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CRA Super Series Action
Sunday, 6:04pm CT – Johnny Van Doorn had no idea why his pit crew would wait until the 200 lap mark before putting on two tires for the first time in the race.  Then, when he put on two more fresh tires on lap 233, he understood.  While everyone else used up their fresh tires earlier in the race, Van Doorn had more than enough speed on the new rubber to take command from Jason Hogan with eight laps remaining to become the youngest-ever All American 400 winner.

Hogan, who took his final tires 30 laps eariler than Van Doorn, tried his best to hold off Van Doorn, but nothing was going to deny the CRA Rookie of the Year the victory.

Robbie Pyle held on for third, followed by Eddie Mercer and Andy Hanson. will have more from Music City Motorplex later in the week in our Adam Petty Memorial All American 400 Leftovers.

Unofficial Finish
Adam Petty Memorial All American 400

Sunday, 5:04pm CT – Johnny Van Doorn has won the All American 400 in his rookie Super Late Model season.  Hogan held on for second with Robbie Pyle third.  More to come shortly.

Sunday, 5:00pm CT – Contact between Van Doorn and Hogan with 8 to go.  Van Doorn now the leader.

Sunday, 4:47pm CT – Restart with 15 to go and Hogan and Van Doorn are still bumper to bumper as the green flags click off

Sunday, 4:47pm CT – Caution is out on lap 273 for a single-car crash of Heath Hindman in turn two.  John Van Doorn had been locked right in on Jason Hogan's bumper.  Third-place Robbie Pyle was a half-straightaway back of the two leaders.

But that's all erased now.  This was an eight-tire race, so most teams still have tires available to them, but no lead lap cars have taken to pit road. 

We'll have a short track shootout, just like it should be here at Music City Motorplex.

Sunday, 4:42pm CT – The leader Hogan has gotten trapped behind lapped traffic of Jay Middleton and Gary Helton, allowing VanDoorn to catch right up to the leader's bumper.on lap 255

Sunday, 4:40pm CT – John Van Doorn is coming in a hurry.  He's now second on lap 250, taking that spot around Pyle one lap earlier.  Van Doorn is about two seconds behind Hogan for the lead.

Sunday, 4:38pm CT –  Veteran racer Robbie Pyle has moved to third around Josh Vadnais.  Behind him, though, John Van Doorn is coming on after his late pit stop moreso than Haseleu, who pitted on the same lap.  VanDoorn runs fourth, while Haseleu remains ninth.

Sunday, 4:26pm CT –  Restart lap 233.  It'll be Hogan, Fultz, Vadnais, Pyle, Hantz, Mercer, Murphy, Jurkovic, VanDoorn, Haseleu, Brazier, Hansen the only lead-lap cars.

Sunday, 4:26pm CT –  Nathan Haseleu is giving up second to pit, Johnny Van Doorn is also pitting.  Haseleu's team is changing both rear tires.

Sunday, 4:22pm CT –  Just 75 to go and Jason Hogan continues to show the way, but the caution came out to close up Nathan Haseleu to Hogan's bumper.  Jason Dietsch has slowed on the backstetch to bring out the yellow, erasing Hogan's near-straightaway lead.

Sunday, 4:22pm CT –  Jason Hogan showed what new tires can do as he took the lead under Haseleu on lap 208.

Sunday, 4:15pm CT –  Haseleu was the only lead lap car not to pit under this caution.  VanDoorn (lefts), Hantz (rights), Pyle (rights), Jurkovic (lefts), Hogan (rights), Vadnais (rights) Murphy (rights) all came to pit road and took two tires each.

New lineup: Haseleu, Andy Hansen, Hogan (first car off pit road), Fultz, Hantz, VanDoorn, Jurkovic, Vadnais, Pyle, Brazier, Murphy all on the lead lap, with Eddie Mercer getting the Lucky Dog, making him the 12th and final car on the lead lap on the lap 201 restart.

Sunday, 4:07pm CT –  Nathan Haseleu has taken the lead the hard way, on the outside, around John VanDoorn in turn three on lap 194.

The caution then came out as Donald Long bit the wall off turn four. 

It's still Haseleu, VanDoorn, Hantz, Vadnais and Hogan up front, but Pit Stops are forthcoming.

Sunday, 4:07pm CT –  Chris Gabehart has struggled since his pit stop earlier and he is now down a lap as Johnny VanDoorn has passed him.  Haseleu runs a close second, while Scott Hantz has moved up to fourth with Vadnais fiftth and Hogan sixth.

