Trackside Now: ASA Late Models at Bristol Motor Speedway
Goede Wins After Murphy Breaks On Last Lap
Saturday, 11:35am - While today's practice session went off relatively unscathed, a couple of cars did get torn up in practice Friday.  Two of them, the machines wheeled by Jesse Smith and Keeton Hanks, took hard hits into the wall because of wheel failures.  Turns out, it wasn't an issue with the track, but the wheels that both teams were using were recalled in fear of those problems, and sure enough those problems arose yesterday.  Both drivers have gone to backup cars for today's race.

Today's ASALM event is a Challenge Series points event.  Unlike most Challenge Series races, the teams will be racing on bias-ply tires instead of the usual radial tires.  Of the three ASALM division (Challenge, North and South), the Challenge Division is the only one that normally runs on radials.  Our unscientific poll of the drivers in the pit area today finds mixed reaction about the tires.  Some have had blistering problems, but others say they are fine.  Looking a little deeper, several of the drivers who are at or near the top of the time sheet have had the blistering issues.  Coincidence?  Could they be driving too fast that they're burning up the tires?  We'll just have to wait and see later during the feature race.

Saturday, 10:21am ET - It’s week two of Bristol Motor Speedway’s three-week short track series stretch to work in the track’s new surface before the NASCAR teams visit the half-mile later this month.  After last week’s thrilling UARA event, the ASA Late Model teams are in attendance today for a 200-lap event.  Next week, UARA and the Aaron’s Pro Challenge Series will hit the new Bristol concrete, but today it’s all about the 43 ASA Late Models here in the infield.
1.  21 Robbie Pyle 15.203
2. 72 Jacob Goede-R 15.272
3. 01 Alec Carll-R 15.348
4. 5 Derek Thorn-R 15.350
5. 40 Brian Ross 15.442
6. 32 Sean Murphy-R 15.457
7. 35 Keeton Hanks 15.474
8. 015 Colt James 15.497
9. 77 Chris Sevey-R 15.529
10. 28 Sean Bass-R 15.532
11. 70 Jeff Choquette-R 15.543
12. 44 Jeff Cave-R 15.575
13. 8 Eddie Hoffman 15.590
14. 15 Kris Stump 15.604
15. 012 Terry Schoppenhorst 15.611
16. 81 Jesse Smith 15.626
17. 16 Nick Schumacher-R 15.650
18. 88 Danny Ouderkirk 15.651
19. 34 Troy Hintzsche-R 15.652
20. 83 David Wilson-R 15.653
21. 140 Bryan Clauson-R 15.657
22. 47 Chris Fontaine-R 15.700
23. 12 Michael Annett 15.706
24. 141 Scott Bramlett-R 15.720
25. 11 Peter Cozzolino 15.781
26. 112 Tyler Townsend-R 15.820
27. 6 Wes Griffith Jr. 15.821
28. 36 Jim Duchow 15.823
29. 89 Travis Dassow 15.830
30. 136 Earl Beckner-R 15.850
31. 183 Scott Walters-R 15.852
32. 9 Shane Riffel-R 15.890
33. 20 Nolan Wilson-R 15.912
34. 75 David Odell-R 15.931
35. 45 Michael Simko-R 15.964
36. 02 Scott Leach-R 15.978
37. 98 Zach Taylor-R 16.018
38. 13 Charlie Menard 16.102
39. 121 Robbie Johnson 16.253
40. 25 Brent Downey 16.715
41. 108 Bear Lynch-R 17.247
42. 3 Jon Michael-R NO TIME
43. 41 Jason Taghikhani-R NO TIME

17-year-old Alec Carll was quickest in Friday's practice session.  (51 Photos)
Friday afternoon, the ASALM teams had a whopping 480 minutes of practice.  Alec Carll put down the fastest lap of the day.  On Saturday morning just one two-hour practice was held and veteran short track racer and former ASA National Tour standout Robbie Pyle was quickest on the charts, followed by Jacob Goede, Carll, Derek Thorn and Brian Ross.

