Trackside Now: All American 400 - Saturday
ASA Late Model Series and CRA Super Series Action
Saturday, 9:45pm CT –  Here is the final unofficial results from the ASA Late Model Series event. will be back tomorrow with Trackside Now, live from Music City Motorplex for the CRA Super Series portion of the All American 400 weekend.

1.Eddie Hoffman
2.Jacob Goede
3.Keeton Hanks
4.Jesse Smith
5.Trent Snyder
6.Jimmy Lang
7.Kris Stump
8.Wes Burton
9.Pete Vanderwyst
10.John Wes Townley
11.Sean Murphy
12.Cody Smith
13.Michael Bilderbeck
14.Thor Anderson
15.Travis Dassow
16.Greg Boone
17.Bo Miller
18.Austin Siebert
19.Chris Eggleston
20.Terry VanHaitsma
21.Dakota Stroup
22.Peter Cozzolino
23.Brian Campbell
24.Beau Slocumb
25.Michael Annett
26.Robbie Pyle
27.David Wilson
28.Travis Cope
29.Brent Seeley
30.Jeremy Miller
31.Derek Thorn
32.Ryan Carlson
33.Alec Carll
34.Wes Griffith

Saturday, 8:26pm CT –  Eddie Hoffman has won the ASA Late Model Series All American 200 race.  Jacob Goede crossed the line a close second.  We will have more after we talk to the drivers down in the pits.

Saturday, 8:23pm CT –  Officials parked the #47 of Dakota Stroup for being in the way on the track.  There are seven laps to go.

Saturday, 8:17pm CT –  Brian Campbell was making a charge up through the field, but on lap 168 he pulled into the pits and behind the wall, apparently done for the night.

We are now at lap 175, and with 25 laps to go, Eddie Hoffman leads Jacob Goede by a few car lengths, then it is Keeton Hanks a ways back in third.

Saturday, 8:07pm CT –  We have been green since the lap 113 restart, but that all changed with just about 50 laps to go.  Brian Campbell, Eddie Hoffman and Jacob Goede had a good lead on the rest of the pack, but were dipping and diving around lapped traffic.  Coming off turn four, Campbell tried to pinch his car down to the inside and lost control, spinning coming off the corner.

During the caution, Travis Dassow pitted a few times for some major adjustments after dropping multuple positions on the track.

With Campbell's spinning himself out of the lead, it is now Eddie Hoffman showing the way over Jacob Goede and Jesse Smith.

Saturday, 7:52pm CT –  At lap 113, the caution is out again, this time for Beau Slocumb slamming the turn two wall after something broken under the front of his car.  He was able to get out under his own power, but the car is on the hook, heading back to the pits.

Brian Campbell still leads Eddie Hoffman folled by Jacob Goede, Travis Dassow and Trent Snyder.

Saturday, 7:44pm CT –  The break is over and the drivers are on the track, about ready to go back to green flag racing for 100 more laps of action.  Of note, Robbie Pyle was supposed to restart seventh, but never made it off pit road.  The crew pushed his car further into the infield, and it looks like his night is over.

Saturday, 7:33pm CT –  Due to the time it would take to clean up incident, this caution is now taking us to the halfway break.  All the drivers have driven their cars to pit road for service.

The current top 10 at the break: (1) Brian Campbell, (2) Eddie Hoffman, (3) Travis Dassow, (4) Jacob Goede, (5) Beau Slocumb, (6) Trent Snyder, (7) Robbie Pyle, (8) Keeton Hanks, (9) Jesse Smith, (10) Jimmy Lang

Saturday, 7:26pm CT –  Within a few laps of the halfway point, another caution has flown.  A few cars got together in turn one, which caused others to pile in behind.  Involved were Travis Cope, Brent Seeley and David Wilson.  The three cars are currently stuck together over against the wall, so the track crews are trying to figure out how to get the cars seperated.

Saturday, 7:18pm CT –  Wow.  That is all that can describe what just happened.

Jeremy Miller, who has so far been dominating the race, lost the right-front tire and wheel going into turn three, hitting the wall.  His wheel went over the wall in turn four while his car ame to rest just in front of the flagstand.