Sunday, 3:46pm CT –  Justin Drawdy has smacked the outside wall in turns three and four, bringing out the caution on lap 135 after contact from behind.  Will Kimmell hit the wall in four, as well after contact with Casey Smith

Johnny Brazier is leading Gabehart, Mercer and Fultz back on to pit road.

Gabehart took a wedge adjustment, Brazier took left side tires.  VanDoorn is back in the lead ahead of Hogan, Haseleu, Pyle and Vadnais.

Sunday, 3:46pm CT –  2006 Snowball Derby almost-winner (he was DQ'ed out of the win post-race) Johnny Brazier continues to show the way here on lap   .  Johnny VanDoorn is second, with Jason Hogan close behind in third.

Sunday, 3:40pm CT –  Pit stops aplenty here on lap 108.  Leaders have pitted, but CRA Officials told them in the driver's meeting that only two tires would be allowed to be changed per yellow flag stop.  Vadnais did not keep up with the pace car in three and four coming onto pit road, so Gabehart and VanDorn passed him before hitting pit road.  VanDoorn narrowly beat Eddie Mercer off pit road, followed by Hogan, Gabehart, Pyle and Fultz.  Vadnais now runs 13th after his stop.

Johnny Brazier did not pit under this caution and is now the leader with VanDoorn and Mercer right behind him.

Sunday, 3:33pm CT –  Caution is out for a big hit by Dennis Schoenfeld on the inside wall on the frontstretch on lap 106.  The yellow saved guys such as Hunter Robbins, Casey Smith and Ryan Lawler, who were all within the leader Josh Vadnais' sights.

After climbing from his car, Schoenfeld threw his water bottle and made a direct hit on Justin Drawdy's windshield.

Sunday, 3:25pm CT –  Josh Vadnais used the lapped cars to his advantage to take the lead from Gabehart on lap 77.

Sunday, 3:23pm CT –  Lap 75 now and there's an impressive battle for 10th between former AA400 winners Jason Hogan (2005) and Boris Jurkovic (2006).  Give Hogan the spot.  The top-four runners have broken away, but they're about to hit some heavy lapped traffic.  It's Gabehart, Vadnais, VanDoorn and Haseleu.

Sunday, 3:09pm CT –  There will not be a weekend sweep as Eddie Hoffman has blown up on the frontstretch under the caution.  Hoffman drove his #0 behind pit wall right in front of the firetrucks to put out the oil fire that had erupeted beneath his hood.

Sunday, 3:07pm CT –  Caution is out again on lap 45 for a crash that began when Tony Strupp and JR Roahrig tangled, leaving Gary Helton and Russell Fleeman nowhere to go.

Up front, it's Gabehart, Vadnais, VanDoorn, Haseleu, Sean Murphy, Robbie Pyle, Rick Turner, Eddie Mercer, Dennis Schenfeld and defending AA400 winner Boris Jurkovic.

Sunday, 3:01pm CT –  Former CRA Champion Jeff Lane is on the track on lap 30 after not taking the green flag due to a wiring issue that kept him behind the wall at the start.

Sunday, 2:59pm CT –  Lap 23 and the Car #17 has taken the lead as Chris Gabehart dove under VanDoorn for the lead.  Josh Vadnais followed to second after a couple of bumper taps to VanDoorn.

Sunday, 2:56pm CT –  Will Kimmell has taken his #44 to pit road on lap 16.  His crewi s changing right side tires.

Sunday, 2:47pm CT –  We're green and CRA Rookie of the Year Johnny VanDoorn takes the lead.  The top-10 have all gotten single file behind VanDoorn and Chris Gabehart.

In turn three on the first lap, PASS South regular Heath Hindman slowed.  He tried to get back to the pits, but he stopped in three the next lap, bringing out the first yellow of the day on lap five.

Sunday, 2:47pm CT –  Under pace laps, Donald Long hit pit road with a transponder issue.  He did not have his transponder on the car at all.  Officials are forcing Long to start at the rear of the field for not having the trasnponder installed.

Sunday, 2:40pm CT –  Engines have fired and we're rolling here at Music City Motorplex.  Green flag in a few more warm-up laps.

Sunday, 2:37pm CT –  Two drivers are in store for a potentially huge payday.  In addition to the $10,000 winner's purse here at Nashville, if either Chris Gabehart or Ryan Lawler is able to win today, that driver will earn a $10,000 bonus for two wins during the CRA Triple Crown.  Gabehart (Circle Track Nationals at IRP) and Lawler (Winchester 400) have won the first two legs of the CRA Triple Crown that concludes here with the All American 400.  If one driver was able to win all three, a $50,000 bonus would have been awarded. 

