Trackside Now: Milk Bowl at Thunder Road Speedbowl
A Exclusive
Everyone is chasing a cow this weekend at Thunder Road.
Newly-crowned ACT Quebec Seres champion Patrick Laperle pushes his #91 out to the practice line-up on Sunday morning at T-Road.  (51 Photo)
This might look like the entrance to a state park, but it's actually the pit entrance to Thunder Road.  The backstretch of the track sits only about 50 feet away.  For those of you who haven't been here before - this place really is that beautiful.  (51 Photo)
Part of the fun of the Milk Bowl is the drive to the track.  Autumn in Northern New England is known for its breathtaking scenes and even though the foliage is a week or two from its fullest, the sites on the drive to Thunder Road did not disappoint.  Even the Vermont State House had foliage in its backyard.  (51 Photos)
Rich Lowrey (#8) and Dave Pembroke (#44) take part in morning practice.  (51 Photo)
Oren Remmick's #21 sports an autumn-colored paint scheme.  (51 Photo)
Brad Leighton's #55NH is awaiting an engine transplant here at Thunder Road.  (51 Photo)
The pre-race show for Thunder Road's Milk Bowl. (51 Photo)
Sunday, 6:30pm ET - Actually, that took less time than expected.  Here is the unofficial final rundown for the 2007 Chittenden Milk Bowl ACT Late Model race at Thunder Road Speedbowl:

1) Patrick Laperle  2) Ben Rowe  3) Dave Whitcomb  4) Brian Hoar  5) Mike Rowe  6) Brent Dragon  7) Cris Michaud  8) Roger Brown  9) Jean Paul Cyr  10) Scott Payea  11) Joey Laquerre  12) Dave Pembroke  13) Dennis Demers  14) Brad Leighton  15) Phil Scott  16) Pete Potvin  17) Joey Becker  18) Randy Potter  19) Joey Pole  20) Glen Luce  21) Quinney Welch  22) Dwayne Lanphear  23) Eddie MacDonald  24) Kip Stockwell  25) Donald Theetge  26) Matt White  27) Robbie Crouch  28) Eric Williams  29) Jamie Fisher

Sunday, 6:20pm ET - The unofficial top six from today's race are Patrick Laperle, Ben Rowe, Dave Whitcomb, Brian Hoar, Mike Rowe and Brent Dragon.  Because of the unique format of the race and the figuring that is required to come up with a complete rundown, it will likely be later this evening before a full field rundown is available.

Sunday, 5:20pm ET - On the final lap of segment three in the Milk Bowl, it turned into a three-wide battle for the lead in the fourth turn.  Dave Pembroke got into the rear of Joey Pole and spun him.  Patrick Laperle had to stop to avoid the mess and all heck broke loose.

Pembroke crossed the line first with Brian Hoar in tow.  Dave Whitcomb, Laperle and Dwayne Lamphear rounded out the top five.

Laperle will be the overall Milk Bowl winner.  We'll figure out the rest of the top finishers shortly.

Sunday, 5:20pm ET - With 10 laps to go in the final segment, the top five runners are currently Dave Pembroke, Joey Pole, Dave Whitcomb, Brian Hoar and Patrick Laperle.

Sunday, 5:14pm ET - It's lap 18 of the final segment and Patrick Laperle is in the top 10.  At this rate, he easily has the overall race lead.

Dave Pembroke leads Dave Whitcomb for the lead of the segment.

Sunday, 5:12pm ET - Joey Laquerre has made it back on the track before the green.  He'll restart at the rear of the field.

Sunday, 5:10pm ET - A big wreck on the frontstretch on lap six of the final segment has taken out two of the contenders for the victory. Glen Luce got together with Phil Scott and Joey Laquerre.  Scott and Laquerre got the worst of it and had to be towed away.  Luce got black-flagged and after ignoring the penalty once, has gone to the pit area.

Right now, the top 20 are Dave Pembroke, Joey Pole, Joey Becker, Dawyne Lanphear, Dave Whitcomb, Donald Theetge, Kip Stockwell, Eddie MacDonald, Pete Potvin, Brian Hoar, Ben Rowe, Roger Brown, Scott Payea, Cris Michaud, Patrick Laperle, Dennis Demers, Quinney Welch, Mike Rowe, Brent Dragon and Jean Paul Cyr.

