Extra-Distance Means Extra Thrills for GAS Stars at Peachstate
Strategy the Key in Third Race of Georgia Asphalt Series Season at Historic Track
Will the longer race benefit the veterans like Fredrick Moore (#19)? 
The one difference between the June 23rd Georgia Asphalt Series event from the rest is that the GAS teams will have to prepare for an extra-distance, 150-lap feature, rather than the traditional 100-laps.

“We’re looking forward to the fireworks that will come out of this race as we approach Independence Day this year,” said Georgia Asphalt Series Directory Micky Cain.  “We’ve always considered that GAS race at the end of June our Fourth of July race.  It’s a tradition for that race to be 150 laps and it’s going to make for a real good show for the fans.”

Used to running 100-lap features, the Georgia Asphalt Series teams will be in for an even tougher challenge with 50 extra circuits around the fast half-mile track at Peachstate.  Making the mountain even more difficult to climb is that teams will only be allowed the four tires that they start the race on.

“It’s going to be a four-tire deal, so we’re going to see who can manage their tires a little better than the rest,” added Cain.  “There’s going to be a lot of strategy involved in this race.  Whoever can save their tires the best will be up front at the end of the race.”
Like all Georgia Asphalt Series events at Peachstate Speedway this season, the winner of the June 23rd event will earn a guaranteed starting spot into the season-ending World Crown 300-lap event at Peachstate, November 9th through 11th.

“Running 150 laps will also give our guys a chance to see what running the World Crown is going to be all about, because a lot of our guys will be trying to run 150 laps on four tires.  The World Crown is going to be one of the best Late Model races in the South this fall, and guys can get a good feel of how that race will play out with the extra-distance race on the 23rd.”

Joining the Georgia Asphalt Series at Peachstate on June 23rd will be the Aaron’s Pro Challenge Series and Peachstate’s local divisions.  Grandstand gates open at 4pm.  Qualifying events, including Atlanta Freightliner Fast Qualifier Award time trials for the GAS cars take place at 6pm and features are scheduled for 7pm.  Tickets are priced at just $15 for adults and can be purchased online at Peachstate Speedway’s website, www.peachstatespeedway.com

For more information on the Georgia Asphalt Series, contact Matt Kentfield at (704) 788-2134 x 5 and visit www.georgiaasphaltseries.com.

The Georgia Asphalt Series has had some of the most competitive events in all of short track racing so far this season.  In every one of the first eight events of the 2007 schedule, drivers have battled for 100 laps each time out on some of the most historic racetracks in the Southeast.

On June 23rd, the GAS teams will be back on a historic racetrack, Peachstate Speedway in Jefferson, GA.  The competition will be just as good as ever, with some of the best short track racers in the South headed to the track.  Fans will pack Peachstate’s grandstands ready for a full card of short track action.