If there is no repeat winner here today, then a $5,000 bonus will be awarded to the highest average finisher in the three-race Triple Crown. CRA Rookie of the Year and polesitter Johnny VanDoorn currently leads the Triple Crown points.

Sunday, 2:22pm CT –  Driver intros are underway.  We'll be going green in one of the most prestigious short track races in all the country just a few minutes from now.

Sunday, 2:04pm CT –  The field for the 300-lap feature is lining up on the frontstretch for driver introductions.  The four CRA points provisionals have gone to Jeff Lane, JR Roahrig, Jason Dietsch and Robert Maynor.  The two promoter's options go to Mark Day and Gary Helton.  Those six, added to the top-five finishers in the Blue-Gray 100 and the top-25 from time yesterday (see below for qualifying results) make up today's 36-car field.

Sunday, 1:49pm CT –  Justin Drawdy has won the Blue and Gray 100 last-chance qualifier by a little less than a half-lap over Larry SchulerHunter Robbins, Tony Strupp and Jay Middleton rounded out the top-five and all five finishers earned transfer spots into the All American 300-lap feature.

Notables having to rely on either CRA provisionals or one of two promoter's options to make the show include Gary Helton, Ryan Sieg, Kurt Jett, Greg Boone, Stanley Smith, Jeff Lane, JR Roahrig and Jason Dietsch.

There's a short break in the action as the Blue and Gray 100 finishers get their cars ready for the 300-lap feature.  We'll be back with a full starting lineup shortly.

Blue-Gray 100 Finish
1.  Justin Drawdy
2.  Larry Schuler
3.  Hunter Robbins
4.  Tony Strupp
5.  Jay Middleton
6.  Gary Helton
7.  Jeff Berg
8.  Jeep Pflum
9.  Ryan Sieg
10.  Gary Pedley
11.  Kurt Jett
12.  Ricky Wilkerson
13.  David Finney
14.  Greg Boone
15.  Mark Day
16.  Robert Maynor
17.  Stanley Smith
18.  Chris Wimmer
19.  Jeff Lane
20.  JR Roahrig
21.  Jason Dietsch

Sunday, 1:28pm CT –  It’s halfway in the Blue and Gray 100.  Justin Drawdy is up six seconds on second-place Larry Schuler.  Hunter Robbins runs third, about 20 carlengths behind Schuler.  Jay Middleton and Tony Strupp follow in fourth and fifth.

Sunday, 1:15pm CT –  We’re back under caution for a spin involving Stanley Smith, Chris Wimmer and Ryan Sieg.  Smith, who was running inside the top-five at the time, spun in turn one, leaving Wimmer and Sieg with nowhere to go.  Both Smith and Wimmer were able to get their cars re-fired and are continuing on the lead lap, but Wimmer’s machine is on the hook and his chances at making the All American 400 are all but shot.

Jeff Lane and Jason Dietsch have both taken their cars behind the wall, but both are likely to get CRA points provisionals.

Sunday, 1:07pm CT –  The first caution of the Blue and Gray 100 is out for a solo spin by USAR Hooters Pro Cup regular and SLM veteran Gary Helton off turn four on lap 12. Helton has gotten his car straightened out and back into the race.  Justin Drawdy remains out in front of Hunter Robbins and Stanley Smith.

Sunday, 1:02pm CT –  The green flag is out in the Blue and Gray 100.  Justin Drawdy has taken the lead from the pole, but he and Hunter Robbins were locked into a wild side-by-side battle for the first handful of laps. 

Sunday, 12:35am CT –  The autograph session is just about complete.  We've talked with a bunch of the drivers and those in the race are talking strategy, when to pit and what to do when they pit, and looking ahead to big races down the road, including the Mason-Dixon Meltdown at Concord (NC) later this month (Chris Gabehart and Casey Smith both gave us word that they're both headed to Concord) and Five Flags Speedway's Snowball Derby in December.

Those who have to transfer into the show through the Blue and Gray 100 are also talking strategy.  With only five transferring out of the Blue and Gray 100, some like Justin Drawdy and Hunter Robbins are hoping to stay up front throughout the 100 laps.  On the flip side, Jason Dietsch has to race his way in, but he does have the ability to get a CRA provisional, so he's perfectly content riding around the back.