Sunday, 5:07pm ET - Eric Williams and Matt White have elected to take the tail for the third segement of the Milk Bowl.  Robbie Crouch has not returned.  This puts Joey Pole and Dave Pembroke on the front row for the final 50 laps of racing.

Sunday, 5:05pm ET - Here is the starting lineup for segment three of the Milk Bowl:

Row 1Eric WilliamsJoey Pole
Row 2Matt White    Robbie Crouch
Row 3Dave Pembroke    Joey Becker
Row 4Kip Stockwell       Dwayne Lanphere
Row 5Eddie MacDonald Dave Whitcomb
Row 6Pete Potvin          Glen Luce
Row 7Brian Hoar    Phil Scott
Row 8Ben Rowe    Scott Payea
Row 9Roger Brown Cris Michaud
Row 10      Joey Laquerre       Dennis Demers
Row 11Patrick Laperle    Quinney Welch
Row 12Randy PotterMike Rowe
Row 13Brent DragonBrad Leighton
Row 14Jean Paul Cyr

Sunday, 5:00pm ET - Nick Sweet has put an exclamation point on his championship season by winning the 50-lap Tiger Sportsmen feature over Brenden Moodie, Tom Therrien, Kris Gout and Chuck Beede.

Sunday, 4:50pm ET - Everyone from outside the top 18 in the Milk Bowl standings at this point, has been mathimatically eliminated from taking the overall race victory.

If Patrick Laperle finishes in the top five of the final segment, he automatically wins the Milk Bowl crown.  That doesn't sound like a major task, but keep this in mind - the field is inverted from their finish of segment two and Laperle will line up 22nd on the grid.

Sunday, 4:45pm ET - After two-thirds of the Milk Bowl segments, here are your current standings.  1) Patrick Laperle - 9 points,  2) Brent Dragon - 14 points,  3) (tie) Phil Scott and Joey Laquerre - 15 points,  5) (tie) Ben Rowe and Jean Paul Cyr - 16 points  7) Mike Rowe - 17 points,  8) Scott Payea and Roger Brown - 20 points  10) Cris Michaud - 22 points.  11) (tie) Dave Whitcomb and Glen Luce - 23 points  13) Brian Hoar and Dennis Demers - 25 points, 15) (tie) Randy Potter and Brad Leighton - 27 points,  17) Quinney Welch - 30 points,  18) Joey Pole - 31 points  19) Dave Pembroke - 38 points,  20 ) Joey Becker - 39 points  21) (tie) Eddie MacDonald and Pete Potvin - 40 points,  23) Donald Theetge - 42 points,  24) (tie) Matt White and Robbie Crouch - 44 points, 26) Dwayne Lanphear - 46 ponts, 27) Kip Stockwell - 50 points,  28) Eric Williams - 55 points,  29) Jamie Fisher - 57 points

Sunday, 4:20pm ET - According to our unofficial figuring, it looks like Patrick Laperle has the lead of the Milk Bowl after two segments over a tie for second between Brent Dragon and Joey Laquerre.

Sunday, 4:16pm ET - Jean Paul Cyr won segment two of the Milk Bowl over Brad Leighton, Brent Dragon, Mike Rowe, Randy Potter, Quinney Welch, Patrick Laperle, Dennis Demers, Joey Laquerre and Cris Michaud.

Sunday, 4:08pm ET - Jean Paul Cyr has inched ahead to the lead of segment two ahead of Brad Leighton at the 40-lap mark.  Brent Dragon, Mike Rowe and Randy Potter round out the top five.

Patrick Laperle is up to eighth after starting at the rear of the field in this segment.  All of the other top five finishers from segment one are currently outside of the top 10 in segment two.

Sunday, 4:08pm ET - Lap 30 was not good for the 40-somethings at Thunder Road.  The #48 of Robbie Crouch spun on the backstretch and the mess that followed included the #41 of Pete Potvin, the #44 of Dave Pembroke and the #42 of rookie Matt White.

Sunday, 4:05pm ET - At lap 29, the caution is out for a spin by Donald Theetge and Pete Potvin in turn one.

