Trackside Now: GAS Early Bird 100 at Birmingham
Jeff Fultz and Russell Fleeman the Big Winners at BIR
Sunday 2:15pm CT - Jimmy Roberts led green-to-checkered to pick up the season-opening Sportsman Division victory at BIR to kick off Early Bird feature action.  Joel Falls took second, but fell nearly a full straightaway short of victory.

The 100-lap Birmingham Super Series Super Late Model feature is lined up and engines have been fired.

Sunday 12:50pm CT - It’s a sunny and pleasant Sunday in Birmingham.  Just a few miles away from Birmingham International Raceway, the downtown convention centers are full of fishing enthusiasts in town for the National BASSMasters tournament, but the racetrack has attracted race fans from across the Southeast for the twin Early Bird 100-lap features on today’s docket, along with five local support division features.

An on-track autograph session will be held before the first green flag of the day, which is tentatively scheduled for 1:00pm CT, but track officials are preparing to move that time back to accommodate more time for the autograph session.

After the redraw for the Birmingham Super Series Super Late Models, USAR Hooters Pro Cup star and former NASCAR Southeast Series Champion Jeff Fultz will start on the pole in his own #54 car.  Fast timer from yesterday Johnny Brazier will start fourth.

Fultz’s car is a Hamke chassis machine that is making its first on-track visit since being destroyed and on fire during Speedfest 2006 in Lakeland, FL.

The GAS drivers were told in their drivers’ meeting that the next series race at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, FL will be an impound race.  The cars will be impounded by the series after qualifying and teams will be given 10 minutes to do anything to their cars that they can in those 10 minutes pre-race.

In addition to the 23 GAS machines in the BIR pit area, 18 Super Late Models, who will participate in their season-opening 100 lap event to kick off the Birmingham Super Series Sunday prior to the GAS feature, are on hand as well.

Paul Kelley set fast time in the first GAS practice session, followed by rookie Kyle FowlerMichael Pope, Jimmy Garmon and Joey Senter rounded out the top-five in practice.  Both the GAS and SLM drivers have another joint practice session within the next hour.

Defending GAS Champion Fredrick Moore and Matt Hawkins will be the first two cars to go out for GAS qualifying later this afternoon.

GAS First Practice Results
1. Paul Kelley
2. Kyle Fowler
3. Michael Pope
4. Jimmy Garmon
5. Joey Senter
6. Matt Hawkins
7. Hunter Robbins
8. Kevin Stephens
9. Gary Sanford, Jr.
10. Dakota Stroup

GAS Rookie of the Year contender and Legends Car graduate Kyle Fowler has been quick so far at Birmingham.  (51 Photo)
Saturday 4:30pm CT - Johnny Brazier set fast time for the Birmingham Super Series Super Late Model 100.  Brazier, just two months removed from his disqualification from the Snowball Derby victory, was slightly faster than Stephen Davis and Ken McFarland.

GAS time trials are currently on track.  Full SLM time trial results were not available from track officials.

Saturday 2:07pm CT - Russell Fleeman was the fastest GAS driver in the second and final practice session of Saturday.  Fleeman was nearly two-tenths of a second faster than second-fastest Jimmy GarmonPaul Kelley, the fastest timer in the first session, was third-quick in the final session. 

Practice times were not made available for the Birmingham Super Series Super Late Models because they are not utlizing a transponder system.
Saturday 12:45pm CT - Historic Birmingham International Raceway plays host to the season-opening Georgia Asphalt Series race for 2007.  The “Early Bird 100” received more than 60 pre-entries, but only 23 are in the BIR pit area for practice and qualifying day Saturday.  The 100-lap feature will be held on Sunday afternoon.
GAS Second Practice Results
1. Russell Fleeman
2. Jimmy Garmon
3. Paul Kelley
4. Bubba Pollard
5. Matt Hawkins
6. Kyle Fowler
7. Michael Pope
8. Joey Senter
9. Gary Sanford, Jr.
10. David Elliott

GAS Early Bird 100 Starting Lineup
1. Russell Fleeman
2. Jimmy Garmon
3. Matt Hawkins
4. Michael Pope
5. Bubba Pollard
6. Gary Sanford
7. Kyle Fowler
8. Dennis Reno
9. Paul Kelley
10. Scotty Ellis
11. Greg Motes
12. David Elliott
13. Taylor Satterfield
14. Joey Senter
15. Shane Nalley
16. Chad Brawn
17. Hunter Robbins
18. David O'Dell
19. Kevin Stephens
20. Scott Dunn
21. Dakota Stroup
22. Roger Delp
23. Fredrick Moore

Russell Fleeman was plenty happy after scoring the pole for the Georgia Asphalt Series season opener Sunday.  (51 Photo)
Saturday 6:30pm CT - Russell Fleeman was quite a bit faster than the rest of the Georgia Asphalt Series field in final practice Saturday afternoon and he backed it up in time trials Saturday evening.  Fleeman was nearly three-tenths of a second faster than second-place qualifier, Jimmy GarmonMatt Hawkins, Michael Pope and Bubba Pollard rounded out the top-five in GAS qualifying.

