Trackside Now: Zaxby's World Crown 250 at Peachstate
Paul Kelley Makes Winning Move With Two to Go to Win
Sunday, 6:31pm ET – Matt Hawkins led all but six laps of the World Crown 250 at Peachstate Speedway.  Hawkins would gladly give back all 244 of those laps to lead the last two that he couldn't stay out in front for.

Paul Kelley proved that even when a car is struggling at the halfway point of a long race like the 250-lapper Sunday, a driver can not give up.  Kelley was about a half-straightaway from being lapped by Hawkins on lap 185, but a caution flag allowed Kelley to hit pit road and put on new tires just before the lap-200 competition caution.  With fresh rubber, Kelley picked up two spots before the final break, then patiently worked his way to second before a thrilling, door-banging battle with Hawkins in the final five-laps.

Kelley poked his way beneath Hawkins for the lead with only two laps remaining to score his second-straight World Crown victory and his third win in the prestigious race overall.  Hawkins finished second, followed by Bubba Pollard, Russell Fleeman and Wes Burton.

We'll have more from Peachstate and reaction from Kelley, Hawkins and others on the race on Monday on

1.  Paul Kelley
2.  Matt Hawkins
3.  Bubba Pollard
4.  Russell Fleeman
5.  Wes Burton
6.  Joey Senter
7.  Taylor Satterfield
8.  Ryan Crane
9.  Jimmy Garmon
10.  Jack Smith
11.  David Hole
12.  Troy Radford
13.  Ronny Kittle
14.  Mitch Cobb
15.  Brian Weimer
16.  Shane Sawyer
17.  Chris Cable
18.  Chris Dillbeck
19.  Larry Jordan
20.  Gary Greenwood
21.  Chase Austin
22.  Wayne Willard
23.  John Wes Townley
24.  Michael Pope
25.  Jimmy Weller
26.  Kyle Fowler
27.  Dennis Wilder
28.  Jimmy Lang
29.  Bear Lynch
30.  David Elliott
31.  Alex Garcia
32. Ronnie Sanders
33.  Max Gresham
34.  Bobby East
35.  Dwayne Buggay
36.  Kevin Perry
37.  Will Thomas

Sunday, 5:17pm ET – Paul Kelley made the pass of Matt Hawkins off four to complete lap 248 to take the lead and has won the World Crown 250.  more to come.

Sunday, 5:15pm ET – Six to go and Paul Kelley made a run off turn two on Hawkins, but Hawkins stays up front.

Sunday, 5:08pm ET – Paul Kelley has taken second from Pollard on lap 236 and now trails Hawkins by eight carlengths.

Sunday, 5:08pm ET – 25 laps to go and Matt Hawkins' easy Sunday drive is getting a little tougher.  Bubba Pollard is within two carlengths of the young driver for the lead.  Paul Kelley is only three carlengths behind Pollard in third.

Sunday, 5:02pm ET – Here comes Bubba!  Bubba Pollard has taken second from Russell Fleeman on lap 207.  Pollard still has the lapped car of Jimmy Garmon to deal with before he can set his sights on the leader Matt Hawkins.

Sunday, 5:01pm ET – Georgia Asphalt Series champion Russell Fleeman has taken second on lap 202 from Joey Senter.  Senter is sliding backwards and now funs sixth.  Pollard, and Kelley run third and fourth.

Sunday, 4:59pm ET – We're going back to green here with just 50 laps to go...Hawkins gets the jump at the drop of the green flag as Senter, Fleeman, Pollard and Kelley follow.

Sunday, 4:43pm ET – Matt Hawkins took the lead from Wayne Willard on lap five and continues to show the way now at the lap 200 competition caution.  Hawkins leads Joey Senter, Bubba Pollard, Russell Fleeman and Paul Kelley, who has worked into the top-five on his new tires.  Wes Burton, Ryan Crane and Taylor Satterfield round out the top-eight.