The top 10 are Brad Leighton, Randy Potter, Jean Paul Cyr, Quinney Welch, Brent Dragon, Robbie Crouch, Dennis Demers, Dave Pembroke, Mike Rowe and Roger Brown.

Sunday, 4:01pm ET - The trophy queen of the Milk Bowl has arrived.  Off turn two, we can see a Dodge Ram towing a trailer that just pulled into the pits.  Inside the trailer is the trophy cow, that the winner gets to kiss in victory lane.

Sunday, 3:59pm ET - Eddie MacDonald spun in turn four and was collected.  He has brought his #17 to the pits and caution is out on lap 20 of segment two.

Sunday, 3:58pm ET - We're back to green and Joey Pole is back on the track.

The stars of the first segement, Phil Scott and Patrick Laperle are battling for the 20th position.

Sunday, 3:56pm ET - We're under caution at lap 15 for a spin by Joey Becker.

The top 15 right now are Brad Leighton, Randy Potter, Quinney Welch, Pete Potvin, Dawyne Lamphear, Eddie MacDonald, Robbie Crouch, Donald Theetge, Jean Paul Cyr, Dennis Demers, Dave Pembroke, Mike Rowe, Brent Dragon, Roger Brown and Matt White.

Sunday, 3:52pm ET - On the first lap of attempt number two, of race number two, of the Milk Bowl, polesitter Eric Williams lost power going into turn one.  He coasted into the infield, got the car refired, but left the track surface to pit.  He hasnot been back out.

We're working lap seven now and Randy Potter has just assumed the lead over Dawyne Lanphear and Brad Leighton.

Sunday, 3:50pm ET - Two of the fastest cars in the house here this weekend found trouble at the start of segment two. Joey Pole ended up hard into the frontstretch wall, with heavy damage to the front of his #97 machine.  He's okay, but his car is not.  Patrick Laperle also got crossed up, but continues on.

Sunday, 3:46pm ET - The Late Models are headed onto the track for segment two of the Milk Bowl.  Eric Williams, Dwayne Lanphear, Brad Leighton, Quinney Welch and Pete Potvin will lead the field to green in the inverted starting lineup.

Jamie Fisher has officially retired from the event, so that means that, after orginally not qualifying Kip Stockwell has earned a spot at the tail of the field for being the first alternate in the race.

Sunday, 3:42pm ET - Bobby Therrien held off Mike Ziter and Mike Martin to win the 30-lap Street Stock feature.  The 20-year-old rookie also secured the 2007 Thunder Road Street Stock championship thanks to the victory.

Sunday, 3:35pm ET - We have just received word from further south in New England, that Mike Stefanik has won the Fall Final NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour event at Stafford Motor Speedway (CT).  By finishing seventh, Donny Lia clinched the 2007 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour championship with one race left to go in the year.

Sunday, 3:17pm ET - Paul Giacherio led the first six laps of the Street Stock feature, but then went for a spin down the fronstretch.  This turn of events has now put Vern Woodard in the top spot over rookie Scott Maynard.

Sunday, 3:15pm ET - Glen Luce's seventh place finish in segment one of the Milk Bowl was very exceptional.  This weekend is the first time that the Oxford Plains Speedway regular has raced at Thunder Road, and this track is not known for being kind to newcomers.

Sunday, 3:13pm ET - Craig Bushey has won the B-Main for the Tiger Sportsmen.  The Street Stocks are out next for their feature.

Sunday, 3:08pm ET - Here are the top 15 finishers of segment one of the Milk Bowl: 1) Phil Scott  2) Patrick Laperle  3) Ben Rowe  4) Joey Pole  5) Dave Whitcomb  6) Joey Laquerre  7) Glen Luce  8) Scott Payea  9) Roger Brown  10) Brian Hoar  11) Brent Dragon  12) Cris Michaud  13) Mike Rowe  14) Dave Pembroke  15) Jean Paul Cyr

Sunday, 3:00pm ET - Phil Scott has won the first segment of the Milk Bowl after spending 10 laps racing on the outside of Patrick Laperle, who crossed the finish line sideways and just inches short of the victory himself.  Ben Rowe, Joey Pole and Dave Whitcomb rounded out the top five.

