Trackside Now: TD Banknorth 250 at Oxford
Roger Brown Takes the 250 Trophy Back to New Hampshire
Sunday, 12:22am (Monday) ET - The results are in and here is the rundown for the 34th annual TD Banknorth 250 at Oxford Plains Speedway (ME).  Goodnight from the track.  Be sure to watch for a full race story and leftovers coming soon to
00 – Jeremie Whorff
01 – Bill Childs, Sr.
1 – Bill Childs, Jr.
1 – Mark Anzalone
02 – Russ Clark
02NH – Randy Potter
2 – Zach Emerson
03- Travis Adams
04 – TJ Watson
04 – Jamie Swallow, Jr.
4 – Jeff Taylor
05 – Ron Henry
5 – Leon Heckbert
6 – Tommy Ricker
6- Cris Michaud
07 – Scott Luce
7 – Glen Luce
7VT – Eric Williams
8 – Alan Tardiff
8 – Rich Lowrey
8 – Dennis Spencer
9VT – Chip Grenier
9QC – Yvon Bedard
09 – Greg Peters
10- David Avery
11 – Ryan Vanasse
11PQ – Claude Leclerc
12 – Laine Chase
12 – Corey Williams
13- Jamie Aube
14 – Phil Scott

15 – Joey Laquerre
15 – Ben Asheline
16 – Joey Becker
17 – Eddie MacDonald
18 – Carey Martin
18 – Jamie Fisher
20 – Kurt Hewins
21PQ – JF Dery
22 – Gary Caron
23 – Bobby Gahan
24 – Patrick Laperle
24VT – Steve Fisher
25 – Dale Cullivan
25 – Dave Whitcomb
26 – John Donahue
26 – Corey Morgan
27 – Alexandre Gringas
29 – Ricky Morse
30 – Dean Weber
31  Tim Pendergast
32 – Jean Paul Cyr
35 – Mario Gosselin
36 – Kip Stockwell
36 – Brad Hammond
41 – Josh St. Clair
41 VT – Pete Potvin
44VT – Dave Pembroke
44TX – Terry Labonte
45 – Brian Hoar
47NH – Brock Davis
48 – Robbie Crouch
48QC – Karl Allard
50 – Jeff White
50 – Jay Laquerre
51 – Ricky Rolfe
55- Brad Leighton
55- Brent Dragon
56 – Dale Verrill
57 – Doug Coombs
60 – DJ Shaw
60 – Dale Shaw
63 – Don Wentworth
69 – Dave MacDonald
70 – Gary Chiasson
70 – Scott Dragon
71 – Bobby Dragon
72 – Scott Robbins
75 – Pete Fecteau
77 – Jon Brill
77MA – James Lindary
78 – Ryan Nolin
78 – Quiney Welch
80 – Donald Theetge
85 – Trampas Demers
85 – Travis Stevens
88 – Kevin Lepage
89 – Scott Payea
91 – Patrick Laperle
93 – Mike Ferguson
94 – Shawn Martin
97 – Joey Pole
99 – Roger Brown

Sunday, 1:15pm ET - It was announced in the drivers' meeting that tech will be tough after today's heats with special attention being paid to ride height and track width after the heat races.  The top five finishers from each heat will report to tech.  The tech inspectors will also randomly pull shocks during inspection to make sure that the sealed Koni units have not been tampered with.

Sunday, 1:10pm ET - Travis Sterns, Ricky Rolfe, TJ Watson, Eddie MacDonald, Don Wentworth, Jon Brill, Corey Morgan and Pete Fecteau are the eight luckiest guys in Maine racing at the moment.  Those are the eight drivers who drew the pole position for today's heat races.  95 drivers took part in the draw.
Sunday, 10:30am ET - There are at least an extra two Late Models here this morning - the #66 of AJ Begin and the #60 of Tim Brackett - who actually briefly practiced on Saturday morning before loading up and racing a Pro Series car an hour down the road at at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway last night.

Sunday, 6:55am ET - It's raceday at Oxford - an early morning for some and still a late night for others.  The 250 is well known for its wild camping and nightlife.  There was even a flatbed trailer with a band playing into the night last evening and a bonfire the size of a small house to liven things up even more.

But as the partiers sleep off their night of fun, crews are getting ready for a morning of practice leading up to today's 2pm heat races.  Less than half of the Late Models in attendence will qualify for the feature so the pressure is on to perform today.

Here were the 93 cars in the pits at Oxford yesterday.  The pits will be opening shortly,
and will have an update on any new Late Models that show up this morning shortly.
In the camping areas at Oxford, there are everything from six-figure coaches to set-ups that are a little more rustic.  This enterprising camper rigged a portable shower out of a utility trailer and some plastic drums.  They charge 50 cents a shower - with the fee waived for "naked women".  (51 Photo)
of Eric Chase and the #4 of Earl Tripp to your entry list.  The total car count for this year's TD Banknorth 250, straight from track officials, stands at 96.

