Trackside Now: Winchester 400 - Saturday
It's A Southern Sweep At Lawler Grabs Winchester 400 Pole
Saturday, 6:35pm ET – Bob Varney led start-to-finish in the caution-free 50-lap USPRO "Sneak Peak 50" at Winchester.  Varney got the jump on polesitter Michael Gaier, caught Varney, but fell out of the event on lap 28.  From there, Varney pulled away.

USPRO Results
1. Bob Varney
2. Wes Griffith Jr.
3. Al Cook Jr.
4. Kevin Todd
5. Royce Mason II
6. Robert Maynor
7. Jack Varney Jr.
8. Pat Zorn
9. Tommy Cook
10. Lonnie Saumier
11. Michael Gaier

Saturday, 6:00pm ET – It's a "Southern Sweep" here at Winchester Speedway in CRA Super Series qualifying. 

Texas-native Ryan Lawler set a new track record for Super Late Models at Winchester, winning the pole for Sunday's 36th running of the Winchester 400.  Lawler's lap of 15.189 seconds just topped the lap of Danny Jackson from last year's Winchester 400.  Jackson's old record was 15.192 seconds. 

Fellow Southern driver driver Brian Scott qualified second, over a tenth slower than Lawler.  Scott turned the half-mile at 15.350.  Florida driver Justin Drawdy qualified third.  Robbie Pyle and Brian Rievley rounded out the top-five.

SLM Qualifying Results
1.Ryan Lawler15.189
2.Brian Scott15.350
3.Justin Drawdy15.386
4.Robbie Pyle15.420
5.Brian Rievley15.424
6.John VanDoorn15.446
7.Jeff Lane15.451
8.Rick Turner15.464
9.Scott Hantz15.493
10.Chris Gabehart15.499
11.JR Roahrig15.519
12.Jeff Fultz15.592
13.Boris Jurkovich15.593
14.Stanley Smith15.611
15.Danny Jackson15.612
16.Andy Hanson15.625
17.John Belott15.635
18.Terry  Fisher, Jr.15.672
19.Jason Dietch15.680
20.Tommy Cook15.707
21.Jay Middleton15.727
22.Kenny Tweedy15.733
23.Chet Blanton15.754
24.Auggie Grill15.768
25.Sean Matthis15.776
26.Jason Shively15.779
27.Tommy St. John15.785
28.Dennis Schoenfeld15.807
29.Jim Crabtree, Jr.15.837
30.Bull Baker15.848
31.Jack Smith15.853
32.Dave Wilson16.120
33.Robert Maynor16.188
34.Adam Purdy16.355
35.Rich Segvich16.489
36.Donald Karr16.753
37.Justin Alsip17.178
38.David Stremme   No Time
39.Kyle BuschNo Time
40.Scott WhitehouseNo Time

Saturday, 4:45pm ET – Qualifying for the CRA Super Series is up next, scheduled to go off at 5pm or a little there after.

Rick Boyer was the fastest of the 26 cars that took qualifying time for the CRA cars.

CRA Street Stock Qualifying Top Five
1. Rick Boyer  19.007
2. Jeff Perry  19.191
3. Carl Muffley  19.265
4. Calvin Parham  19.304
5. Steve Blair  19.316

Saturday, 4:15pm ET – Michael Gaier kept the theme of the final guy qualifying setting quick time, as he won the pole for tonight's USPRO 50-lapper.  There are 11 cars that took time for the USPRO cars.

USPRO Qualifying Top Five
1. Michael Gaier  16.170
2. Bob Varney  16.189
3. Wes Griffith Jr.  16.223
4. Royce Mason II  16.585
5. Al Cook Jr.  16.636

CRA Super Series qualifying is set for 5pm.

Saturday, 4:00pm ET – We were able to catch up with a very tired Justin Drawdy following CRA Super Series practice.   Drawdy, who raced last night in the Blizzard Series event at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida, made the trip up to Winchester for the 400.

Drawdy had sent one hauler up to Winchester with one car and another hauler to Pensacola with another car.  A few team members headed to Winchester to prepare that car, while the rest of his guys went to Pensacola.

Drawdy told us he boarded a plane about 30 minutes outside of Pensacola at 2:30am last night and got to Winchester around 6am Saturday morning.  He was able to get to the hotel and shower and was at Winchester at 8:30am this morning.

"I'll sleep good tonight," said a very tired Drawdy.

Saturday, 3:55pm ET – Jeff Lane was able to get his #11 machine fixed and took some hot laps right before the start of USPRO Qualifying.  The team practically repleaced everything in the right front of the car.

Saturday, 3:45pm ET – Harold Scott was the last driver to qualify for the Modified "Run for the Gun" 50-lapper on Saturday night.  And of the 31 cars that qualified, Scott was the fastest. 