Sunday, 4:39pm ET – On lap 193, still under yellow, Paul Kelley hit pit road and changed tires.  Why pit just seven laps prior to the competition caution?  Likely, his team is figuring with only eight cars on the lead lap, Kelley will be able to pass a few cars before the lap 200 break and still only have seven-laps older tires than the rest of the field that will take their rubber on the competition caution.

Sunday, 4:35pm ET – Caution is back out for a wreck on lap 185, when Larry Jordan went for a wild ride, catching air across the front end of Chase Austin's car.  Both drivers are okay. 

Just before the caution, Paul Kelley, once one of the strongest cars in the field, was about to go down a lap to leader Matt Hawkins.  Kelley remains on the lead lap thanks to the caution.  Up front, it's still Hawkins, Senter, Pollard, Fleeman, Burton, Crane, Satterfield and Kelley.  Those are the only eight cars remaining on the lead lap.

Sunday, 4:29pm ET – Our leader nearly met disaster when he was approaching the lapped car of Mitch Cobb on the frontstretch on lap 178, Cobb slapped the outside wall at the start-finish line.  Hawkins darted to the indside to clear him, as did the rest of the leaders, while the green flag remains out. 

Sunday, 4:26pm ET – After some pressure from Joey Senter for the lead, Matt Hawkins is pulling back away from the pack on lap 175.  He's got about 5 carlengths on Senter, while third-place Bubba Pollard rides a straightaway behind the two leaders. 

Sunday, 4:22pm ET – Joey Senter is putting some serious pressure on Matt Hawkins for the lead on lap 155.  Hawkins has been running the high groove, allowing Senter to get runs into the corners on the bottom, but Hawkins is able to keep up the momentum off the corners and down the straightaways.  Behind them, Paul Kelley is slipping back, as he now runs sixth and is being pressured by several more cars looking to his inside.

Sunday, 4:01pm ET – We've had the short track racing version of "The Big One" on lap 133.  Fourteen cars were involved total, but the cars of Jimmy Lang, Kyle Fowler and Bear Lynch received the worst of the damage.  Cars began bottling up into turn three when Taylor Satterfield was forced sideways.  Behind him, Fowler got turned and Lynch drove straight into Fowler's driver's side door.  Lang's front end is smashed in from the carnage.  All drivers got out of their cars and are okay.

Also receiving damage in the crash were Michael Pope, David Elliott, Jack Smith, Johnn Wes Townley, Wayne Willard and Jimmy Weller.

Just before the catuion, Joey Senter had moved into the second spot around Paul Kelley.  The restart will come on lap 145 with Hawkins, Senter, Kelley Burton, Fleeman, Pollard, Crane and Satterfield (who escaped the wreck without damage) up front.

Sunday, 3:59pm ET – Lap 128 and the caution's out again for a spin by Chris Dilbeck in turn one.  Dilbeck has extensive damage to the front end of his #8 machine from contact with the outside retaining wall.

Sunday, 3:56pm ET – It's now lap 125, halfway of the World Crown 250. Matt Hawkins has about a straightaway's lead over Paul KelleyJoey Senter rides third, followed by Wes Burton, 2007 GAS Champion Russell Fleeman, Bubba Pollard, Taylor Satterfield and Ryan Crane.

Sunday, 3:55pm ET – Jimmy Garmon has kept himself in front of leader Matt Hawkins on the last two restarts trying to get his lap back, but Hawkins proves strong after about 10 laps under green.  Garmon now rides between Hawkins and second-place Paul Kelley on lap 120.

Sunday, 3:43pm ET – Matt Hawkins had begun to pull away from Paul Kelley once again, but on lap 107 Chris Cable spun by himself in turn three to bring out his second caution fo the day.

Sunday, 3:43pm ET – Jimmy Lang, who was running sixth at the time of the competition caution, remained on pit road as the 10-minute break has come to an end.  Lang will be forced to start at the rear of the field, but his team still tends to the right-front suspension.  Restart top-10 on lap 100...Hawkins, Kelley, Burton, Fleeman, Pollard, Senter, Crane, Pope, Satterfield and Kyle Fowler breaking into the top-10.  Eighteen cars remain on the lead lap.

