Trackside Now:  Georgia Asphalt Series at Anderson Motor Speedway
Fredrick Moore Wins His Second GAS Race of the Year
Friday 11:36pm ET - Try as they might, no one was going to dethrone Fredrick Moore as the king of Anderson Speedway in the Georgia Asphalt Series.  He now has two wins in the last three GAS events at Anderson.  Anderson steered clear when Kevin Stephens had transmission issues at halfway to take the lead and not even GAS points leader Russell Fleeman was going to keep Moore from the victory. 

We'll have more from Anderson, including follow-up on the Moore and Kevin Stephens on-track altercation and much, much more next week here on
Friday 6:20pm ET - The final 15-minute practice session is in the books and Michael Pope set fast time with a lap of 16.207 seconds. 

The GAS teams are undergoing final preparations for Atlanta Freightliner Pole Qualifying at 7:45pm.  Feature events will begin shortly after 8pm,

Friday 5:07 pm ET - For the first time in 2007, the Georgia Asphalt Series is hitting the worn-out pavement of Anderson Motor Speedway (SC).  Anderson is a notoriously slick racetrack, but the treacherous turns and narrow straightaways are sure to make for an exciting "Upstate 100" GAS event here later tonight.  Don't be surprised to see a little added excitement with it being Friday the 13th, as well.

There are already some headlines coming out of the infield here at Anderson.  Bubba Pollard, currently second in GAS points, was fast throughout the two-hour practice session this afternoon, but late in the run the #26 machine developed a rear-end issue.  Pollard and his team already called a crew member that stayed back close to their Senoia, Georgia shop and the backup car is currently en route to Anderson.  The team expects the backup car to be in town around 7pm and have been granted a handful of warmup laps once it gets here by GAS officials.

Twenty cars are here at Anderson.  All of the major players each week in the Georgia Asphalt Series are here, including point leader Russell Fleeman, Bubba Pollard, Fredrick Moore, Joey Senter, Kevin Stephens, David Elliott, Michael Pope and leading rookie Kyle Fowler.

A non-GAS regular that is sure to be a favorite tonight is Gary Greenwood, Jr. in the #76 machine.  Greenwood is an Anderson native and a former Late Model Stock track champion that nearly beat out full-blown Super Late Models with his Pro Late Model here at Anderson last month in a PASS South event.

If the Georgia Asphalt Series gave a long-distance award, it would certainly go to 17-year-old Mitch Cobb.  The young driver is in a machine out of the Holeshot Motorsports stable, owned by Super Late Model veteran David Hole.  Cobb made his way all the way from Colorado to participate in tonight's GAS event as the karting star tries to cut his teeth on the short track Late Model circuits.

The two-hour practice session was broken down into four half-hour segments.  Gary Greenwood, Jr. and Fredrick Moore were quickest in the first two rounds, while Joey Senter put down the quickest laps in the final two segments.  It's Greenwood, however, who has the fastest lap of them all, coming in just his fourth lap on the track in the first session.

Friday 6:55pm ET - Fans who may not follow the Georgia Asphalt Series closely, but know their NASCAR Cup Series history may recognize one name in tonight's GAS roster.  Mike Alexander, Jr. has turned heads with quick laps in practice in his blue and white #84 machine.  Fans may recognize the name and think of his dad Mike who was a NASCAR Cup Series driver in the 1980's.

Friday 6:20pm ET - The final 15-minute practice session is in the books and Michael Pope set fast time with a lap of 16.207 seconds. 

The GAS teams are undergoing final preparations for Atlanta Freightliner Pole Qualifying at 7:45pm.  Feature events will begin shortly after 8pm.  In addition to the 100-lap Georgia Asphalt Series event, the Anderson Motor Speedway local divisions, including the Legends Cars, Mini Stocks and Sportsmen are here to take part in the "Upstate 100" event.
First Practice
1.  Gary Greenwood, Jr. 15.972
2.  Mike Alexander, Jr. 16.126
3.  Kevin Perry 16.305
4.  Jimmy Garmon 16.307
5.  Russell Fleeman 16.319
6.  Michael Phelps 16.370
7.  Michael Pope 16.381
8.  Joey Senter 16.383
9.   Larry Jordan 16.643
10.  Kyle Fowler 16.762
11.  Michael Massey 16.785
12.  Kevin Stephens 16.839
13.  Shane Nalley 16.969
14.  Mitch Cobb 17.042
15.  David Elliott 17.284
16.  Bubba Pollard 17.492
17.  Greg Motes 17.762

Second Practice
1.  Fredrick Moore 16.230
2.  Joey Senter 16.247
3.  Gary Greenwood, Jr. 16.248
4.  David Elliott 16.270
5.  Russell Fleeman 16.286
6.  Kevin Stephens 16.307
7.  Jimmy Garmon 16.371
8.  Kyle Fowler 16.401
9.  Mike Alexander, Jr. 16.418
10.  Michael Pope 16.475
11.  Kevin Perry 16.512
12.  Bubba Pollard 16.583
13.  Michael Phelps 16.704
14.  Greg Motes 16.950
15.  Michael Massey 16.981
16.  Larry Jordan 17.009
17.  Tony Clark 17.068
18.  Mitch Cobb 17.111
19.  Dakota Stroup 18.444

