Trackside Now: Winchester 400 - Sunday
Ryan Lawler Wins The Winchester 400
Sunday, 5:00pm ET – Ryan Lawler knows winning.  He's won PASS South races and might be on his way to a PASS South Championship.  But nothing he's done thus far even compares to what he did on Sunday.  Lawler held off a stout group of drivers to win the 36th Annual Winchester 400. 

Lawler was one of only three cars on the lead lap at the end of the day.  He finished ahead of rookie John Van Doorn and Nextel Cup star David Stremme.

Rick Turner, who was one lap down, finished fourth.  Terry Fisher Jr. was fifth, also just one lap down.

Unofficial Winchester 400 Results
1. Ryan Lawler, 400 laps
2. John Van Doorn, 400
3. David Stremme, 400
4. Rick Turner, 399
5. Terry Fisher Jr., 399
6. Tommy St. John, 398
7. Dennis Schoenfeld, 395
8. Jeff Fultz, 395
9. Jim Crabtree Jr., 393
10. Andy Hanson, 393
11. Jason Dietsch, 383
12. Robert Maynor, 382
13. Chris Gabehart, 371
14, Sean Matthuis, 369
15. Donald Karr Jr, 358
16. Rich Segvich, 362
17. Scott Hantz, 334
18. Brian Scott, 334
19, Tommy Cook, 333
20. Danny Jackson, 311
21. Chet Blanton, 311
22. Augie Grill, 302
23. Brian Rievley, 275
24. Jeff Lane, 231
25. Justin Drawdy, 221
26. Bull Baker, 191
27. Justin Alsip, 189
28, Scott Whitehouse, 181
29, Robbie Pyle, 177
30. Adam Purdy, 169
31. JR Roahrig, 162
32. Stanley Smith, 155
33. Boris Jurkovic, 120
34. Jack Smith, 116
35. Jay Middleton, 96
36. Kyle Busch, 85
37. Johnny Bellott III, 60
38. Dave Wilson, 52
39. Kenny Tweedy, 50
40. Jason Shively, 45

Sunday, 4:00pm ET – Ryan Lawler has won the 36th Annual Winchester 400.  He pulled away late in the race from John Van Doorn and David Stremme to take the win, which came from the pole.  They were the only three cars on the lead lap at the finish.

Rick Turner and Tommy St. John rounded out the top-five. will have full results soon.

Sunday, 3:46pm ET – There are just 25 laps to go and Ryan Lawler still holds the lead over John Van DoornDavid Stremme is in third but doesn't appear to be catching the leaders. 

Lawler had an anxious moment when lapping Tommy St. John and Chris Gabehart.  Gabehart's car slowed suddenly in front of St. John and the leaders.  Lawler got into the rear of St. John, but all were able to continue.  There are four cars on the lead lap.

Sunday, 3:34pm ET – Another caution takes out two lead lap cars this time.  Brian Scott and Scott Hantz wrecked on the frontstretch while racing for a top-five position.  Scott got into the right rear of Hantz's machine and both slammed into the outside wall. Scott has climbed out of his car and Hantz is still in the car being pulled back to the infield.  Both cars are done for the day.

Sunday, 3:30pm ET – Caution once again, as Sean Matthuis, Danny Jackson, Chet Blanton and Scott Whitehouse have all wrecked in turn four on lap 321.  It looks like the damage is enough to end the day for Jackson and Blanton.

Sunday, 3:26pm ET – Caution once again, as Sean Matthuis, Danny Jackson, Chet Blanton and Scott Whitehouse have all wrecked in turn four on lap 321.  It looks like the damage is enough to end the day for Jackson and Blanton.

Sunday, 3:23pm ET – Another caution, as on lap 308, Augie Grill has gotten into the turn two wall. 

Most of the lead lap cars pitted under this caution except for Ryan Lawler, who now takes over the lead.  David Stremme came out of the pits in first and will be running second when the green comes out.  There are currently eight cars on the lead lap.. they are: Lawler, Stremme, John Van Doorn, Brian Scott, Scott Hantz, Chris Gabehart, Rick Turner and Tommy St. John.