That now puts Brian Cambell in the lead with Eddie Hoffman second with 79 laps in the books.  At the halfway point, lap 100, the series will throw a caution where the drivers can take on fuel and tires.

Saturday, 7:13pm CT –  The worst phrase in racing is "cautions breed cautions", but it is true.  On the restart, Austin Siebert, Terry VanHaitsma and Dakota Stroup all got together getting up to speed coming out of turn four and all wrecked.

Nothing has changed up front.

Saturday, 7:08pm CT –  On the restart, a massive pilup has ended the chances of some of tonight’s toughest competitors.  Everyone checked up on the restart right at the start-finish line from front to back, and fast qualifier Derek Thorn has suffered the worst of the damage.  He has stopped the #13 on the backstetch with front and rear-end damage.  Travis Cope was also involved.  Cope took his #26 to pit road but his crew was not able to get him back on track without losing a lap. 
Up front, it’s still Jeremy Miller, Brian Campbell, Eddie Hoffman, Travis Dassow and Jacob Goede.

Saturday, 7:00pm CT –  Thor Anderson and David Wilson tangled in turn four, bringing out the caution at lap 55.  Both drivers were able to get going and had minimal to no damage.

Saturday, 6:55pm CT –  We are at lap 50, and Jeremy Miller still leads Brian Campbell and Travis Dassow.  Lapped traffic is playing into the race as drivers are having to dip and dive for postion.

Saturday, 6:45pm CT –  Just as soon as the race went green, it went back to yellow as Peter Cozzolino and Terry VanHaitsma tangled in turn three trying to get around the slow car of Michael Bilderback. 

We are currently under yellow for the second time tonight.

Saturday, 6:35pm CT –  We are under our first yellow of the race, which has been turned to red.  A four-car incident occured in turn three, and all cars appear to have heavy damage.  The drivers involved are Wes Griffeth Jr., Chris Eggleston, Alec Carll and Ryan Carlson.  The officials red-flagged the race to clean up the track of all four cars, which had to be towed in.

Jeremy Miller leads Bo Miller, Brian Campbell, Travis Dassow and Travis Cope.

Saturday, 6:30pm CT –  We have been green flag for the first 10 or so laps.  Jeremy Miller jumped out to the lead and currently holds a half-straightaway lead on Bo Miller.

Saturday, 6:18pm CT –  The drivers have been introduced and are strapping into their cars. 

The scoreboard is not working for the fans in attendance.  The track is currently working on it.

Saturday, 6:00pm CT –  The field is set for the ASALMS feature.  Here is the starting grid:

Adam Petty Memorial / All-American 200 Starting Line-Up (200 Laps) (Inversion = 10)
1. 5n Jeremy Miller
2. 77c Brian Campbell
3. 38s Bo Miller
4. 26s Travis Cope
5. 89c Travis Dassow
6. 21n Robbie Pyle
7. 88n Trent Snyder
8. 08s Beau Slocumb
9. 8c Eddie Hoffman
10. 13n Derek Thorn
11. 72c Jacob Goede
12. 86s Jimmy Lang
13. 2n Michael Bilderback
14. 5s Wes Burton
15. 81n Jesse Smith
16. 35c Keeton Hanks
17. 09s John Wes Townley
18. 39n Ryan Carlson
19. 4n Thor Anderson
20. 12c Michael Annett
21. 89n Pete Vanderwyst (2007 ASALMS Northern Division Owners Points)
22. 32c Sean Murphy (2007 ASALMS Challenge Division Owners Points)
23. 15s Cody Smith (2007 ASALMS Southern Division Owners Points)
24. 16n Austin Siebert (2007 ASALMS Northern Division Owners Points)
25. 5c Kris Stump (2007 ASALMS Challenge Division Owners Points)
26. 14s Brent Seeley (2007 ASALMS Southern Division Owners Points)
27. 83s David Wilson (21st Fastest Qualifier)
28. 21c Terry VanHaitsma (22nd Fastest Qualifier)
29. 01 Alec Carll (1st Place in Odd GM Performance Parts Shootout)
30. 22 Chris Eggleston (1st Place in Even GM Performance Parts Shootout)
31. 33 Wes Griffeth Jr. (2nd Place in Odd GM Performance Parts Shootout)
32. 59 Greg Boone (2nd Place in Even GM Performance Parts Shootout)
33.11 Peter Cozzolino (3rd Place in Odd GM Performance Parts Shootout)
34. 47 Dakota Stroup (3rd Place in Even GM Performance Parts Shootout)