Third Practice
1.  Joey Senter 16.228
2.  Fredrick Moore 16.230
3.  Russell Fleeman 16.265
4.  Bubba Pollard 16.299
5.  David Elliott 16.345
6.  Gary Greenwood, Jr. 16.379
7.  Mitch Cobb 16.531
8.  Mike Alexander, Jr. 16.552
9.  Kevin Stephens 16.558
10.  Kevin Perry 16.564
11.  Michael Pope 16.665
12.  Jimmy Garmon 16.710
13.  Greg Motes 16.902
14.  Tony Clark 16.973
15.  Michael Massey 16.976
16.  Shane Nalley 17.153
17.  Larry Jordan 17.214

Fourth Practice
1.  Joey Senter 16.214
2.  Bubba Pollard 16.339
3.  Jimmy Garmon 16.352
4.  Mike Alexander, Jr. 16.464
5.  Russell Fleeman 16.482
6.  Kevin Stephens 16.535
7.  Dakota Stroup 16.539
8.  Kevin Perry 16.554
9.  Michael Pope 16.555
10.  Mitch Cobb 16.676
11.  Michael Phelps 16.756
12.  Tony Clark 16.789
13.  Greg Motes 16.995

Final Practice
1.  Michael Pope 16.207
2.  David Elliott 16.324
3.  Michael Phelps 16.344
4.  Kevin Stephens 16.385
5.  Russell Fleeman 16.447
6.  Kevin Perry 16.547
7.  Mike Alexander, Jr. 16.690
8.  Dakota Stroup 16.745
9.  Tony Clark 16.762
10.  Greg Motes 16.933

Friday 10:47pm ET - Fredrick Moore has won the Upstate 100.  Stay tuned for more.

Friday 10:43pm ET - The caution flag has flown on lap 93 for another spin by Michael Phelps in a similar spot as his first spin earlier.

To reset with seven to go: Moore, Fleeman, Stephens, Senter, Fowler, Perry, Pollard, Elliott, Alexander, Pope.

Friday 10:43pm ET - Once again, Kevin Stephens did not come up to speed on the restart and has lost second to Russell Fleeman.  Fredrick Moore maintained the lead.

Friday 10:42pm ET - Lap 90, 10 to go, and Fredrick Moore is in command.  He has an eight carlength lead over Stephens, who has a mirror full of Russell Fleeman.  Kyle Fowler has passed Joey Senter for fourth.

Just as Fowler made the pass, the caution came out for the spun car of Shane Nalley in turn one.  Senter was awarded that fourth position back for the restart.

That sets up a 10-lap dash to the finish.  Stay tuned.

Friday 10:36pm ET - Lap 77 and Larry Jordan's lapped machine blocked the leaders off the second turn, allowing Stephens and Fleeman to pull right up to Moore. 

But, before anyone could threaten Moore for the lead, the yellow flag flew for the spun car of Michael Phelps on lap 80.

Current running order under this caution is: Moore, Stephens, Fleeman, Senter, Fowler, Pope, Elliott and Pollard.

Friday 10:32pm ET - We've hit the lap 70 mark and just when it seemed like Fredrick Moore was going to run away and hide from the field, here comes Kevin Stephens battling back.  Stephens has closed back up to Moore's bumper, but for now, Moore still holds the lead.  Russell Fleeman is about six carlengths behind that battle in third.

Friday 10:25pm ET - On the ensuing restart, Kevin Stephens failed to come up to speed off turn four, allowing Fredrick Moore to slide beneath him for the lead on lap 50.  Stephens and Senter made contact for second once Stephens finally came up to speed in turn one, but Stephens slid into second.  The caution then flew for debris in turn three on lap 51.

As soon as the caution flag flew, Stephens pulled up to Moore's door and the two rubbed fenders a bit.  We'll follow up with both drivers post-race and have more on it to come. 

Moore holds the lead ahead of Stephens, Senter, Fowler, Fleeman and Pope.

Friday 10:21pm ET - On lap 49, the caution has flown again for a crash involving Mitch Cobb and Larry Jordan.  Current running order just one lap short of halfway is Stephens, Moore, Senter, Fowler, Fleeman, Pope, Greenwood, Nalley and Alexander.

Friday 10:17pm ET - Two-time and defending GAS champion Fredrick Moore is beginning to flex some muscle.  Moore moved to second around Senter on lap 43.

The yellow flag came out shortly thereafter for the stalled car of Larry Jordan in turn two. 

Friday 10:14pm ET - In a classic case of "cautions breeding cautions," Dakota Stroup was turned in turn three, bringing out yellow flag number-two on the restart from the first caution.

