Alexander Makes True Value Mod History With Waterford Win by Denise DuPont
Driver Has Now Won At Least Once At Every TVMRS Track
The TVMRS returned to Waterford, CT for their rescheduled race at Waterford Speedbowl on Saturday, September 1st.

Two-time TVMRS champion and current point leader Kirk Alexander completed another major milestone in his career as he roared into victory lane at Waterford.  Alexander has won his 25th-career True Value Modified race and also completed a personal goal.
Kirk Alexander did something no one else has... won at every track on the TVMRS schedule. (Jim DuPont Photos)
“I did not want to curse myself so I did not tell anybody,” said Alexander.  “All the guys knew it. So now we have won at every race track that we have ever been to.“

Kirk is the only competitor in the TVMRS to have won at every track where the series has competed in its four year history.

Dale Evonsion started the race on the pole and led for nine laps before passing the lead to Les Hinckley. Two laps after the lead change, Evonsion cut a tire going into turn three and hit the Arco barrier.  On the race restart, Alexander took over the lead Les Hinckley being the third and final leader on lap 11.

The race now became a shootout race between the two leaders in points, Alexander and Hinckley.
“I was cringing when the cautions came out,” said Les after the race.

The action in the end laid out in Alexander’s favor, as the race had seven cautions.

“My car got tight and slowed down a little. The stagger closed up a little. I knew that if I had a good six to ten lap sprint then the tires would close back up but I still had a good car to maintain a three car length lead. Les was pretty fast too. Cautions helped me a little bit because I knew that if I had a ten lap sprint that I could drive away but as soon as it started to tighten up right in the center I knew that he was gaining on me little by little.”

Around lap 67, Chris Pasteryak went for a ride through the infield.
Les Hinckley (#06) races to the inside of Alexander and in front of Dale Evonsion (#35).
“If we had not had that trip, I think that we might have had something for the top three. As it was I think that we went through the infield at least two more times and cam back through the last three or four so to finish seventh ain’t too bad.”

Ed Dachenhausen, who has been having a great run for the last couple of races, cut a tire on lap 91 and hit the back stretch wall a ton. His car was towed to the pits. After the race Ed said that the tire was cut as he was racing hard in the top five spot.

No one had anything for Alexander

“I know that my car was a little better on the start but she tightened up with about ten laps into it. So I tried to get a big lead and hold on to it. She was getting tight as the cars closed up but before that man, this thing was awesome. It has been great, real good. I knew that Les was going to be tough tonight. I would like to thank all the fans at Waterford Speedbowl. It is a really great place to go and we appreciated pitting on the
pavement. I know a lot of guys (local Waterford racing divisions) sacrificed for us and thank you.” 

Les really ran hard to win the race and put on a good show as he was on the hunt for tracking down the leader. “I was a little surprised that he (Kirk) wanted to go up to the lead and set that fast of a pace. So I just let him take off and ride. I figured that he would come back to me. We did not fire to good after the restarts but when we had the longer runs we were going good. I actually thought that we were going to get him back and then after that last restart we got a pretty bad vibration. I do not know if we picked up some stuff on our left front or what but it was hopping real good. All and all to come out of here second is good. We have had some tough times here at Waterford so tonight to come to a track in the state that you live in and run well is a good time.”
Mike Holdridge made a successful return to Waterford.
Mike Holdridge returned to Waterford Speedbowl for the first time since 1999 to compete in the TVMRS race. He returned home happy to Waterford after finishing in a third place podium finish.

“It feels really good with my family here and crew helping me out. We were cut just a little bit short. This is exciting.” A few times, Mike was right there on Les Hinckley’s bumper but he did not challenge him hard for the spot. Mike Holdridge said he was cautious not to get into Hinckley respecting the fact that Hinckley is close to the top of the point standings. “I am better off just taking a third and completing the race and being happy with it. It wouldn’t do either one of us any good.” he said.

The winners of the three heat races were Dale Evonsion, Todd Patnode and Jimmy Dolan.  Chris Pasteryak (15) won the consolation race after missing his heat race due to a broken brake line during practice.  Rob Goodenough (6) started the race at the back of the pack in the twenty-seventh position based on series rules since he won the last True Value race at Monadnock Speedway.
The True Value Modified Racing Series will race next at Thompson Speedway in Thompson, CT.  on Saturday, September 8th and 9th as part of the Modified Madness Weekend event at Thompson.