Sunday, 10:53am ET - Late Model practice is now taking place.  James Lindary just spun his #77MA car coming out of turn four.  He did not hit anything and the caution period was a brief one.
Sunday, 11:15am ET - With nearly 100 cars here, several teams have had to change their numbers for today's race, with priority going to Oxford Plains Speedway Late Model regulars.  The drivers with new numbers today are Mark Anazlone (Now #1x), Cris Michaud (#6x), Alan Tardiff (#8t), Rich Lowrey (#8x), Joey Laquerre (#15x), Jamie Fisher (#18x),, Dale Cullivan (#25x), John Donahue (#26x), Kip Stockwell (#36x), Jay Laquerre (#50x), Brad Leighton (#55x), DJ Shaw (#60x), Dale Shaw (#68), Scott Dragon (#70x), Ryan Nolin (#78x) Jamie Swallow, Jr. (#84) and Trampas Demers (#85x).

Sunday, 11:05am ET - Two-time Cup champion Texas Terry Labonte arrived at that track this morning.  He is currently practicing the #44TX car of Richard Moody Racing.

Sunday, 10:55am ET - You can also add the yellow #14 of Punchin St. Clair, the #40
1. (15) #43 Kirk Alexander, West Swanzey, N.H., 100
2. (24) #06 Les Hinckley, Windsor Locks, Conn., 100
3. (2) #28 Dwight Jarvis, Ascutney, Vt., 100
4. (11) #9 Peter Jarvis, Ascutney, Vt., 100
5. (6) #15 Chris Pasteryak, Lisbon, Conn., 100
6. (13) #40 Louie Mechalides, North Tyngsboro, Mass., 100
7. (19) #6 Rob Goodenough, Swanzey, N.H., 100
8. (17) #38 Billy Goodrow, Pembroke, Mass., 100
9. (7) #72 Jimmy Kuhn, Jr., Bridgewater, Mass., 100
10. (9) #70 Andy Seuss, Hampstead, N.H., 100
11. (20) #12 Vinnie Annarummo, Swansea, Mass., 100
12. (8) #01 Todd Patnode, Swanzey, N.H., 100
13. (12) #35 Dale Evonsion, East Hartland, Conn., 100
14. (16) #23 Mike Douglas, Jr., Auburn, N.H., 100
15. (22) #73 Jonathan McKennedy, Chelmsford, Mass., 100
16. (3) #5 Brian Shumway, Belchertown, Mass., 99
17. (14) #1 Sean Boudreau, Claremont, N.H., 99
18. (10) #32 Tom Abele Jr., Norwich, Mass., 98
19. (23) #0 Mike Holdridge, Madison, Conn., 98
20. (1) #69  Jimmy Dolan, Bethel, Conn., 80
21. (21) #31 Tom Cravenho, Raynham, Mass., 80
22. (5) #4 Tony Ricci, Westbrook, 75
23. (18) #61 David Pinkham, Buxton, 41
24. (4) #48 Ed Dachenhausen, Danbury, Conn., 37
Trampas Demers' #85 will become the #85x.  (51 Photo)
Sunday, 11:35am ET - Last night's True Value Modified Racing Series event at Oxford was a good one - with a fierce battle in the closing laps between Kirk Alexander and Les Hinckley.  Alexander won the battle, and the race, with the full results as follows:
Three drivers from each heat race will advance to the feature directly.  Three additional drivers will transfer from each of the four consis.  Then there will be four last chance races with only the winner transferring to the 250.  After that, the provisionals will be awarded.  One will go to the most recent unqualified 250 winner and one will go to a high-point OPS Late Model regular.  Two more will be at the discretion of the promoter with NASCAR drivers Terry Labonte and Kevin Lepage assured of a start.  Up to 44 cars could start tonight's race.

Sunday, 12:11pm ET - Practice has now wrapped up for the TD Banknorth 250.  Three drivers were still out on the track searching for speed when the red flag was thrown - Tim Brackett, Kurt Hewins and Laine Chaise.

Sunday, 11:55am ET - Laine Chase has just looped his #42 Late Model in turn three.  He spun up into the dirt, but did not hit anything.  After a brief caution, practice continues.