The Tiger Sportsmen are out next for their B-Main, as Late Model teams prepare to be inverted for the second segment of the Milk Bowl.  After that, we will have a Street Stock feature before running the second Late Model segment, have a brief intermission, then the Tiger Sportsmen feature and then the final Late Model segment.

Sunday, 2:55pm ET - Brad Leighton has pulled off the track, this time intentionally, on lap 36.

Sunday, 2:53pm ET - The caution is out for a fronstretch spin by Eric Williams and Donald Theetge.  It is lap 32 and Phil Scott leads thanks to an outside groove pass on Joey Pole.

Sunday, 2:50pm ET - On the restart, the field turned left to go into turn one and Brad Leighton did not.  It looked like he could have had some help in not making the corner, but the end result was Leighton sailing off turn one.  He drove through the outfield pit area and around to the track entrance in turn two, only losing one lap in the incident.

Sunday, 2:48pm ET - On lap 25, we've had our first caution period of segment one.  It happened because of an incident at the rear of the field, among cars that were just about to get lapped.  Eric Williams and Dennis Demers made contact on the frontsretch, but neither man spun.  They did check up though and that led to Pete Potvin slowing down and getting spun into turn one by Donald Theetge.  All of the cars in the incident will continue.

Joey Pole leads Phil Scott, Joey Laquerre, Patrick Laperle and Ben Rowe.

Sunday, 2:45pm ET - At the 20-lap mark of segment one, Phil Scott has cut Joey Pole's lead in half.

Sunday, 2:43pm ET - Just 12 laps into the first segment, Joey Pole has nearly a full straightaway lead on Phil Scott, Quinney Welch, Joey Laquerre and Patrick Laperle.

Sunday, 2:41pm ET - We're green here at Thunder Road. Joey Pole pulled into the lead from the pole position.  He's being chased on lap 2 by White Mountain Motorsports Park Late Model regular Quinney Welch.

To nobody's surprise, the #18 of Jamie Fisher has pulled off the racetrack to the pit area.

Sunday, 2:38pm ET - We're still working the pace laps here at Thunder Road and one car at the rear of the field sounds very sick.  The #18 of Jamie Fisher is skipping and weezing, even under caution.  It will be interesting to see if this indicates a big problem when the feature starts.  Fisher starts shotgun on the field.

Sunday, 2:34pm ET - The cars have been fired up for the Chittenden Milk Bowl at Thunder Road and pace laps are beginning.

One of the cars that fired its engine is the #55NH of Brad Leighton, who replaced the engine in his car after this morning's practice session.  His team thrashed to get a replacement and they have been successful. 

Sunday, 2:30pm ET - We've playing the Canadian and American National anthems and the bagpipers are playing their tunes once more as they march off the track in formation with the color guard.  The track is now being cleared and drivers are buckling into their cars in the infield.   Racing will begin momentarily and the first event will be the 50-lap first segment of the Milk Bowl.

Sunday, 2:18pm ET - All 28 drivers in this year's field have just been paraded through the grandstand and out on to the racetrack.  Driver introductions are now underway.

Sunday, 2:10pm ET - The Norwich University Drill Team is now performing for the full grandstand at Thunder Road.  Next up will be the first segment of this year's Milk Bowl.

The Milk Bowl is a unique event.  It is made up of 150 laps, but those laps are not in a row.  There are actually three 50-lap segments.  The field is inverted after each segment and a driver's lowest overall score is what decides the race results.

Teams are allowed to work on their cars and repair damage between the segments.  The Thunder Road support divisions also hold their feature events between the Milk Bowl Late Model mini-races. 

Sunday, 1:58pm ET - 1970 and 1979 Milk Bowl winner and New England racing legend Stub Fadden has just been introduced to the crowd, and he received a standing ovation.  Fadden, has had had some health battles in recent years, wheeled his scooter to the finish line to be interviewed by Ken Squier.  Obviously, everyone in the house is very touched to have him in attendence.

Among the other racing legends who came to watch the race are Dick McCabe, Bob Dragon, Beaver Dragon and the 78-year-old original winner of the Milk Bowl in 1962, Harold Hanaford.

