Trackside Now: Circle Track Nationals @ IRP- Friday
Evan Jackson Wins Pole For CRA Super Late Models
Friday, 10:00pm ET - Following up the earlier red flag that occured during the Last Chance race... Kenny Tweedy was transported to a local hospital complaining of shoulder pain.  He will have further tests at the hospital.  Josh Krug was checked and released from the Infield Care Center.

Friday, 9:50pm ET - Brian Reivley led all 25 laps and won the CRA Super Late
Model Last Chance race on Friday night to conclude the first day of the Circle Track Nationals.  A sporty Johnny Brazier finished a strong second. 

The biggest action came when Keith Gardner, Matt Merrell and Jason Dietsch went three-wide racing for the final transfer spot coming out of turn four.  The three all spun in unison, with Merrell slamming into the inside wall on the front stretch while the other two continued on with no damage.  Merrell got out of his car and showed his displeasure to Dietsch. 

Gardner was able to continue on after his spin and held onto third, with Jeff Cannon grabbing the last transfer spot.  Everyone else will have a shot at two more spots in Saturday night's second and final Last Chance event.

That is the last on-track action and thus, will wrap up Trackside Now from IRP.  We hope you enjoyed the special "bonus" coverage. 

Saturday's schedule includes practice for all divisions, as well as more Last Chance races.  Racing will begin at 7:30 local time, with Sportsman for 40 laps, Modifieds for 50 laps, Super Late Models for 100 laps and Street Stocks for 40 laps.

CRA Last Chance Race Results
1 Brian Reivley (transfer)
2 Johnny Brazier (transfer)
3 Keith Gardner (transfer)
4 Jeff Cannon (transfer)
5 Sean Matthuis
6 Jeff Berg
7 Ray Mooi
8 Jason Dietsch
9 Robert Maynor
10 Matt Merrell
11 Kenny Tweedy
12 Josh Krug
13 Scott Whitehouse
14 Jeep Pflum

Friday, 9:20pm ET - The Last Chance race has been red-flagged for a while for an accident involving Josh Krug and Kenny Tweedy.  The cars, racing for sixth, got together going into turn one with Krug hitting the wall nearly head on and Tweedy's car momentarily catching on fire.  Both drivers got out of their cars, but Tweedy collapsed on the ground.  Tweedy was loaded onto a strecher and taken, along with Krug, to the Infield Care Center.   Both drivers are awake and alert, but just being checked out. will have more on each driver as their conditions become available.

Currently, Brian Rievely has led every lap.  The race is on lap 12.  Keith Gardner is running second, with Matt Merrell and Johnny Brazier holding down the current transfer spots. 

Jeff Cannon is running fifth and looking to get a transfer spot.

Friday, 8:55pm ET - IRP is such a great facility, there is always something going on. There wasn't only racing going on on the oval today, but there was also test-and-tune drag racing going on right behind the oval, featuring some pretty cool cars.

Friday, 8:50pm ET - The CRA Last Chance race is lining up now to round out the first night of the Circle Track Nationals.  But there are a lot of other races going on tonight here at IRP, including heat races, dash races and last chance races.   Here are the top-three from some of those.

Modified Dash
1. Joe Axsom
2. Jeff Weston
3. Damon Breedlove

Modified Heat
1. Tim Taylor
2. Harold Scott
3. Rick Sibila

Modified Last Chance (top four qualified)
1. John Gearhart
2. Scott Coe
3. Scott Tomasik
4. Tim Burkett

Sportsman Heat 1
1. Gabe Cerny
2. David Fretz
3. Matt Norem

Sportsman Heat 2
1. Stuart Quakenbush
2. Tim Fulford
3. Keith Lyons

Street Stock Heat 1
1. Rich Boyer
2. Steve Blair
3. Chuck Barnes Sr

Street Stock Heat 2
1. Johnny Magee
2. Larry Matillo
3. Winston Wood

Friday, 8:20pm ET - Here is the lineup for tonight's Super Late Model last chance race.  The top-four cars will qualify for tomorrow's feature.  Jason Shively, Scott Hantz, Jack Smith and Terry Fisher Jr. grabbed provisionals.

SLM Last Chance Race Lineup
1. Brian Reivley
2. Keith Gardner
3. Matt Merrell
4. Johnny Brazier
5. Jeep Pflum
6. Kenny Tweedy
7. Josh Krug
8. Jeff Cannon
9. Sean Matthuis
10. Scott Whitehouse
11. Jeff Berg
12. Jason Dietsch
13. Robert Maynor
14. Ray Mooi

Friday, 8:15pm ET - There is a lot of old ASA folks walking the pits here at the Circle Track Nationals, and a lot in the CRA Super Series, with names like Robbie Pyle, Butch Miller, Deon Deneau and Casey Smith.

But there is some old ASA names in the other divisions as well. 

Tim Taylor, one of the biggest "underdogs" in the ASA National Tours final years, is back behind the wheel of a racecar this weekend.  Taylor is driving his own #28 Modified in the USA Modified division. 