Sunday, 3:17pm ET – The first 300 laps are now done and David Stremme has a straightaway length lead over second-place John Van Doorn.  But the car on the move is Ryan Lawler, who is stalking for second.  Brian Scott has fallen to fourth.  There are still 23 cars running on the track.

Sunday, 3:10pm ET – The first lead change of the day to happen on the track has come on lap 277 as David Stremme is back up front, taking the top spot from Brian Scott.  But hot on their trails is John Van Doorn. Ryan Lawler and Chris Gabehart round out the top-five.

Brian Reivley has dropped out of the event, blowing a engine.

Sunday, 2:55pm ET – The caution is out again, as Jeff Lane has folded up the rearend of his #11 machine in turn one on lap 234.  Both Jeff Fultz and Brian Reivley got a piece of the action as well, but continued on.

Sunday, 2:50pm ET – Another favorite bites the dust.  Justin Drawdy, who was still on the lead lap, sounded to have lost a engine on lap 221 and pulled off the track.  He joins an impressive list of names already out of the event.

Sunday, 2:45pm ET – Another yellow... as Donald Karr Jr. has crashed on the backstretch.   David Stremme continues to lead, with Brian Scott now in second.

Stremme pitted on this caution though, handing the lead to Scott.  There are still 10 cars on the lead lap.

Sunday, 2:41pm ET – We are halfway in the 36th Annual Winchester 400 and David Stremme continues to lead. Rick Turner is second, followed by Tommy St. John, Ryan Lawler and Brian Scott

There are still 24 cars running at halfway.

Interesting note... Tommy Cook, who is already several laps down, is changing a gear mid-race to try and help out his car.

Sunday, 2:31pm ET – Lap 194 has brought out our first red flag of the day causing several lead lap cars trouble.

The lapped car of Bull Baker spun and got into the wall near the front of the field in turn one and came back across the track.  Several cars were invovled in the aftermath, including Andy Hanson, Scott Hantz, Rick Turner, Terry Fisher Jr, Brian Reivley and Danny Jackson.  All cars continued except for Baker.

Sunday, 2:28pm ET – Lap 190 has come and gone and David Stremme has opened up a huge lead on the rest of the field.  Ryan Lawler currently runs second, with John Van Doorn, Justin Drawdy and Chris Gabehart the top-five.

Early race leader Brian Scott has struggled in traffic and still runs in ninth.  Robbie Pyle, another of the race's favorites, has retired from the event as well.

Reports on Kyle Busch tell us the team broke a wheel, which sheared off the studs, forcing him to retire from the event.

Sunday, 2:23pm ET – The 10 cars on the lead lap at this time are...  David Stremme, Ryan Lawler, John Van Doorn, Justin Drawdy, Chris Gabehart, Andy Hanson, Scott Hantz, Rick Turner, Brian Scott and Tommy St. John.

Sunday, 2:15pm ET – The fifth-caution is out, as JR Roahrig has gotten into the inside wall on the backstretch. 

Brian Scott pitted for the first time on lap 165 under the caution, handing the lead to David Stremme.

There are currently 10 cars on the lead lap.

Sunday, 2:10pm ET – There are 157 laps down and Brian Scott continues to lead. 
But the car on the move is David Stremme, who is now in second-place. 

Several cars have retired from the event, including Jay Middleton, who's team went under the rhood before pushing him behind the wall, and Stanley Smith, who got into the wall in a lead-lap battle with Chris Gabehart and Robbie Pyle.

Sunday, 2:00pm ET – The pace of the race has been pretty fast thus far today.  But we are under our fourth caution of the day here on lap 121.  Jack Smith and Scott Whitehouse got into an accident in turn one, heavily damaging both cars. 

The lead lap cars are pitting for the first time under this caution with the exception of Brian Scott.  So far, Scott has led every lap.

Prior to this caution, there were 18 cars still on the lead lap. 

