Blewett Brothers Plan Attack at Thompson This Season
Brothers To Be Sunoco Modified Teammates Starting at the Icebreaker
Pitting brother against brother on the race track is not new at the Thompson International Speedway. However, each time this has occurred over the years, fans have been enthralled by the sibling rivalries and the excitement if generates both on and off the race track.
John Blewett, III (Top) and Jimmy Blewett (Bottom) are hoping to make Thompson a true family track this year.  (51 Photos)
Some of the most famous brother acts in Thompson’s top division include Freddie and Billy Shultz, Geoff and Brett Bodine, Ron and Kenny Bouchard, Jeff and Rick Fuller, and Ted and Mike Christopher. Stories of brother vs. brother are part of the racing lore of this Connecticut oval. However, the 2007 season will put new twist on a racing brother’s combination. Not in anyone’s recent memory have two brothers raced for the same car owner or raced as a team. The Blewett brothers are about to change all that.

John Blewett III of Calverton, NY has competed for many years at Thompson as part of the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour. His younger brother, Jimmy, from Howell, NJ has been competing regularly for two seasons in the Sunoco Modified division and has competed against his older brother on several occasions in Tour events.

Ed Partridge of Calverton, NY is the owner of the racecars that Jimmy Blewett has driven for the past two seasons. In 2007, Partridge has added a second Sunoco Modified to his team and has selected John Blewett III to pilot that race car. This marks the first time that brothers have raced Modifieds for the same owner.

“John was going to work with the team anyway and I had the opportunity to buy a second Troyer car and two Dodge engines, said Partridge. As we thought about it, instead of using that purchase as a spare car, we decided that the newly purchased car would be a good car for John to drive, especially since he was going to be at Thompson anyway.”

When asked if the two Blewett brothers would be racing as a team, Partridge indicated that he felt that it would be a case of each driver for himself. “We have spoken briefly about if one is leading and the other comes up behind him, but no real decision ever came from that discussion,” he said.
With the new NASCAR State Championship program in place, the idea of running for that title did not seem to interest Partridge. “We intend to compete at Thompson. I’m not completely familiar with the new NASCAR system. But, I think we’ll concentrate on Thompson. It should be fun,” Partridge concluded.

The T.S. Haulers NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour effort will be a single-car team with Jimmy Blewett as the driver of the number 12.

The Blewett brothers will make their team debut during ICEBREAKER weekend and will have two opportunities to test their new team concept. The Sunoco Modifieds will race both Saturday night, April 14th and again on Sunday, April 15th.  Both the Sunoco Modifieds and the Late Models will have double features during Thompson’s Season-opening ICEBREAKER.