Trackside Now: Georgia Asphalt Series at Peachstate
Rain Doesn't Stop Racing at Peachstate
Saturday 1:15pm ET - The Georgia Asphalt Series makes the return to their home track today with the 100-lap event at Peachstate Speedway (GA).  The GAS cars are for the most part the only ones in the pit area thus far and practice is just now getting underway. 

There are close to 30 haulers in the pits and it is a beautiful sunny day.  But the temperature can be described in one word: HOT.  It's around 81 degrees with a high set for today around 87.  There is a slight chance for some isolated storms, but that's typical southern weather in late spring.  It should be a good night to get plenty of racing action in.

The cars are out on the track now for their practice which is scheduled to last from 1pm until 3.  Stay tuned for the latest updates and full practice results from the track.

Saturday 3:30pm ET - In the fourth and final practice 2006 Peachstate winner Bubba Pollard topped the charts for the Dawn 100 event with feature events scheduled to go off at 7:00pm.  Practice just ended, and just shortly after it was over a small thunderstorm worked its way over the track.  The track is now cold as we wait out the passing storm.

4th Round Practice Times
1. Bubba Pollard
2. Frederick Moore
3. Russell Fleeman
4. Kyle Fowler
5. Michael Pope
6. Michael Phelps
7. Kevin Stephens
8. Joel Anderson
9. Dakota Stroup
10. Joe Click
11. Greg Motes
12. Paul Kelley
13. Michael Massey
14. Ricky Sanders
15. Clay Alexander
16. Mitch Cobb
17. Zach Hollaway
18. Shane Nalley
19. Chris Dilbeck

Saturday 2:30pm ET - 2006 GAS Champion Frederick Moore led the third practice.

3rd Round Practice Times
1. Frederick Moore
2. Shane Nalley
3. Kyle Fowler
4. Kevin Stephens
5. David Elliott
6. Bubba Pollard
7. Michael Phelps
8. Michael Pope
9. Joel Anderson
10. Greg Motes
11. Michael Massey
12. Dakota Stroup
13. Joe Click
14. Ricky Sanders
15. Clay Alexander
16. Mitch Cobb
17. Taylor Satterfield
18. Chris Dilbeck

Saturday 2:00pm ET - In the second session of practice, a familiar face was up front as Russell Fleeman took the fast time.

2nd Round Practice Times
1. Russell Fleeman
2. Michael Pope
3. Joel Anderson
4. David Elliott
5. Ronnie Sanders
6. Nick Potts
7. Dakota Stroup
8. Michael Phelps
9. Bubba Pollard
10. Greg Motes
11. Clay Alexander
12. Kevin Stephens
13. Michael Massey
15. Joe Click
16. Frederick Moore
17. Zach Hollaway
18. Shane Nalley
19. Chris Dilbeck

Saturday 1:40pm ET - The two hour practice session is broken up at the top and bottom of each hour, and David Elliott was fastest in the first session of the cars that took time.

1st Round Practice Times
1. David Elliott
2. David Hole
3. Paul Kelley
4. Kyle Fowler
5. Ronnie Sanders
6. Michael Phelps
7. Bubba Pollard
8. Mitch Cobb
9. Greg Motes
10. Michael Massey
11. Joe Click
12. Frederick Moore
13. Shane Nalley
14.  Clay Alexander
15. Russell Fleeman
16. Dakota Stroup
17. Chris Dilbeck
18. Joel Anderson
Ricky Sanders and Bubba Pollard both took time in the first practice session.
Frederick Moore was up front.
Bubba Pollard has won at Peachstate before, Is he fast enough to do it again?
Saturday 5:00pm ET - The rain seems to be moving off away from the racetrack and the sun is trying to shine again in turns one and two.  Track drying should be underway shortly.

Saturday 4:16pm ET - Unfortunately the storm hasn't went away as quickly as we had hoped for.  But everything is still on for this evenings event at Peachstate Speedway, as we continue to wait out the storm.

It's really just typical Southern Summer weather.  Afternoon showers and storms sometimes become a daily thing, and It's raining pretty hard here right now with the wind is blowing quite a bit. Luckily the competitors were able to take cover before the rain  and the storm got too bad.

Unfortunately, some tents were not quite as lucky as they fell victim to the storm. 

It's a good thing that racecars weigh a heck of a lot more than tents do.
The rain is still falling at Peachstate.
Saturday 7:10pm ET - Track drying is still on-going and the track officials have asked for a little more help out on the track, inviting teams to take their trucks out on the track in attempt to get it dry.  Officials have also announced that due to the rain the GAS cars will lineup by points, which will put Russell Fleeman and Taylor Satterfield on the pole for the Dawn 100 feature event.