Going back to green, Scott leads, followed by Rick Turner, Ryan Lawler, David Stremme and John Van Doorn.

Sunday, 1:48pm ET – One of the contenders for today's win might just be out of it.  Kyle Busch slowed under green on lap 84 and made a sudden move for the pits.  The team changed the tires, but Busch came back in a couple of laps later.  He has since come back in the pits and climbed out of the car.

Sunday, 1:38pm ET – The third caution of the day is out for a four-car accident on lap 60.  It started when Johnny Belott III blew an engine on the frontstretch.  Behind him, several cars stacked up in the smoke, including Tommy Cook, Scott Whitehouse, Robert Maynor and Justin Alsip. 

The top-five right now are Brian Scott, Ryan Lawler, Justin Drawdy, Jeff Lane and John Van Doorn.

Kenny Tweedy and Jason Shively have dropped out of the event.

Sunday, 1:34pm ET – The caution is out for the second time today... there was debris in turn two.  Jeff Fultz and Kyle Busch were among those to pit again.

Sunday, 1:28pm ET – Brian Scott is still leading the race here at Winchester, but we've had our first caution.  Brian Rievley spun on his own in turn two on lap 44.  Two cars behind him took evasive action and got a bit of damage, including Dave Wilson and Sean Matthuis.  Justin Drawdy, who was running third early, slapped the wall in turn one and two on lap 37, but was able to keep going.  He's currently in third.  Tommy Cook also fell off the pace and made a green flag stop. 

Robbie Pyle, Jeff Fultz and Kyle Busch are among the drivers that have made stops on this first caution.   

Sunday, 1:20pm ET – We are still gree here at Winchester.  there are several cars going a lap down early, and Kyle Busch and David Stremme are marching through the field from the back.  Brian Scott has still led every one of the 28 laps so far. 

Sunday, 1:14pm ET – The green is out here at Winchester. Ryan Lawler elected to start on the outside of the front row, but it was Brian Scott who got the jump and has led the first couple of laps. 

Sunday, 1:03pm ET – The engines have fired here at Winchester and the green flag will be waving soon.  We'll have updates as the day goes on.

Sunday, 12:30pm ET – The autograph session has wrapped up and the pre-race ceremonies will be starting here shortly.

A humorous note from the track... both David Stremme and Kyle Busch have "presidential" style security around them here... "literally."  There is a security team here that is using the race weekend and walking with Busch and Stremme as a practice run should the President or any other high-ranking dignitary ever come to the East-Central Indiana area.  At any given time, Stremme and Busch each have at least three or four member of the security team with a perimeter around them.

Sunday, 11:30am ET – The rest of the schedule for today looks like this...  The autograph session is set to begin at 11:30, although its running behind right now.  The pre-race ceremonies will begin at 12:30 and the green is scheduled for 1pm.

36th Annual Winchester 400 Starting Lineup
1.Ryan Lawler
2.Brian Scott
3.Justin Drawdy
4.Robbie Pyle
5.Brian Rievley
6.John VanDoorn
7.Jeff Lane
8.Rick Turner
9.Scott Hantz
10.Chris Gabehart
11.JR Roahrig
12.Jeff Fultz
13.Boris Jurkovich
14.Stanley Smith
15.Danny Jackson
16.Andy Hanson
17.John Belott
18.Terry  Fisher, Jr.
19.Jason Dietch
20.Tommy Cook
21.Jay Middleton
22.Kenny Tweedy
23.Chet Blanton
24.Auggie Grill
25.Sean Matthis
26.Jason Shively
27.Tommy St. John
28.Dennis Schoenfeld
29.Jim Crabtree, Jr.
30.Bull Baker
31.Jack Smith
32.Donald Karr
33.Robert Maynor
34.Adam Purdy
35.David Stremme
36.Kyle Busch
37.Dave Wilson
38.Rich Segvich
39.Justin Alsip
40.Scott Whitehouse

Sunday, 11:00am ET – The only practice session for the day got a late start, but when it was over, a total of 31 cars took to the track to get in one final session before the start of today's event. 

