Racing Electronics Is Now Distributor of NASCAR NEXTEL FanView
RE Teams Up With Sprint Nextel  to Distribute Interactive Fan Product
Nearly 20 years ago, Bruce Silver brought a new innovation to the racing world by introducing radio scanners for race fans.  It allowed those sitting in the stands and watching the races from the infield to not only see the action on the track, but listen to what was going on between drivers, crews and race officials, thus adding a new dimension of entertainment to watching an event.  And so, Racing Electronics was born.
Now, Racing Electronics has teamed up with Sprint Nextel, the title sponsor of the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series  to become the official distributor of the popular NASCAR NEXTEL FanView device at all of the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series events.  The device, which allows fans to hear in-car audio and the radio broadcast, view up to seven in-car  camera angles, real-time statistics, lap-by-lap leader boards, instant replays as seen through the in-house race video feed and more, will continue on Racing Electronics’ initial concept of giving the fans something more to add to the entertainment of a race.

“It’s probably the single largest opportunity that has ever happened to Racing Electronics and that our company has ever been faced with,” said Racing Electronics President and CEO, Bruce Silver.  “We are working directly with Sprint Nextel , to
make this an even better product.  We have put together a program that looks out for the race fans and that will help move this product into the hands of those it was intended for… the fans.”

Racing Electronics will make the NASCAR NEXTEL FanView available to rent and purchase at all of the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series races in 2007.  Racing Electronics will have two dedicated NEXTEL FanView trailers at each event.  The device also will  be available at the regular Racing Electronics merchandise rigs. 

“I think it is the most unique product that has ever been introduced to racing fans,” added Silver.  “When we came out here 18 or 19 years ago with our race scanner product, it added to the enjoyment of the race for the fan.  They were well informed and were able to know what was going on between the crew and the driver and be entertained in the process of watching the cars go around the track.  Now you can watch in-car cameras, see and hear replays, listen to the team communication, check out telemetry, look at statistics and so much more.  It really is one of the best things that has ever been invented for race fans, and Racing Electronics is very excited to become a part of this.”
The NASCAR NEXTEL FanView units are available to rent at the track for $50 a day or $70 for the race weekend.  Racing Electronics will eventually take rental reservations on their website at  The device is   available for sale at the racetrack for $415, with a $10 per race weekend activation fee. 

Racing Electronics manufactures and supplies a complete line of race communication products and accessories and has been serving the professional drivers and pit crews, as well as the race fan, for more than 18 years. 

Racing Electronics offers customers a free, full-size, full-color, 24-page catalog (either by mail or by download off its website, www.racingelectronics) where they can choose from a variety of two-way radios, scanners, headphones and headsets, as well as a complete selection of accessories.  RE also offers an online Frequency Membership where you can get up-to-date listings of current races and associated scanner frequencies.  In addition to two stores in Concord, NC, and Pleasantville, NJ, Racing Electronics has mobile offices at all NEXTEL Cup, Busch and Craftsman Truck Series events, along with all NHRA races.  RE also attends many ARCA, IRL, Whelen Modified Tour, PASS and UARA races, along with many other series events throughout the season.

For more information on Racing Electronics, please contact them at 1-800-272-7111 or visit them on the web at