Sunday, 11:40am ET - The Late Models now have the track for their final practice session before the heat races of the TD Banknorth 250.  They will practice until 12:10pm ET.
Kirk Alexander won last night's True Value Modified Racing Series event on the "Night Before the 250".  (Jamie Williams Photo)
Sunday, 1:30pm ET - Right now the track is quiet, with heat races set to kick off in just over a half hour.  The atmopshere around the track is anything but mellow though.  In the pits, drivers are comparing their heat race draw positions like students compare test scores, there is a big crowd around the Richard Moody Racing pit area hoping to catch a glimpse of Terry Labonte, the #71 Strictly Stock team is parked among the Late Modelers and they're adding to the atmopshere by blaring Kid Rock music out of some large speakers.  The grandstands are filling up too.  It's almost time to go racing and we'll have all of the action for you right here.

Sunday, 1:25pm ET - Don't totally give up hope of seeing Ben Rowe race in tonight's TD Banknorth 250.  IF the PASS North race at Antigonish gets in the books earliy enough and IF he can fly back to Maine fast enough, he still might be wheeling the #4 car after all.  There is an airstrip located right off the backstretch of the track, so anything is possible...and reports from Canada are that the weather for the PASS North race is beautiful and heat races have already been run.

Sunday, 1:20pm ET - Bobby Gahan will drive the #23 Lux Enterprises car today.  He tested with the team here on Thursday, but was not at the track during Saturday's practice session.
The crowd lines up to head into the stands before the heat racs at Oxford.  (51 Photo)
Sunday, 3:35pm ET - With five laps to go in the final heat race, Pete Fecteau was leading with John Donahue in pursuit.  They tangled in turn one, with Fecteau spinning backwards into a dirt pile.  Brian Hoar came upon the mess and ripped off several body panels.  He tried to dislodge them by running over the infield curbing, but had to retreat to the pits for the job to be done.  Hoar will restart last with a car that won't exactly pass ABC body templates.  Donahue is leading.

Sunday, 3:25pm ET - The transfer spots in the seventh heat race went to Carey Martin, Tommy Ricker and Jeff White.  That only tells half of the story though - there was a wild three-way battle for the final spot between White, AJ Begin and Patrick Laperle.  They finished like that with Laperle crossing the finish line sideways in fifth.  The other finishers were Dave Pembroke, Corey Morgan, Joey Pole, JP Dery and Chip Grenier.  Not finishing was Alan Tardiff, who appeared to have a mechanical problem early on.
Sunday, 3:17pm ET - The track announcer has just told fans at Oxford that Mike Rowe and Ben Rowe are both on a plane right now heading from Antigonish, Nova Scotia to Oxford - in the hopes of racing in tonight's TD Banknorth 250.  Their estimated time of arrival has been hyped as 6:15pm.  The approximate green flag for the 250 is 6:30pm. 

Sunday, 3:15pm ET - Jon Brill won the sixth heat race, with Brent Dragon and David Avery also earning transfer spots.  The other finishers were Roger Brown, Brad Hammond, Travis Adams, Jay Laquerre, Leon Heckbert, Donald Theetge, Greg Peters, Phil Scott and James Lindary.

Sunday, 3:00pm ET - In the fifth heat race, Don Wentworth, Josh St. Clair and Peter Potvin, III all earned transfer spots with Wentworth leading from start to finish to take the victory.  Nine-time Oxford track champion Jeff Taylor kept the pressure on to challenge for a transfer spot, but had to settle for fourth.  Following that bunch were Jamie Fisher, Ryan Vanasse, Eric Williams, Bobby Gahan, Kip Stockwell, Mark Anazalone, Rick Lowrey and Jamie Swallow.

Sunday, 3:00pm ET - The fourth heat race is over with Eddie MacDonald leading from flag to flag in the Bus and Transit Sales #17.  The other two transfer spits went to Dale Verrill and Randy Potter.  Eric Chase, Joey Laquerre, Yvon Bedard, Brock Davis, Bill Childs, Sr. and Steve Fisher were the other cars still running (in order) at the finish.

Sunday, 2:54pm ET - Eddie MacDonald has been showing the way in the fourth heat race, but a lap 12 wreck has thinned the field.  Eric Chase punted Billy Childs, Sr. in a battle for the final transfer spot.  The wreck also collected Yvon Bedard, Kevin Lepage, Robbie Crouch, Dale Verrill and Scott Robbins.  Lepage, Crouch and Robbins all went to the pits and retired from this qualifier.

Sunday, 2:48pm ET - The third heat race is now in the books and it was a fiarly quiet race.  Brad Leighton started on the outside pole and dominated the race to take the victory.  Former Oxford Wednesday Night Series regular TJ Watson and Ron Henry also transferred.  The rest of the finishing order consisted of Dennis Spencer, Tim Brackett, Billy Childs, Jr., Glen Luce, Bobby Dragon, Doug Coombs, Alexandre Gingras, Mario Gosselin and Scott Luce.