Sunday, 1:52pm ET - Jean Paul Cyr already owns six ACT Late Model championships and there's a pretty good chance that after this race, and next weekend's season finale at Oxford Plains Speedway (ME), he'll soon have one more.  But don't expect him or his #32 team to go anywhere else soon.  Cyr just told track announcer Ken Squier that he plans to "stay around here for a while to wreak havoc [on his competiton]."

Sunday, 1:45pm ET - When it comes to pre-race pagentry, Thunder Road's MIlk Bowl stands alone.  Maybe even Humpy Wheeler could even learn something from the festivities before this annual event.

The starting field for today's race is assembled in the infield.  Actually, all of the pre-qualified teams have had their cars parked their even through the B-Main events.  A bag-pipe band is playing for the packed house.  19 former race winners are lined up on the fronstretch to pose for photos and give interviews to track announcer Ken Squier (yes, that Ken Squier). 

Each team has two crew members standing by their racecars with their team flags.  Well, actually that is one but one team.  Scott Payea's team has subsituted their own normal team flag with a Boston Red Sox flag to celebrate the baseball's team American League East Championship, which was clinched on Friday night at Fenway Park.

Sunday, 1:38pm ET - Three provisionals will fill out the field for segment one of the Milk Bowl.  Dwayne Lanphear will get the Thunder Road provisional with Donald Theetge and Jamie Fisher earning the ACT Late Model provisionals.

Those going home early from this year's race will be: Jay Laquerre, Rich Lowry, Chip Grenier, A.J Begin, Mike Bailey, David Chagnon, Mike Gosselin, Shawn Fluery, Steve Munro, Derek Lynch, Robbie Thompson, David Avery, Ron Henry, Sam Caron, Spencer MacPherson, John Donahue, Eric Chase, Kip Stockwell, Pete Fecteau, Cal Poulin, Marc Curtis, Jr., Jamie Aube, Claude Leclerc, Scott Dragon, Tampas Demers, Stacy Cahoon, Tyler Cahoon, Steve Fisher, Marcel Gravel, Grant Folsom, Oren Remick, Dave Riopelle, Doug Murphy, Dean Weber and Mark Anazolone, Jr.

Sunday, 1:23pm ET - Dennis Demers earned a starting spot for the Milk Bowl by winning the second B-Main feature.  Those not transferring, but finishing in the top five of the B-Main, were Kip Stockwell, Pete Fecteau, Trampas Demers and Eric Chase.

Sunday, 1:23pm ET - Steve Fisher has climbed from his car and is okay.

Sunday, 1:22pm ET - On lap one of the second 25-lap B-Main, Steve Fisher half-spun of the backstretch and hit the outside wall nose-first.  His window net is down and he appears to be okay, but there is heavy damage to his #24 machine.

Sunday, 1:20pm ET - Eric Williams won the first 25-lap B-Main and will advance to the Milk Bowl.  He was followed to the finish by Dawyne Lanphear, Donald Theetge, Jamie Fisher and Rich Lowrey.  Only the winner will advance.

Sunday, 1:18pm ET - With two laps to go, Jay Laquerre was spun out of the lead in the B-Main for the Milk Bowl.  AJ Begin will be sent to the tail of the field for his role in the incident.  Eric Williams is now leading Dawyne Lanphear, Jamie Fisher, Donald Theetge and Rich Lowrey.

Sunday, 1:12pm ET - Ron Henry has looped his #05 in turn two on lap 21 of the first B-Main. Jay Laquerre currently leads AJ Begin, Eric Williams, Jamie Williams and Dawyne Lanphear.

Sunday, 1:07pm ET - The #31 of Spencer MacPherson has pulled off the track in the first B-Main.  Meanwhile, up front it is a fierce battle for the top spot between Jay Laquerre and Eric Williams, with AJ Begin lurking close behind.  At lap 15, the top three cars have broken away from the pack.

Sunday, 1:07pm ET - John Donahue just won't give up.  He's back on track in the first B-Main with a new tire and will restart the event at the tail of the field.

Sunday, 1:05pm ET - We were back to green, but on lap four, John Donahue's bad luck continued.  Chip Grenier spun in turn one and Donahue spun right into him trying to avoid the incident.  It didn't work and now Donahue has a flat right front tire and moderate front end damage.  Jay Laquerre is leading in a 25-lap race where only the winner will earn a transfer spot.

