Hinckley Scores Second TVMRS Victory of 2007 by Denise DuPont
Canaan Victory in the Lastest For the #06 Team
This weekend, the True Value Modified Racing Series headed to Canaan, NH for their first race there this season at Canaan Fair Asphalt Speedway. There were 29 cars in the pits for the qualifying races and all of those 29 cars were scheduled to start the race. 18 cars qualified through the heat races and the rest of the cars qualified in one 15-lap consi race. Kirk Alexander won the most recent TVMRS race at Monadnock, so per TVMRS rules he started the race at the back of the pack in the 28th position.
Les Hinckley shows his winning colors at Canaan.  (Jim DuPont Photos)
The race at Canaan started at 2:00 PM Sunday afternoon after the originally planned Saturday schedule was postponed due to severe storms and rain. There were a few rules changes that were in effect with this race so series founder and competitor Jack Bateman selected to sit out the race and manage the change adjustment for the series. Donny Lashua sat in the #17 car for the race filling in for Bateman. One rule that was changed was the one that addressed racing back to the line during a caution. Along with some rules tweaking this weekend, a new race director, Todd Rook, took over so that Lyle Patterson could concentrate on his Technical Inspector role.
Les Hinckley took the race lead on lap 50 and held on to it to the end to win the 100 lap TVMRS race at a place where he enjoys racing.

“I have always loved this place,” said Hinckley.  “We came here years ago with a Pro Stock and had a lot of success. I won an open comp show here and I have always run well here with a Modified. You could not even make me mad when it rained out and made me come back on a Sunday. I was happy to come back.”
Hinckley held off hard charger Kirk Alexander at the end of the race for his second win this year. Alexander, who started the race in last position, used his talent to tactfully come up through the pack so he could glue himself for Hinckley’s bumper.

“We had a bad vibration about half way through,” said Alexander.  “In one of those melees, I think the 9nh [Peter Jarvis] got into my right rear tire a little and shoved the rear over. I thought that I was done then. I am just glad to finish tonight.”
Tony Ricci (#4) and Sean Boudreau (#1) lead the field to green.
Sean Bodreau started on the pole with Tony Ricci at his side. Ricci used his fast race car to jettison his car to take over the lead in lap one. He continued to dominate the race until he got caught up in the marbles on the top of the track and Lou Mechalides was able to get past him for the lead.

“It was going good until we picked up a bunch of crap on the left front tire and the car was hopping all over the place,” said Ricci.  “There was nothing I could do. I could not hold on to it. We came in and cleaned the tire off and then we had to start in the back.”

Hinckley stole the lead from Mechalides on lap 50 and led the race for the next 51 laps to take the win.

“We started two-thirds of the way back and kind of hung out there in the beginning,” said Hinckley.  “Then we got the spots when we could. Then we got to a point in the
Other cars involved in the last incident were Chris Pasteryak, Tony Ricci, Kevin Konopka and Todd Patnode. Pasteryak had just worked his way up from the back of the back after pitting had to start at the back of the pack again.

Hinckley’s car was the dominant one at Canaan. At the last TVMRS race at Monadnock, he had challenged Alexander  to catch up to him from the back of the pack. Alexander met the challenge and won that event. As the winner of the last race, Alexander drove from the back to the front with an aim for the lead but Hinckley’s car was definitely the fastest on the track. 
Kirk Alexander (#43) and Dwight Jarvis took their best shots of the victory, but came up just a bit short.
Mechalides had a great third place finish.

“We have been running better and better every week. When you run against these guys you know that you are running good.”

There were eight cautions in the race with the first one occurring after only three laps of green racing.  The worst and last race caution was on lap 87 when Rob Goodenough’s car engine sputtered and the car slowed going into turn four. Goodenough was having a great run and his car was in a third place when the engine started having issues. As he slowed and stopped on the track, cars backed up and spun all over the front stretch and infield of the track. The worst of the victims in the incident was Jimmy Kuhn, who hit the front stretch wall hard punching a hole in the radiator.

“I thought that I had cleared him and then somebody got me from the back,” said Kuhn.  “It happened so fast there was nothing that you could do.”
race that I did not really think that I was going to be able to win it. Then the caution came
out and we got a couple more spots and then the car came to life. The car did not go away at all. It just stayed and I could dig and dig.”

After Hinckley took the lead form Mechalides, he found Mechalides was on his bumper lap after lap.

“I got the lead from Louie and it set a pretty quick pace,” said Hinckley.  “He kept the pressure on me so I could not just ride. We kept going at it. It was good racing, a lot of fun. Generally in the top three to five in the series there are a lot of good hard clean racing cars with drivers and it is a lot of fun to do it with them.”
“My crew told me that Alexander got the fourth, then the third and then the second. We’ve got a little thing going,” said Hinckley.  “He had to start last here, now I have to start last at Waterford.”

