A New Nation Is Born – LegendsNation.com Coming This May
Creators of Speed51.com Bringing Legends Car and Bandolero News & Stories to the Masses
Mondays are always a drag.  Weekends with family and friends at the racetrack are always a lot more fun than getting back to the office for another work week.  But on Monday, May 7th, the birth of a new nation will make going back to work something to look forward to.  LegendsNation.com, from the creators of Speed51.com, will launch with a focus on Legends Car and Bandolero racing in the Carolinas. 

When Speed51.com was born in 2001, the site was the fan’s and racer’s place to get news and feature stories from ASA and Super Late Model series in the Upper Midwest.  From there, Speed51.com grew leaps and bounds to cover every aspect of short track racing all over the country. 
All the news and stories from the Legends Car wars will be covered on LegendsNation.com.  (51 Photo)
The young stars that competed in Bandoleros around the Carolinas have a new home on the web.
“And we can’t wait to work with all the tracks that feature this style of racing, not just the Summer Shootout at Lowe’s Motor Speedway,” added Dillner.  “Whether it’s Anderson Motor Speedway in South Carolina, Concord Motorsport Park in the Charlotte region or Friendship Speedway in North Carolina – or anything in between, we’ll have the scoop of what’s going on.  We want to work with the tracks to help promote this Legends and Bandolero racing and its personalities in all the region.”

All nations have their date of incorporation or independence, and LegendsNation.com will have its on Monday, May 7th.  Stay tuned to Speed51.com in the meantime for all the latest short track news, information and features from around the country. 

For more information on LegendsNation.com and to inquire about sponsorship opportunities on the site, contact Jason Buckley at 51 Sports at Jason@51sports.net and be on the lookout for LegendsNation.com on Monday, May 7th.

That is a similar progression that the creators of LegendsNation.com have in mind for their new project.  LegendsNation.com will serve as the racer’s home for information and behind-the-scenes stories from the Legends Car and Bandolero series’ around North and South Carolina, including the Summer Shootout series at Lowe’s Motor Speedway.  In time, LegendsNation.com will spread its wings and blanket Legends and Bandolero racing coast-to-coast.

“We want to concentrate and establish ourselves at the leader in Legends Car and Bando information in the Carolinas to start out with, since this is the home for the makers of that style of cars, 600 Racing,” said Bob Dillner, Executive Editor of LegendsNation.com and NASCAR television commentator for SPEED.  “Legends and Bandos are so much fun and we want to give more exposure to everyone involved with that type of racing.  We are going to get involved with the competitors, the tracks and the series to give everyone and up-close and personal look at one of the leading development series in America.”

LegendsNation.com will bring fans the flag-to-flag coverage of races around the Carolinas – plus the “who won and how” stories, with an edge, from biggest Legends and Bandolero races throughout the year.  Those divisions are chock full of young racers making a name for themselves and veteran drivers out to have fun and chase checkered flags every weekend.  Fans can see these drivers and their teams doing battle on the racetrack, but LegendsNation.com will also take the fans off the track with unique feature stories about the personalities that make up these exciting series.

“Legends and Bandolero racing contains such a wide variety of personalities, but many people don’t get to see because they are outside the garage area at these racing facilities,” explained Jason Buckley, Editor of LegendsNation.com.  “With LegendsNation.com, we are providing them access to the people, the stories and the personalities like never before.  Many of us will be at the tracks, taking pictures, doing interviews and writing stories about some of the best racing and best up-and-coming drivers in the country from the Carolinas.  From the inside the garage scoops to the tension during the races and the excitement and disappointments afterwards, Legends Nation will bring it all to the fans, unbiased and unrestricted.”