Sunday, 2:37pm ET - The second heat race is now complete. Ricky Rolfe, Kurt Hewins and Jean Paul Cyr locked themselves into the field.  The remainder of the finishers were Jeremie Whorff, Joey Becker, Scott Dragon, Jamie Aube, Quinney Welch, Ryan Nolin and Russ Clark.  Teenager Ben Asheline pulled his #15 iin early after apparant mechanical problems.

Nolin spun off turn four in the heat race after a three-way tangle with Whorff and Aube.

Sunday, 2:27pm ET - Shawn Martin was allowed to go back to the infield from tech to have his tries checked out.  Pending inspection Martin, Shaw and Trampas Demers will qualify for the 250.  The rest of the finishing order in heat one was Gary Chiasson, Laine Chase, Zach Emerson, Dave MacDonald, Ricky Morse, Corey Williams, Tim Pendergast, Claude Leclerc and Travis Sterns.

Sunday, 2:25pm ET - Shawn Martin crossed the line first as the heat race winner, but got confused and went to tech instead of the infield with the other transfer drivers to have their tires checked first.  There's no word yet as to whether his win will stand.

Sunday, 2:20pm ET - With four laps to go in the first heat race, Corey Williams got into the rear of Dave MacDonald in a battle for second place.  The result was that MacDonald went around in turn four and Williams got a rough driving penalty.  Both drivers went to the rear and Dale Shaw sped by into second.  Shawn Martin is currently leading.

Sunday, 2:16pm ET - Things went from bad to worse for Travis Sterns when the first heat race finally went green.  Sterns lasted exactly one corner before spinning his car right off the banking and in the dirt.  He went back to the pit area and is now out of the race.

Sunday, 2:06pm ET - As the track cleanup continues, Travis Sterns has returned to the track on lap 0 of the first heat race.  He'll have to start at the rear of the field.

Sunday, 2:02pm ET - The first heat race for the TD Banknorth 250 is now ready to go green. Travis Sterns drew the pole for the qualifier, but stalled his #85 as the field came out onto the track.  He headed back to the pit area and now track workers are putting down some speedy dry around the track - apparantly from a leak of some sorts from the Sterns car.  Dave MacDonald has now inherited the pole for the first 20-lap heat.  He'll be chased to the green by Shawn Martin, Gary Chiasson, Corey Williams, Claude Leclerc, Dale Shaw, Trampas Demers, Tim Pendergast, Zach Emerson, Laine Chase and Ricky Morse.

Sunday, 1:45pm ET - The 250 doesn't just draw fans and competitors - it also draws plenty of drivers who aren't racing.  Spotted at the track this morning is a roster of drivesr that includes former 250 winner Larry Gelinas, PASS North part-timers Scott Chubbuck and Chris Kennison, Busch East part-timers Mike Gallo, Modified driver Andy Seuss, Beech Ridge Pro Series driver Aaron Ricker and White Mountain Motorsports Park regular Ben Lynch.
After eight heat races, part of the field is set for the TD Banknorth 250.  Shawn Martin will start his #94 on the pole. (51 Photo)
Sunday, 4:55pm ET - Dennis Spencer, AJ Begin and Tim Brackett earned transfer spots in the third consi.  Patrick Laperle made it back through the field to finish seventh.  He then chased down Brackett after the race to show his displeasure of the first lap incident.

Sunday, 4:48pm ET - Bobby Dragon and Doug Coombs have also gotten caught in trouble during the second consi.  Both drivers spun off the turn two banking and are deep in the field.

Sunday, 4:48pm ET - Patrick Laperle got spun around in the first turn of the second consi race.  He will have to work from the back of the pack to try and earn a transfer spot without going to a last chance race.  He only has 19 more laps to do that.

Sunday, 4:45pm ET - Defending TD Banknorth winner Jeremie Whorff won't need a provisional to get into this year's starting field.  He won the second consi over Roger Brown and Brad Hammond.  This puts Mike Rowe next in line for the 250 previous winner provisional..then it would go to Ben Rowe.  Of course, that assumes that either driver makes it here in time for the race and race officials deem that they have made "every available attempt" to qualify.  Also eligible, and here, are Scott Robbins and Jamie Aube.

Sunday, 4:35pm ET - Eric Williams and Corey Williams finished first and second in the first consi to earn transfer spots, but the real story was when Jeff Taylor dumped Ricky Morse for the third and final spot on the final lap.  Morse spun to the rear and race control told Taylor to head back to the pits, awarding third to Zach Emerson.

Sunday, 4:30pm ET - Of the 24 drivers already locked into tonight's TD Banknorth 250, 17 will be first-timer starters in the race.

