Leftovers: True Value Modifieds at Monadnock by Denise DuPont
Memorial Day For The Mods at Monadnock

Rob Goodenough took a provisional spot to get into the Monadnock TVMRS race on Saturday.  He started the race way back in 24th position and came up through the pack to the front. Goodenough ended the night with a good fourth place finish.
Goodenough's #6 Modified.  (Jim DuPont Photo)
“We said that we were just going to stay out of trouble and take what we could get tonight and think that we did pretty good,” said Goodenough.  “We got fourth and did not have quite a lot of tire left under us because we had to ride in the B-Main race. So we came up a little harder then I wanted to in the beginning. But that was the biggest factor at the end of the race. We just did not have any tire left for it. We just had to ride it and get what we could. We are real happy with it.”

Most of the cars that ran the B-Main race had an additional 20 laps on the tires and they seem to fade at the end of the race.  Goodenough was not one of those drivers.

“We just got a smart race for a change. Guys were all over me all during the race telling me to take it easy and save your stuff for the end and I think that we just had a little bit more at the end that we did not use up in the beginning. It paid off for us. It gave us a good save for the night.”

After racing at Connecticut’s Thompson International Speedway and Stafford Motor Speedway on Thursday and Friday nights of Memorial Day weekend in  SK Modified and Late Model machines, Woody Pitkat headed up I-91 to Monadnock Speedway on Saturday, where he finished 14th in the True Value Modified Racing Series event there.
Woody Pitkat  (Jim DuPont Photo)
“We’re trying to find a happy medium with our set-up.  Last time we were way too tight and this time we were way too free,” said Pitkat.  “We are getting there. It is a little bit of a struggle but we came today and we were real loose. We softened up the rear and I think that it is now a little too free. Now we have to soften up the front to compensate for it and I think that we will be all right."

Getting behind in his heat race and starting the feature in the 17th position hurt Pitkat’s chances.

“I didn’t do that good in the heat race.  I started in the back so I guess and I qualified, so I guess it was OK, because to a lot of people that is like a win. We went in the show and the first 50 laps stayed green and the car was really good.   Think that I drove up to seventh at one time. So it was really good. Then at the end it was just way too loose. I do not know if I just burned the tires up. I am new to long races like that. I told them
after the caution came out that I need to head to the gym or something because I am
not use to these long races. You just have to stay up on the wheel and that is it. I think that I will be all right.

“It is just a learning experience. We are just trying to get as much seat time as we can.  I think today we got a little more respect from a couple of guys. We may not go to Canaan next week, but we will go to Waterford and hopefully we will do well there.”


Andy Seuss had a challenging race when the True Value Modified Racing Series visited Monadnock
Speedway (NH).  Handling issues with his #07 Brian Schofield-owned Modified, as well as some contact with another car during the heat race, made for a long night and an eventual 23rd-place finish.
Andy Seuss goes for a spin with the #07.  It just wasn't his day at Monadnock.  (Jim DuPont Photo)
“We have been fighting some handling issues,” said Seuss.  “We went testing this week and thought that we had a good car to work with. Somewhere along the line today the car just got evil again.”

Seuss started deep in the field after getting together and spinning with Chris Pasteryak during the third heat race.

“The #15 car knocked the overflow off the fuel cell so we had to pull off. In the consi we came up through the pack but we were just in a world of mess. It was just one thing after the other.  It was a tough night even before the feature race even started.”

After starting out the season in the #07 car, Seuss is planning to make a change before the next TVMRS race, this Saturday night at Canaan Fair Speedway (NH).

“We’re going to take a break [from the #07 ride] and get back into my car,” said Seuss.  “I really appreciate everything that Brian and Larry have done.  They’ve put a lot of effort in and worked every night in the garage, but we’ve been struggling.  You cannot
take that away from them. Maybe it is just me and the chemistry is not there, so I wish them the best of luck in the future. It was a great experience working with them and I have two more friends at the races that we will always have.”


Defending TVMRS champion Dwight Jarvis finished third at Monadnock after sliding around with a car that didn’t quote handle the way that he wanted it to at the end of the race.

“The car got tight coming in and then loose coming off,” said Jarvis.  “I do not know if the tires changed a lot or what, but we are happy the car was going good and it is in one piece.”

Jarvis came two spots short of earning a guaranteed starting spot for September’s Modified Madness show at Thompson, but he’s looking forward to earning a spot for that race at some other point this summer.

“We most definitely would go,” said Jarvis.  “It is nice place. I have not been there in twenty years and last year we ended up fourth down there. We had a good run. I think if with this car we would even do better.”


Kirk Alexander had one very fast car at Monadnock Speedway that he smoothly chauffeured the car right to the front and to his first victory of the season.

“It was actually a great race,” said Alexander.  “I liked it, it was good. The car was fast. We made adjustments from the heat race. It was good in the heat race but it was going to be a question on what the weather was going to be tonight and if it was going to affect the track much. I think that the track stayed the same or pretty close. We tightened the car up a little bit. It was tight at the end but through the race it was just awesome. It would run any where on the track, the top or the bottom, it did not matter. We made a lot of changes to it and it paid off.”

By winning the May 25th race at Monadnock, Kirk Alexander received a guaranteed starting spot for the September Modified Mania race at Thompson.

“I cannot wait to go back to Thompson. That will be a lot of fun. We won last year. We also had a win battle with the #06 of Les Hinckley and the #72 of Jimmy Kuhn there.”

What did Alexander think when he saw Hinckley’s bright yellow car getting larger in his rear view mirror at Monadnock?
“It was just time to step on the gas,” said Alexander, who didn’t think that Hinckley was a threat.  “If we had stayed green, he would have been another lapped car. I was going and I was fast.”


Les Hinckley started in last spot and managed to use his talent and experience to charge through the pack to second position. He did run out of time and laps though and did not have the opportunity to pass Kirk Alexander for the win.

“It made it interesting driving from the back and made it better than the cake walk that I got used to last time we were here,” said Hinckley.  “Kirk told me, ‘next week when you come, you have to come from the back,’ so I could not let him down.”
Les Hinckley's #06  (Rick Ibsen Photo)
Did Les think that he may have had enough to pull past Kirk if there were a few more laps at the end?

“They asked me at lap 50 what kind of race car that we had. I said that we had a good one if it all plays out. The car stayed neutral. It freed up just a tad at the end, but nothing where it affected the car enough.

At lap 98 there was a caution and the group got ready for a green-white-checkered end of the race.

“I thought on the last restart if I just could get aside of him and keep him on the bottom that I might have had a shot but he was as equally prepared as we were. So it would have been a difficult task to get around him. But it is a lot of fun racing with Kirk and Dwight. You can get up and race with these guys and it is just a lot of fun. “

Les started at the back of the pack and had an uneventful ride to the front.

“I started dead last and I came to the front and I passed everybody here but Kirk. It was a good race and a lot of give and take tonight and I give the guys in this series a lot of credit. Because there have been times where there was none of that and there was a lot tonight. I am proud to be a part of the series and it just was a good night all and all.”

There are only six chances for capturing a starting slots for the Thompson Modified Mania race and Les is setting his sights on one for the Chuck Montville Race team.

“It would be nice to win a guaranteed starting position at Thompson. Connecticut is our home state so we want to get one. We never race much in CT. and never won so that is one on the hit list for sure. Hopefully we will be all in one piece when we are there and have our guns loaded.”

Kirk Alexander's #43  (Jim DuPont Photo)