The final two drivers were added as a "promoter's option".  That left a large group of drivers that have to make the early drive to the house, not making it into the field.  They are Sean Bass, Jim Ross, Greg Stewart, Robert Maynor, Dillon Oliver, Tommy Climber, Bear Lynch, Chris Koslek, Logan Ruffin and Josh Adams.  Ruffin was hoping to make history as the youngest driver to make the All American 400 weekend feature, but didn't have enough to get it done.  Adams, who had a local cheering section in the stands, also went home disappointed.  Adams is the track champion at Music City Motorplex.

The cars are currently lined up on the frontstretch for driver introductions with the race to follow shortly.

Saturday, 5:42pm CT –  Three wide on going into the corner on a short track just doesn't work.  Chris Eggleston and Josh Adams raced side by side for multiple laps at the start of the second Shootout.  Coming off turn two after a few laps, Eggleston got loose, causing both leaders to check up.  Dillon Oliver dove under both drivers halfway down the backstretch, and when they entered the third turn three wide, all three leaders went for a ride with Adams backing his car into the wall.

Eggleston was able to maintain his position at the front of the field, and on the restart he drove off to win the second Shootout event, transferring into the show.  Greg Boone crossed the line in second, also transferring into the show.

We will have the full starting field here shortly.

Saturday, 5:27pm CT –  Alec Carll lead all the laps of the first Shootout event, winning the 2007 Shootout points championship, but more importantly, transferring into the feature.  Wes Griffeth Jr. hung right to the back bumper of Carll, taking the final transfer spot from the first Shootout race.

1) Alec Carll
2) Wes Griffeth Jr.
3) Peter Cozzolino
4) Sean Bass
5) Jim Ross
6) Greg Stewart
7) Robert Maynor

The second Shootout is currrently on their pace laps, ready to take the green flag.

Saturday, 5:16pm CT –  The first of the two ASALMS Shootout races are on the track with Wes Griffith Jr. and Alec Carll on the front row.  They are on their pace laps and are set to go green.

Saturday, 5:04pm CT –  Here is the qualifying results for the CRA Super Series.  The top-25 are locked into the show.  The rest of the field will race in a 100-lap event tomorrow, with the top five transferring into the show for a 30-car field.

1. #16n John Van Doorn (00:18.131)
2. #17n Chris Gabehart (00:18.231)
3. #36n Josh Vadnais (00:18.256)
4. #72s Eddie Mercer (00:18.265)
5. #00n Andy Ponstein (00:18.300)
6. #87n Nathan Haseleu (00:18.304)
7. #26n Rick Turner (00:18.317)
8. #32n Sean Murphy (00:18.317)
9. #0n Eddie Hoffman (00:18.322)
10. #8n Robbie Pyle (00:18.350)
11. #71s Johnny Brazier (00:18.356)
12. #91s Heath Hindman (00:18.365)
13. #43s Dennis Schoenfield (00:18.377)
14. #99s Casey Smith (00:18.385)
15. #53n Boris Jurkovic (00:18.401)
16. #98s Russell Fleeman (00:18.404)
17. #72n Scott Hantz (00:18.408)
18. #92s Jason Hogan (00:18.410)
19. #67s Jeff Fultz (00:18.412)
20. #08n Andy Hanson (00:18.417)
21. #98n Keith Gardner (00:18.417)
22. #11s Donald Long (00:18.438)
23. #31s Ryan Lawler (00:18.452)
24. #77n Jonathan Eilen (00:18.468)
25. #44n Will Kimmel (00:18.485)
26. #12s Justin Drawdy (00:18.494)
27. #18s Hunter Robbins (00:18.501)
28. #49s Stanley Smith (00:18.508)
29. #9s Kurt Jett (00:18.513)
30. #30n Larry Schuler (00:18.549)
31. #59n Greg Boone (00:18.564)
32. #12n Tony Strupp (00:18.578)
33. #7n Jason Dietsch (00:18.585)
34. #39s Ryan Sieg (00:18.589)
35. #8s Mark Day (00:18.590)
36. #126n David Finney (00:18.625)
37. #24n J.R.  Roahrig (00:18.654)
38. #52n Chris Wimmer (00:18.668)
39. #27n Jeff Berg (00:18.687)
40. #44s Gary Helton (00:18.696)
41. #18n Robert Maynor (00:18.804)
42. #11n Jeff Lane (00:18.826)
43. #74s Jay Middleton (00:18.997)
44. #1n Jeep Pflum (00:19.130)
45. #25n Gary Pedley (00:19.308)
46. #112s Ricky Wilkerson (00:19.857)