Sunday, 4:25pm ET - With six laps in the books for the first consi race and repeated attempts at a restart - first and second place runners Jeff Taylor and Laine Chase have been placed to the rear of the field.  The race has been a rough one so far with Tim Pendergast, Kip Stockwell, Bobby Gahan, Ryan Vanasse, Dave MacDonald, Ricky Morse and now Chase - all being among those involved in hard wrecks.

Sunday, 4:10pm ET - If Ben Rowe is on a plane back to Oxford (as announced in the stands), that is news to the crew. checked with them and the last that they heard, there were still 50 laps to go in the PASS North race at Antigonish.  Is Rowe on his way back or not?  Is it a publicity stunt?  Is the team just playing their cards close to their vest?  We'll keep you posted as the story unfolds.

Sunday, 4:00pm ET - Darick Barker took a car that he brought this week to victory in the 30-lap Mini Stock feature over Bob Guptill and Adam Polvinen.  After the checkers, there were a few fireworks as Jimmy Childs went after Polvinen's machine.  He was semi-succesful, turning his rival's car into the infield, but doing no major damage.

Sunday, 3:42pm ET - John Donahue won the final heat race over Scott Payea and Cris Michaud.  Right behind them were non-transfers Terry Labonte and Karl Allard.  At the finish line, there was a pair of wrecks that involved Brian Hoar, Pete Fecteau and Marc Curtis, Jr.  Because of that, the exact finishing order is a little bit unclear at this point.
Laperle and Lux hit it off right away this weekend.  After Rowe called on Saturday night to say that he would not be at the 250, it only took Lux and Laperle 14 minutes of discussion to put Laperle in the #24 car.  Laperle still needs to qualify through his last chance race though.

Sunday, 5:20pm ET - Mark Bowie won the first of two 30-lap Strictly Stock features.

Sunday, 5:10pm ET - There are 36 drivers locked into the field, with four spots still available in the four last chance races and up to four provisionals also available.  Among those drivers who have not qualified yet are Patrick Laperle, DJ Shaw, Robbie Crouch, Jeff Taylor, Brian Hoar, Kevin Lepage, Scott Robbins, Jamie Aube, Phil Scott, Travis Adams, Bobby Dragon, Jamie Fisher, Terry Labonte, Kip Stockwell, Alan Tardiff and Mario Gosselin.

Sunday, 5:05pm ET - The fourth and final consi is in the books.  Karl Allard held off Eric Chase and Joey Laquerre for the victory.  All three earned transfer spots.
Patrick Laperle (C) talks with car owner Mike Lux (R). (51 Photo)
Sunday, 6:35pm ET - The track has announced the four proivisonals that will be awarded to get into tonight's race - those were given to Travis Adams, Jamie Aube, Terry Labonte and Kevin Lepage.

Shut out will be the Rowe family.  Whether Ben or Mike fly, drive or walk into the speedway tonight, neither driver saw their original entry qualify and since they did not make every reasonable attempt to qualify for the race (as determined by race officials), neither driver was eligible for a previous winner's provisional.

Sunday, 6:30pm ET - After a wild fourth last chance race, Scott Robbins has worked his way into the TD Banknorth 250.  Among those not making it in are DJ Shaw, Brian Hoar and Robbie Crouch.

Sunday, 6:17pm ET - Yvon Bedard showed his love for two-time NASCAR Winston Cup champion Terry Labonte on the first lap of the final last chance race by spinning him out of the top spot.  Bedard turned Labonte around in turn two, allowing Scott Robbins to sneak through and take the lead.  DJ Shaw is currently running in second place with Oxford Late Model regular Mike Ferguson in third.

Sunday, 6:14pm ET - Billy Childs, Jr. and Glen Luce crossed the start finish line side-by-side for the third last chance race.  Childs was declared the winner and Luce will go home early along with the other non-qualifiers from the 20-lap affair.  That list is a stout one that includes Patrick Leperle, Joey Pole, JD Dery, Mario Gosselin and Doug Coombs.

Sunday, 6:04pm ET - Lap one of the third last chance race was a crazy one. Corey Morgan got turned around on the backstretch and then Dave Pembroke went sliding over the turn three banking.

Billy Childs, Jr. and Joey Pole will lead the field to the restart.  Among those in the event are Patrick Laperle, Doug Coombs, Glen Luce, Mario Gosselin and JD Dery.

Sunday, 6:00pm ET - The second of four last chance races is now complete. Ryan Nolin won the race with his #78x.  Those who did not qualify include Travis Adams (who will likely receive the Oxford Late Model driver provisional), "Neon" Leon Heckbert, Jamie Aube, Scott Dragon and Phil Scott.

Sunday, 5:50pm ET - Gary Chiasson won the first of four last chance races.  He has been given the option of taking a $1,500 check or taking a spot for the TD Banknorth 250.  It wasn't much of a decision.  Chiasson asked his crew and they elected to take the starting spot.