Chris Pasteryak has made the decision to quit the Whelen Mod Tour and run the True Value Series full time. He had a great run today. As the new rookie on the series, he showed his talent driving from the back of the pack to the front more then once. He was in a top five position for the first half of the race until he got out of the main race groove and caught up in the marbles like Tony Ricci did. The pits at Canaan are dirt, so the track ended up with a mixture of dirt, stones and marbles in the top groove that made driving tough once you were caught up in it.

“I almost lost it going into turn one and I had to go way high to save it,” said Pasteryak.  “Then it picked up a whole bunch of rubber on the tires. You just have to wait three or four laps to clear it. Take your when Jimmy got wrecked on the front straight away we had to go into the infield to avoid it. Back to the back of the pack again and then we had to make the way up through it.”

Pasteryak ended finishing 12th.

Andy Seuss and his team arrived at the track on Saturday just in time for the driver’s meeting.

Seuss was back in the family owned #70 racecar after starting the season driving the #07 machine owned by Brian Schofield.  Seuss went into his qualifying races without any practice.

“It was a long weekend with countless hours by the crew,” said Seuss.  “It is a little
Jimmy Kuhn (#72) had some problems near the end that turned into a much bigger mess when the rest of the field caught up to him.
tough this time of the year with boat season. [the Seuss family business is Rockingham Boat] We did not get to work on the car until Friday. We put the motor in and started it up at 3:00 AM Saturday morning and it blew the oil filter right off the car so we knew something was wrong.”

The 70 race team had a great race at Canaan. He made his way through the cars from a starting 20th position to complete the race in fifth. A top five finish is what the team needed to get the team back on track so they can meet their goals for 2007.

Hinckley expressed his thoughts on next week’s TVMRS race at Waterford Speedbowl (CT).

“Connecticut is a big deal for us. We are from there. and never race much in Connecticut. so there always is a lot of emphasis on races at Waterford and Thompson.” 

The True Value Modified Racing Series will race next at Waterford Speedbowl on Saturday, June 9th.

Canaan Fair Speedway
Canaan, NH

Position/(Starting position)/Driver/ Car#/ Hometown
1. (15) Les Hinckley, #06, Windsor Locks, CT
2. (28) Kirk Alexander, #43,  West Swanzey, NH 
3. (10) Louis Mechalides, #40, Tyngsboro, MA
4. (17) Dwight Jarvis, #28, Ascutney, VT 
5. (20) Andy Seuss, #70, Hampstead, NH
6. (13) Peter Jarvis, #9nh, Ascutney, VT
7. (21) Donny Lashua, #17,  Canaan, NH
8. (18) Ed Dauchenhausen, #48, Danbury, CT
9. (1) Sean Bodreau, #1, Claremont, NH
10. (27) Dale Evonsion, #35,  E. Hartland, CT
11. (7) Bryan Shumway, #5, Belchertown, MA
12. (6) Chris Pastryak, #15, Lisbon, CT
13. (2) Anthony Ricci, #4, Westbrook, ME
14. (9) Mike Douglas, Jr., #23, Pembroke, MA
15. (16) Vinnie Annarummo, #12, Swansea, MA
16. (19) Gary Casella,#25, Saugus,MA
17. (8) Jimmy Dolan, #69, Bethel, CT
18. (26) Mike Holdridge, #0,  Madison, CT
19. (3) Dan Douville, #7, Bridgewater, NH
20. (22) Karl Fredrickson, #41, Fremont, NH
21. (24) Tom Abele, Jr., #32,  Norwich, CT
22. (25) Luke Royea, #2, New Hampton, NH
23. (12) Rob Goodnough, #6, Swanzey, NH
24. (11) Jimmy Kuhn, Jr., #72, West Bridgewater, MA
25. (5) Todd Patnode, #01, Swanzey, NH
26. (4) Bill Goodrow, #38, Pembroke, MA
27. (23) Todd Owen, #10x , Somers, CT

Car #51, Kevin Konopka was DQ’d
Car #21, Wayne Arute did not return to race on Sunday

Failed to Qualify: None

Pre-Race Awards: 
Northeast Race Cars & Parts $100 Award – Karl Fredrickson (41)
Northeast Race Cars & Parts $50 Award – Bryan Shumway (05)
Sunoco Hard Charger Award – Les Hinckley (06)
Black Mountain Painting Half-way Bonus Award – Kirk Alexander (43)
Koszela Speed Seventh Place Finish Award – Dale Evonsion (35)

Caution Flags:   Laps 3; 9; 43; 45; 53; 69; 79; 87.

Lap Leaders: Tony Ricci 1-45, Lou Mechalides 46-49, Les Hinckley 50-100.

Total Laps Led: Les Hinckley 51, Tony Ricci 45, Lou Mechalides 4. 
3 lead changes involving only 3 drivers.