Sunday, 1:02pm ET - Lap one for the first B-Main was a wild one. Rich Lowrey spun in turn three, with John Donahue's #26 going off the banking to try and avoid the mess.  Then Lowrey and the #00 of Steve Munro made contact in turn one after taking yellow flag

Sunday, 1:00pm ET - The pace laps for the first Late Model B-Main are underway.  The front row of the last chance race knows a thing or two about winning here.  Polesitter Jay Laquerre won segment two in the race last year and outside polesitter Eric WIlliams is the 2003 Milk Bowl champion.

Sunday, 12:20pm ET - The final Milk Bowl practice session for the headlining ACT Late Models is now complete.  There were no spins or wrecks.  The Tiger Sportsmen are practicing now and then we'll have an intermission before the Late Model B-Main events.

Sunday, 12:17pm ET - There is a change of plans in store for Brad Leighton's #55 team.  Instead of loading their car up to leave the track, the team is going to bring back their spare engine to install right here.  It is said to be on its way and should arrive within 20 minutes.

Sunday, 12:11pm ET - Things just turned very bad for Brad Leighton, who is scheduled to start 12th in the first segment of the Milk Bowl today.  The engine in his #55 expired during practice and the team is loading the car up.

They might not be done for the day though.  The plan is to go to local race shop of teammate Phil Scott and install a new powerplant.  Then they hope to make it back to the track.  The clock is ticking....they have about two hours to do their work and make the grid.

Sunday, 12:08pm ET - As we near the end of Late Model practice, we almost had our first incident in the headlining class here today.  Randy Potter got his #02 sideways coming off turn two, but gathered it back up and did not spun.

Sunday, Noon ET - This year's Milk Bowl is kind of a reunion of sorts for current and former NASCAR Busch East / Busch North Series drivers.

Among those entered in this race with experience in that series are Eddie MacDonald, Brad Leighton, Brian Hoar, Kip Stockwell, Jamie Aube, Dennis Demers, Mike Rowe, Derek Lynch and Robbie Crouch.

Another driver here with NASCAR experience is Jean Paul Cyr, who competed in what was then the NASCAR Featherlite Modified Series a few seasons back.

Sunday, 11:55am ET - The final practice session for the ACT Late Models is underway.  So far, there have been no incidents.

TD Banknorth Oxford 250 winner Roger Brown used this morning's practice session well.  Yesterday, he struggled in qualifying and was on the bottom half of the speed chart.  Today, he found some speed and appeared to be among the quickest in the opening practice session.

Sunday, 11:45am ET - Here is your starting line-up for the last chance races where only the winners, or anyone worthy of an ACT Late Model or Thunder Road provisional, will advance to this afternoon's Milk Bowl.  Here are the starting line-ups for the B-Mains:

B-Main #1:

Row 1Jay LaQuerreEric Williams
Row 2Rich Lowry   Jamie Fisher
Row 3Chip Grenier A.J Begin
Row 4Dwayne Lanphear Mike Bailey
Row 5David Chagnon      Donald Theetge
Row 6Mike Gosselin     Shawn Fluery
Row 7Steve Munro Derek Lynch
Row 8Robbie ThompsonDavid Avery
Row 9Ron Henry   Sam Caron
Row 10      Spencer MacPherson  John Donahue

B-Main #2:

Row 1Eric Chase   Dennis Demers
Row 2Kip Stockwell       Pete Fecteau
Row 3Cal Poulin    Marc Curtis, Jr.
Row 4Jamie Aube  Claude Leclerc
Row 5Scott DragonTampas Demers
Row 6Stacy Cahoon      Tyler Cahoon
Row 7Steve Fisher Marcel Gravel
Row 8Grant Folsom      Oren Remick
Row 9Dave Riopelle       Doug Murphy
Row 10      Dean WeberMark Anazolone, Jr.

Sunday, 11:37am ET - We've had our first incident of practice today.  The #11 Street Stock of David Allen looped itself on the fronstretch.  There was not a caution though.  Allen just dropped the hammer, smoked the tires and drove away within seconds.  No drawing a caution in practice for him.

