their mind as far as what is going to happen. If they do aggressively try to pass somebody before they get to the line.

“I do see it having an adverse effect on the guy that gets caught up behind that accident and tries to avoid it. Guess we are going to have to see how fast the caution comes out just as well. So if that caution is not out yet, then yes you are going to speed up and try to get some spots.”

The Modified Racing Series season will start on Saturday, April 7th with an open practice day at Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, NH. Teams may also take part in an open practice March 24th at the Waterford Speedbowl in Connecticut.

Practice tires were available at the meeting.