Jeff Taylor started near the rear of the field, but could only advance to sixth place.  He will not qualify the #4 Richard Moody Racing machine for this year's Oxford 250.  That appears to leave Ben Rowe out of the mix for tonight's race - even if he gets to the track from Canada in time.  That is unless a promoter's option is cooked up to give Rowe a chance...and that is not something that track officials have indicated is under consideration at this point.  The other non-qualifiers from the first last chance race include Bobby Gahan, Kip Stockwell, Ricky Morse, Jamie Fisher and Mark Anazalone.

Sunday, 5:40pm ET - Donald Theetge and Alexandre Gringras have both packed up their trailers and are getting ready for a long ride back to Quebec.  They will not run the last chance races for the TD Banknorth 250.

Sunday, 5:35pm ET - Longtime Oxford Limited Sportsman driver Kenny Harrison won the second Strictly Stock feature of the day.  It is his first victory in that division.

Sunday, 5:30pm ET - has learned that Patrick Laperle has been told by car owner Mike Lux that he will drive the #24 tonight (if qualified), even in the event that Mike Rowe makes it to the track by plane from Canada, where he raced in this afternoon's PASS North event, in time for the feature.  Does this mean that Rowe would have another car at his disposal?  Time will tell. 
31.AJ Begin
32.Eric Chase
33.Zach Emerson
34.Brad Hammond
35.Tim Brackett
36.Joey Laquerre
37.Gary Chiasson
38.Ryan Nolin
39.Bill Childs, Jr.
40.Scott Robbins
41.Travis Adams
42.Jamie Aube
43.Terry Labonte
44.Kevin Lepage

16.Scott Payea
17.Trampas Demers
18.Jean Paul Cyr
19.Ron Henry
20.Randy Potter
21.Peter Potvin, III
22.Brent Dragon
23.Jeff White
24.Cris Michaud
25.Eric Williams
26.Jeremie Whorff
27.Dennis Spencer
28.Karl Allard
29.Corey Williams
30.Roger Brown
1.Shawn Martin
2.Ricky Rolfe
3.Brad Leighton
4.Eddie MacDonald
5.Don Wentworth
6.Jon Brill
7.Carey Martin
8.John Donahue
9.Dale Shaw
10.Kurt Hewins
11.TJ Watson
12.Dale Verrill
13.Josh St. Clair
14.David Avery
15.Tommy Ricker
Non Qualifers

Bill Childs, Sr.
Mark Anzalone
Russ Clark
Jamie Swallow, Jr.
Jeff Taylor
Leon Heckbert
Scott Luce
Glen Luce
Alan Tardiff
Rich Lowrey
Chip Grenier
Yvon Bedard
Greg Peters
Ryan Vanasse
Claude Leclerc
Laine Chase
Phil Scott
Ben Asheline

Jamie Fisher
JF Dery
Gary Caron
Bobby Gahan
Steve Fisher
Dale Cullivan
Dave Whitcomb
Corey Morgan
Alexandre Gringas
Ricky Morse
Dean Weber
Tim Pendergast
Mario Gosselin
Kip Stockwell
Dave Pembroke
Brian Hoar
Brock Davis

Jay Laquerre
Doug Coombs
DJ Shaw
Dave MacDonald
Scott Dragon
Bobby Dragon
Pete Fecteau
James Lindary
Quiney Welch
Donald Theetge
Travis Stevens
Patrick Laperle
Mike Ferguson
Joey Pole
Earl Tripp
Robbie Crouch
Joey Becker


1.Roger Brown
2.Dale Verrill
3.Scott Payea
4.Jon Brill
5.Dennis Spencer
6.David Avery
7.Ricky Rolfe
8.Trampas Demers
9.Eric Chase
10.Brent Dragon
11.Cris Michaud
12.John Donahue
13.Brad Leighton
14.Karl Allard
15.Scott Robbins

16.Jeremie Whorff
17.Randy Potter
18.Joey Laquerre
19.Travis Adams
20.Zach Emerson
21.Kevin Lepage
22.Billy Childs, Jr.
23.Eddie MacDonald
24.Eric Williams
25.Jamie Aube
26.Ron Henry
27.Josh St. Clair
28.Kurt Hewins
29.Carey Martin
30.Don Wentworth

31.Jeff White
32.Tommy Ricker
33.Pete Potvin
34.Tim Brackett
35.Dale Shaw
36.AJ Begin
37.Ryan Nolin
38.Corey Williams
39.Gary Chiasson
40.Shawn Martin
41.Brad Hammond
42.Terry Labonte
43.Jean Paul Cyr
44.TJ Watson

Sunday, 11:55pm ET - Roger Brown's victory is the first 250 win for a New Hampshire driver since Dave Dion won the race in 1992.  Ironically, 1992 was also the last year that the race was run under non-Pro Stock/Super Late Model rules.  It was a NASCAR Busch Grand National North race at that time.

