Tim Jordan Wins One For Mom at Waterford
Waterford LM Racer’s Biggest Fan Will Miss Some Races Due to Cancer Treatments
There are plenty of different reasons why a racer wants to win.  There’s the sense of accomplishment from beating your fellow man.  There’s prize money (although usually more is spent getting to victory lane in the first place).  There’s the publicity and of course there are the cool trophies.

Tim Jordan has found that all of those things are all nice.  After all, he’s had plenty of experience thanks to winning seven times in 2006, during his rookie season behind the wheel of a Late Model at Waterford Speedbowl (CT).  But Saturday night, Jordan had a bigger reason for wanting to win.  This time, it was all for Mom.

Jordan’s mother Debra was at the Speedbowl this weekend to cheer him on.  That’s typical.  Racing is a family sport for the third-generation driver.  But it will be the last time for awhile that she’ll be on hand to cheer Tim on.  Debra begins cancer treatments this week and will be missing a few races this season. 

So instead of giving mom a get-well card, Tim Jordan wanted to hand her a winner’s trophy and that is exactly what he did.  Jordan won his qualifying race in the family owned #47, started the feature in sixth position and took over the lead by lap 10 by deftly moving to the high groove to pass the cars in front of him. He maintained his lead by at least two cars lengths for the next 20 laps and went on to win the race.
Tim Jordan salutes the Waterford crowd after winning this weekend.  (Jim DuPont Photos)
“That was a cool one. I was determined to drive tonight to the front,” said Jordan.  “This win is really special. I found out that my mom had cancer and she is going to have to get some surgery and then recover.  So I said before we got here that we were going to win tonight. I was fired up and ready to go to the race track. This one is for her, because she is the one that makes it happen with her determination. Hopefully she will fight through it just like I fought through the field tonight and drive away.

“I am incredibly proud and very excited,” said Debra Jordan, Tim’s mother. “I was ready.
We were waiting for this. I am going to win my battle the way that he won his. I am going
to be away from the track for a few weeks. I will get all the reports and I am sure he is
going to do just fine. I will look forward to getting back here as soon as I can.”

It will be difficult for Jordan not to have his mom at the track, but she wants him to keep
racing as planned this season.  He intends to do just that, and hopefully give her something
to smile about with a few more victories.

“It will be hard, but she will want me to race and go out there and do what I have to do,”
said Jordan.  “So I will do it. She does not want me to think about it while I am in the car.
I tend not to though. I think that the world could be blowing up around me while I am in the
car. When you are in the race car nothing else matters. You drive the car and try to stay
out front.”

Jordan returns to action in the Late Model ranks this Saturday night at the Waterford

Jordan's #47 Late Model