Taylor hasn't lost a step either, as he took the win in his heat race after qualifying seventh.

Friday, 8:00pm ET - We've just gotten word that the Busch East Series event at Dover is all done.  Sean Caisse won the final event of the season, and after finishing second, Joey Logano become the 2007 Busch East Series Champion.  Logano becomes the youngest champion of the series. Jeffrey Earnhardt won the pole and finished third.  Jesus Hernandez placed fourth, followed by Tim McCreadie.

Friday, 7:45pm ET - Qualifying for the Super Late Models is all over and Evan Jackson grabbed the pole.  Jackson set a new track record in the process.  Jackson, who is a former CRA winner, is not running full-time this season.  A total of 16 drivers broke the old IRP track record.

CRA Super Series Qualifying
1. Evan Jackson   21.284  (new track record)
2. John Van Doorn   21.297
3. Andy Hanson   21.385
4. Chris Gabehart   21.407
5. Chuck Barnes, Jr.   21.425
6. Jeff Fultz   21.432
7. Eddie Mercer   21.444
8. Dennis Schoenfield   21.446
9. Butch Miller   21.455
10. Rick Turner   21.467
11. Tommy St. John   21.491
12. Casey Smith   21.503
13. Justin Drawdy   21.529
14. Boris Jurkovic   21.566
15. Robbie Pyle   21.578
16. Jeff Lane   21.602
17. Hunter Robbins   21.650
18. Heath Hindman   21.657
19. Doug Mahlik   21.664
20. Grant Enfinger   21.682
21. Brian Reivley   21.704
22. Keith Gardner   21.705
23. Matt Merrell   21.763
24. Jason Shively   21.767
25. Scott Hantz   21.779
26. Johnny Brazier   21.807
27. Jeep Pflum   21.828
28. Kenny Tweedy   21.862
29. Jack Smith   21.888
30. Josh Krug   21.899
31. Jeff Cannon   21.909
32. Sean Matthuis   21.970
33. Scott Whitehouse   22.033
34. Terry Fisher Jr   22.065
35. Jeff Berg   22.069
36. Jason Dietsch   22.155
37. Robert Maynor   22.604
38. Ray Mooi   22.633

Friday, 6:25pm ET - There were 45-plus entries on the pre entry list for "The 100" here at the Circle Track Nationals for the CRA Super Late Models.  But only 38 cars showed up, and that has surprised many.  The race pays a impressive $10,000-to-win, with anyone starting guaranteed at least $1,000.  The race is only 100 laps long and pit stops and tire changes are not needed, making it a four-tire event.

So the fact that only 38 cars showed up has surprised many.  But there are some big names at the track, including non-CRA regulars Jeff Fultz, Eddie Mercer, Hunter Robbins, Johnny Brazier, Casey Smith, Justin Drawdy, Grant Enfinger, Heath Hindman and Robbie Pyle.  And there are some names back in the seat, like Chuck Barnes Jr., Butch Miller and Evan Jackson

But there are some missing noteable names as well, including Nathan Haseleu, who is racing locally in Wisconsin.  No Stanley Smith.  No Ryan Lawler.  No Josh Vadnais.  No Eddie Hoffman

Friday, 6:15pm ET - The USA Modifieds are done qualifying.  Jeff Weston is on the pole.

Modified Qualifying Top Five
1. Jeff Weston 23.807
2. Bob Curry 23.963
3. Joe Axsom 23.986
4. Damon Breedlove 23.987
5. Kyle Jones 24.025

Friday, 6:00pm ET - Computer problems have been giving us fits, but we hope to have them all resolved here now.   Street Stocks and Sportsman have qualified, while
the USA Modifieds are on the track now.  CRA Super Late Models will qualify at 7pm.

Chuck Barnes Sr. is on the pole for the Street Stock race, while Charlie Hanna won the pole for the Sportsman.

Sportsman Qualifying Top Five
1. Charlie Hanna 24.498
2. Rick Tackman Jr. 24.772
3. Keith Sterkowitz 24.974
4. Dean Baker 25.018
5. Justin Alsip 25.023

Street Stock Qualifying Top Five
1. Chuck Barnes Sr 27.340
2. Bobby Murany 27.579
3. Calvin Parham 27.941
4. Joe Williamson 27.972
5. Eric Evans 27.981

Friday, 4:45pm ET - The Street Stocks are out on the track practicing now, and the Sportsman are up next, with Modifieds following.  The CRA cars will qualify at 7pm, with racing to follow after that.

