Official Finish
Position / Car # / Driver

160Matt Hirschman
266Pete Brittain
344Rick Kluth
479Woody Pitkat
595Lee Sherwood
63Daren Scherer
724Phil Slater
875Carl Pasterak
926Gary McDonald
1053Sean Patterson
1114Doug Reaume
125Bryan Shumway
1396Butch Perry
1486Mike Stefanik
1595mJohn Markovic
1688Billy Putney
1755Steven Reed
1885Lenny Fisher
1955xKen Bouchard
2041Kenny Berry
219Eric Beers
229xMatt Clemens

Lap Leaders: Matt Hirschman 1-75

Hoosier Tire Hard Luck; Eric Beers
Hoosier Tire Hard Charger: Sean Patterson
Rookie of the Race: Steven Reed

Next Event: September 22nd ROC 200 Oswego Speedway

Another Hirschman Wins at Thompson by Denise DuPont
Matt Beats Rain and the Competition in RoC Feature
The second annual Sunoco Modified Mania Race of Champions Series 75-lap event at Thompson Speedway (CT) started just as the skies continued to threaten rain.
Matt Hirschman passes under the checkersat Thompson. (Rick Ibsen Photos)
Matt Hirschman had the fastest car on the track Saturday during time trials and his lightening speed continued on Sunday.  He was quick enough to outrun the clouds and the competition.  Hirschman won the seventy-five lap ROC race at Thompson Int. Speedway as he dominated the race from green to checkers.

“It was easy. It could have been a lot tougher that is for sure,” said Hirschman.  “We took fast time yesterday and we still had to redraw the top twelve numbers.”

As the green flag was thrown, Carl Pasteryak led the field of cars across the start line with Rick Kluth on his outside. Kluth jumped to the lead with Matt Hirschman on his bumper. Hirschman passed Kluth for the lead as the cars rounded the track and became the leader by the end of lap one.

“We redrew third,” said Hirschman.  “So we made quick work of the front row. Got out front and it was smooth sailing from there.  You never know where you redraw from. I drew twelfth several times this year I had it a lot tougher.”
Hirschman loves short track racing and has been driving in as many races as he can this year including the ROC series.

“I put a lot of emphasis into this series this year because I always wanted to win at Thompson. It proved it,” said Hirschman.  “Thompson is a lot different from anything else that the series races go to. Guys that run the series regularly and come here it is different for the first time that you come here. Some guys were here last year since it is the second year here. Guy like myself and a few other guys that did it like Woody [Pitkat] and Carl Pasteryak, we certainly have a little more track time and knowledge as far as how to run the place. 
"We have a little bit of an advantage there. But that did not have very much to do with the out come. I put a lot of emphasis on this race coming in here today and it showed. We had a really good car. We timed fastest and had a good draw so it made it easy to get to the lead quick.

"But I do not think that it mattered where we really started, I think that we could have gotten there no matter where we redrew.”

Matt drove his red, white and black #60 car into Victory Lane as the popular young driver was greeted by his crew and fans.  However, it was someone who wasn’t there that got his attention the most.

“I want to thank my guys, but most of all the last time that we raced here we lost a fellow competitor. He was doing what he liked to do and I could not think of another place that I would rather be than here today racing which is what I love to do. This one here is for John Blewett III,” said Hirschman with a lot of heartfelt emotion from Victory Lane.

Eric Beers in the #9 ROC car pulled his car in on lap nine with a broken transmission. On lap 58, Mike Stefanik’s #86 car stopped on the track during a caution and had to be pushed onto pit row. His crew later pushed him into the infield.
Matt Hirschman in victory lane.
Mike Stefanik had a rough day with his #86.