Friday 10:11pm ET - The first yellow flag of the night has flown on lap 38 for an incident involving Bubba Pollard and Jimmy Garmon in turn two.  Both cars have driven away and seem to have minimal damage.  Current running order is: Stephens, Senter, Moore, Fowler, Greenwood, Fleeman and Pope.

Under this caution, David Elliott hit pit road, as did Greg Motes and Michael Phelps for chassis and air pressure adjustments.

Friday 10:08pm ET - Lap 30 now and the leaders have encountered lapped traffic in the form of Tony Clark's #42 and Mitch Cobb's 94.  So far, both Senter and Stephens have worked by the lapped cars smoothly.

Friday 9:55pm ET - Working lap 20 and we've yet to see a caution flag.  Kevin Stephens has an eight-carlength lead over Joey SenterFredrick Moore has worked his way to third around Kyle Fowler, who now runs fourth ahead of Gary Greenwood, Jr. in fifth. 

Friday 10:00pm ET - The green flag is out and Kevin Stephens has the lead and Joey Senter has settled into second.  By lap three, the field is all single file. 

Friday 9:55pm ET - Engines have fired in the "Upstate 100."  Kevin Stephens and Joey Senter are leading the field around the track in pace laps.

Friday 9:43pm ET - The GAS cars and stars are lining up on the frontstretch for outside introductions for tonight's "Upstate 100."

Friday 9:32pm ET - John Stancill and his Nick Pistone Racing team made a last-minute decision to head to Anderson with hopes to solidify their chances at the Legends Car Semi-Pro Division National Championship.  That decision turned out to be a good one as the young driver took the lead on lap three and never looked back in the 20-lap feature.  Stancill's overall victory earned him first-place points towards that Semi-Pro National title.  Andrew Smith's second-place finish overall earned him the Pro Division win, while Jerry Rector finished third and took the Masters Division crown.

The Anderson Speedway Renegades are on the track now for their feature which will be followed by the "Upstate 100" GAS feature.

Friday 8:47pm ET - Pole Qualifying has wrapped up here at Anderson and to little surprise, Gary Greenwood, Jr. has set fast time for tonight's "Upstate 100" Georgia Asphalt Series feature.  Greenwood, a former track champion in Late Model Stocks and second-place finisher with this same car last month here at Anderson in the PASS South race, laid down a lap of 15.964 to take fast time. Kevin Perry was second-quick, followed by Fredrick Moore, Kyle Fowler and Joey Senter in the top-five.

The entire field was separated by less than four-tenths of a second, making tonight's field one of the tightest in GAS history.

Greenwood drew the "six" pill, meaning the top six qualifiers will be inverted, putting Kevin Stephens and Joey Senter on the front row.

With a new car that he says is "really driveable," Bobba Pollard timed to the ninth spot just a few minutes after his car arrived at the track.
Time Trials
1.  Gary Greenwood, Jr. 15.964
2.  Kevin Perry 15.965
3.  Fredrick Moore 15.989
4.  Kyle Fowler 16.003
5.  Joey Senter 16.021
6.  Kevin Stephens 16.034
7.  Jimmy Garmon 16.069
8.  Michael Phelps 16.073
9.  Bubba Pollard 16.094
10.  Greg Motes 16.111
11.  Russell Fleeman 16.122
12.  Shane Nalley 16.154
13.  Michael Massey 16.184
14.  Mike Alexander, Jr. 16.193
15.  Michael Pope 16.203
16.  Dakota Stroup 16.228
17.  Larry Jordan 16.234
18.  David Elliott 16.325
19.  Mitch Cobb 16.357
20.  Tony Clark 16.370

Starting Lineup
1.  Kevin Stephens
2.  Joey Senter
3.  Kyle Fowler
4.  Fredrick Moore
5.  Kevin Perry
6.  Gary Greenwood, Jr.
7.  Jimmy Garmon
8.  Michael Phelps
9.  Bubba Pollard
10.  Greg Motes
11.  Russell Fleeman
12.  Shane Nalley
13.  Michael Massey
14.  Mike Alexander, Jr.
15.  Michael Pope
16.  Dakota Stroup
17.  Larry Jordan
18.  David Elliott
19.  Mitch Cobb
20.  Tony Clark

* Special Note * - Due to a technical malfunction, Trackside Now from Anderson will not include any new photos from the track.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  Stay tuned throughout the night for live updates of the "Upstate 100" GAS event just as usual from's Trackside Now.
Unofficial Finish
1.  Fredrick Moore
2.  Russell Fleeman
3.  Kevin Stephens
4.  Joey Senter
5.  Kyle Fowler
6.  Kevin Perry
7.  Bubba Pollard
8.  David Elliott
9.  Mike Alexander, Jr.
10.  Michael Pope
11.  Michael Massey
12.  Shane Nalley
13.  Jimmy Garmon
14.  Gary Greenwood, Jr.
15.  Michael Phelps
16.  Mitch Cobb
17.  Larry Jordan
18.  Dakota Stroup
19.  Tony Clark
20.  Greg Motes