The Decal Source Launches New Website In Preparation For 10th Anniversary
Leading Source For Race Car Graphics More Than Just Pretty Cars
In 1998, Tony Johnson founded a little known company called The Decal Source.  One of the company’s first major clients was Bill Davis Racing, one of the up-and-coming teams in the upper levels of NASCAR at the time.  The Decal Source was chosen to design and decal up the Bill Davis Racing machines.  Nearly 10 years later, The Decal Source has emerged as one of the industry leaders in design, production and application of custom vinyl graphics for not only racecars, but fleet and custom vehicles as well, along with promotional items and graphic design.
Now, in preparation of the 10th anniversary of The Decal Source, the company’s website ( features a whole new look and feel to it, one that better represents where the company has come in the past 10 years and what the future holds.

“The purpose of the new site was to just give a whole new look to what we had up there before,” said Chad Martin, Director of Marketing for The Decal Source.  “1998 was the year we started and, in anticipation of our 10th anniversary of being in the sport, we wanted to revamp the site to showcase the new work we’ve been doing throughout the years.  We haven’t had an update to the site in about five years, so it was time to sharpen it up a little bit.

“We also wanted to showcase some of the new things we are doing, including the 3D illustration abilities and Google search engines. Really, we’ve grown in such a way that we wanted to keep up with the look and feel that our vendors and service providers have.  We really just wanted to have a website that can grow with the company.” has all the news and information about The Decal Source, but features much more.  The website encompasses plenty of examples of The Decal Source’s work, from the #22 CATEPILLAR Nextel Cup car for Bill Davis Racing to 320-mph NHRA Funny Cars to UPS delivery trucks and sheriff and police cars. 

The new website features galleries for both Motorsports and Fleet Vehicles ventures, along with an enhanced look at the new 3D capabilities The Decal Source has recently established, through a partnership with RPM 3D. 

The website also features news about The Decal Source, resources for prospective designers (including blank templates) and links to some of The Decal Sources long-standing and newer sponsors.  The Decal Source customers also have their own section to log into and keep track of current projects.

For more information on The Decal Source, please contact them at (336) 574-3141 and check out the all-new website at

From police cars to racecars to haulers, The Decal Source does it all.  (TDS Photos)