Kirk Alexander Wins “Maine-ly Action Sports Night 100” at Oxford by Denise DuPont
The A-Team Makes History With Win #23
After a 16-year separation from Oxford Plains Speedway (ME), Modifieds married up with the TD Banknorth 250 to return in the form of True Value Modified Racing Series (TVMRS) on Saturday, July 21st. There were 31 cars in the pits for qualifying races and 26 cars would make the race. Eighteen cars qualified through the three heat races, six cars qualified in a consi race and two cars took provisional spots.
Oxford fans got to see Modifieds at Oxford this weekend for the first time in over a decade and a half. (Jim DuPont Photos)
The winners of the heat races were Jimmy Dolan, Les Hinckley and Dwight Jarvis. David Pinkham (#61), a previous TVMRS race winner, was back for the first time in 2007 and won the 15-lap consi race.  As the winner at Lee, Hinckley, started the Oxford Plains100 lap race at the back of the pack in the twenty-fourth position. Two race provisional positions were taken by Jon McKennedy (73) and Mike Holdridge (0). 

Two time TVMRS champion, Kirk Alexander won the Maine-ly Actions Sports 100 Lap TVMRS race after taking over the lead from Hinckley on lap 94. Alexander tried several times to get the lead but with the cautions it was hard to get a run with the car.

“Les’s car would go good for five or six laps and get loose,” said Alexander.  “While if I just settled in, my car got rhythm and got better.”

This was an exciting race as Alexander and Hinckley battled lap after lap. Alexander
would use everything he had to work his way around Hinckley.  Then when he finally
got a run and made a pass, a caution was thrown. “Those cautions at the end were killing us. My tires were covered with rubber I just could not clean them up. We had a good battle going on there.”

This was Alexander’s 23rd win in the True Value Modified Racing Series in four years. His other 2007 two wins were at Monadnock Speedway.

Jimmy Dolan led the pack of Modified cars around the track at the race start and led for three laps. Then on lap four, Dwight Jarvis who had been right on Jimmy’s bumper dove under him to take over the lead. Dolan had a good car for his heat race win and the race start, but Jarvis’s car was stronger in the race. Dolan’s night ended early on lap eighty-four when his car tangled with those of Bryan Shumway and Tommy Cravenho. Dolan’s car was towed to the infield for the rest of the race.
Bryan Shumway (#5) and Mike Douglas, Jr. (#23) shared the front row.  (Jim DuPont Photo)
After leading for seventy-three laps, Jarvis did all that he could to hold off hard charging Hinckley.

“The car was running good staying under green,” said Jarvis.  “When the yellow came out it tightened up on me and then it took a few laps going green after it tightened up.”

But Dwight’s car was fading fast and he had to relinquish the lead during the last quarter of the race.

“Les got out on the side of me and I just had to turn the wick down a little bit because I did not want to run up into him. I know that he would not do it to me. Kirk and Les are real good racers and we race good together.” 

Jarvis thought that a win was in the cards for him at Oxford after the long lead.
finish in fifth. This was Pastryak’s second top five finish since he has joined the TVMRS.

“After the first top five it took a while to get back,” said Pasteryak.  “For the first time in two weeks the car was tight. Finally! It was fun.”

Lou Mechalides started back in fifteenth position and was in a top five spot for over half of the race. Pasteryak’s strong end of the race charge forced Lou to settle for a sixth place finish.

“The car just got tighter and tighter as the night went on. It started out pretty good. Then with every caution it just got tighter and tighter. At the end it was real tight. I was glad the race was over. Every restart it got worst and worst.”

There were five cautions in the race with the first one occurring after 35 laps of green racing. Fans were seating on the edge of their seats as the modified cars raced lap after lap bump drafting and racing three wide on the track. A lot of them even suggested that they make the next race at Oxford a Twin 250 for the Mods and Late Models. 
Les Hinckley (#06) holds off the #43 of Kirk Alexander.  (Jamie Williams Photos)
“On the restart Dwight was on my right and the tires were just covered with rubber,” said Jarvis.  “I could not clean them up. We had a good battle going on there.”

Once again the crowd had to control their excitement as the two top drivers battled.