Sunday, 11:15am CT –  We're just a few minutes away from the start of the Autograph Session here on the frontstretch.  Drivers will be collecting money from the fans to benefit the Victory Junction Gang Camp during the autograph session and Adam Petty Memorial All-American 400 t-shirts are for sale here in the midway with proceeds going to Victory Junction as well.

Then it's the beginning of the action, starting with the Blue and Gray 100 last-chance event.  The top-five finishers will transfer to the 300-lap main event later.

Sunday, 11:00am CT –  Some interesting notes to come out of the driver's meeting earlier, including one that will bring a smile to many short track racing purists' faces.

The All American 400 will return to a 400-lap event in the fall of 2008 here at Music City Motorplex.  CRA Super Series officials agreed with the Mattioli family of MMP to bring the All American back to its glory with a 400 lap, just as the race used to be.  In recent years, the 400-laps were split between CRA and ASA, and this year it's still 400 laps of CRA racing, but it's a 100-lap last-chance race and a 300-lap feature.  Next year, it's back to a 400-lap feature for the CRA Super Series Super Late Models with an increased purse.

Also, David Underwood, PR Manager here at Music City, announced that the track and CRA Officials are working on adding a third date at the track for 2008.  The track will open its 2008 season with the Spring Clash event with CRA and the ASA Late Models the weekend of March 29th and will conclude with the return of the real All American 400 in November.  A third, mid-summer date, is in the works.

Sunday, 10:22am CT –  For those that have not been here to the historic Music City Motorplex, there are some really unique things about this facility.   

First, since there is such a large car count here on the All American 400 weekend, not all the teams pit on the inside of the track.  There is a tunnel on the back stretch just coming out of turn two where many of the drivers have their cars pushed in by four wheelers as they have their rigs outside of the track.

Another interesting aspect of the track is the old-style overhang that shadows the grandstands.  Many newer facilities do not have the old fairgrounds-style look, but here at the MCM, that is still a fixture that gives this place character.

Also, victory lane for most short tracks are usually on the front stretch on the track.  Not here.  There is a path seperating the stands from the track wall, and a driver can wheel his car into this area towards a stage set up on the fan side of the flagstand.  This puts the winning driver right in with the fans, which is a cool aspect not seen many places.

Sunday, 10:00am CT –  The driver's meeting has concluded, so the focus now turns to the teams getting the cars through pre-race tech. 

Sunday, 9:30am CT –  It is another great day for racing action here at Music City Motorplex in Nashville (TN) for the Adam Petty Memorial All American 400 weekend.  Getting one day of perfect racing weather yesterday was nice, but two in a row is a blessing.

Since qualifying for the CRA Super Series event took place yesterday, there isn't any on-track activity until the racing action starts.  Currently, the drivers are in their driver's meeting, which will be followed by tech, an autograph session with the fans and then the racing action.

Here is today's schedule:

8:30 am : Registration Opens
9:00 am : Pit Gates Open / CRA Tech Lines Open
9:30 am : CRA Driver's Meeting
11:00 am : All cars must be through tech and on grid on track / grandstands open
11:30 am : On track autograph session
12:30 pm : Pre-race ceremonies
1:00 pm : CRA Blue-Gray 100 (top five transfer to feature)
2:30 pm : Adam Petty Memorial All American 300 feature

Here is a recap of yesterday's qualifying.  The top 25 were locked into the field by their qualifying times.  The drivers that didn't qualify in the top 25 will run the 100-lap event, with the top-five drivers advancing into the feature.  Add in plus four points provisionals and two promoter's options, making a 36-car starting field today.

1. #16n John Van Doorn (00:18.131)
2. #17n Chris Gabehart (00:18.231)
3. #36n Josh Vadnais (00:18.256)
4. #72s Eddie Mercer (00:18.265)
5. #00n Andy Ponstein (00:18.300)
6. #87n Nathan Haseleu (00:18.304)
7. #26n Rick Turner (00:18.317)
8. #32n Sean Murphy (00:18.317)
9. #0n Eddie Hoffman (00:18.322)
10. #8n Robbie Pyle (00:18.350)
11. #71s Johnny Brazier (00:18.356)
12. #91s Heath Hindman (00:18.365)
13. #43s Dennis Schoenfield (00:18.377)
14. #99s Casey Smith (00:18.385)
15. #53n Boris Jurkovic (00:18.401)
16. #98s Russell Fleeman (00:18.404)
17. #72n Scott Hantz (00:18.408)
18. #92s Jason Hogan (00:18.410)
19. #67s Jeff Fultz (00:18.412)
20. #08n Andy Hanson (00:18.417)
21. #98n Keith Gardner (00:18.417)
22. #11s Donald Long (00:18.438)
23. #31s Ryan Lawler (00:18.452)
24. #77n Jonathan Eilen (00:18.468)
25. #44n Will Kimmel (00:18.485)

