Alexander Is Back to His Winning Ways at Monadnock by Denise DuPont
First Win for 2007 for A-Team Racing and with it the Team Goes to Thompson Mod Mania
The True Value Modified Racing Series returned to Winchester, NH for the second race of the season at Monadnock Speedway on Saturday, May 25th. There were 34 cars in the pits for qualifying races, but only 26 cars started the race. A total of 18 cars qualified through the heat races, six cars qualified from a B-Main race and two cars took provisional spots.
Kirk Alexander sprays the champaigne in victory lane at Monadnock.  (Rick Ibsen Photo)
The third heat race was not kind to Les Hinckley, Andy Seuss, Gary Casella, Dale Evonsion and Chris Pasteryak. Hinckley, Seuss and Pasteryak spun on the track and had to go the back of the pack. While Casella and Evonsion tangled on the front stretch below the starter’s stand. A tow truck had to pull the two cars apart after the heat’s checkered flags flew. All these drivers had to compete in the B-Main Race for a chance to get into the feature.

With so many cars in attendance, to be fair to all cars competing the decision was made to continue the 20-lap B-Main qualifying race that was introduced first here at Monadnock.  In the past, two 15-lap consi races were normally scheduled, but with a larger field of cars, consi races were not practical. There were 16 cars that started in the B-Main race. Ed Dauchenhausen came across the start finish line to be crowned the B-Main race winner.

Two race provisional positions were taken by Jack Bateman (17) and Rob Goodnough (6). Bateman had engine problems that prevented him from starting the race, so the bubble car of Bill Goodrow (38) made the race. Since Les Hinckley won the last race, he started the 100 laps at the back of the pack in the 26th position.

Two-time TVMRS champion, Kirk Alexander won the Artioli Auto Group 100 Lap TVMRS race with a green, white, checker finish after the caution flag flew on lap 98.

“The car was pretty good,” said Alexander.  “We made some adjustments from the last time we were here. It was a little tight before. It started to get tight a little at the end there a little bit, but it came through. I saw Les coming. I knew he had a fast car tonight.”

Monadnock’s May 25th race was the first of six qualifying races for Thompson’s 2007 Mod Mania race on September 8th. The six tracks that will have the qualifying events are: Monadnock, Waterford, Lee, Oxford Plains and Beech Ridge and Canaan. The winner of each of the qualifying races will have an guaranteed starting position for the Mod Mania event along with that they will receive 25 gallons of Sunoco fuel, a Sterling Silver Bronze Cup, a Sunoco Racing Championship jacket, $100 gift certificate to use anywhere at Thompson Speedway and a Photo Op.

Ben Dodge was on hand representing Thompson to gift the first award to tonight’s Monadnock race winner Kirk Alexander.
Gary Casella (#25) and Dale Evonsion (#36) both had trouble in their heat races.  (Jim DuPont Photo)

“I cannot wait to get back there,” said Alexander.  “That is a blast running fast down there. It never really crossed my mind until you said something tonight that it was a qualifier. That is great. This is awesome. I like racing at Thompson and I would like to go back there more then once during the year, maybe sometime in the future.”

Alexander took over the lead on lap 27 and led the race for the next 73 laps for the win.

“These guys are a good team. I just cannot say enough about these guys.  We made a lot of changes and it pays off. I have got a great team. This is all a credit to them guys. I am just the lucky guy that gets to drive the car. ”

Alexander is a two time past True Value Series Champion and has continued to do well in this division.
Jimmy Kuhn started on the pole with Lou Mechalides at his side. Kuhn jumped to the front and had the lead for the first 16 laps. Then Dwight Jarvis, who worked his way up from third, dove to take over the lead. Jarvis had a good car, but it was not good enough.

“No matter whether I win or lose I still want dedicate this one to my new granddaughter,” said Jarvis.  “These two guys are just awesome drivers. They have awesome cars. We had an awesome car but she tightened up. We got third and we are happy. Getting a third behind these two guys ain’t too bad considering everything. We will get em.” Next week the cars head to Canaan where Jarvis has won in a TVMRS race before. “Next week I am going to smoke these turkeys!”