Saturday, 4:57pm CT –  CRA Super Series qualifying has just completed.  John Van Doorn was fast qualifier with a lap of 18.131.  We will have full qualifying results shortly.

The ASA Late Model Series Shootout drivers have been ordered to their cars, so the racing action should begin shortly.

Saturday, 4:41pm CT –  The first 20 ASALMS drivers were locked into the field by time.  Provisionals went to Pete Vanderwyst (2007 ASALMS Northern Division Owners Points), Sean Murphy (2007 ASALMS Challenge Division Owners Points), Cody Smith (2007 ASALMS Southern Division Owners Points), Austin Siebert (2007 ASALMS Northern Division Owners Points), Kris Stump (2007 ASALMS Challenge Division Owners Points) and Brent Seeley (2007 ASALMS Southern Division Owners Points). Since the past champions provisionals were not needed, the 27th and 28th times reverted back to qualifying, putting David Wilson and Terry VanHaitsma in the field.

The final four spots (32 car field) will be determined by two 25-lap Shootout races, with the top two from each event transferring to the feature.  The lineup for the two Shootout races are:

(Odd) Shootout Starting Line-Up (25 Laps) - Top Two Transfer
1. 33n Wes Griffith Jr.
2. 01c Alec Carll-R
3. 108s Sean Bass-R
4. 11c Peter Cozzolino
5. 14c Jim Ross
6. 84s Mike Alexander Jr.-R
7. 31n Darren Robertson-R
8. 53s Steve Swaintek-R
9. 7s Michael Driskell-R
10. 40c Greg Stewart
11. 18c Robert Maynor-R
12. 44c Josh Cave-R
13. 28s Drew Brannon-R
14. 96s Mickey Wright-R

(Even) Shootout Starting Line-Up (25 Laps) - Top Two Transfer
1. 22n Chris Eggleston-R
2. 12n Josh Adams-R
3. 33s Dillon Oliver
4. 05s Tommy Climer-R
5. 59c Greg Boone-R
6. 108n Bear Lynch-R
7. 147s Dakota Stroup-R
8. 123n Chris Koslek-R
9. 16s T.W. Fisher-R
10. 76s Logan Ruffin-R
11. 94s Jason Miller
12. 31s Josh Byrns-R
13. 47s Chris Fontaine-R
14. 98s Zach Taylor-R

Of note, Josh Adams is making his first ASALMS start here at Music City Motorplex, which is his home track.  Pro Challenge driver Dean McIntyre is in his pits, helping to get Adams into the field.

Also, the series will invert the top 10, putting Jeremy Miller and Brian Campbell on the front row when they drop the rag on the feature later this afternoon.

Saturday, 4:29pm CT –  Here is the complete qualifying results for the ASA Late Model Series event  (top 10 will be inverted for the start).

