Fredrick Moore is Back on Top in GAS at Peachstate
2006 Georgia Asphalt Series Champ Comes In at End, and Takes the Win
Fredrick Moore found himself in a familiar place.  (51 Photos)
“This feels so good, especially after the year that we have been having,” said Moore.  “It’s been a lot of ups and down, but mostly downs, until now.” 

While Moore was the man at the end of the race, the beginning of the event painted a different story.  For the first 72 laps of the Hedman Husler Hedders 100, it appeared as if Greg Motes was well on his way to getting that ‘satisfaction’ he was looking for after coming so close at Peachstate before.

Motes took the lead on lap 1, around the same time that the caution came out for the spinning cars of Bubba Pollard and Shane Nalley.  On the restart, Motes once again jumped out front and didn’t have to look back until lap 61 when local favorite Joel Anderson came knocking on his door.  Anderson was able to get by him to take the lead on lap 72, but unfortunately for Anderson, his lead didn’t last too long as he succumbed to a broken engine, the same problem which also had claimed GAS point leader Russell Fleeman earlier in the race.
By the time Anderson’s engine failed, Moore had already taken the second spot from Motes, so the defending series champ inherited first place when Anderson’s problem occurred.  And once he was out front, he was way out front.  Within laps Moore held a half straightaway lead over second place Motes, and he kept it that way, all the way to the checkered flag.  Motes would settle for the second position.

“We were a lot better than we were last time,” said Motes with a laugh.  “We had such a long green flag run that we just kind of got loose there at the end.  We will get him next time.”

While Moore’s pass for the lead may have come easily, it wasn’t exactly easy for Moore to get up front to contend for that spot to begin with.  He had some stiff competition in the form of Kevin Stephens who would finish the race in the third spot.
When fans of the Georgia Asphalt series took a first glance at victory lane on Saturday night, they may have thought they were looking at a replay of the 2006 events at Peachstate.  2006 GAS Champ Fredrick Moore found himself standing in victory lane once again at the famed Georgia oval, this time in the Hedman Husler Hedders 100.
Kevin Stephens was able to bring home a top-three at Peachstate..
“Fredrick is a hard man to pass,” said Stephens.  “I was giving him the bottom and a lapped car helped him get by us, but I knew he wouldn’t run in there and take us out.   If you are real comfortable like that then you can race a man harder, and there are certain cars out there that I would not race like that, but Fredrick he knows how to race out there.  I am sure he just wanted to finish this week too. “

“We had such a long green flag run that I didn’t even know what place I was in,” added Moore.  “I was able to get by Kevin, and then I passed Motes, I didn’t realize it was going to be for the win, until I heard my spotter say that the second and third place guy was a little bit behind me and just to keep it smooth.

“It was a good win.  I am proud of it.  There are a couple of guys, like Russell (Fleeman) who I hate to see fall out.  He is the point leader and is considered the best right now, so I would have liked to have been able to race him, but I am just real proud of the win.”
The Georgia Asphalt Series will return to action on Saturday June 9th, when the series heads to Cordele, Georgia to compete at Watermelon Capital Speedway.

Hedman Husler Hedders 100 Results:
Georgia Asphalt Series – Race #8
Peachstate Speedway – Jefferson, GA
1. Fredrick Moore
2. Greg Motes
3. Kevin Stephens
4. Kyle Fowler
5. Michael Pope
6. David Elliott
7. Ronnie Sanders
8. Nick Potts
9. Michael Phelps
10. Larry Jordan
11. Dakota Stroup
12. Bubba Pollard
13. Joe Click
14. Joe Federico
15. Michael Massey
16. Shane Nalley
17. Zach Holloway
18. Joel Anderson
19. Kevin Perry
20. Michael Lance
21. Billy McGinnis
22. Chase Austin
23. Wayne Willard
24. Russell Fleeman