Vinnie “Who” Wins Three out of Four TVMRS Seekonk 2007 Races  by Denise DuPont
Kirk Alexander Wins Three out of Four TVMRS Championships
The TVMRS returned to Seekonk Speedway for the third time this year to participate in the D. Anthony Venditti Memorial Festival of Racing Weekend (Oct 6-7th). This was the series 18th and next to the last race in 2007. There were 32 cars in the pits for qualifying and the feature race. Twenty-five cars started the race.
Who?  It's Vinnie "Who" celebrating his win in the TVMRS event at Seekonk.  (Jim DuPont Photos)
Three-time TVMRS champion and point leader Kirk Alexander led most the 100-lap race , but not the lap that counts.  Vinnie Annarummo passed Kirk with three laps to go then took the checkered flag at the finish. Alexander fought Vinnie hard for the win but it in the more end seat time and knowledge of the track were Vinnie’s added advantage.

Vinnie started the race in third and won his third 2007 TVMRS win at Seekonk.

“I won three out of four races and finished second on the other race here,” said Vinnie in Victory Lane. 

Mod Mania at Thompson took a toll on a few of TVMRS race teams. Andy Seuss and Dwight Jarvis’ cars were damaged beyond repair. The Seuss racing team bought a recently purchased  Zach Sylvester car that they labored to prepare for this weekend’s race. The team’s labor paid off as Andy won the first heat race and he would start the race on the pole.  Defending champion Dwight Jarvis sat behind the wheel of the #66 Modified that Mike Stefanik drove earlier this year at Seekonk. The car was renumbered with Jarvis’ signature #28.

The race was started with two young guns on the front row; Seuss and Tom Abele, Jr.

On lap three Vinnie would make contact with Seuss taking away the young driver’s hope for a victory.

“It was my fault. I did not wait for my tires to warm up. He gave me the room. I went underneath him and just pushed right into him. I am so sorry. I have to go over and apologize him as soon as I get into the pits.”
Vinnie was sent to the rear of the pack for the race violation.

“It was all my fault I take full responsibility for it.”

By lap 10 seasoned veteran, Alexander was out in front. “We ran it as easy as possible.”
Kirk Alexander (#43) races with Vinnie "Who." (#12)
The championship chase was down to the wire with only one more race remaining. Going into the weekend’s event, only 14 points had separated Alexander and second place point man, Les Hinckley.  But a broken heim joint on only lap five took Hinckley out of the race early.

“I broke a heim joint and it sent me right into the wall” Hinckley would say. “I was not hit from behind”

With Les out of the race, all Kirk had to do was get a top three finish. “The car was a handful, she was pretty free. I was just holding on. They told me if I got a top three then we would seal up the championship.”

Kirk held off passing advances from Dale Evonsion, Dick Houlihan and Chris Pasteryak lap after lap. Then on lap eighty the race became the Kirk Alexander versus Vinnie
Annarummo show for the last twenty laps as Vinnie made his way into second. “I knew that he was coming and I knew that he was going to be tough. He raced at this place a lot of years.”

Kirk and Vinnie swapped the lead back and forth. “I just tried to hold the lead but I got loose. The stagger opened up a little too much so for only three or four laps it was good.” And that was not good enough for first place.

Kirk Alexander crossed the finish line in second spot. “I got him back on the restart. If we had maybe ten laps to go instead of fourteen, I could have held him off I think. But I was trying to hold on. It was a handful. We burned up the rear tires”

But in the end second place was good enough this time. At Seekonk Speedway on Sunday, October 7th, Kirk Alexander was crowned the  TVMRS champion for the third time in the four young years of the modified series. “This is it. This is awesome. I knew where I needed to be.”

The winners of the heat races were Andy Seuss (70), Tom Abele, Jr. (32) and Vinnie Annarummo (12). Chris Wenzel (83) won the 15 lap Consi race.

The True Value Modified Racing Series will finish off their 2007 season at Lee USA Speedway the weekend of October 20th – 21st participating in the 22nd “Octoberfest” Weekend.