USG Sheetrock 150 Leftovers by Denise DuPont and Mike Twist
All the Good Stories from All-Star Speedway

The last time that Jerry Marquis had raced at All-Star Speedway (formerly known as Star Speedway) was in the mid 1990’s when the NASCAR Busch North Series (now known as the NASCAR Busch East Series) went there. 
Up, up and away!  Jerry Marquis loses a wheel and then it goes for quite a ride after getting hit by Les Hinckley's car. (Jamie Williams Photos)
His return there this time in the Brady Bunch #00 had its ups and downs.  Marquis had problems during the heat races when his car had a front left tire come off and it flew high in the air in turn four after a spindle broke. But he still managed to finish in the top ten after starting 17th.

Marquis liked the format of the All-Star open much better than his recent experience with NASCAR’s “Flash” format for the Whelen Modified Tour event at Wall.

“It was 100 percent better then the flash race,” said Marquis.  “You have 150 laps compared to the 50 laps. Again we are here to put on a show for the fans. I think that we did a good job of that tonight. No one was really killing themselves until the end.  There were a few moves that I thought, like ‘wow’. Other then that, I thought that it was some really hard racing and some bumping. I think that the fans got their money’s worth.”

“They did it right. 20 lap heat races and then they ran 150 green lap races. It was great. It is back to some short track racing, but still you have the respect of some of the Tour-type racing that you have. And you had some good clean green lap racing. There was some laps were we must have turned 50 to 80 laps at a time. It was good. It was a good night.”


The all-star lineup at All-Star Speedway wasn’t just in the starting field.  It applied to the lineup of officials and some of the racechasers as well.

NASCAR’s Dick Brooks ran the show for the race and veteran announced Ben Dodge
“It was way too tight at the start and way too loose at the end. We just over adjusted at the half-way break. It was the first time that we got to run this car in a race. We are still learning about it. It was a pretty good race. There was a little bit of drama at the end with the #36 car breaking or whatever happened to him. Good deal, I hope that they run it again next year.   I would like to thank the promoter Bobby[McArthur] for putting on a great race and I hope that he does it again next year.  It was fun racing too against my Dad. I haven’t got to do that in a while.”


Charlie Pasteryak drove for the first time this year in his familiar bright blue car, renumbered #15 for the event. This is the first time that Charlie has raced in 2007 and since his hip surgery of last year.
worked the PA system for the fans.  PASS head scorer Paul Johnson worked timing and scoring for the race.

One of the most recent winners in PASS North Super Late Models, Joey Porciello, ran the SLM feature at All-Star, finishing second behind Bobby Gahan. 

Also Spotted in the pits, without racecars, were True Value Mod pilots Jimmy Kuhn and Tony Ricci, as well as NASCAR Tour Modsters Carl Pasteryak and Ken Barry.  PASS Outlaw standout Jimmy Rosenfield was on hand, as was long-time Modified car owner Billy “Bear” Calicchio.


One of the biggest names in the house though belonged to Modified great Mike Ewanitsko, who has been out of the driver’s seat for a little over one year.  He was in the pits with the Eddie Whelen #36 car and crew before the All Star Speedway USG Modified Thunder event. Ewanitsko was there with his son who is about the same age as he  was when he got involved in racing. But it was Ted Christopher who was going to drive the bright red car out on to the track not Ewanitsko.
“I have not raced since New Smyrna last year,” said Ewanitsko.  “.Actually my daughters are playing softball and my son is playing baseball. So there is a lot of baseball and softball on weekends. We had off today, so I wanted to and check out the first open race in a long time. I myself was hoping to see a lot more cars here. I think if I was still racing we would have been here.  I have not been doing anything with racing except a spectator. This is the first race that I have been to since New Smyrna last year.”

Mike’s daughter, Nicole is nine and his twins (Michael and Paige ) are eight now.

“Right now the things that I am doing with them is the only thing that keeps my mind off of not being at the races. Physically if I was capable I would be back racing  in a second. But I just am not, so I have to accept that and just do the things that I can with my family.”

And that’s not a bad thing at all.

“I can always go back to my memories and laugh about everything. I had a great time and I would not trade it in for anything in the world. “


The Modified race at the new All-Star speedway was the first time Chris and Charlie Pasteryak competed against each other in a Modified  race.  Chris finished fifth, with his father right behind him at the end.

“It is different on the track with my father. I ran against him in the Legend cars a couple of times, but never in the SKs. It has been a couple of years and it was fun. “


Mike Stefanik had a good qualifying run and started the All Star USG 150 race in
sixth position driving the number 66 car. Stefanik’s car had a track bar break while
competing. The track bar break may also had injured the drive shaft so the team was
out of the race early.

At lap 50, Mike was in second position in the race, so he did have a good run going
early on in the race.  It just wasn’t a race that would finish well for the long-time Mod

Stefanik finished in the 19th, and final, position.

After driving for 150 laps, Charlie completed the race in sixth position.

“It was about like what I remembered. It still gets loose. I had a good time. It was a fun race, a fun event. I wish that there was more of these around that you could go to. Rather then having all the pressure of points racing and all of that. In fact maybe I am a throwback to the old days, when you could just bring your car and go racing and have fun. I like that. It was a good show. A lot of people came out to watch it. I think that he is happy with it. I hope that he does it again next year. I wish some of the other promoters would step up and try to do something like this there is no reason why it can’t work.”
Mike Ewanitsko  (Jim DuPont Photo)
“It feels very good,” said Pasteryak.  “ I did not realize that I missed it as much as I did. I kept telling everybody that I really didn’t miss it. But after driving a little bit today, I kind of missed it.  I was a little anxious at first. I was probably driving a little too hard. I had to calm down a little bit. I drove for so long that it is not like I had to re-learn anything. It was fun. I am having a good time.”

Racing against his son Chris was a new experience for the long-time Modified veteran.

“It is talking a little getting used to. He blew by me on the inside it was like ‘See ya.’ So I had to follow him the rest for the qualifying race. It is kind of like ‘see you Dad.’ We will see what happens when we are out there racing. Right now he is just another racecar out there because he bumped me on the way by.”

Chris Wenzel’s usual spotter Gene McClain drove the #83 TVMRS car in the All-Star 150 lap open event. Wenzel exchanged places with his spotter for the race.

McClain used  to run a Late Model at Riverside Park and then later a Late Model and SK Modified at Stafford Motor Speedway. Wenzel is still suffering from his back injury from an accident at Monadnock Speedway last season and wanted to sit out the event..

McClain finished 13th in the race.
The Pasteryak family - Chris in the #5 and Charlie in the #15  (Rick Ibsen Photo)
McClain's #83 Modified.  (51 Photo)
Mike Stefanik  (Jim DuPont Photo)