Sunday, 3:23pm ET – We've reached the first competition caution on lap 100.  Hawkins had a straightatway lead over Kelley, but that's erased as the cars are hitting pit road for adjustments in the 10-minute break.  It's Hawkins, Kelley, Burton, Fleeman, Pollard, Lang, Senter, Crane, Pope and Satterfield at lap 100.

Sunday, 3:18pm ET – Fifth-place Jimmy Lang just about saw his chances at victory disappear on lap 95 when he was caught in lapped traffic and got tagged from behind by the lapped car of Chase Austin.  Lang drifted his car sideways through turns three and four, but continued on in fifth.

Sunday, 3:18pm ET – We've logged some green-flag laps, but Matt Hawkins has proven to be hooked up here this weekend.  The fast timer in quailfying has checked out from defending race winner Paul Kelley at lap 75.  Hawkins' pseudo-teammate under Mike Garvey's tutilege, Ryan Crane, runs third, but is getting lots of pressure from Wes Burton driving NASCAR Busch Series part-timer Richard Johns' #44.

Sunday, 3:07pm ET – For a 250-lap race, there's plenty of beating and banging going on deep in the field early on.  This time, 14-year-old Max Gresham got turned down the backstetch on lap 55 to bring out another caution.

Sunday, 3:04pm ET – After a lengthy cleanup, green flag is back out on lap 46.  Hawkins, Kelley, Crane and Burton have gotten strung out immediately after the the drop of the green.

Sunday, 2:53pm ET – The second caution has come out on lap 36 when Dwayne Buggay and Bobby East tangled, leaving Kevin Perry and Ronnie Sanders nowhere to go.  Sanders has pulled away, but everyone else is going off on the hook.

David Elliott, Mitch Cobb, David Hole and Alex Garcia all caught a small part of the carnage and have taken their cars to pit road.

Sunday, 2:48pm ET – Chris Cable has brought out the first caution of the day on lap 25 for his slow spin out of turn four.  Hawkins continues to show the way ahead of Paul Kelley, Ryan Crane, Wes Burton and Wayne Willard

Sunday, 2:41pm ET – Matt Hawkins took the lead from Willard on lap 5 and has now checked out about 10 carlengths on lap 10.

Sunday, 2:38pm ET – Green flag is out and Wayne Willard is out front here at Peachstate.  Matt Hawkins follows close on his rear bumper, with Paul Kelley in tow.

Sunday, 2:33pm ET – Engines have fired for the World Crown 250. 

Sunday, 2:14pm ET – The autograph session has concluded and we'll be going green in just a bit. 

Today's race is a 10-tire race.  The four tires that the cars start on, plus six more that can be changed at any point during the 250-lap race, including the two competition cautions at lap 100 and lap 200.  We're expecting to see teams swap fronts and rears, lefts and rights rather than changing tires on some of the pit stops here at the abrasive half-mile at Peachstate.

In our walking around the frontstretch during the autograph session, we've noted several interesting tibbits of some of the drivers in today's field, including Bubba Pollard in a brand new black #26 car, Wayne Willard back in action in a Pro Late Model behind the wheel of the historic "Flyin' Nine" #9 car, NASCAR Busch East Series driver and Rusty Wallace, Inc. Development Driver Chase Austin in his family-owned #66 receiving crew chief help from noted Pro Cup and Busch Series Crew Chief Blake Bainbridge, plus Legends Car graduate Max Gresham in the number that his family is famous for, the #7-11.

Some other notables seen here at Peachstate throughout the weekend have been former Snowball Derby winner Ricky Turner, short track legend Mike Garvey, who is splitting his time as a crew chief between Matt Hawkins and Ryan Crane, and Tim Bryant of Five Flags Speedway, who is here helping to spread the word about the 40th Annual Snowball Derby Weekend this December.

Sunday, 1:14pm ET – We're getting close to the start of the autograph session for
today's World Crown 250.  The driver's meeting has finished up and there will be a break today at the 100 and 200 lap marks of the 250-lap feature tonight.

