BDI Racing Launching Into the Future Backed By Passionate Supporters
Hamke Racecars, Racing Electronics and Circle Racing Wheels on Board for Short Track Success
Race fans may see SPEED television correspondent Bob Dillner on their TV screens week in and week out following the big stories from the NASCAR garage, but when the cameras turn off, part of Dillner’s passion switches from the garage areas of the major racing series to the short tracks of America. 

Dillner’s zeal for short track racing formulated his plans for a short track driver development team, BDI Racing, which will be taking tracks across the Southeast by storm throughout 2007.  With BDI Racing stable’s addition of a Super Late Model, that will be wheeled by 14-year-old up-and-coming driver Zach Stroupe in various series around the region, BDI Racing is launching toward a bright future fueled by short track passion and a loyal group of supporters and marketing partners that are ready to follow the BDI Racing team down the path of short track success.

14-year-old Zach Stroupe will have the benefit of several loyal sponsors when he makes his first Super Late Model starts in a Hamke racecar for BDI Racing later this summer.  (51 Photos)
“We’ve aligned the BDI Racing team with some of the most respected companies in not just short track racing but in asphalt circle track racing period,” said Dillner, who will also be providing opportunities for 11-year-old Nick Stroupe in the Aaron’s Pro Challenge Series.  “We have plans not only to help the drivers that we have in the BDI Racing stable succeed this year, but we’re also in the works to bring several other drivers into victory lane in other series, as well.

“Our drivers will be given every opportunity to succeed on the racetrack, but that would not be possible if it wasn’t for the support of companies such as Hamke Racecars, Racing Electronics and Circle Racing Wheels.”

Robert Hamke is a legendary chassis builder of short track racecars, whose machines have visited victory lane in series such as the ASA National Tour and various Super Late Model series throughout the country.  Based in Mooresville, NC, Hamke Racecars has been providing the chassis that has recorded victories in prestigious races such as the Snowball Derby and the All American 400, among others. 
“I’ve known Robert Hamke since our ASA days,” said Dillner.  “He has always been ahead of the game when it comes to chassis technology, and his cars have been the ones to beat wherever they were.  Hamke cars are fast and easy to handle, which make them perfect for a young driver like Zach to learn in, but at the same time compete on the highest levels of short track racing.  And the workmanship from Robert and his guys are second-to-none.”

The BDI Racing team is also proud to have an association with Racing Electronics, the industry leader in on-track communications. 
Circle Racing Wheels and Racing Electronics have helped bring Nick Stroupe success in his first Pro Challenge starts of 2007.
“If you look through the garage area from NEXTEL Cup to the pit area at the weekly tracks around the country, it seems like every car has a Racing Electronics radio system in it.  There’s a reason for that – it’s because they’re the best.  I’ve been friends with Bruce Silver and Kevin Hughes from RE for several years, and there is no better operation to have involved with our team than RE. 

“With having young drivers in our stable, it’s important to know that their spotters and crew chiefs can coach them along on the track, so communication is going to be extremely crucial to the team’s development.  That’s why having a reliable communications system is going to be key, and there’s no more reliable company out there than RE to provide it.”

But of course, the team would have a hard time achieving success without being able to have the rubber hit the track.  There are many different wheel companies involved in short track racing, but there’s only one that shares the same passion for short track racing that Dillner and everyone at BDI racing has – Circle Racing Wheels.
“Some people may say that ‘a wheel is a wheel,’ but anyone involved in racing can attest that a broken wheel can be a disaster.  Circle Racing Wheels has a longstanding tradition of having the toughest, most durable, yet fastest wheels on the market today, and I’m extremely proud to have them on all four corners of not just our Super Late Model, but our Legends Cars as well.”

The list of proud supporters of the BDI Racing team is growing as the racing season continues into the spring months.  Marketing partnerships with the BDI Racing team and Bob Dillner are still available.  For more information on how partnering with BDI Racing can provide noticeable benefits for any company, contact Matt Kentfield at BDI Racing at (704) 788-2134 ext: 5.