There was no denying that Kirk Alexander was the car to challenge tonight. Alexander ,who started in fifth position, rocketed past Jarvis on lap twenty-seven and stayed several car lengths in the front of the pack for the rest of the race. At the last TVMRS race at Monadnock in May,  Hinckley had Alexander in his rear view mirror during the green white checker finish. This time the roles were reversed.  Jarvis, Mr. Consistent maintained his third place position to the end.
Kirk Alexander (#43) and Les Hinckley (#06) race for the win at Monadnock.  (Jim DuPont Photo)
“Kirk gave me a hard time the last time we were here because I started up front and won it,” said Hinckley.  “He told me the next time that I came back here that I was going to have to start at the back. He put me up to the challenge and I was not going to back down.”

As the winner of the last race, Hinckley drove to the front with an aim for the lead but Alexander’s car was the fastest on the track.

“So I put everything had in there. The last restart was pretty cool. I had him pinned down on the bottom a little bit and it just did not work out. We had too pretty even cars on the restarts and it would have been hard to get around him. The last two laps were fun the way it is. My guys tell me it is always interesting to come from dead last anyways. So they are happy. We went to the All-Star Speedway show a couple weeks ago and we struggled out there. We had a really good race car tonight. It was a real good hot rod. The guys put a lot of work into it. We will go to Canaan next week and do it again. ”

“These guys all respect each other and there is a lot of give and take here. It is really a great series. I cannot say enough about it. I hope that the fans are really glad. We get a lot of fast cars to the front. It is not going to happen much any more because they are going to be start handicapping soon.”
There were four cautions in the race with the first one occurring after 50 laps of green racing. 

Les Hinckley came from the back of the pack and made his way through the pack to take second position. 
Andy Seuss had a tough night and his bad luck that had him spinning during his heat race continued during the race. The team just could not get the car dialed in right for Andy to handle and he had a hard time keeping the car on the track.

“The car just is not there where we need it to be and I just cannot get myself comfortable in it.”

This was the last night in the Schofield #07 car for Seuss. The Seuss family racing team has made the decision to bring back out their own racecar, the familiar #70, for next week’s race.

“We will try and go back to our car for a little while and see what happens,” said Seuss.

The True Value Modified Racing Series will race next at Canaan Motorsport Park on Saturday, June 2nd.
Monadnock Speedway
Winchester, NH

Finish Car #DriverStarting position
143Kirk Alexander5
206Les Hinckley26
328Dwight Jarvis3
46Rob Goodnough24
540Louie Mechalides2
611Ted Christopher14
735Dale Evonsion19
89nhPeter Jarvis8
95Bryan Shumway4
1062Roger Raymond15
1151Kevin Konopka21
1223Mike Douglas15
1348Ed Dauchenhausen18
1429Woody Pitkat17
1569Jim Dolan23
1610XTodd Owen19
170Mike Holdridge7
1804Dave Berube13
1972Jimmy Kuhn1
201Sean Bodreau9
2141Karl Fredrickson20
2297Kenny Vogel, Jr12
2307Andy Seuss22
2438Bill Goodrow25
2501Todd Patnode11
264Tony Ricci6

Failed to Qualify: Rob Goodnough (#6), Dan Douville (#7x), Rob Goodnough  (#6), Vinnie Annarummo (#12), Chris Pasteryak (#15), Jack Bateman (#17), Gary Casella (#25), Bill Goodrow (#38), Joe Doucette (#55),  Johnny Bush (#68), and Buck Akley (#71).

Pre-Race  Awards: 

Hard Charger Award – Jimmy Kuhn (72)

Northeast Race Cars & Parts $100 Award - Tom Abele (32)

Half-way Bonus Award - Les Hinckley (06)

Fifth Place Finish - Jimmy Kuhn (72)

Seventh Place Finish Award – Ted Christopher (11)

Caution Flags:   Laps 50; 66; 78; 98.

Lap Leaders: Jimmy Kuhn 1-16, Dwight Jarvis 17-27, Kirk Alexander 27-100.

Total Laps Led: Kirk Alexander 73, Jimmy Kuhn 16, Dwight Jarvis 10. 
3 lead changes involving only 3 drivers.

Dwight Jarvis (#28) and Jimmy Kuhn (#72) were both good at Monadnock, but neither was quite good enough to win.  (Rick Ibsen Photo)