McGunegill Engine Performance Responds to GAS Engine Ban
M.E.P. Gives Their Side In Ford Sealed Engine Debate
McGunegill Engine Performance previously provided to Mr. Cain, at his request, build and tech sheets covering our Ford sealed motor.  The camshaft used in our engine in manufactured by Ford Motor Company as part number F303, which is the same as is supplied in the Ford Blue Oval motor.  Mr. Cain examined three cams and found that one appeared to be out of specification, so he sent this camshaft to Demos Cams in Jefferson, Georgia to have it analyzed.  After completing his analysis, Steve Demos informed us that, in his professional opinion, the camshaft had not been altered since its original manufacture by Ford, therefore was delivered to us slightly out of specification.  It would seem that the responsibility for this condition thus rests with Ford, rather than McGunegill.  Prior to Mr. Cain’s announcement, we had only recently acquired the equipment necessary to perform computer camshaft analyses in-house so that, in the future, we can personally assure competitions, promoters and sanctioning bodies of the accuracy of all the cams we provide.

Mr. Cain also questioned the condition of the cylinder heads on our Ford sealed motor, implying that we had altered them in some fashion.  We asked the he contact the manufactured, DART Machinery, for verification, which he did.  When DART’s engineering staff recommended that the heads be sent to them for evaluation.  Mr. Cain apparently replied that the owners of the two engines in question would not do so.  DART notified us of the situation, and we contacted these owners, Russell Fleeman and Bubba Pollard.  They immediately shipped the heads to DART, Mr. Fleeman shipped his by “red label” to expedite delivery.  DART’s examination has already confirmed that his heads have not been altered since they originally left DART’s facility; we are confident that the results for Mr. Pollard’s heads will be the same.

Concerning Mr. Cain’s allegation of variances between different blocks, McGunegill Engine Performance utilizes production-type tooling to machine them.  As with any
Last week, Series Director Micky Cain announced that the McGunegill Ford sealed motor was banned from further competition in the Georgia Asphalt Series, effective April 28, 2007.  In doing so he made a number of representations which are incorrect and/or misleading: we feel it is imperative that we address them in order to set the record straight.

GAS frontrunners Russell Fleeman (top) and Bubba Pollard (bottom).
such setup, a certain amount of variation (within design tolerance) is inherent in the process.  We take this into account, however, to ensure that the completed block assemblies are within specification, and we question the accuracy of Mr. Cain’s assertions that the GM and Ford Blue Oval crate motor blocks, which are machined in a similar manner, do not share the same sort of variations.

We recognize that the Georgia Asphalt Series may certainly change its rules at any time and for any reason.  We will not stand silent, however, when the integrity of our products, and more importantly our company, is wrongly impugned as justification for such a rule change.  McGunegill Engine Performance remains dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services to our customers; if you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to call us at (765) 282-1913.