1. 13n Derek Thorn-R 18.827----113.964 MPH
2. 8c Eddie Hoffman 18.939
3. 08s Beau Slocumb 18.975
4. 88n Trent Snyder 18.978
5. 21n Robbie Pyle 18.981
6. 89c Travis Dassow 18.994
7. 26s Travis Cope-R 18.997
8. 38s Bo Miller 19.025
9. 77c Brian Campbell 19.040
10. 5n Jeremy Miller-R 19.041
11. 72c Jacob Goede-R 19.064
12. 86s Jimmy Lang-R 19.085
13. 2n Michael Bilderback-R 19.088
14. 5s Wes Burton-R 19.092
15. 81n Jesse Smith 19.099
16. 35c Keeton Hanks 19.105
17. 09s John Wes Townley 19.129
18. 39n Ryan Carlson 19.173
19. 4n Thor Anderson-R 19.186
20. 12c Michael Annett 19.187
21. 83s David Wilson-R 19.202
22. 21c Terry VanHaitsma-R 19.211
23. 33n Wes Griffith Jr. 19.222
24. 22n Chris Eggleston-R 19.225
25. 01c Alec Carll-R 19.248
26. 12n Josh Adams-R 19.266
27. 108s Sean Bass-R 19.277
28. 33s Dillon Oliver 19.297
29. 11c Peter Cozzolino 19.300
30. 05s Tommy Climer-R 19.302
31. 89n Pete Vanderwyst 19.319
32. 14c Jim Ross 19.324
33. 5c Kris Stump 19.343
34. 59c Greg Boone-R 19.386
35. 15s Cody Smith-R 19.396
36. 32c Sean Murphy-R 19.402
37. 84s Mike Alexander Jr.-R 19.429
38. 108n Bear Lynch-R 19.438
39. 31n Darren Robertson-R 19.493
40. 147s Dakota Stroup-R 19.494
41. 16n Austin Siebert-R 19.570
42. 53s Steve Swaintek-R 19.583
43. 14s Brent Seeley-R 19.604
44. 123n Chris Koslek-R 19.618
45. 7s Michael Driskell-R 19.644
46. 16s T.W. Fisher-R 19.736
47. 40c Greg Stewart 19.810
48. 76s Logan Ruffin-R 19.849
49. 18c Robert Maynor-R 19.852
50. 94s Jason Miller 20.049
51. 44c Josh Cave-R 20.145
52. 31 Josh Byrns-R 99.999
53. 28s Drew Brannon-R NO TIME
54. 47s Chris Fontaine-R NO TIME
55. 96s Mickey Wright-R NO TIME
56. 98s Zach Taylor-R NO TIME

Saturday, 3:48pm CT –  Derek Thorne, who was quick all day in practice, has set fast time in the ASA Late Model Series qualifying.  We will have a full rundown here shortly.

The CRA Super Series drivers are getting lined up on pit road for their qualifying session.

Saturday, 2:25pm CT –  Qualifying is about to begin for the ASA Late Model Series.  We will have updates after they complete, but here are a few notes from the pit area.

Dennis Schoenfeld’s team has just put the finishing touches on an engine swap on their Schoenfeld Headers #43 CRA Super Series machine.  Schoenfeld finished fourth in the Spring Clash 150 here in Nashville in April.
ASA Late Model Southern Division regular Sean Bass destroyed his only car in practice here in Nashville on Friday. Bass still hung around town and today he’s rewarded with a ride, taking over the #128 from Goodyear Challenge Series young gun Drew Brannon.  
Fans here in Nashville will recognize the bright, neon yellow #13 ASA Late Model here in the infield.  It’s Charlie Menard’s ride…only Charlie’s not here.  Derek Thorn is piloting the #13 machine here this weekend as Menard is off with his new wife celebrating their honeymoon.  Turns out, has learned that the yellow #13 car does not even belong to Menard anymore, as there has been quite a shakeup in the Menard camp.  We’re staying on top of the story and will have more down the road.

Saturday, 1:49pm CT –  The track is currently silent as the practice sessions have completed.  Next up is the ASA Late Model Series qualifying at 2:30pm, followed by CRA Super Series qualifying at 3:45pm and the ASA Late Model Series racing action at 5:00pm.

