Ford Issues Recall Notice on Late Model Sealed Engines
Some Powerplants May Have Cam Bearing Issue
The following is a service bulletin sent from Ford Motorsports to their distributors.  It may have an effect on short track teams that run Ford crate engines.

M-6007-D347SR Service Bulletin

Attn: Ford Racing Performance Parts Distributors
Ford Racing has recognized an assembly issue found in some M-6007-D347SR sealed crate engines.  A number of these engines were assembled with improper cam bearings.  This results in valve-train instability above 5800rpm and can result in accelerated wear as well as engine failure if not serviced immediately.
You must notify your customers to check their D347SR sealed engines immediately!

Ford Racing Performance Group is issuing a service recall for all affected 347 sealed crate engines.  This issue affects a small number of the 347SR engines which are built with the R302 block.  Any prior D347 engines with the Sportsman B50 block are not affected.    

If the engine is affected Ford Racing will arrange for pickup of the engine and all shipping to and from our build facility.  Turnaround time for transit and repair is estimated at 9 business days though we will try to limit that to a minimum.  Engines will be thoroughly checked and any worn components will be replaced as well as any gaskets and seals. 

To initiate this program please contact any customers who purchased am M-6007-D347SR and provide them the following instructions:

Determine if engine is exhibiting a loss of power at approximately 5800rpm.  If you are unsure we can assist in diagnosis. 
Contact Marty at the Ford Racing Technical Call Center, 800-FORD-788

Have the engine serial number with you for confirmation that this is an affected engine.

You will be asked to provide your address, phone number and best times for pickup of the engine. 

You will be contacted with a pickup time. 

Engines are expected to average 3 days transit each way and no more than 3 days at our engine facility.

If you have experienced engine failure and have the bearings from the rebuild we will work with you on an individual basis to determine if this was caused by improper cam bearings.

Customers must contact Ford Racing by May 30th!

This is a top priority for us and down time to the racer will be minimized.

We appreciate your patience and concern regarding this issue.

If you have any questions please contact Marty, 800-FORD-788