The ASA cars will not hit the track again until 12:30pm when the 43 cars will take to the track for two laps of qualifying.  Two 25-lap GM Performance Part Shootouts that begin at 4pm will set the final starters of the field for the 200-lap main event that will take the green flag at 5:30pm.

We’ll have a full recap of the qualifying procedures shortly.  We'll also have all kinds of tidbits and stories from the Bristol garage area throughout the day.  For now, here are today’s and Friday’s practice results.

1. 01 Alec Carll-R 15.536----123.507 MPH
2. 015 Colt James 15.622
3. 21 Robbie Pyle 15.625
4. 5 Derek Thorn-R 15.645
5. 70 Jeff Choquette-R 15.656
6. 47 Chris Fontaine-R 15.657
7. 83 David Wilson-R 15.663
8. 140 Bryan Clauson-R 15.696
9. 28 Sean Bass-R 15.708
10. 81 Jesse Smith 15.731
11. 72 Jacob Goede-R 15.733
12. 012 Terry Schoppenhorst 15.737
13. 44 Jeff Cave-R 15.743
14. 183 Scott Walters-R 15.865
15. 11 Peter Cozzolino 15.866
16. 8 Eddie Hoffman 15.868
17. 20 Nolan Wilson-R 15.882
18. 77 Chris Sevey-R 15.901
19. 35 Keeton Hanks 15.935
20. 6 Wes Griffith Jr. 15.942
21. 34 Troy Hintzsche-R 15.945
22. 32 Sean Murphy-R 15.949
23. 88 Danny Ouderkirk 15.950
24. 12 Michael Annett 15.977
25. 40 Brian Ross 15.991
26. 89 Travis Dassow 16.005
27. 15 Kris Stump 16.031
28. 75 David Odell-R 16.032
29. 9 Shane Riffel-R 16.048
30. 36 Jim Duchow 16.101
31. 13 Charlie Menard 16.113
32. 25 Brent Downey 16.135
33. 112 Tyler Townsend-R 16.194
34. 136 Earl Beckner-R 16.229
35. 02 Scott Leach-R 16.244
36. 98 Zach Taylor-R 16.310
37. 45 Michael Simko-R 16.388
38. 3 Jon Michael-R 16.771
39. 141 Scott Bramlett-R 18.304
40. 16 Nick Schumacher-R NO TIME
41. 41 Jason Taghikhani-R NO TIME
42. 108 Bear Lynch-R NO TIME
43. 121 Robbie Johnson NO TIME

Saturday 2:30pm - Qualifying has concluded and Jacob Goede has set fast time.  Sean Murphy was second-quick, followed by Robbie Pyle, who was quickest in this morning's practice session.  Goede pulled the "six" pill, meaning the top-six qualifiers will be inverted, putting Keeton Hanks on the pole. 

Only 39 cars took time, down from the 43 scheduled to qualify. Bear Lynch, Brent Downey, John Michael and Jason Taghikhani all withdrew from the event prior to qualifying. 

There will be only one Shootout last-chance race instead of the regularly-scheduled two because of the lack of cars.  The top-two finishers in the Shootout will be given the 31st and 32nd starting spots.
The pre-qualifying tech line was jammed up before time trials.
Either 32 or 33 cars will complete the starting lineup for tonight's 200-lap event.  The top 24 will be taken out of time trials, but each team in the top-10 in Challenge Series points will be given an automatic starting spot.  This means that a team not in the top 10 in points may be fast enough to be in the top-24 in qualifying, but if a top-10 points car doesn't make it in on time, they will have to go into one of the 25-lap Shootout events later on.  The top two in ASALM North and South points are also given automatic starting spots 25 through 28.  Positions 29 and 30 will be reserved pas ASALM Champions, but if those aren’t needed, then the next two based on speed will be added. Positions 31 and 32 are for the winners of the two 25-lap Shootout events.  Position 33 is reserved as a possible ASALMS Promoters Option.