The track is now down until the first feature green flag at 1pm Sunday.
SLM Top-10 Starting Lineup
1. Jeff Fultz
2. Ken McFarland
3. Stephen Davis
4. Johnny Brazier
5. Josh Hamner
6. Augie Grill
7. Hunter Robbins
8. Allen Karnes
9. Keith Cahela
10. Ted Musgrave, Jr.
Jeff Fultz's #54 SLM
Sunday 3:37pm CT - Just when it looked like nothing was going to get in between Ken McFarland and his second-straight Early Bird Super Late Model victory, something broke in the right-rear of his #14 car just before halfway, resulting in a hard impact in turn-three.  McFarland was uninjured, but the lead fell into Jeff Fultz's hands.  Despite Stephen Davis' efforts in the closing laps, Fultz was able to hang on for the victory.

Davis followed for second, while Augie Grill and Johnny Brazier rounded out the top-four.

Two more local division races hit the track before the start of the GAS Early Bird 100 feature.

Sunday 2:15pm CT - Jimmy Roberts led green-to-checkered to pick up the season-opening Sportsman Division victory at BIR to kick off Early Bird feature action.  Joel Falls took second, but fell nearly a full straightaway short of victory.

The 100-lap Birmingham Super Series Super Late Model feature is lined up and engines have been fired.
After the race, a disappointed Ken McFarland (right) congratulated Jeff Fultz (left) on the victory.  (51 Photo)
Sunday 6:25pm CT - Dennis Freeman won the Street Stock local feature and  Philip Amick won the Buzz feature to close out BIR Early Bird weekend.

Sunday 5:50pm CT - Russell Fleeman captured the victory in the season-opening Georgia Asphalt Series race at Birmingham International Raceway Sunday night.  Fleeman held off Jimmy Garmon on a late restart to capture the victory.  Garmon jumped under Fleeman on the lap-81 restart going into turn one and briefly took the lead, but fleeman made a nifty crossover move off turn-two to regain the lead that he would not relinquish.

David Elliott finished third, while Fredrick Moore and Paul Kelley rounded out the top-five.

In post-race inspection of the Super Late Models, third-place finisher Augie Grill was disqualified.

Sunday 5:01pm CT - Russell Fleeman currently holds the top spot in the GAS 100-lapper on lap 38.  Fleeman took the green flag sixth, but worked his way to the front, eventually passing Bubba Pollard on lap 27.  Several favortes are already out of the contention, including Hunter Robbins and Joey Senter, who were involved in seperate early incidents.

Sunday 4:15pm CT - Billy Melvin just took the checkered flag in the 30-lap IMCA-style Modified feature at BIR, and now the Georgia Asphalt Series drivers are strapping into their cars for the 100-lap Early Bird main event.  The top-six qualifiers from time trials were invierted, putting Gary Sanford on the pole with Bubba Pollard along side.
Russell Fleeman's #98 at speed during the Early Bird 100.
(51 Photo)
GAS Early Bird 100 Finishing Results
1. Russell Fleeman
2. Jimmy Garmon
3. David Elliott
4. Fredrick Moore
5. Paul Kelley
6. Michael Pope
7. Bubba Pollard
8. Taylor Satterfield
9. Scott Dunn
10. Kyle Fowler
11. Kevin Stephens
12. Gary Sanford, Jr.
13. Joey Senter
14. Matt Hawkins
15. Greg Motes
16. Chad Brawn
17. Dennis Reno, Jr.
18. Dakota Stroup
19. Shane Nalley
20. David O'Dell
21. Scotty Ellis
22. Roger Delp
23. Hunter Robbins

Super Late Model Results
1. Jeff Fultz
2. Stephen Davis
3. Johnny Brazier
4. Allen Karnes
5. Heath Hindman
6. Ted Musgrave, Jr.
7. Hunter Robbins
8. Josh Hamner
9. Martin Pierce
10. Chris Serio
11. Grant Enfinger
12. Larry Speakman
13. Keith Cahela
14. Ken McFarland
15. Travis Hearn
16. Andy Antinoro
17. Stanley Smith
18. Jason Sanford
19. Augie Grill (DQ)
Monday 7:00pm ET - It's not over until the fat lady sings, or the tech inspectors packed up.  While Philip Amick crossed the line first in the Buzz feature that ended the Early Bird weekend, he didn't take the offical victory.  Neither did the runner-up across the line...or apparant third, fourth and fifth finishers either.  The top five cars in the feature were all disqualified, leaving the #60 of Jacob Wyatt the first legal car to cross the stripe at BIR.  He was awarded the victory.