Spring Has Sprung for Tim Jordan, Now It’s Time to Go Racing
22-Year-Old to Get Season Started at Waterford Speedbowl This Weekend
According to the calendar, spring has come around.  To some, that means shorter sleeves, to others it means cherry blossoms on trees, but to guys like Tim Jordan, it means only one thing – that racing season is about to begin.
Jordan is getting restless after waiting through the off-season and is looking forward to taking part in the first regular season oval track race in New England this weekend, as Connecticut’s Waterford Speedbowl opens it gates for the Budweiser Modified Nationals.  Jordan will take part in the three-day event with his #47 Late Model and he’s ready.

“You’re always itching to go racing,” said the 22-year-old racer.  “When I was stripping the car down in January, I was itching to go.  Once it creeps up, you get a little more stressed out and the realistic aspects of what it takes to go racing catches up with you.  You have to work hard to get the car ready, and it’s hard not to let that overwhelm you.  I can’t wait to get going in practice on Friday.”

When the season starts at Waterford, all eyes will be on Jordan after a stellar 2006 season.  That was when he won six races and the Late Model championships as a rookie.  You might think that would play a part in Jordan’s anticipation this time around, but he’s not even thinking about the trophies that were earned last year.

“I’m going into the season pretending that last season didn’t exist.  I’m pretending that I’m
Tim Jordan can't wait to buckle in for the start of the 2007 racing season.  (Keith Cyr Photos)
a rookie again, and I have no goals other than to finish every race and finish as high up as I can.  Every race is different.  All that we did last year was to focus on each week.  It wasn’t until the end of the season when we started focusing on the bigger picture.

“You’ve got to race every race on its own and try to have fun.  When you start to think about points racing, it starts to get stressful.  So we’re going to try not to think about it and just make our car fast and try to stay out of trouble.”

Jordan got a head start on his 2007 season last weekend during an open practice
session at Waterford.  He used it as an educational experience and is now hard at work
in the shop applying what his team has learned.

“It was a practice day, but they should really call it a ‘make sure your car doesn’t fall
apart day,’” said Jordan.  “We went down and tested the car out.  We just made sure
that we didn’t have any major problems.  Now, we’ve brought the car back, and we’re
taking it apart.  We’ll go through it to make sure that nothing is binding and everything
is square.  We need to do everything that we can do to make sure that the car is 100

The Budweiser Modified Nationals will take place at Waterford Speedbowl this Friday,
Saturday and Sunday, March 30th-April 1st.

For more information on Tim Jordan, please contact Mike Twist at 207-590-1786 and check out www.timmyjordan.com.