The first car is about to go out for qualifying, so once time trials are wrapped up, we'll have the majority of the starting field set and we'll have the full rundown here on Trackside Now.
Saturday 12:25pm - Qualifying is set to begin in just a few moments, around 12:30pm.  Each team has received their qualifying tires and the cars are being lined up on the frontstretch.  Troy Hintzsche, Tyler Townsend, Alec Carll, Scott Walters and Sean Murphy will be the first five cars to hit the track for their two laps of qualifying.
1. 72 Jacob Goede-R 15.364
2. 32 Sean Murphy-R 15.416
3. 21 Robbie Pyle 15.449
4. 5 Derek Thorn-R 15.474
5. 01 Alec Carll-R 15.490
6. 35 Keeton Hanks 15.494
7. 47 Chris Fontaine-R 15.584
8. 28 Sean Bass-R 15.626
9. 83 David Wilson-R 15.639
10. 70 Jeff Choquette-R 15.649
11. 140 Bryan Clauson-R 15.664
12. 11 Peter Cozzolino 15.675
13. 88 Danny Ouderkirk 15.685
14. 44 Jeff Cave-R 15.693
15. 20 Nolan Wilson-R 15.703
16. 15 Kris Stump 15.713
17. 77 Chris Sevey-R 15.721
18. 015 Colt James 15.739
19. 81 Jesse Smith 15.769
20. 40 Brian Ross 15.781
21. 012 Terry Schoppenhorst 15.789
22. 6 Wes Griffith Jr. 15.816
23. 89 Travis Dassow 15.847
24. 12 Michael Annett 15.871
25. 141 Scott Bramlett-R 15.882
26. 136 Earl Beckner-R 15.918
27. 12 Tyler Townsend-R 15.923
28. 8 Eddie Hoffman 15.928
29. 45 Michael Simko-R 15.941
30. 9 Shane Riffel-R 15.945
31. 36 Jim Duchow 15.954
32. 34 Troy Hintzsche-R 15.982
33. 75 David Odell-R 16.024
34. 02 Scott Leach-R 16.104
35. 121 Robbie Johnson 16.226
36. 98 Zach Taylor-R 16.281
37. 183 Scott Walters-R 16.292
38. 13 Charlie Menard 16.469
39. 16 Nick Schumacher-R NO TIME
40. 25 Brent Downey NO TIME
41. 108 Bear Lynch-R NO TIME
42. 3 Jon Michael-R NO TIME
43. 41 Jason Taghikhani-R NO TIME
STARTING LINEUP (Top-Two Transfer)
1. 141 Scott Bramlett-R
2. 136 Earl Beckner-R
3. 9 Shane Riffel-R
4. 36 Jim Duchow
5. 02 Scott Leach-R
6. 121 Robbie Johnson
7. 98 Zach Taylor-R
8. 183 Scott Walters-R
9. 16 Nick Schumacher-R