We are going to get caught up on all the happenings here at the track, and will be back with some tidbits, track notes and ASA Late Model Series qualifying shortly.

Saturday, 1:40pm CT –  Here are the final CRA practice speeds.

1. #00n  Andy Ponstein (00:18.551)
2. #8n  Robbie Pyle (00:18.597)
3. #11s  Donald Long (00:18.620)
4. #32n  Sean Murphy (00:18.641)
5. #72s  Eddie Mercer (00:18.650)
6. #08n  Andy Hanson (00:18.654)
7. #99s  Casey Smith (00:18.668)
8. #16n  John Van Doorn (00:18.689)
9. #67s  Jeff Fultz (00:18.702)
10. #49s  Stanley Smith (00:18.713)
11. #71s  Johnny Brazier (00:18.717)
12. #39s  Ryan Sieg (00:18.753)
13. #11n  Jeff Lane (00:18.756)
14. #36n  Josh Vadnais (00:18.757)
15. #18s  Hunter Robbins (00:18.757)
16. #12s  Justin Drawdy (00:18.766)
17. #44n  Will Kimmel (00:18.775)
18. #87n  Nathan Haseleu (00:18.799)
19. #52n  Chris Wimmer (00:18.803)
20. #31s  Ryan Lawler (00:18.807)
21. #0n  Eddie Hoffman (00:18.838)
22. #59n  Greg Boone (00:18.847)
23. #74s  Jay Middleton (00:18.848)
24. #91s  Heath Hindman (00:18.855)
25. #53n  Boris Jurkovic (00:18.867)
26. #24n  J.R.  Roahrig (00:18.871)
27. #26n  Rick Turner (00:18.882)
28. #17n  Chris Gabehart (00:18.902)
29. #44s  Gary Helton (00:18.908)
30. #77n  Jonathan Eilen (00:18.962)
31. #8s  Mark Day (00:18.973)
32. #98n  Keith Gardner (00:18.978)
33. #9s  Kurt Jett (00:18.991)
34. #72n  Scott Hantz (00:19.008)
35. #98s  Russell Fleeman (00:19.043)
36. #7n  Jason Dietsch (00:19.057)
37. #12n  Tony Strupp (00:19.121)
38. #1n  Jeep Pflum (00:19.140)
39. #126n  David Finney (00:19.191)
40. #27n  Jeff Berg (00:19.245)
41. #18n  Robert Maynor (00:19.322)
42. #25n  Gary Pedley (00:19.559)
43. #112s  Ricky Wilkerson (00:20.820)

Saturday, 1:35pm CT –  Final practice just wrapped up for the CRA Super Series and it was Michigan racer Andy Ponstein setting fast time.  We will have a full rundown shortly.

Here is the final practice times for the ASA Late Model Series.  Of note, 13-year-old Pro Challenge graduate Logan Ruffin spun and hit the inside pit wall during the final practice session, but the damage didn't appear to be severe.