Saturday 6:54pm ET - Track drying is continuing at Peachstate Speedway.   It is still sprinkling but track officials are hopeful that there will be racing tonight.

Saturday 5:50pm ET - Qualifying for the GAS cars was originally scheduled to go off at 6pm but track drying is still going on and there are reports of rain once again on the track.  Stay tuned for updates.

Saturday 5:00pm ET - Track drying is now underway at Peachstate Speedway for tonight's Georgia Asphalt Series Event.
Saturday 9:30pm ET - Steve Hill won the first feature event of the evening in the 25-lap feature for the mini stock division.

Saturday 9:00pm ET - A little (or a lot) of rain wasn't enough to stop the Georgia Asphalt Series and the Saturday night events scheduled to go off at Peachstate.

The features are now underway only two hours behind schedule which isn't bad at all considering the four hours of wet weather that saturated the track earlier this afternoon.

Saturday 8:10pm ET - After about four hours of track drying, the racecars are back on the track for a mini track session.  The mini stocks are out on the track now, putting some added heat into the track.  After a few practice sessions to make up for the ones that were washed out for the local divisions, we will go green for the feature events tonight.
Saturday night at Darlington may have been a wash out but we are racing at Peachstate.
Saturday 12:05am ET - CHECKERED FLAG- Bubba Pollard passed Fleeman with 8 laps to go and has won the Dawn Commuications 100.

1. Bubba Pollard
2. Russell Fleeman
3. Joel Anderson
4. David Elliott
5. Michael Pope
6. Ricky Sanders
7. Joe Click
8. Shane Nalley
9. Kyle Fowler
10. Clay Alexander
11. Mitch Cobb
12. Larry Jordan
13. Zach Halloway
14. Chris Dilbeck
15. Greg Motes
16. Dakota Stroup.
17. Michael Phelps
18. Frederick Moore
19. Paul Kelley
20. Taylor Satterfield
21. David Hole
22. Michael Massey
23. Nick Potts
24. Kevin Stephens
25. Ronnie Sanders

Saturday 11:54pm ET - Lap 75 - The caution just came out for former race leader Greg Motes.  Something happened in the right front, and he went up to the walll bringing out the caution.  Up front, Fleeman is still leading, but Bubba Pollard is on his bumper.

This caution brings the field together, so Fleeman and Russell will have nothing but clear track ahead to race for the remaining 25 laps of the feature.

Saturday 11:35pm ET - Lap 49 - (ALMOST) HALFWAY - We are just about halfway through the feature event and Russell Fleeman is leading.  He is followed by Bubba Pollard, Greg Motes, Michael Pope and Joel Anderson.  The caution came out on lap 49 for the spinning car of Larry Jordan.

Saturday 11:00pm ET - GREEN FLAG - We are green here at Peachstate Speedway with the Georgia Asphalt Series.  Motes leads the first lap at Peachstate.

Saturday 10:37pm ET - Russell Fleeman and Taylor Satterfield were on the pole based on points, but after the inversion the top two spot were given to Greg Motes and Michael Pope.

GAS Starting Line Up
1. Greg Motes
2. Michael Pope
3. Bubba Pollard
4. Taylor Satterfield
5. Russell Fleeman
6. David Elliott
7. Frederick Moore
8. Kevin Stephens
9. Kyle Fowler
10. Dakota Stroup
11. Shane Nalley
12. Paul Kelley
13. Larry Jordan
14. Ronnie Sanders
15. Joe Click
16. Michael Phelps
17. David Hole
18. Nick Potts
19. Mitch Cobb
20. Zach Halloway
21. Chris Dilbeck
22. Clay Alexander
23. Joel Anderson
24. Michael Massey
25. Ricky Sanders

Saturday 10:30pm ET - The 42 of Chuck Cooper was the winner of the Sportsman feature event.

Saturday 10:21pm ET - There is just one more feature before the Dawn Communications 100 Georgia Asphalt Series event.  The sportsman will take eto the track for a 20-lap feature and then the Late Models will roll out. 

In the most recent local feature it was Cohen Motes who found himself a spot in victory lane in the Super Trucks division.  His brother, Greg Motes will be out on the track for the Georgia Asphalt Series event.
Greg Motes will take the green first in the GAS event.
Bubba Pollard won his first GAS race of 2007 on Saturday.