Modified Qualifying Top-Five
1. Harold Scott  16.519
2. Kyle Jones  16.662
3. Dave Stacy  16.668
4. Jeff Weston  16.704
5. Mark Timmerman  16.738

Saturday, 2:45pm ET – Kenny Tweedy drew the #1 qualifying position for tonight's CRA qualifying.  Qualifying is set for 5pm.

CRA Qualifying Order
1.Kenny Tweedy
2.Boris Jurkovic
3.Jason Shively
4.Stanley Smith
5.Dave Wilson
6.Tommy St. John
7.Dennis Schoenfeld
8.Danny Jackson
9.Chris Gabehart
10.Rich Segvich
11.Jack Smith
12.John Van Doorn
13.Tommy Cook
14.Adam Purdy
15.Sean Matthuis
16.Andy Hanson
17.Augie Grill
18.Ryan Lawler
19.Brian Rievley
20.Bull Baker
21.Jeff Fultz
22.Brian Scott
23.Jay Middleton
24.Justin Drawdy
25.Terry Fisher Jr.
26.JR Roahrig
27.Johnny Belott III
28.Robbie Pyle
29.Donald Karr Jr.
30.Chet Blanton
31.Jim Crabtree Jr.
32.Jason Dietsch
33.Scott Hantz
34.Justin Alsip
35.Jeff Lane
36.Rick Turner
37.Robert Maynor
38.David Stremme
39.Kyle Busch
40.Scott Whitehouse

Saturday, 2:30pm ET – There are a couple of interesting notes from around the pit area.

There are some familar faces here in the pits at Winchester... some that would normally be behind the wheel, but instead, are helping out.  Mike Cope, and his son Travis, are both here helping out fellow Florida driver Jay Middleton.  Cope is a former Winchester 400 winner.  In fact, he's won the event multimple times.

Also here in the pits is Jack Landis.  Landis, who has competed in the Winchester 400 before with both the ASA National Tour and the CRA Super Series, is helping out Danny Jackson.

David Stremme's #40 Hamke Race Cars and Park machine, which Stremme will pilot in the 400 on Sunday, is here at the track and unloaded, up on jack stands.  Kyle Busch's #51, is not unloaded yet.   Both Busch and Stremme will compete in tomorrow's event after flying into Winchester on Sunday morning following tonight's Nextel Cup race at Lowe's Motor Speedway.

SLM driver Scott Whitehouse was at the track on Friday and practice, but blew an engine in a big way.  Whitehouse left the track and is going to try and make it back for the Winchester event, but isn't sure of his prospects.

As of right now, only 39 Super Late Models at at Winchester.  The race calls to start 36, but CRA officials will likely not run a Last Chance race tonight and start everyone in attendance. 

There are only nine USPRO cars here for the race tonight.  There are 30-plus Modifieds.

Saturday, 1:55pm ET – Justin Drawdy is hoping to have more fun than he had last night... and he's well on his way.  Drawdy made the long trip from Pensacola, Florida (he came via plane) to Winchester after racing in the Blizzard Series at Five Flags Speedway on Friday night, where he wrecked and lost a shot at the Blizzard Series title after coming in second in the points.

Drawdy was fastest in the second round and final round of practice for the Super Late Models.  The day's fastest in the first session, Brian Scott, didn't go out to practice this time around.

There were no major incidents, but a couple of guys for a "Winchester stripe" after hitting the wall.  The groove here at Winchester is right against the outside wall, much like at the famed Darlington Raceway in South Carolina. Sean Matthis was one of those guys, who hit it pretty hard.

SLM Practice 2 Results
1.Justin Drawdy15.648
2.Robbie Pyle15.679
3.Ryan Lawler15.713
4.Tommy St. John15.731
5.Jeff Fultz15.740
6.Boris Jurkovich15.759
7.Chris Gabehart15.806
8.Brian Rievley15.809
9.Rick Turner15.851
10.Tommy Cook15.857
11.Andy Hanson15.869
12.Jay Middleton15.875
13.John VanDoorn15.877
14.Jason Shively15.913
15.JR Roahrig15.914
16.John Belott15.921
17.Jack Smith15.931
18.Terry  Fisher, Jr.15.962
19.Bull Baker15.967
20.Dennis Schoenfeld15.971
21.Jason Dietch15.982
22.Kenny Tweedy15.985
23.Danny Jackson16.037
24.Jim Crabtree, Jr.16.053
25.Scott Hantz16.154
26.Auggie Grill16.164
27.Stanley Smith16.197
28.Chet Blanton16.217
29.Sean Matthis16.296
30.Robert Maynor16.468
31.Rich Segvich16.595
32.Adam Purdy16.743
33.Donald Karr16.890
34.Dave Wilson16.919
35.Justin Alsip17.372
36.Brian ScottNo Time
37.Jeff LaneNo Time

Saturday, 1:00pm ET – Just a note to bare with us today at Winchester everyone.  Out in rural Eastern Indiana, internet signal is sometimes sketchy at best.  We will try and keep the website updated as much as possible.

