Same Song, Different Verse – Burt Myers Dominates Friendship by Jason Buckley
Myers Dominating 2007 ASA Southern Modified Tour Season
Sir Isaac Newton, a 17th century scientist, developed three laws of motion.  The first states, in part, “an object in motion continues in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.”  Newton’s first law can be applied to Burt Myers in the 2007 Modified scene.  Sunday he clobbered the field in the 150-lap ASA Southern Modified Tour race at Friendship Motor Speedway (NC) taking his sixth Mod victory of the season.
Who can stop Burt Myers in 2007?.  (51 Photo)
Myers started the day off by setting fast time once again. Including all the different Modified races this season, Myers has set fast time 11 times.  While being the fastest before the race starts means something to him, it isn’t what he is there for.

“To me a pole is bonus,” said Myers.  “We come to win.  We have been fortunate enough to get 11 bonuses this year.”

From the drop of the green flag, Myers’ only competition was the air resistance hitting the front of his car, but even that could not slow him down.  Myers paced himself the best he could to ensure he had enough for the end of the event.

“The car started out really good and it got a little bit free,” said Myers.  “A couple cars were putting some fluid down and everybody was sliding around.  As long as everybody is in the same boat, I am alright.  We had that long caution, and right after it the car got tight, which was to my liking since we were a bit free.  With 25 laps to go the car was right there.  It was perfect and made my job easier.
“It is a catch-22.  You want to be out as far as you can in case the car starts going away you have a cushion.  But on the other hand you can have a half-track lead and one caution brings the field back to you.  So I tried to save as much as I could until 25 to go.  That is when I started pouring out on it.”
“A lapped car was on the inside and Brian on the outside of him,” explained Fleming.  “He couldn’t get the run to get by him on the outside.  Brian’s car was working down on the bottom and my car was working a bit in that upper groove.  Brian was up on the outside of him coming through the corner.  I followed the lapped car, and it just pulled down and left the middle wide open.  I had a run on Brian so I pulled it up beside him.  It’s up to him if he wanted to back out or not (since) he is on the outside.  I took the line away from him so that is the only choice he had.  But he did have the better car and he got back around me.”

King saw the move happening but couldn’t do anything to avoid getting passed for position, at least temporarily.

“The #25 car (John Smith) on the inside pushed up and got me up in the loose stuff,” said King  “That is what gave Frank the hole.  He wasn’t really as fast as me and was really tight in the middle so it was hard to get going again.”

King did get back by Fleming for second, but neither driver had anything for Myers.  In the late stages of the race his only challenge was working around the lapped traffic en route to the win.

“Lapped cars here are usually a handful,” said Myers.  “With the track conditions and layout of the track it makes it tough to pass, even without lapped cars.  I was hoping to get enough of a lead so I could get through the lapped traffic and not have someone breathing down my neck.  That is just something you have to deal with here.”

While the win means a lot to Myers, he doesn’t have much time to bask in the glory as he is constantly in motion, working to get ready for the next race.

“We don’t have a whole lot of time to reflect on what we do since we race so often and are right back at it.  We have our home track coming up next at Bowman Gray, so we are looking forward to that one.”

Brian King was focused on a good run. (51 Photo)
Brian King was the only driver that could come close to Myers.  Starting fourth, King worked his way to second at lap 51, but didn’t have enough to chase down the leader, even with the advantage of a few restarts following caution flags on the track.

“The car was probably the best today that it has been,” said King.  “We got hung back in traffic a little bit and Burt got away the first time.  I felt I was a little faster than him but you never know what he is holding back and keeping for the end.  This is his home track so he is really tough to beat here. 

“On that restart when I finally got to his back bumper the car was just super tight for 10 or so laps so he got away from me a little bit.  I really do not think we had anything for him.  I just had a second place car and that is where we finished, but we are closing on him and maybe we will get him next time.”

On a track that produced a lot of single-file racing, one driver made it exciting running all the way through the pack from 17th.  Frank Fleming might not have had the fastest car in qualifying, but made sure his presence was known throughout the event, racing up to finish third.
"Frank Fleming is back" ~ Frank Fleming. (51 Photo)
“This track you have to run right on the bottom.  The only way you can get around somebody is if they get up out of the groove.  I am not really a bumper driver this time in my career.  I used to be, but that is years ago and it is behind me.  If I win, I want to win clean.  I want people to remember me passing that man for the win.  That is the way it was Friday night (in the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour race at Caraway Speedway).  I tried to win that race and I couldn’t.  I could have with the bumper.  There ain’t no way I could have gotten a bumper to Burt Myers tonight.  He was in a zip code by himself.”

The most exciting move of the race came with less than 50 laps to go.  Fleming moved in on King for second, and through the lapped traffic on a tight track, Fleming stuck his car in the middle three wide to snag second from King.  A few laps later King worked his way back by Fleming, but the three-wide move had the fans standing on their feet.
“We had a great car,” said Fleming.  “We brought our Bowman Gray car out here and man, I wish it ran like this at Bowman Gray.  We put the wide tires on it and really ran our Bowman Gray setup under it.