Vince Whitmire, the new director of the Georgia Asphalt Series (taking over for Micky Cain who has since began working with the new ASA Southern Asphalt Tour) has released a tentative 2008 GAS Schedule. 

March 29 - Peachstate Speedway
April 12 - Watermelon Capital Speedway
May 3 - TBA
May 24 - Peachstate Speedway
June 14 - Senoia Speedway
July 3 - Peachstate Speedway
July 18 - Anderson Motor Speedway
August 2 - Watermelon Capital Speedway
August 16 - Senoia Speedway
August 30 - Peachstate Speedway
Setpember 20 - TBA
October 4 - Peachstate Speedway (last points race)
November 7-9 - World Crown Weekend
TBA dates will be at one of the following tracks: Lanier National Speedway, South Georgia Motorsports Park

Sunday, 12:00pm ET – Last night after qualifying, pole winner Matt Hawkins rolled the dice for an invert of the top starting came up four.  That will put Wayne Willard on the pole for today's race, with Wes Burton on his outside.

1.  Wayne Willard
2.  Wes Burton
3.  Paul Kelley
4.  Matt Hawkins
5.  Ryan Crane
6.  Jimmy lang
7.  Kyle Fowler
8.  Bobby East
9.  Bubba Pollard
10.  Russell Fleeman
11.  Joey Senter
12.  Taylor Satterfield
13.  Michael Pope
14.  Max Gresham
15.  Dwayne Buggay
16.  Bear Lynch
17.  Jimmy Weller
18.  Jack Smith
19.  Shane Sawyer
20.  Chase Austin
21.  David Hole
22.  David Elliott
23.  Jimmy Garmon
24.  John Wes Townley
25.  Mitch Cobb (Heat 1)
26.  Ronnie Sanders (Heat 2)
27.  Dennis Wilder (Heat 1)
28.  Troy Radford (Heat 2)
29.  Gary Greenwood (Heat 1)
30.  Chris Dilbeck (Heat 2)
31.  Chris Cable (Heat 1)
32.  Kevin Perry (Heat 2)
33.  Ronnie Kittle (Heat 1)
34.  Larry Jordan (Heat 2)
35.  Brian Weimer (Heat 1)
36.  Eric Wallace (Heat 2)
37.  Alex Garcia (Heat 1)
38.  Will Thomas (Heat 2)

Sunday, 11:45am ET – This may be called the World Crown 250, but it's actually the World Crown 400 weekend here at Peachstate.  In addition to today's 250-lap Late Model event, the Aaron's Pro Challenge Series and the local divisions all were in attendance throughout the weekend.

Jonathan Chandler picked up the win in the 50-lap Aaron's Pro Challenge Series race Satuday night and also was crowned 2007 Aaron's Pro Challenge National Champion.  Chandler took the lead on lap 27 when leader Nick Stroupe, who had been checking out from the rest of the field, was spun out of the top spot by Dean McIntyre on a restart.  Chandler then took off, earning the race win and the points title at the same time.

Aaron's Pro Challenge Series results
1.  Jonathan Chandler (2007 National Champion)
2.  Raymond Williams
3.  Dean McIntyre
4.  Clint King
5.  Kyle Mitchell
6.  Trevor Farbo
7.  Devon Haun
8.  Trevor Cauble
9.  Bre Sharp
10.  James Auld
11.  Kyle Plott
12.  Terry Horak
13.  Nick Stroupe
14.  Brandon Williamson

Sunday, 11:33am ET – The Pro Late Model teams have unloaded their trailers and pulled them out of the infield to give the fans here at Peachstate a perfect view of this half-mile facility come race time. 

The driver's meeting is scheduled for noon here today.  An autograph session will be held on the frontstretch at 1pm, with green flag for the World Crown 250 scheduled for 2pm.

Sunday, 11:15am ET – It's a bright, sunny day here at Peachstate Speedway in Jefferson, Georgia for today's running of the Zaxby's World Crown 250 Pro Late Model event.

Fifty-three cars were entered into the event at the start of the weekend, but due to a multitude of reasons in practice and in qualifying, we're down to the 38 cars that will make up the starting field. 

