Trackside Now: NASCAR Southern Modified Tour - Caraway Speedway
Hot Day and Night at Caraway for the Southern Mod Gang
Friday, 5:30pm ET - is hitting the pits to talk to the drivers as they prepare for qualifying for tonight's 150-lap main event.

Friday, 5:15pm ET - 22-NASCAR Mods are spead out across the infield pit area at Caraway. Among the invaders for this show are New Hampshire's Andy Seuss and James Civali. Seuss won the Southern Mod Tour race at the Music City Motorplex this spring. Civali is driving the Hillbilly Motorsports #79. The #79 car, a mainstay on both the northern and southern tours, recently parted ways with driver Chuck Hossfeld. The team's new driver, Woody Pitkat, is not in the seat at Caraway.  Pitkat is fufilling obligations to his car owners in the SK Mods and Late Model divisions at Stafford Motor Speedway (CT) tonight. Behind the wheel at Caraway is NASCAR Whelen Tour young gun James Civali.
#79 James Civali enters turn-three at Caraway.
Friday, 4:15pm ET - It is brutal hot here at Caraway with temperatures in the nineties. Most of the teams have pop-ups or are taking shelter in their haulers while not working on the racecars. Practice is underway at Caraway Speedway for the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour. Tim Brown's #83 was the first to hit the track. Their are no official times available for the 45-minute practice session. Qualifying is set for 6PM EST.

1st) #83 - Tim Brown ( 15.972 )
2nd ) #79 - James Civali ( 16.006 )
3rd ) #23 - Brian Loftin ( 15.929 ) -
4th ) #1 - Burt Myers ( 15.846 ) - FAST QUALIFIER
5th ) #07 - Frank Fleming ( 16.033 )
6th ) #36 - L.W. Miller ( 15.998 )
7th ) #17 - Brian King ( 16.035 )
8th ) #69 - Junior Miller ( 16.082 )
9th ) #4 - Jason Myers ( 16.100 )
10th ) #14 - Bobby Hutchens ( 16.135 )
11th ) #44 - Brandon Hire ( 16.160 )
12th ) #81 - Brian Pack ( 16.220 )
13th ) #70 - Andy Seuss ( 16.263 )
14th ) #2 - George Brunnhoelzl ( 16.285 )
15th ) #31 - Gene Pack ( 16.295 )
16th ) #71 - Dean Ward ( 16.329 )
17th ) #26 - Wesley Swartout ( 16.358 )
18th ) #8 - Jay Mize ( 16.430 )
19th ) #7 - Thomas Stinson ( 16.498 )
20th ) #18 - Zach Brewer ( 16.755 )
21st ) #98 - Rich Kuiken, Jr. ( 17.602 )
22nd ) #02 - Buddy Emory ( dnq )

Friday, 6:30pm ET - A little drama early on in qualifying.  George Brunnhoelzl was supposed to go out first but the team was working on his car on the grid.  NASCAR officials allowed the team to get the car ready before heading out.  However, when he went to get up to speed as the sixth qualifier he had a flat left rear tire, and had to pull back into the pit area to get the tire changed.  The car is still sitting on pit road while others make thier way around the track.

Friday, 6:19pm ET - Qualifying has just begun here at Caraway.  The first car on the track is Brian Loftin in the #23, and each car will get two laps to throw down their best lap time.  We will have results once qualifying concludes.

Friday, 5:50pm ET - A few news notes have floated in from the pit area.  Zack Brewer (#18) and his team are scurrying to change a rear end before qualifying.  Also Buddy Emory (#02) experienced motor problems in practice.  They think the motor is broken and will not attempt to qualify for today's race.

#31 - Gene Pack
#36 - L.W. Miller
#44 - Brandon Hire
#69 - Junior Miller
#70 - Andy Seuss
#71 - Dean Ward

#02 - Buddy Emory
#07 - Frank Fleming
#1 - Burt Myers
#2 - George Brunnhoelzl
#4 - Jason Myers
#7 - Thomas Stinson

#8 - Jay Mize
#14 - Bobby Hutchens
#17 - Brian King
#18 - Zach Brewer
#23 - Brian Loftin
#26 - Wesley Swartout

#79 - James Civali
#81 - Brian Pack
#83 - Tim Brown
#98 - Rich Kuiken, Jr.
Friday, 7:30pm ET - PRE RACE NOTES

Burt Myers' pole at Carway was his fifth in a row on the Tour. The personable third-generation driver was quick to point out that it was also his 10th pole in the Mod ranks this season. The other five poles came between the ASA Modified Tour and weekly racing at Winston-Salem, North Carolina's Bowman Gray Stadium.

On the way to the track, Speed51 passed an open hauler going away from the track with one of J. Wes Swartout’s cars on it. Where was it going? When we asked Wes about it, he told us that he sold it to North vs. South promoter Charles Kepley. Word is Keply will be turning it into an SK-type showcar to promote his annual event in the fall at Concord Motorsport Park. Swartout will have to start in the rear of the field because his #26 car had a flat tire after qualifying.