Sunday, 11:35am ET - Tiger Sportsmen practice went clean and green and now the Street Stocks have the track.  In these parts, Street Stocks are not Camaros or Monte Carlos though.  They are more along the lines of mini stocks at other facilities with four-cylinder engines under their hoods.  Most of the field here are made up of 1980's Mustangs, but we also see a few Dodge Daytonas, Cavaliers, Escorts and even a Ford Tempo taking hot laps.   In the past, we've even seen a few Chevy S-10 pick-up trucks in the field.

Sunday, 11:25am ET - The first practice session for the ACT Late Models is now complete.  The session went clean and green with no spins, blow-ups or wrecks.  The Tiger Sportsmen cars are now on the track for their practice session.

Sunday, 11:07am ET - John Donahue's #26 Late Model is back this morning after getting wrecked yesterday.  The team pulled their hauler in and rushed to unload it as their competitors were lined up for the first practice session.  The team didn't waste much time either.  Right now, Donahue is taking hot laps and appears to have a pretty good car under him.  The Graniteville, Vermont driver has won LM races at Thunder Road and Oxford this season and if the ar is back to where it usually is, he should be a threat to win his last chance race.

Sunday, 11:05am ET - Yesterday, there were 62 Late Models to take part in time trials at Thunder Road and there wasn't much ground between the haves and have nots.  Only 8/10th of a second seperated the entire field in qualifying.

Sunday, 10:58am ET - There are no official practice times being kept, but many pit area observers have said that Patrick Laperle's #91 car is one of the top cars to watch today.  He was quick in practice and in his heat race yesterday.  But maybe not quick enough.

Laperle told his team that the car wasn't quite perfect and they made some significant changes to it before practice this morning. 

And for the first time since he started his racing career, Laperle now has a new title that he can claim - champion.  Last week, Laperle finished second in the ACT Quebec Series season finale at St-Eustache.  This was good enough to capture the 2007 Series championship.

Sunday, 10:50am ET - It is chilly here this morning at Vermont's Thunder Road Speedbowl, but there isn't much threat of rain.  The early day fog is burning off and the Late Models are out for their first practice session of the day.  Stay tuned for more.

Sunday, 8:25am ET - New Hampshire's Joey Polewarczyk is on the pole for the Milk Bowl for the second year in a row.  Last season, the teenager came up age by setting fast time for the event and doing the unthinakable - being a young driver who contended for the victory in the tough race.  This year, with another year of experience, and his first career ACT Late Model Tour victory, under his belt, Polewarczyk is an even more potent threat to win the race.

That last paragraph is also the last time today on this page that you will see his full name spelled out.  Because many racing folk aren't too good at spelling, this particular second-generation driver has become more commonly known as "Joey Pole".  Some tracks will even publish their results that way.  Either way, his name is one that short track fans will likely become much more familar with in the future.

Sunday, 8:20am ET - Here is today's starting line-up for today's far.  There will be a pair of last chance races later in the day, as well as a few provisionals awarded, so it is not quite complete yet.

Row 1Joey PolewarczykDave Whitcomb
Row 2Quinny Welch      Joey Laquerre
Row 3Phil Scott     Patrick Laperle
Row 4Brian Hoar    Robbie Crouch
Row 5Ben Rowe    Glen Luce
Row 6Eddie MacDonald Brad Leighton
Row 7Joe Becker   Cris Michaud
Row 8Scott Paye   Dave Pembroke
Row 9Roger Brown Randy Potter
Row 10      Brent Dragon        Jean-Paul Cyr
Row 11      Mike Rowe   Pete Potvin
Row 12      Matt White   TBD
Row 13      TBD     TBD
Row 14      TBD                                           TBD

Position 24 will be the winner of Last-Chance “B” Feature #1
Position 25 will be the winner of Last-Chance “B” Feature #2.
One Thunder Road provisional and two ACT Late Model Tour
provisionals will complete the 28-car starting field.

Sunday, 8:10am ET - Before the raceday starts, it's always good go first get up to speed.  For Justin St. Louis' full preview of this week's Milk Bowl, which includes some very interesting history from the event, please click here.

Patrick Laperle kisses the trophy cow in victory lane after the Milk Bowl.  (51 Photo)