Bubba Pollard Enjoys His Top-10 Finish at Birmingham
Georgian Starts 2007 GAS Season with a Seventh-Place Result
There’s nothing that can warm a driver’s heart to a racetrack than a good race there.  Bubba Pollard entered this weekend’s Early Bird 100 at Birmingham International Raceway without much fondness for the historic track.  He actually liked racing there, respected the facility and enjoyed the people who he would come across down there, but the Georgia driver always seemed to have bad luck at Birmingham.  That was enough for him to start to not like the place.
Sunday’s seventh-place finish in the Georgia Asphalt Series season opener might be the start of Pollard changing his tune though.

“I like the race track, we just haven’t run well here before,” said Pollard.  “The more and more I made laps around here, the more I started to like it.  Maybe now I’ll like it a whole lot more the next time we come here and we’ll do better.”

Pollard overcame a somewhat ill-handling racecar to post his top-10 finish.

“We had a pretty good car all weekend, but we couldn’t get it to turn,” said Pollard.  We picked up a push all weekend.  We finally got it to turn for qualifying, but I think we got it to turn too good.  So then we tightened it up, but we probably tightened it up too much.  We tried all weekend to get it to turn, and then we had to get it to tighten up.  It was one of those weekends.
Pollard's #26 at Birmingham   (51 Photo)
“About 20 laps into the race, the car tightened up on us.  We fell back, but I still thought we had a top-three car.  We did pretty good for a while, but just coming out of here with a top-10 run is a good start to the season for us.”
Pollard finished second in the GAS point standings last season, despite missing two races.  This year, he’s after the series championship and a solid finish at BIR is a nice start to that quest.

“We needed a good run to start off the season for the points this year.  We would take a top-10 and we got it today.  We learned a lot this weekend and we’ll go to Pensacola and I think we’ll be good there.

“I think we’ve got a pretty good shot at Pensacola.  (Veteran Southeastern racer) Bubba Gale’s helping me out this year, and I think he’ll be a big help there.  Maybe he can help us get a top-five, top-three or even win the race there, who knows?  I think it will be a good season for us though.”

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Bubba Pollard  (51 Photo)