LW Miller starts 6th and has won both races here at Caraway this season. Miller said that the heat will make the track real slick tonight and it will be a completely different race than the other Caraway shows. “It will be like the Caraway of old,” said Miller.  The other races you could push the car the whole way. Tonight it will be all about tire conservation.”

After a rough start to the Southern Mod season, Brian Loftin is back and he has a new ride. The car looks the same but it is a brand-new chassis.
LW Miller wants to continue his 2007 Whelen Southern Mod success at Caraway. He says tonight will be old-school Caraway at it's best.
Late Model Stock veteran Dean Ward has lost his fenders this weekend. Ward, is at Caraway behind the wheel of a Modified. It will be his first start in a Mod.  Ward, who works for Kevin Harvick, Inc., has some extra help this weekend from Busch Series driver Cale Gale.

As we said before, James Civali will be behind the wheel of the Hillbilly Motorsports #79 tonight. Civali will be heading back north to compete at the Twin State Motor Speedway in New Hampshire with the NASCAR Whelen Mod Tour. Woody Pitkat will travel down south and race the #79 at Friendship Speedway on Sunday with the ASA Modified Tour.

Friday, 6:52pm ET - Qualifying has concluded, and to no surprise Jason Myers had fast time once again.  This is the fifth time in a row Myers has set fast time in the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour.

After the top-six redraw, Tim Brown will start from the pole position with James Civali starting outside pole.
Burt Myers shows a full-hand signifying his fifth pole of the Southern Mod season.
Dean Ward is going fender-less in a former Earl Baker car.
Full race story coming Monday on

Friday, 9:02pm ET - LW Miller takes the checkered flag again here at Caraway Speedway.  Frank Fleming came in second with Brian King, Brandon Hire and James Civali rounding out the top five.  Stay tuned for the full results.

Friday, 8:53pm ET - Another quick caution for Bobby Hutchens spinning in turn three has set up a four-lap dash to the finish.  Before the yellow, Frank Fleming was all over the back of LW Miller.

Friday, 8:50pm ET - After a re-start Brian Loftin tried to charge past LW Miller for the lead. The two cars made heavy contact in turns-three and four. Loftin spun after hitting the back of Miller's machine. Frank Fleming and Brian King moved into the two and three-spot.

Friday, 8:45pm ET - Lap 116 - Tim Brown checked up behind a loose Brian King. Bobby Hutchen's #14 ran into the back of Brown's #83 causing them to both spin for the first caution. Under caution Burt Myers, who was in 4th came in to pit (after quite a bumper-battle with Junior Miller) and made an air pressure adjustment. LW Miller still leads the race.

Friday, 8:35pm ET - So far it has been a caution-free race. The lap-100 rundown has LW Miller still stretching his lead and babying those tires out front. Brian Loftin is second with Frank Fleming in third. Burt Myers is fourth with Junior Miller all over his rear bumper.

Friday, 8:25pm ET - A handful of cars sailed by the leaders on the outside groove around the 40-lap mark. Civali and Brown have dropped back several spots. Brian Loftin took the lead by by lap 46 LW Miller put his #36 on top of the leader board with a pass on the inside.

Friday, 8:15pm ET - With 25 laps in the books, Civali still leads Brown over Brian Loftin, L.W. Miller and Burt Myers.  While it has been a lot of single-file racing all the way through the field, the front ten cars are running very close.  It appears all drivers are using early race patience to log laps early on in the 150-lap race.

Friday, 8:07pm ET - The green flag has dropped with Tim Brown leading the first lap.  But before he could settle in, James Civali swung around to lead the second lap and has pulled out to a few car-length lead.

Friday, 8:03pm ET - The engines have been fired as the 21 Modified drivers are ready for action here at Caraway Speedway.  The sun is starting to set, but the temperature still is still quite warm.  Hopefully the drivers will keep cool under their helmets for 150 laps.

1st) #36 - L.W. Miller
2nd) #07 - Frank Fleming
3rd) #17 - Brian King
4th) #44 - Brandon Hire
5th) #79 - James Civali
6th) #83 - Tim Brown
7th) #1 - Burt Myers
8th) #4 - Jason Myers
9th) #18 - Zach Brewer
10th) #14 - Bobby Hutchens
11th) #69 - Junior Miller
12th) #7 - Thomas Stinson
13th) #98 - Rich Kuiken, Jr.
14th) #2 - George Brunnhoelzl
15th) #26 - Wesley Swartout
16th) #8 - Jay Mize
17th) #23 - Brian Loftin
18th) #31 - Gene Pack
19th) #70 - Andy Seuss
20th) #81 - Brian Pack
21st) #71 - Dean Ward