CRA Qualifying Order
1. Terry Fisher Jr.
2. Robert . Maynor
3. Dennis Schoenfeld
4. Jason Shively
5. Heath Hindman
6. Scott Hantz
7. Jason Dietsch
8. Hunter Robbins
9. Jack Smith
10. Andy Hanson
11. Chuck Barnes Jr.
12. Jeff Lane
13. Doug Mahlik
14. Rick Turner
15. Justin Drawdy
16. Butch Miller
17. Sean Matthuis ®
18. Keith Gardner
19. Evan Jackson
20. John Van Doorn ®
21. Jeff Cannon
22. Josh Krug
23. Johnny Brazier
24. Tommy St. John
25. Jeff Berg
26. Eddie Mercer
27. Matt Merrell
28. Jeep Pflum
29. Robbie Pyle
30. Brian Rievley
31. Kenny Tweedy
32. Ray Mooi ®
33. Casey Smith
34. Chris Gabehart
35. Scott Whitehouse
36. Grant Enfinger
37. Jeff Fultz
38. Boris Jurkovic

Friday, 4:30pm ET - The first two practices for the CRA Super Late Models is in the books.  Justin Drawdy, who came up to Indy all the way from Florida, led the first practice session.  In the second session, two former ASA National Tour winners, Robbie Pyle and Butch Miller, led practice.

Practice 2
1. Robbie Pyle  21.866
2. Butch Miller  21.908
3. John Van Doorn  22.040
4..Casey Smith  22.057
5. Boris Jurkovic  22.061
6. Chris Gabehart  22.180
7. Eddie Mercer  22.193
8. Andy Hanson  22.228
9. Scott Hantz  22.260
10. Tommy St. John  22.328
11. Jeff Lane  22.340
12. Johnny Brazier  22.379
13. Dennis Schoenfield  22.411
14. Justin Drawdy  22.436
15. Jack Smith  22.478
16. Josh Krug  22.533
17. Heath Hindman  22.559
18. Hunter Robbins  22.591
19. Chuck Barnes, Jr.  22.616
20. Doug Mahlik  22.642
21. Terry Fisher Jr  22.721
22. Jason Shively  22.998
23. Jeep Pflum  23.018
24. Sean Matthuis  23.191
25. Jeff Berg 23.240
26. Ray Mooi 23.453
27. Robert Maynor 23.800
28. Scott Whitehouse 25.217

Practice 1
1 Justin Drawdy  21.991
2 Evan Jackson  22.166
3 Butch Miller  22.180
4 Tommy St. John  22.192
5 Jeff Lane  22.228
6 Andy Hanson  22.232
7 Rick Turner  22.266
8 Casey Smith  22.273
9 Doug Mahlik  22.274
10 Jeff Fultz  22.313
11 John Van Doorn  22.313
12 Keith Gardner  22.362
13 Matt Merrell  22.381
14 Heath Hindman  22.382
15 Robbie Pyle  22.401
16 Josh Krug  22.406
17 Boris Jurkovic  22.414
18 Chuck Barnes, Jr  22.497
19 Hunter Robbins  22.498
20 Dennis Schoenfield  22.503
21 Chris Gabehart  22.517
22 Brian Reivley  22.568
23 Grant Enfinger  22.591
24 Jason Dietsch  22.604
25 Kenny Tweedy  22.615
26 Eddie Mercer  22.618
27 Scott Hantz  22.629
28 Jeep Pflum  22.646
29 Jeff Cannon  22.678
30 Jason Shively  22.682
31 Johnny Brazier  22.737
32 Jeff Berg  22.763
33 Terry Fisher, Jr  22.779
34 Jack Smith  23.112
35 Sean Matthuis  23.268
36 Robert Maynor  23.454
37 Ray Mooi  23.475
38 Scott Whitehouse  24.038

Friday, 4:15pm ET - Welcome to the second day of the Circle Track Nationals here at Indianapolis Raceway Park in Clermont, IN.  We here at are giving the fans a special treat today, with bonos Trackside Now coverage from here at the track.  The beautiful Central Indiana short track has recently been renamed, but this reporter will continue to call it IRP (not that ugly ORP) out of tradition and personal stubborness. 

Thursday, the CRA Super Series, along with the other divisions in attendance (CRA Street Stocks,CRA Sportsman and the USA Modifieds), had an open practice session. 

On Friday, things officially got underway.  All divisions will practice and qualify, as well as run heats, dashes and last chance races on Friday night.  Saturday, the cars will run more practice, more Last Chance Races and the features. 

The feature for the CRA Super Late Models will be 100 laps, with no pit stops required.  The purse for the event is impressive, with $10,000 going to the winner and $1,000 guarenteed to start. 

The Modifieds will race for 50 laps, and the Street Stocks and Sportsman each running 40 laps.

Terry Fisher will be the first CRA Super Late Model out to qualify.  (51 Photos)
Robbie Pyle (#8) was the fastest in the second practice.
Butch Miller has the "old look" on his car again this weekend.
Florida driver Justin Drawdy was fast in the first practice.
The USA Modifieds are also in the pits.
PASS South regular Heath Hindman (left) made the trip to IRP. 
Evan Jackson won the pole for Saturday's 100-lap, $10,000-to-win race at IRP.
Chuck Barnes Sr.'s pole-winning Street Stock.
John Van Doorn (#16) qualified second.
Former ASA National Tour driver Tim Taylor is behind the wheel of a Modified this weekend.
There are even some pretty cool cars racing on the drag strip this weekend.
The red flag scene during the Last Chance race.
Brian Rievley won the Last Chance race by leading all 25 laps.