Trackside Now: Georgia Asphalt Series at Peachstate
Fredrick Moore Wins at Peachstate
Saturday 1:48pm ET - The first time practice session is underway, and one of the first incidents occured with points leader Russell Fleeman.  He spun coming out of turn two.  Stay tuned for practice results.
The GAS cars are filling up the front stretch pits at Peachstate.
Saturday 1:08pm ET - After some technical difficulties we are finally back online at Peachstate Speedway for the Georgia Asphalt Series 100 lap event in sunny Jefferson, Georgia. 

While the last event had a slight rain delay, the forecast for today's Georgia Asphalt Series event is nothing but clear skies and hot temperatures.  The high for today is set at 87 degrees.

The local divisions have yet to pull into the track but there are close to 25 haulers in the pits for the Georgia Asphalt Series, and practice for the Pro Late Models is now underway.
Saturday 5:05 pm ET - The Georgia Asphalt Cars have been through tech and are lined up for qualifying, which is scheduled to go off at 6:00pm.  The local divisions, in addition to the Pro Challenge Series are having their practice sessions now.

Saturday 3:15 pm ET - Three rounds of practice time were recorded and the leaders of each practice were Georgia Asphalt Series Points leader Russell Fleeman, David Elliott and Previous Race Winner Bubba Pollard.  The first round of practice didn't have times due to issues with the transponders.

Fourth Practice Results
1. Bubba Pollard
2. Michael Phelps
3. Nick Potts
4. Michael Pope
5. Wayne Willard
6. Michael Massey
7. Kyle Fowler
8. Chase Austin
9. Joe Click
10. Kevin Stephens
11. Billy Mac
12. Larry Jordan
13. Greg Motes
14. Joel Anderson

Third Practice Results
1. David Elliott
2. Michael Massey
3. Ronnie Sandsr
4. Joe Click
5. Shane Nalley
6. Kyle Fowler
7. Kevin Stephens
8. Kevin Perry
9. Zach Holloway
10. Michael Phelps
11. Joe Federico
12. Michael Pope
13. Larry Jordam
14. Dakota Stroup

Second Practice Results
1. Russell Fleeman
2. Dakota Stroup
3. Bubba Pollard
4. Chase Austin
5. Kevin Stephens
6. Wayne Willard
7. Nick Potts
8. David Elliott
9. Michael Phelps
10. Frederick Moore
11. Michael Pope
12. Joe Click
13. Joe Federico
Bubba Pollard.
David Elliott.
Russell Fleeman.
Saturday 5:45 pm ET - The Georgia Asphalt Series qualifying is set to go off at 6:00 and 24 cars are expected to take time.

Qualifying Order
1. Frederick Moore
2. Michael Phelps
3. Michael Lance
4. Wayne Willard
5. Chase Austin
6. Shane Nalley
7. Billy McGinnis
8. Michael Pope
9. Michael Massey
10. Nick Potts
11. Joe Federico
12. Larry Jordan
13. Kevin Perry
14. Russell Fleeman
15. David Elliott
16. Ronnie Sanders
17. Zach Holloway
18. Joe Click
19. Joel Anderson
20. Kevin Stephens
21. Greg Motes
22. Dakota Stroup
23. Kyle Fowler
24. Bubba Pollard
2006 GAS Champion Frederick Moore will be the first to take time at Peachstate.

Saturday 6:45 pm ET - Local favorite Joel Anderson was able to back up his podium finish from two weeks ago with the pole position at Peachstate Speedway.  Michael Lance qualified up front in the fourth position but is having some rear end problems and will have to start from the back.   Joel Anderson drew a four, so they top four will be inverted which will give Kevin Perry the top starting spot.

Qualifying Results:
1. Joel Anderson
2. Russell Fleeman
3. Greg Motes
4. Michael Lance
5. Kevin Perry
6. Kevin Stephens
7. Michael Phelps
8. Kyle Fowler
9. Joe Click
10. Frederick Moore
11. Wayne Willard
12. Dakota Stroup
13. David Elliott
14. Shane Nalley
15. Bubba Pollard
16. Nick Potts
17. Ronnie Sanders
18. Michael Pope
19. Michael Massey
20. Larry Jordan
21. Billy McGinnis
22. Zach Holloway
23. Joe Federico

Saturday 6:26 pm ET - Qualifying is still underway for the GAS series and Russell Fleeman is holding the provisional pole with a time of 18.483.  Bubba Pollard has yet to qualify.  Word has just come that the No. 111 of Chase Austin has developed some rear end problems and the team is under the car working to get it fixed.  The team has said they probably won't be able to get it fixed in time to qualify, but no word on if they still plan to race tonight.

Saturday 6:15 pm ET - Qualifying is now underway for the Georgia Asphalt Series Hedman Husler 100 event.
Joel Anderson made a statement in qualifying at Peachstate on Saturday night.
Saturday 9:24 pm ET - The Drivers are getting strapped into their cars after an autograph session and we are getting ready to hear the command to fire engines for the Hedman Husler 100 event at Peachstate Speedway.

Saturday 8:23 pm ET - The Pro Challenge feature event is now over, and current National points leader Dean McIntyre is the winner.  The Georgia Asphalt Series will be up next after Driver Introductions.

Saturday 7:27 pm ET - The feature events are underway at Peachstate Speedway.  The Sportsman Division is a fourth of the way through their 20-lap feature event.
Saturday 10:16 pm ET - CHECKERED FLAG - Fredrick Moore took the checkered flag first over Greg Motes to win the Hedman Husler 100. 

Unofficial Results:
1. Fredrick Moore
2. Greg Motes
3. Kevin Stephens
4. Kyle Fowler
5. Michael Pope
6. David Elliott
7. Ronnie Sanders
8. Nick Potts
9. Michael Phels
10. Larry Jordan
11. Dakota Stroup
12. Bubba Pollard
13. Joe Click
14. Joe Federico
15. Michael Massey
16. Shane Nalley
17. Zach Holloway
18. Joel Anderson
19. Kevin Perry
20. Michael Lance
21. Billy McGinnis
22. Chase Austin
23. Wayne Willard
24. Russell Fleeman

Saturday 10:06 pm ET - Lap 77 - Joel Anderson was able to get by Greg Motes for the lead on lap 72 but on lap 77 Anderson broke and had to pull into the pits.

Saturday 9:54 pm ET - Lap 50 - HALFWAY - Motes still leads at halfway, he has several car lengths over Joel Anderson, who is followed by Kevin Stephens and Fredrick Moore.

Saturday 9:45 pm ET - Lap 9 - The 98 of Russell Fleeman has been in the pits for a few laps working on the left front.  Fleeman was the GAS points leader heading into this event.  Motes still leads by several car lengths. 

Saturday 9:35 pm ET - GREEN FLAG - The green flag has been waved and we are underway at Peachstate Speedway with the Hedman Husler 100 Georgia Asphalt Series event.  Greg Motes led the first lap, but a caution came out for the spinning cars of previous race winner Bubba Pollard and Shane Nalley.
Fredrick Moore in victory lane.