The CRA Super Late Models will have another practice starting at 1:15 for 45 minutes.  We'll have the rundown after is all over.

Saturday, 12:45pm ET – Here are some brief practice times from the other divisions that have already went out today thus far.

USPRO Practice Top Three
1. Wes Griffith Jr.  16.434
2. Michael Gaier  16.458
3. Tommy Cook  16.508

Modifieds Practice Top Three
1. Mark Timmerman  16.643
2. Dave Stacy  16.672
3. Mike Stacy  16.695

Saturday, 12:30pm ET – There was some action at the track last night (Friday night), as the CRA Sportsman and CRA

In the CRA Sportsman Series, Charlie Hanna won the 50-lap event and also clinched Rookie of the Year.  Billy Hutson won the series 2007 Championship.

In the CRA FWD (Front Wheel Drives), Greg de St. Jean wrapped up title by winning Friday night’s 20-lap event.

Saturday, 12:15pm ET – The USPro Series is wrapping up its first of two practice sessions here today.  The CRA Super Late Models and Modified have already each had a practice session.

There was one incident in the morning’s CRA event that had some major implications.  Jeff Lane, one of the quickest cars in the field, blew a tire and hit the wall.  The team is currently working on repairing the car. 

SLM Practice 1 Results
1.Brian Scott15.519
2.Ryan Lawler15.554
3.Chris Gabehart15.622
4.Robbie Pyle15.645
5.Jeff Lane15.669
6.Scott Hantz15.681
7.Rick Turner15.697
8.John VanDoorn15.745
9.Tommy St. John15.811
10.Jason Dietch15.836
11.Justin Drawdy15.856
12.John Belott15.907
13.Terry  Fisher, Jr.15.916
14.Auggie Grill15.927
15.Jason Shively15.929
16.Tommy Cook15.934
17.Andy Hanson15.936
18.Jeff Fultz15.942
19.Jay Middleton15.943
20.Danny Jackson15.973
21.Bull Baker16.003
22.Brian Rievley16.051
23.Jim Crabtree, Jr.16.060
24.Boris Jurkovich16.142
25.Chet Blanton16.161
26.Dennis Schoenfeld16.170
27.Stanley Smith16.230
28.JR Roahrig16.323
29.Sean Matthis16.412
30.Adam Purdy16.512
31.Kenny Tweedy16.584
32.Robert Maynor16.682
33.Dave Wilson16.741
34.Rich Segvich16.777
35.Donald Karr16.791
36.Justin Alsip31.028

Saturday 12:00pm ET – Here we are at the famed Winchester Speedway in Indiana for the Winchester 400 weekend.   It’s beautiful here, with temps in the upper 50s and low 60s and just a few clouds in the sky.

The campground is also packed with campers, which is a large tradition here at the Winchester 400 dating back to the days when this was an ASA National Tour event and the likes of Dick Trickle, Mark Martin and others partied in the campgrounds after the day’s events. 

Today is actually the second day of the weekend’s events, but Friday consisted of nothing by practice for Sunday’s 400-lap affair for the CRA Super Late Models.  Today, the Super Late Models will also be practicing and qualifying, as well as running a last chance race if need be.

Currently, there are 39 Super Late Models here with several outsiders as well.  Those include Brian Scott, Ryan Lawler, Justin Drawdy, Dennis Schoenfeld and Augie Grill just to name a few.

But Super Late Models isn’t all that on the docket for today.  The USA Modifieds
(IMCA style Asphalt Modifieds), USPro Series (another division of the ASA Late Model Series) and the CRA Street Stocks are here as well. 

The camping area outside of turn one and two is packed full of campers.
The sign says it all... racing and a "party."
Sometimes Winchester's high banks intimidate racers... but not Justin Drawdy (#12), who was fast in the final round of practice.
Robbie Pyle was second fastest in final practice.
Winchester Speedway can be a unforgiving place... as a couple of guys found out already, including CRA star Jeff Lane (top).
Kenny Tweedy drew the first pill for qualifying.
David Stremme might not be at Winchester yet, but his car is... and its drawn a lot of looks by those in the pits.
Travis Cope (left) and his father Mike are here helping out Jay Middleton (right).
Brian Scott sat out the final practice session.
Justin Drawdy and some of his teammembers are very tired after their trip from Florida to Indiana.
Harold Scott was the fastest Modified at Winchester.
Ryan Lawler saw his number at the top of the qualifying board with a new track record.
Brian Scott was second fast in qualifying.
Drawdy toured Winchester in a blur.