McGunegill Engine Performance Providing Next Generation of Super Late Model Engines
Cost-Effective Sealed Engines Available Without Compromising Performance
When it comes to engines that power high-performance racing machines, a few guarantees have been around for as long as engines themselves – they are loud, they are powerful and they are expensive.  And when it comes to Super Late Model racing, a guarantee for the engine itself has been virtually unheard of – until now.
McGunegill Engine Performance of Muncie, Indiana, has been developing and perfecting a low-cost, limited warranty, high-power, sealed Super Late Model engine, available for both Ford and GM racecars, for some time now.

MEP has run its engine through the ultimate performance tests on the short tracks of America in series such as the Blizzard Series, the CRA Super Series and the Pro All Stars Series.  The success that McGunegill has seen in some of the biggest short track races in the nation have made the company one of the premier engine builders in Super Late Model racing.  And it is thanks in large part to their next-generation Super Late Model engine.

“Our engine has been very successful, and we’re very proud of what we’ve done with it,” said DeWaine McGunegill, owner of McGunegill Engine Performance.  “We won the Snowball Derby with it last year with Clay Rogers.  Two years ago, Bobby Gill and Clay Rogers both finished in the top-five at the Snowball Derby with it.  At Nashville a couple years ago JR Norris was fast qualifier and ran out of gas leading the race.  He unlapped himself three or four times under green.  I think that was what really opened some eyes on what potential this engine can have.
A McGunegill sealed engine powered the #2 machine that Clay Rogers used to win the 2006 Snowball Derby in.
“We’ve also had our engine win championships in the CRA Super Series.  I believe we had five or seven of the top-10 CRA teams using our engines, and we had zero failures in the CRA series, logging over 10,000 laps with not a single engine failure.”

A large part of the McGunegill Engine’s success has been due to the reliability of every engine that leaves the McGunegill shop. 

“A few of the basic things that customers are looking for and they’re very happy with is that they require very little maintenance.  The maintenance for the entire season is basically changing oil and changing spark plugs.  The valve covers are sealed and there’s no adjustment needed on those.  There’s no engine that requires lower maintenance.
“That becomes a big advantage for the racer, especially nowadays with the exotic chassis setups and everything that’s going on.  A driver has to spend so much time and money on his chassis to be competitive, that the racers tell me they love the fact that they just have to change the oil and go racing.  They don’t have to worry about the engine.”

A reliable, high-performance engine makes McGunegill the industry leader in Super Late Model engine research, but when adding in the cost-effectiveness of every McGunegill engine (price range is from $16,000 to $17,500 depending on make, and all engines come with carburetor, ignition and dry sump), there is little wonder why McGunegill has found as much success as it has in recent years.

“Money-wise, it’s at a very competitive price.  With conventional 18-degree, or even 23-degree motors, you have to change valve springs, there’s a lot of maintenance throughout the year, and it will run about 3,000 laps before maintenance is required.  But a racer can run an entire season with our motor and not need any maintenance.

“We also have what we call a Limited Warranty.  For one season, if the engine breaks a connecting rod, drops a valve, or if any internal component fails, we repair the engine.  That’s included in the package.”
The McGunegill sealed engine.
Some of the biggest names in short track racing have run, and won, using McGunegill’s engine in the biggest races throughout the country. But the McGunegill engines have also proven to be a successful learning tool for young racers, as well.

“I think our engine is a great engine for a young driver.  One of the reasons why is because technology is ever-increasing and everyone’s trying to increase horsepower, but I think sometimes that takes drivability away.  The excellent advantage that these engines have is that they have a very flat torque band, so that makes the car very easy to drive.  Especially for a young driver, it’s very easy to be consistent from the beginning of the race to the end of the race.  That really helps to quicken the learning curve.”

Contact McGunegill Engine Performance for insight on how McGunegill sealed engines can step up any Super Late Model racer’s program at an affordable price.  Give them a call at (765) 282-1913 and check them out online at

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