1. 21n Robbie Pyle 18.941----113.278 MPH
2. 77c Brian Campbell 19.022
3. 12c Michael Annett 19.077
4. 35c Keeton Hanks 19.156
5. 89c Travis Dassow 19.187
6. 13n Derek Thorn-R 19.200
7. 8c Eddie Hoffman 19.203
8. 26s Travis Cope- R19.207
9. 5n Jeremy Miller-R 19.210
10. 2n Michael Bilderback-R 19.221
11. 32c Sean Murphy-R 19.234
12. 86s Jimmy Lang-R 19.253
13. 09s John Wes Townley 19.258
14. 5c Kris Stump 19.271
15. 01c Alec Carll-R 19.280
16. 21c Terry VanHaitsma-R 19.299
17. 81n Jesse Smith 19.339
18. 39n Ryan Carlson 19.342
19. 33s Dillon Oliver 19.344
20. 88n Trent Snyder 19.378
21. 11c Peter Cozzolino 19.380
22. 123n Chris Koslek-R 19.403
23. 72c Jacob Goede-R 19.406
24. 12n Josh Adams-R 19.414
25. 83s David Wilson-R 19.428
26. 33n Wes Griffith Jr. 19.441
27. 5s Wes Burton-R 19.484
28. 15s Cody Smith-R 19.498
29. 89n Pete Vanderwyst 19.512
30. 59c Greg Boone-R 19.514
31. 76s Logan Ruffin-R 19.515
32. 14s Brent Seeley-R 19.516
33. 38s Bo Miller 19.572
34. 16n Austin Siebert-R 19.590
35. 4n Thor Anderson-R 19.599
36. 108n Bear Lynch-R 19.627
37. 14c Jim Ross 19.646
38. 7s Michael Driskell-R 19.672
39. 08s Beau Slocumb 19.697
40. 22n Chris Eggleston-R 19.706
41. 31n Darren Robertson-R 19.714
42. 84s Mike Alexander Jr.-R 19.718
43. 53s Steve Swaintek-R 19.739
44. 18c Robert Maynor-R 19.767
45. 47s Chris Fontaine-R 19.917
46. 94s Jason Miller 19.945
47. 40c Greg Stewart 19.962
48. 147s Dakota Stroup-R 19.966
49. 44c Josh Cave-R 20.008
50. 16s T.W. Fisher-R 20.131
51. 05s Tommy Climer-R NO TIME
52. 28s Drew Brannon-R NO TIME
53. 31s Josh Byrns-R NO TIME
54. 96 Mickey Wright-R NO TIME
55. 98s Zach Taylor-R NO TIME
56. 108s Sean Bass-R NO TIME

Saturday, 1:00pm CT –  It is a great day for racing action here at Music City Motorplex in Nashville (TN) for the Adam Petty Memorial All American 400 weekend.  This historic event has brought out over 100 Late Model Stock and Super Late Model racers to participate in the two main events of the weekend for the ASA Late Model Series (later today) and the CRA Super Series (tomorrow).

This morning and into the early afternoon, practice sessions for both series alternate until 1:30 pm (Central).  The CRA Super Series drivers are on the track for their final practice session.   Josh Vadnais has been the driver everyone has been aiming for as he set fast time in the morning practice sessions.

In the ASA Late Model Series, Robbie Pyle set quickest time.  A full rundown from Friday’s practice session will be coming soon.
Andy Ponstein set fast time in the final CRA practice.  (51 Photo)
It is a beautiful day for racing at Nashville.   (51 Photo)
Mike Cope was a contender in the All American 400 in the past, but now his son Travis (#26) will try to put his name in the history books.   (51 Photo)
Sean Murphy is pulling double duty, racing both series events this weekend.   (51 Photo)
Boris Jerkovic is the defending winner of the CRA portion of the All American weekend.   (51 Photo)
Wes Burton and the rest of the ASA teams are preparing their cars for qualifying.   (51 Photo)
The #43 of Dennis Schoenfeld receives an engine change.   (51 Photo)
While some drivers work on their cars, the others are getting their final practice laps in.   (51 Photo)
Logan Ruffin spun his car during practice, but didn't do much of any damage to his car.   (51 Photo)
We were able to sneak a peek at the winner's trophy for the ASALMS event before the race: the famous Copley guitar.  (51 Photo)
Justin Drawdy missed the show by one position, and will have to race his way into the field tomorrow.  (51 Photo)
Jason Hogan is a former winner at the All American 400 (2005).   (51 Photo)
Josh Vadnais qualified third for the CRA Super Series event.   (51 Photo)
John Van Doorn set fast time in the CRA Super Series qualifying session. (51 Photo)
Because the scoreboard here at MMP is not working, there's a guy holding up the lap number periodically for the fans to see.  But everyone's asking, what will he do when we hit triple digits?  Stay tuned... (51 Photo)
The ASALMS drivers are lined up on pit road. (51 Photo)
I guess we got that answer. (51 Photo)
Eddie Hoffman and his fourth guitar from Nashville. (51 Photo)
Jeremy Miller overlooks what was a race-winning car. (51 Photo)