Trackside Now:  Spring Clash Weekend at Nashville Sunday
Seuss and Haseleu Add Their Names to Nashville Record Books
Southern Modified Tour teams have their 150-lap feature first off at around 12:30pm CT today, followed by the 150-lap CRA Super Series event.

Drivers meetings have been held for both divisions and the CRA cars are lining up for brief five-lap warm-up sessions. 

Among the items discussed in the driver's meetings were CRA driector Glenn Luckett's plans to bring the traditional All American 400 back to a 400-lap race at Music City Motorplex in 2008.  It will be a 300-lapper this year, along with a 100-lap ASA event.  Luckett also urged teams to support the $10,000-to-win CRA event at O'Reilly Raceway Park (IN) in September, as well as the big-paying shows at Winchester (IN) and Nashville later in the year.

Mark Suddreth, director of the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour, mandated that all over-the-wall crew members of that series must have helmets and firesuits effective after the SMT's break in July.

All of the ASA Challenge Series teams that were in attendance last night have pulled out of the track and are headed home after their one-day event yesterday, won by Derek Thorn.

Brandon Ward's Southern Modified team is already hard at work continuing the repairs on the #42 car after yesterday's mechanical problems. (51 Photos)
SMT Starting Lineup
1.  L.W. Miller
2.  Jason Myers
3.  Brian King
4.  Tim Brown
5.  Andy Seuss
6.  George Brunnhoelzl III
7.  Wesley Swartout
8.  Bobby Hutchens
9.  Burt Myers
10.  Brian Loftin
11.  Brian Pack
12.  Chuck Hossfeld
13.  Frank Fleming
14.  Junior Miller 
15.  Gene Pack 
16.  Earl Baker
17.  Greg Butcher
18.  Rich Kuiken, Jr.
19.  Brandon Ward -
CRA Starting Lineup
1. Nathan Haseleu
2. Russell Fleeman
3. Dave Mader III
4. Steven Davis
5. Jeff Letson
6. Josh Vadnais
7. Eddie Hoffman
8. Eddie Mercer
9. Chris Gabehart
10. Andy Ponstein
11. Bobby Parsley
12. Jeff Fultz
13. Benny Van Cleve
14. Kenny Tweedy
15. Jason Hogan
16. Scott Hantz
17. Boris Jurkovic
18. Josh Krug
19. Rick Turner
20. Heath Hindman
21. Jason Shively
22. JR Roahrig
23. John Van Doorn
24. Sammy Sanders
25. Jeff Lane
26. Teddy Musgrave
27. Greg Boone
28. Eddie Van meter
29. Johnny Brazier
30. Dennis Shcoenfeld
31. Josh Hamner
32. Sean Matthuis
33. Stanley Smith
34. Hunter Robbins
35. Tim Rothe
36. Ray Mooi
37. AJ Ganino
38. Nick Baran
39. Jack Smith
40. Tom Knippenberg

Sunday 12:50pm CT - The green flag is out for the first-ever NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour race at Music City Motorplex.  LW Miller held the lead at the start, but on lap six Tim Brown made his way to the front, with George Brunnhoelzl III and Andy Seuss in tow. 

Then, on lap 13, young New Hampshire native Seuss used a power move on the bottom groove to get by Brown for the lead.  Two of the race's favorites, Junior Miller and pole winner Burt Myers are mired deep in the field.

Sunday 11:13am CT - The rain that loomed over Music City Motorplex all day Saturday has blown through over night and it's a sunny with a mix of clouds in Nashville for day two of Spring Clash Weekend.  The NASCAR Whelen
Andy Seuss led the way early in Nashville
Sunday 4:00pm CT - Nathan Haseleu has been dominating still, but Josh Vadnais continues to be put the pressure on for the lead.  The field is under red here on lap 121 for a big wreck in turn one that involved Jeff Fultz, Greg Boone, Sean Matthius and John Van Doorn.  All drivers are reported to be okay. 

CRA officials are allowing one crew member to go to their cars to offer drivers water under this red flag. 

Current running order is Haseleu, Vadnais, Hoffman, Fleeman, Gabehart, Schoenfeld, Mader, Hogan, Krug and Hamner in the top-10.

Sunday 3:30pm CT - Nathan Haseleu has been dominating the 150-lap CRA event over Josh Vadnais, Eddie Mercer, Russell Fleeman and Chris Gabehart now at halfway.  The event has been somewhat caution-plauged so far, as there have been several multiple-car crashes that have involved the likes of All American winner from 2006 Boris Jurkovic and Stephen Davis.

Sunday 2:52pm CT - We're green for the CRA Super Series feature.  Nathan Haseleu leads the field on the first lap.