Racing in the TVMRS has been great for Peter Jarvis during his first full year on the tour and Saturday night was no exception, as he finished a strong fourth.  It was his seventh top 10 finish in nine races.

“We kind of just rode around and did not realize that I was in second.  We had a good run. The car loosened up on us and it took a few laps to get it back. It was a good run. The car was solid.”

Chris Pasteryak had a great finish at Oxford Speedway. The 2007 TVMRS rookie started the race in sixth position and made his way back up through the pack to
“I will take a third place. The car was going awesome tonight. We are happy with a third, but I would have been happier with a first.”

Hinckley started the race in twenty-fourth position and was in the top five by lap 30. He liked the outside of the track and used it to his advantage to get to the front fast.

“Our car was good coming from the back. The car worked well on the outside groove.”

Hinckley passed Jarvis when there were 24 laps to go in the race. Hinckley struggled though to keep his lead. When he had passed Dwight, the #28 car hit Les’s left front as they Both struggled for the lead.

“Something in the front got bent when I passed Dwight,” said Hinckley.  “After that our car had problems.”

Kirk Alexander had the stronger car and passed Jarvis for second after a side by side restart on lap 76.
Oxford Plain’s July 21st race was the third of the six qualifying races for Thompson Speedway’s 2007 Mod Mania race on September 8th. The six tracks that will have the qualifying events are: Monadnock (Kirk Alexander), Lee (Less Hinckley), Oxford Plains, Seekonk, Beech Ridge and Canaan.

Since race winner Kirk Alexander and second place finisher Les Hinckley already have starting spots for the Mod Mania race, the award was presented to third place finisher Dwight Jarvis.

“That makes it a lot easier on the old guy,” said Jarvis.

The True Value Modified Racing Series will race next at Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, NH on Saturday, July 28th for another 100 laps of side by side racing. Heat races start at 6:00 PM.
51's Denise DuPont interviews Hinckley after the race.   (Jim DuPont Photo)
Oxford Plains Speedway - July 21, 2007
Oxford, Maine

Fin. (Start) No., Driver, hometown, laps completed
1. (15) #43 Kirk Alexander, West Swanzey, N.H., 100
2. (24) #06 Les Hinckley, Windsor Locks, Conn., 100
3. (2) #28 Dwight Jarvis, Ascutney, Vt., 100
4. (11) #9 Peter Jarvis, Ascutney, Vt., 100
5. (6) #15 Chris Pasteryak, Lisbon, Conn., 100
6. (13) #40 Louie Mechalides, North Tyngsboro, Mass., 100}
7. (19) #6 Rob Goodenough, Swanzey, N.H., 100
8. (17) #38 Billy Goodrow, Pembroke, Mass., 100
9. (7) #72 Jimmy Kuhn, Jr., Bridgewater, Mass., 100
10. (9) #70 Andy Seuss, Hampstead, N.H., 100
11. (20) #12 Vinnie Annarummo, Swansea, Mass., 100
12. (8) #01 Todd Patnode, Swanzey, N.H., 100
13. (12) #35 Dale Evonsion, East Hartland, Conn., 100
14. (16) #23 Mike Douglas, Jr., Auburn, N.H., 100
15. (22) #73 Jonathan McKennedy, Chelmsford, Mass., 100
16. (3) #5 Brian Shumway, Belchertown, Mass., 99
17. (14) #1 Sean Boudreau, Claremont, N.H., 99
18. (10) #32 Tom Abele Jr., Norwich, Mass., 98
19. (23) #0 Mike Holdridge, Madison, Conn., 98
20. (1) #69  Jimmy Dolan, Bethel, Conn., 80
21. (21) #31 Tom Cravenho, Raynham, Mass., 80
22. (5) #4 Tony Ricci, Westbrook, 75
23. (18) #61 David Pinkham, Buxton, 41
24. (4) #48 Ed Dachenhausen, Danbury, Conn., 37
Lap leaders: Dolan 1-3, D. Jarvis 4-76, Hinckley 77-93, Alexander 94-100.
Cautions: 5 (laps 35, 37, 75, 84, 84)
Time of race: 45 minutes, 44 seconds