The top-24 starters were locked into the field during time trials Saturday night.  Matt Hawkins, a former winner in Georgia Asphalt Series action here at Peachstate, set fast time with a blistering lap of 17.609.  Defending World Crown winner Paul Kelley will start on Hawkins' outside.  John Wes Townley, whose family owns the Zaxby's Real Chicken restaurants chain that sponsors today's race, was the last driver to lock himeslf into the field on time.

The rest of the field was set in two heat races later Saturday night.  Due to several multi-car crashes during the two heats, there were only enough cars running to make up today's field to not need a last-chance race as was originally scheduled.

There were two promoter's options to make up the remainder of the starting field.  We'll have the full starting lineup shortly as soon as made available by Peachstate Speedway staff.

In the meantime, here's last night's qualifying results.

World Crown 250 Qualifying
1.  Matt Hawkins 17.609
2.  Paul Kelley  17.768
3.  Wes Burton  17.982
4.  Wayne Willard  18.007
5.  Ryan Crane  18.033
6.  Jimmy Lang  18.046
7.  Kyle Fowler  18.048
8.  Bobby East  18.057
9.  Bubba Pollard 18.112
10.  Russell Fleeman  18.135
11.  Joey Senter  18.141
12.  Taylor Satterfield  18.143
13.  Michael Pope  18.172
14.  Max Gresham  18.179
15.  Dwayne Buggay  18.206
16.  Bear Lynch  18.274
17.  Jimmy Weller  18.293
18.  Jack Smith  18.296
19.  Shane Sawyer  18.317
20.  Chase Austin  18.34
21.  David Hole  18.343
22.  David Elliott  18.347
23.  Jimmy Garmon  18.348
24.  John Wes Townley  18.361
25.  Dennis Wilder  18.376
26.  Mitch Cobb  18.401
27.  Michael Phelps  18.404
28.  Troy Radford  18.432
29.  Gary Greenwood  18.437
30.  Kevin Perry  18.454
31.  Chris Cable  18.54
32.  Chris Dilbeck  18.541
33.  Shawn Simpson  18.575
34.  Will Thomas  18.582
35.  Joe Click  18.59
36.  Eric Wallace  18.692
37.  Brian Wiemer  18.709
38.  Ronnie Sanders  18.722
39.  Ronny Kittle  18.727
40.  Larry Jordan  18.757
41.  Alex Garcia  18.939

Matt Hawkins has a couple of USAR Hooters Pro Cup Series wins on the year and continued the hot streak with the pole for the World Crown.
The Aaron's Lucky Dog helped give Paul Kelley some motivation to put his car on the outside pole for today's race in qualifying.
David Hole (yellow shirt) and his Holeshot Motorsports team unload their #0 from the rig Sunday morning.
Jonathan Chandler took the Aaron's Dream Machine into victory lane in the Pro Challenge race Saturday night.
Jack Smith, who earlier this year was banned from running in the ASA Late Models, is here with his Urbine Machine team and has plans to race more Craftsman Truck Series races and perhaps more in 2008.
Michael "The Wild Child" Pope was a Georgia Asphalt Series race winner at Peachstate earlier this year.
Before the on-track action started for the World Crown race, several stunt motorcycle drivers put on a show for the fans.
Ronnie Sanders is a short track legend here in Central Georgia.
"The Flying Oreo," Chase Austin, will start 20th today.
The teams work frantically during the first competition caution.
The fans have turned out in droves for the World Crown 250.
Jimmy Lang's team works to get a right-front suspension problem fixed up for the final 150 laps.
Zaxby's sponsorship of the race could not keep John Wes Townley's Zaxby's car out of trouble in the lap 127 melee.
All drivers walked away from this big crash that left the cars of Jimmy Lang (#86), Kyle Fowler (#4) and Bear Lynch (#108) beaten up.
For the second year in a row and third time overall, Paul Kelley gets sprayed with victory champagne in World Crown victory lane.
Kelley celebrates with his Lakeshore Drywall team.