McGunegill Engines On Top of the Super Late Model World
Cost-Effective Sealed Engines Visiting Victory Lanes Throughout the Country
In order to be dominant in short track racing, victories can’t just come every once and a while – they have to be as routine as tightening lugnuts before a race.  Winning has to be a standard every weekend, not just here and there.
That’s exactly why only one engine manufacturer in the asphalt Super Late Model world can claim dominance – McGunegill Engine Performance. 

McGunegill engines have visited victory lane numerous times already in this still young racing season in the most competitive short track series in the country, including the ASA Late Models, the CRA Super Series and PASS South.

With the racing season only a few months old, McGunegill Engine Performance has already brought young and veteran racers alike to new track records, poles and feature event victories, making McGunegill engines the driving force in Super Late Model racing.

“We’ve had an incredible spring,” said DeWaine McGunegill of McGunegill Engine Performance.  “The accomplishments that drivers running our engines come in every week and I’m proud that our engines have taken drivers to so much success.

“Just to name a few of our accomplishments, Colt James won the opening ASA race down in Texas, Brian Campbell won at O’Reilly Raceway Park (IN) and Sean Murphy set the Super Late Model track record there too. 

"Then on the CRA side, Scott Hantz set the track record at Baer Field among a bunch of other drivers who have won in that series.  We’ve had about four or five of the top-10 in every race and sometimes three or four of the top-five in each race.

“Ryan Lawler won the first PASS South race of the year at Hickory and Casey Smith won down at Mobile.  We’ve had a great spring and I’m excited to see how many more wins our engines can bring drivers this summer.”

Looking at some of the racetracks that McGunegill engines have succeeded on so far this year, it reads like a smorgasbord of short tracks throughout the country.  From
A McGunegill sealed engine powered the #2 machine that Clay Rogers used to win the 2006 Snowball Derby in.
fast, high-banked and high-horsepower half-miles to 1/3-mile bullrings, McGunegill Engine Performance has brought drivers into victory lane at every track possible.

“We put a plate spacer in for the smaller tracks that helps at the smaller tracks to put the horsepower back.  Winchester, Mobile and places like that, places that need a lot of horsepower, our engines have seen plenty of success, too.”
But for DeWaine McGunegill, all of the hard work in the MEP shop in Muncie, IN pays off every Monday when he and the rest of the MEP staff open up the newspapers, trade papers and short track racing websites to see how well his customers did every weekend.  Any time McGunegill sees one of his customers in the headlines, he knows not only did the driver succeed, but MEP has done their job at keeping the Super Late Model game alive and well.

“It’s a great feeling of accomplishment.  Our goal is to help Late Model racers race.  Casey Smith, for example; he does not come from a rich family.  They’ve told me more than once that if it wasn’t for our engines, they probably wouldn’t be racing, let alone winning like they are right now.  Financially, our engines have allowed them to race, and to race up front.  That’s a lot of satisfaction right there.”

Contact McGunegill Engine Performance for more information on how McGunegill engines can step up any Super Late Model racer’s program at an affordable price.  Give them a call at 765-282-1913 and check them out online at

For more information on McGunegill Engine Research, contact Matt Kentfield at 704-788-2134 x 5.

The McGunegill sealed engine.