Sunday 2:21pm CT - It was like short track racing of old at Music City Motorplex at the end of the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour feature.  Tim Brown and Andy Seuss duked it out for the lead over the final 50 or so laps, trading the lead several times thanks in large part to lapped traffic that would not get out of the way.  Alas, it was Seuss who took advantage when Brown got loose on lap 144 of 150 and withstod a final green-white-checkered finish after Brian Loftin hit the turn three wall with two laps to go.

Brown did not come up to speed on the final restart, allowing Andy Seuss to walk away with his first-ever NASCAR Modified victory and the young driver hoisted the guitar in victory lane.  It was a thriller to say the least, so stay tuned to for all the details on Monday.

After the race, the theme of old time short track racing continued when Brian Loftin, his father and team of the #23 Modified ventured into the pit stall of Chuck Hossfeld's #79.  Loftin's father punched Hossfeld, forcing a huge pileup of people near the start-finish line on pit road.  Once things quieted down, Loftin ran up and jumped on the hood of Hossfeld's car, causing another flareup.  Tempers eventually calmed and the Modifieds have since cleared the track.  All parties involved are in a closed-door meeting in the NASCAR trailer.

The 150-lap CRA Super Series Super Late Model feature is lined up on the frontstretch with Nathan Haseleu and Russell Fleeman leading the field to green.
The 150-lap CRA Super Series Super Late Model feature is lined up on the frontstretch with Nathan Haseleu and Russell Fleeman leading the field to green.

SMT Unofficial Finish
1.  Andy Seuss
2.  LW Miller
3.  Brandon Ward
4.  Junior Miller
5. Brian King
6.  Tim Brown
7.  Wes Swartout
8.  Burt Myers
9.  Chuck Hossfeld
10.  Bobby Hutchens
11.  Gene Pack
12.  Jason Myers
13.  George Brunnhoelzl
14.  Frank Fleming
15.  Earl Baker
16.  Greg Butcher
17.  Brian Loftin
18.  Brian Pack
19.  Rich Kuiken, Jr.
Andy Seuss waves the checkered flag triumphantly after winning in Nashville.  (R. Everhart Photo)
Sunday 5:00pm CT - Nathan Haseleu led all but one lap, officially, to claim the win in the Spring Clash 150 CRA Super Series Super Late Model feature event Sunday evening to close out a great weekend of short track racing at Music City Motorplex.  The only other driver to officially lead a lap was Josh Vadnais, who battled with door-to-door with Haseleu throughout the late stages of the race, but never was able to pull away once he pulled event. 

The win was Haseleu's first-ever victory in Nashville.  Vadnais held on for second, despite several late-race attempts to pass Haseleu, but the two never made enough contact to move each other from position. 

Georgia Asphalt Series point leader Russell Fleeman pulled to Vadnais' bumper for second late in the race, but the Dacula, GA native had to settle for third.  Concord, NC driver Dennis Schoenfeld finished fourth, with Chris Gabehart rounding out the top-five.

Other notables included former All American 400 winner at Nashville Jason Hogan in sixth and Jack Smith, who just yesterday was kicked out of the ASA Challenge Series race before it even started, finished 10th. Eddie Mercer and Eddie Hoffman, who both looked to have cars strong enough to win, were involved in separate incididents that relegated them to 16th and 17th respectively.
CRA Unofficial Finish
1. Nathan Haseleu
2. Josh Vadnais
3. Russell Fleeman
4. Dennis Schoenfeld
5. Chris Gabehart
6. Jason Hogan
7. Josh Hamner
8. Dave Mader III
9. Hunter Robbins
10. Jack Smith
11. Benny Van Cleve
12. Sammy Sanders
13. Teddy Musgrave, Jr.
14. Nick Baran
15. Scott Hantz
16. Eddie Mercer
17. Eddie Hoffman
18. Jason Shively
19. AJ Ganino
20. Andy Ponstein
21. Josh Krug
22. John Van Doorn
23. Eddie Van Meter
24. Jeff Fultz
25. JR Roahrig
26. Rick Turner
27. Sean Matthuis
28. Bobby Parsley
29. Greg Boone
30. Kenny Tweedy
31. Johnny Brazier
32. Jeff Letson
33. Ray Mooi
34. Steven Davis
35. Heath Hindman
36. Boris Jurkovic
37. Tim Rothe
38. Jeff Lane
39. Tom Knippenberg
40. Stanley Smith

Nathan Haseleu (top, #187) had to hold off Josh Vadnais (#36) and Russell Fleeman (#98) in order to hoist the Nashville guitar in victory lane (bottom).
Tempers erupted after the Nashville race. Brian Loftin and David Hill weren't too happy with eachother after Hill's driver Chuck Hossfeld and Loftin got into eachother on the track.