Sunday, 11:45pm ET - The latest update is now that Dennis Spencer was not a lap down and will be scored in fifth place....unoffically of course.

Sunday, 11:40pm ET - Don't expect any official results for the TD Banknorth 250 anytime soon.  The top six finishers are all in tech right now and that process appears to be going well, but there is some dispute as to the scoring of the race.  Roger Brown is the clear winner and Dale Verill and Scott Payea were right behind him.  Jon Brill was in fourth, but behind that is a big question mark.  Dennis Spencer was orginally scored as fifth, but it appears that he was actually a lap down and David Avery got the position.

Everything is being reviewed right now.  Spencer is protesting the result, while Avery's team has had to unload the car from their trailer to go through tech as a possible top five finisher.  When Avery arrived in tech, a member of the Spencer crew got into a heated argument with him reguarding the scoring issue and some on-track activity before the checkered flag.  We'll keep you posted as to what shakes out here at Oxford.

Sunday, 10:27pm ET - Roger Brown has won the 34th Annual TD Banknorth 250 over a quick closing Dale Verrill.  The two got together after the finish line and Verrill went spinning off turn one.  Scott Payea finished third with Jon Brill and Dennis Spencer rounding out the top five finishers.  We'll have more for you shortly.

Sunday, 10:23pm ET - Ten laps to go and its Roger Brown, Dale Verill, Scott Payea, Jon Brill and Dennis Spencer.

Sunday, 10:18pm ET - On lap 233, the top five are Roger Brown, Scott Payea, Dale Verill, Dennis Spencer and Jon Brill.  The caution is out for a turn two incident with Kurt Hewins and Jeremie Whorff.

Sunday, 10:10pm ET - With 24 laps to go, David Avery passed Roger Brown for the lead on the backstretch, but it didn't last for long.  Brown got into the back of Avery's #10 in turn one and sent him spinning off the dirt bank.  Avery pulled alongside Brown to show his displeasure on the resulting caution.

Sunday, 9:55pm ET - Cris Michaud and Dennis Spencer got together on the frontstretch with Michaud going around and bringing out the caution on lap 194.

Sunday, 9:43pm ET - Jeremie Whorff has spun in turn four.  The top five is currently Roger Brown, David Avery, Scott Payea, Cris Michaud and Kurt Hewins.  Eddie MacDonald might be turning the quickest laps, but he is off the lead lap thanks to an earlier penalty.

Sunday, 9:35pm ET - At lap 170, the top five is currently Roger Brown, Kurt Hewins, David Avery, Cris Michaud and Scott Payea.

Sunday, 9:30pm ET - Ryan Nolin went to pit under green and missed the entrance to pit road.  He then backed up onto the track...yes, you did read that right...he backed onto the track, to align himself with the pit entrance.  Amazingly, nobody hit his #78 car.

Moments later the caution came out on lap 164 for the stopped car of Joey Laquerre on the backstretch.

Sunday, 9:27pm ET - Eric Williams has just spun on the frontstretch.  There was no caution.

Sunday, 9:25pm ET - Early leader Carey Martin lost power while running in second place and has fallen back through the field.

Sunday, 9:22pm ET - The caution is out for Eddie MacDonald being stopped on the track.  Joey Laquerre pitted under the caution when the pits were closed and has been penalized one lap for that infraction.

Sunday, 9:18pm ET - On the latest restart, Jeff White did not get up to speed and he was punted into the infield.  There was no caution for the incident. Roger Brown currently leads Joey Laquerre, Carey Martin, Cris Michaud and Tim Brackett at lap 148.

Sunday, 9:15pm ET - Roger Brown rocketed into the lead on the restart, but the caution came back out on lap 142 for a Jamie Aube spin.

Sunday, 9:13pm ET - At lap 141, the top five are Carey Martin, Roger Brown, Joey Laquerre, Jeff White and Tim Brackett.

Sunday, 9:10pm ET - A number of contenders are running into trouble in the 250.

Eddie MacDonald, who led a few laps was just penalized one lap for passing the pace car under caution.  Randy Potter, who was in the top five also recieved the same penalty.  Shawn Martin is behind the wall after after his car backfire and quit on him.  Corey Williams was also in the top five when he had to pit under green after having a trail of sparks come out from under his #12 car.

Sunday, 8:52pm ET - The #68 of Dale Shaw is back on the track, but Dale Shaw is standing in the infield.  We're not certain, but we suspect that his son DJ Shaw, who did not qualify for tonight's race, might be serving as a relief driver.