And to no one's surprise, the two fastest cars were two drivers that were not in attendance yesterday.  Kyle Busch and David Stremme, who each came in from North Carolina last night after running in the Nextel Cup event, were the two fastest cars.  There were no incidents in the session.

Sunday Morning SLM Practice Results
1.Kyle Busch  15.643
2.David Stremme 15.739
3.Terry Fisher Jr.  15.748
4.Jeff Lane  15.770
5.Brian Scott  15.881
6.Chris Gabehart 15.900
7.John Van Doorn  15.909
8.Jason Shively  15.916
9.Rick Turner  15.931
10.Tommy St. John  15.936
11.Jeff Fultz 15.951
12.Andy Hanson  16.045
13.Johnny Bellott II  16.047
14.Jim Crabtree Jr  16.067
15.Dennis Schoenfeld  16.071
16.Boris Jurkovic  16.142
17.Ryan Lawler  16.151
18.Sean Matthuis  16.173
19.Jack Smith  16.181
20.Bull Baker  16.188
21.Danny Jackson  16.201
22.Kenny Tweedy  16.214
23.Rich Segvich  16.351
24.Robbie Pyle 16.380
25.Tommy Cook  16.423
26.Brian Reivley  16.671
27.Stanley Smith  16.870
28.Robert Maynor  16.963
29.Justin Alsip  17.495
30.Scott Whitehouse  19.837
31.Adam Purdy  20.455

Sunday, 10:00am ET – The engines have fired here at Winchester Speedway for the days only warmup session for the CRA Super Series event.  The teams will have a 20-minute practice session this morning to get their car ready before getting them through tech and to the grid for the on-track autograph session.

Sunday, 9:45am ET – The drivers meeting has wrapped up and the action on the track will get underway soon.

There were a few notes that CRA Super Series race director Glenn Luckett pointed out during the driver’s meeting. 

Today, there will be a Lucky Dog rule.  Most CRA races do not run with a Lucky Dog rule.  Like other series, it will be the first car behind the leader that is one lap down.  If there are no cars one-lap down, the first car two-laps down will receive the Lucky Dog.  The Lucky Dog cars can pit, but have to pit with the lapped cars.

Slow cars must stay to the bottom of the track.  The teams are also allowed 12 tires in their pit stalls.  They can change eight during the race, with four more in the pits for emergency flats.  The teams can also only change two tires per yellow flag, witch also includes swapping tires (moving a right front to a right rear).

Sunday, 9:00am ET – It’s raceday here at beautiful Winchester Speedway.  Right now, the weather is cold and crisp, with overcast clouds hanging over the speedway.  But come racetime, the track should be perfect for racing, with temps in the upper 60s and lots of sun.

Kyle Busch and David Stremme have both made it to the track, as did Scott Whitehouse, who blew a engine in practice on Friday.  So a total of 40 cars will start today’s Winchester 400.  The teams have their cars set up in the proper pit stalls.  The final four pit stalls on pit road will be shared by teams until cars start dropping out of the event. 


David Stremme's #40 was second-quick in the morning practice session.
Scott Whitehouse was also able to show up and will start at the back of the pack today.
The final four pit stalls on pit road are shared... until someone falls out of the event at least.
Glenn Luckett talks at the driver's meeting.
There have been more than a few people watching Kyle Busch and his team work.
There is quite a security team hanging around the "stars" here at the track today.
The race is underway at Winchester.
Turn one and two has been tough on cars.. here it got Jeff Lane (#11).
Kyle Busch looks over his car after retiring from the event.
Jack Smith (#28) and Scott Whitehouse (#22) were in this lap 121 wreck.
Brian Scott's (#01) day came to a crashing end in this lap 335 wreck with Scott Hantz.
Ryan Lawler saw his number at the top of the board when 400 laps was complete.
David Stremme (left) and John Van Doorn (right) were on the podium with Lawler.
The Winchester 400 is hard on equipment.
Running the whole race can wear a driver out... just ask Ohio native Jason Dietsch.