So, in 1990, he figured out a way to become more organized.  He built himself a pitbox, which could easily be wheeled from his race shop to his hauler to pit road at the racetrack.  It carried everything he would need to work on his racecar.  The idea caught on with other drivers, and they asked Sanders to build them a pitbox.

Now, nearly 17 years later, Sanders continues to help drivers get more organized through one of his many companies,

“The biggest thing for racers is organization,” said Sanders, a former Super Late Model racer who lives and runs his business from Georgia.  “From the time you get to the racetrack until the time you leave, your time is very valuable.  You’ve got to know where you stuff is right away.  With a pitbox, you don’t have to search through a trailer or run back in forth; you’ve got everything right there with you. 

“A lot of people that are new to pitboxes have had a toolbox in their trailer and a toolbox in their shop and they use some of the same stuff and forget to load things back up.  With a pit box, they can easily roll everything into the shop, work on the car and roll the pitbox back onto the trailer.  Then they have everything they need.  It all boils back down to organization.” is a place that racers and teams can purchase a pitbox from a line of already designed boxes or customized items.  Sanders’ products are very well-built, with a high attention to detail.

“Everything is CAD drawn first,” said Sanders.  “We’re set up to where we produce about 10 pitboxes a week.  We take a sheet of aluminum, laser cut it and form it.  We cut in the puzzle pieces and everything is formed from there.  The main structure part and drawers are welded together.  Then it goes into powdercoat and assembly.  The final part is trim work and bed liner spray in the ‘high-wear’ areas.  We want it to be something people can use and put some wear on without showing it.

“We don’t just do pitboxes for Motorsports, though.  We also do a lot of stuff outside of motorsports now with custom show boxes and custom game boxes and stuff.  We just finished one for Timberland Boots so they can show their products, and we did a box for State Farm, which will incorporate a video gaming system.  We’ve also done work for Xbox, GM, Ford and many others.” doesn’t just specialize in pitboxes, though.

“One thing people need to remember is that we don’t just do pitboxes, we also make all sorts of accessories that teams can use.  We make crash carts, fuel can carts, supply carts, tire racks, tires trucks and pit carts.  There really isn’t much that someone might want for the organization of their team that we probably don’t already produce.” Knows Importance of Having a Strong Pitbox
Ricky Sanders Is a Racer And Knows What Racers Want and Need
Ricky Sanders knows that there is nothing more important to racecar driver than being organized.  As a former full-time racer and still a part-time driver, Sanders found himself several years ago a little unorganized and searching for things in his shop when he needed to be working on his racecar. was launched in 1999 with a goal to specialize in fabricating a high quality line of standard and custom pitboxes. The company prides itself in offering top-of-the-line pitboxes to customers from all forms of motorsports.  For more information on, contact them by calling (888) 274-8679 and visit them on the web at

Small pit boxes, large pit boxes and even pit boxes with grills - has it all.