Jacob Goede set quick time in his #72 machine
1. 35 Keeton Hanks
2. 01 Alec Carll-R
3. 5 Derek Thorn-R
4. 21 Robbie Pyle
5. 32 Sean Murphy-R
6. 72 Jacob Goede-R
7. 47 Chris Fontaine-R
8. 28 Sean Bass-R
9. 83 David Wilson-R
10. 70 Jeff Choquette-R
11. 140 Bryan Clauson-R
12. 11 Peter Cozzolino
13. 88 Danny Ouderkirk
14. 44 Jeff Cave-R
15. 20 Nolan Wilson-R
16. 15 Kris Stump
17. 77 Chris Sevey-R
18. 015 Colt James
19. 81 Jesse Smith
20. 89 Travis Dassow (owner points top-10)
21. 8 Eddie Hoffman (owner points top-10)
22. 13 Charlie Menard (owner points top-10)
23. 12 Michael Annett (owner points top-10)
24. 45 Michael Simko-R (owner points top-10)
25. 6 Wes Griffith Jr. (Northern Division points)
26. 112 Tyler Townsend-R (Southern Division points)
27. 34 Troy Hintzsche-R (Northern Division points)
28. 75 David Odell-R (Southern Division points)
29. 40 Brian Ross (20th Fastest Qualifier)
30. 012 Terry Schoppenhorst (21st Fastest Qualifier)
31. (1st Place in GM Performance Parts Shootout)
32. (2nd Place in GM Performance Parts Shootout)
33. (Tentative) (ASALMS Promoters Option)
Saturday 4:22pm - Earl Beckner led the 25-lap GM Performance Parts Shootout from green to checkers.  Nick Schumacher followed Beckner to the line for second.  Originally, the top-two finishers were to transfer to the main event, but because only three cars finished the Shootout, Shane Riffel, who finished third, was given the ASALM Promoter's Option starting spot and will start at the tail end of the field, 33rd.

So the field is set.  Drivers are set to strap into their machines for the 5pm green flag for the 200-lap feature.  There will be a half-way break at lap 100 where teams can change four tires.  ASA Challenge rules normally allow for only a two-tire change on this break.
Saturday 3:43pm - The 25-lap GM Performance Parts Shootout is scheduled to begin at 4pm.  The top-two finishers will make the transfer into the 200-lap main event.

Around the track, the Shootout cars are being lined up in their starting order on the frontstretch pit road, while the other cars already locked into the field are lining up on the backstretch.  Zach Taylor's team is in the process of wrapping up engine repairs in time for the Shootout.  The lone Tennesse resident entered into tonight's race at Bristol was not up to speed in qualifying and will start seventh in the Shootout.
Earl Beckner (#36) and Nick Schumacher (#16) finished one-two in the Shootout and made the feature.
Saturday 6:57pm - Jacob Goede has won after Sean Murphy broke in the final corner.  Stay tuned.

Saturday 6:53pm - Lap 186 and the restart is on.  Goede looked under Murphy, but couldn't make the pass for the lead.

Saturday 6:48pm - Caution lap 184 for debris.  Sean Murphy is ahead of Goede, Pyle, Cozzololino, Thorn, James and Choquette.

Saturday 6:45pm - Lap 175 and Sean Murphy and Jacob Goede run nose-to-tail,but there's a bunch of lapped traffic up ahead of them. 

Saturday 6:37pm - Major developments on lap 146.  Sean Murphy poked a nose beneath Keeton Hanks for the lead off the fourth turn.  As they hit the frontstretch, they caught up to the lapped car of Tyler Townsend.  Hanks was squeezed between Murphy and Townsend and got spun across Murphy's front bumper.  No contact was made with the wall, but Hanks has been sent to the rear on the restart as ASA Officials deemed it a "racing incident."  Murphy is now the leader, but he does have a little bit of cosmetic damage to the nose of his #32 machine.  Jacob Goede, Robbie Pyle, Peter Cozzolino and Derek Thorn hold down the rest of the top-five spots.

Saturday 6:30pm - On the ensuing restart, Robbie Pyle did not come up to speed and Sean Murphy has taken second place.  Pyle has fallen to fourth.

Saturday 6:29pm - The first caution of the second half of the 200-lap event has flown on lap 116 for a crash in turn two involving Shane Riffel and Nolan Wilson.

Saturday 6:21pm - We're back underway here at Bristol.  Hanks took the lead again as the top-10 have gotten single file quickly.

Saturday 6:04pm - We've hit the halfway point and the cars are headed towards pit road for a 10-minute break. Keeton Hanks leads Robbie Pyle at the 100-lap mark.  Sean Murphy runs third, followed by Jacob Goede and Jeff Choquette.