MUST RUN LAST-CHANCE RACE (100 Laps, top five transfer)
26. #12s Justin Drawdy (00:18.494)
27. #18s Hunter Robbins (00:18.501)
28. #49s Stanley Smith (00:18.508)
29. #9s Kurt Jett (00:18.513)
30. #30n Larry Schuler (00:18.549)
31. #59n Greg Boone (00:18.564)
32. #12n Tony Strupp (00:18.578)
33. #7n Jason Dietsch (00:18.585)
34. #39s Ryan Sieg (00:18.589)
35. #8s Mark Day (00:18.590)
36. #126n David Finney (00:18.625)
37. #24n J.R.  Roahrig (00:18.654)
38. #52n Chris Wimmer (00:18.668)
39. #27n Jeff Berg (00:18.687)
40. #44s Gary Helton (00:18.696)
41. #18n Robert Maynor (00:18.804)
42. #11n Jeff Lane (00:18.826)
43. #74s Jay Middleton (00:18.997)
44. #1n Jeep Pflum (00:19.130)
45. #25n Gary Pedley (00:19.308)
46. #112s Ricky Wilkerson (00:19.857)

We are going to head down to the track and talk to the drivers this morning.  We will bring you updates and news bits later this morning.
The famous track tunnel.  Rumor is that former NASCAR driver Darrell Waltrip still gets butterflies when he enters the track through it.  (51 Photo)
Victory lane at the MCM puts the driver right up close to the fans. (51 Photo)
The Sunday morning driver's meeting taking place. (51 Photo)
CRA's Glenn Luckett (left) shows off the Copley Champions Guitar with the help of MMP's PR extraordinaire David Underwood.
Just a few miles down the road from MMP, the Tennessee Titans are taking on the Carolina Panthers here in Nashville.  Glenn Luckett shows he's ready to play quarterback for one of the teams by tossing out transponders during the driver's meeting.
The Adam Petty Memorial All American 400 shirts are up for sale with proceeds benefitting the Victory Junction Gang Camp.
The winner of last night's ASA Late Model event, Eddie Hoffman, is back to try to pull the double here in the CRA race.  Hoffman will start ninth in the All American 300.
Will Kimmell, son of ARCA Crew Chief Bill Kimmell and nephew of eight-time ARCA champ Frank, poses with his littlest fan pre-race.  Kimmell will start 25th as the last driver locked into the show on time.
Gary Helton looped his #44 to bring out the first yellow of the Blue-Gray 100.
Stanley Smith (middle) spun, leaving Chris Wimmer (left) and Ryan Sieg (right) nowhere to go.
Chris Wimmer's car returns to the pit area on the hook.
Montgomery Petty, Adam Petty's sister, shares a laugh before the start of the Adam Petty All American 400.
Chris Gabehart started from the outside pole and hopes for a $10,000 bonus if he wins here today.
Josh Vadnais has a strong car once again in Nashville.
2005 AA400 winner Jason Hogan is starting to make some noise.
Nathan Haseleu won here at MMP in the spring and he appears to have another winning effort in him this time.
Johnny Van Doorn has had a breakout year in Super Late Models, but an All American 400 victory would be icing on the cake.

John Van Doorn
Jason Hogan
Robbie Pyle
Eddie Mercer
Andy Hanson
Scott Hantz
Jeff Fultz
Nathan Haseleu
Johnny Brazier
Josh Vadnais
Sean Murphy
Chris Gabehart
Donald Long
Hunter Robbins
Rick Turner
J.R.  Roahrig
Tony Strupp
Gary Helton
Robert Maynor
Andy Ponstein
Jay Middleton
Boris Jurkovic
Heath Hindman
Jason Dietsch
Jonathan Eilen
Ryan Lawler
Casey Smith
Keith Gardner
Justin Drawdy
Will Kimmel
Dennis Schoenfield
Russell Fleeman
Larry Schuler
Eddie Hoffman
Mark Day
Jeff Lane

Johnny Van Doorn, at age 19, has become the youngest-ever winner of the All American 400...and he's got the Copley Guitar to prove it.