Travis Adams made a unscheduled pit stop under the green and has lost several laps.

Sunday, 8:45pm ET - The "Big One" has happened on lap 102.  A major wreck in turn one has involved the cars of John Donahue, Travis Adams, Terry Labonte, AJ Begin, Josh St. Clair, Billy Childs, Jr., Ryan Nolin, Ron Henry and Brad Hammond with varying degrees of damage.  All of the drivers are uninjured.  The clean-up will be lengthy.

Carey Martin is leading David Avery, Eddie MacDonald, Jon Brill and Randy Potter.

Sunday, 8:40pm ET - The caution is out on lap 97 for a spin in turn four by Josh St. ClairCarey Martin had just taken the lead two laps before.  Many of the leaders, including Ricky Rolfe, Dale Verrill, Brad Leighton and Scott Payea have pitted.  The current top 15 are Carey Martin, Eddie MacDonald, David Avery, Randy Potter, Jon Brill, Dennis Spencer, Joey Laquerre, Trampas Demers, Eric Chase, Scott Robbins, Corey Williams, Ron Henry, Tim Brackett, Roger Brown and Terry Labonte

Sunday, 8:32pm ET - While under caution, the #32 car of Jean Paul Cyr stalled on the backstretch.  He lost a lap as the push truck helped him back into the pits.  Things got worse for him next, as the team lifted the hood and several more laps were lost.

Sunday, 8:30pm ET - Among the drivers who are pitting under this caution are Billy Childs, Jr., Terry Labonte, Ryan Nolin, Don Wentworth, Cris Michaud, Jamie Aube, Kurt Hewins, Kevin Lepage, Jeff White and Tim Brackett. It's lap 90 and your current top five are Ricky Rolfe, Scott Payea, Carey Martin, Shawn Martin and Dale Verrill.

Sunday, 8:25pm ET - The third caution of the night is out for a spin by Eric Williams in turn two.

Sunday, 8:22pm ET - The race is 80 laps old and the current top five runners are Ricky Rolfe, Scott Payea, Casey Martin, Shawn Martin and Dale Verrill.

Sunday, 8:20pm ET - Brent Dragon spun off turn four into the dirt.  He refired his #55 car and kept going without a caution.  He did fall over the lead lap though.

Sunday, 8:15pm ET - The caution is out at lap 65 for a wreck involving Gary Chiasson, Roger Brown and Cris Michaud in turn four.

Currently, your top 10 runners are Ricky Rolfe, Shawn Martin, Carey Martin, Scott Payea, Brad Leighton, Dale Verrill, Jon Brill, John Donahue, Eddie MacDonald and Jean Paul Cyr.

Rolfe and Shawn Martin have led every lap so far.  Lately, the two have been putting on one heck of a battle for the lead.

Sunday, 8:00pm ET - Things have gotten really interesting 42 laps into the TD Banknorth 250.  First, Josh St. Clair drifted high and nearly against the backstretch wall.  Then, Eddie MacDonald got spun out of a top five spot in turn four.  Finally, Dale Shaw, David Avery and Don Wentworth got together in turn one.  That all happened within moments and brought out the first caution.

Shaw did not like what happened in turn one, so he rammed into the stopped car of Avery under caution.  Then he pitted and was assessed a one lap penalty for unsportmanlike conduct.  An apparant front end problem was found on Shaw's #68 car, so he then went down the inner pit road backwards and the team is working on his car.

TJ Watson slowed on the track and lost at least a lap or two in the pits before all of that fun began.  Kevin Lepage, Jamie Aube and Ryan Nolin are also off the lead lap.

Shawn Martin is still the leader.

Sunday, 7:54pm ET - We are 25 laps into the TD Banknorth 250 and Shawn Martin has led every lap.  He's being chased by Ricky Rolfe, Brad Leighton, Eddie MacDonald and Don Wentworth.  So far, the race has gone green with nobody having any trouble or going a lap down.  But Kevin Lepage and Jamie Aube are both in immediate danger of that happening.

Sunday, 7:47pm ET - The lights are off on the pace car and the race is about to start. 

Sunday, 7:40pm ET - Mike and Ben Rowe didn't make it back in time to race in this year's 250, but their day still wasn't a bad one by any stretch.  Mike won the IWK 250 PASS North race this afternoon at Riverside Speedway in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.  His son Ben finished second.

Sunday, 7:00pm ET - Here is your starting line-up, and list of non-qualifers, for tonight's 34th Annual TD Banknorth 250:
Sunday, 12:05am (Monday) ET - The final stats on the race were that it took 2 hours, 39 minutes and 22 seconds to complete 250 green flag laps.  There were nine lead changes among six drivers.

For leading 106 laps and winning the race, Roger Brown's paycheck for winning will be over $35,000.