Saturday 5:58pm - A lengthy cleanup is complete and the green flag has waved with just six laps remaining until the lap-100 10-minute break.  Before the restart, Travis Dassow and Bryan Clausen hit pit road.  Clausen, driving for NASCAR driver David Stremme, has not returned to the race and has exited his #140 machine. 

Saturday 5:44pm - The red flag is out on lap 84 for a crash in turn two involving Danny Ouderkirk, Earl Beckner and Jeff CaveOuderkirk spun and plowed into Ouderkirk's front end, causing heavy damage to both cars and leaving Ouderkirk nowhere to go.  All drivers are out of their cars and okay.

The caution came out just in time for two heavy hitters in ASALM competition to keep from going a lap down.  Leader Keeton Hanks was about to lap Charlie Menard and Travis Dassow.

Saturday 5:29pm - Caution again is out on lap 57.  Wes Griffeth and Earl Beckner crashed trying to stay on the lead lap coming off four as the leaders approached.  All the leaders came through the wreck unscathed.  .Not much positional passing has gone on in the top-15 or so spots thus far. 

Saturday 5:23pm - The caution has flown again on lap 32 when Jeff Cave fell off the pace.  It's still Hanks, Pyle, Thorn, Murphy and Goede up front.  ASALM Challenge Series point leader Travis Dassow is currently deep in the field in 18th.

Saturday 5:12pm - The first caution has flown on lap 20 for a crash involving Brian Ross and Michael Simko on the frontstretch.  Keeton Hanks leads Robbie Pyle, Derek Thorn, Sean Murphy and Jacob Goede.

Saturday 5:05pm - Engines have fired and the 33 cars are beginning their pace laps for the 200-lap ASA Late Model feature event.  Alec Carll, who was scheduled to start on the outside front row, will start at the rear after replacing the oil pan after qualifying.  Michael Annett is also dropping to the tail end of the field at the start for an unapproved adjustment post-qualifying.

Green flag is out and Keeton Hanks has taken the lead at the drop of the green flag followed by Robbie Pyle and Derek Thorn.
Saturday 8:03pm - Saturday evening's ASA Late Model Challenge Series event became a perfect example of what people mean when they say a race is never over until the winner takes the checkered flag.  Keeton Hanks had the most dominant car, but got tangled up with lapped traffic and Sean Murphy with about 50 laps to go.  Murphy checked out from there and looked to be cruising to victory.

Notice, that was "looked to be."  Murphy took the white flag about five carlengths ahead of fast timer Jacob Goede.  Going into turn three with the checkered flag in the air, the right front wheel on Murphy's #32 machine broke, sending him up the groove.  Goede filled the opening on the bottom and took the lead in turn four for what became his second ASA Challenge Series win of the season.  Robbie Pyle and Peter Cozzolino also got by Murphy in the final corner and finished second and third, respectively.  Murphy limped home fourth and Colt James finished fifth.

We'll have a full recap and reaction next week on 
1.  Jacob Goede
2.  Robbie Pyle
3.  Peter Cozzolino
4.  Sean Murphy
5.  Colt James
6.  Jeff Choquette
7.  Michael Annett
8.  Kris Stump
9.  Sean Bass
10.  Terry Schoppenhorst
11.  David O’Dell
12.  Eddie Hoffman
13.  Chris Fontaine
14.  Jesse Smith
15.  Chris Sevey
16.  Alec Carll
17.  Michael Simko
18.  Nolan Wilson
19.  Troy Hintzsche
20.  Derek Thorn
21.  Wes Griffith
22.  Tyler Townsend
23.  Keeton Hanks
24.  Danny Ouderkirk
25.  Shane Riffel
26.  Charlie Menard
27.  Travis Dassow
28.  Bryan Clausson
29.  Nick Schumacher
30.  Jeff Cave
31.  Earl Beckner
32.  David Wilson
33.  Brian Ross
Jacob Goede (right) gets congratulations from ASALM Director Ron Varney for his win at Bristol.