TD Banknorth 250 Saturday News and Notes by Mike Twist
Laperle's Three Cars, Clean and Green, 93 Cars In the Pits and More

As far as equipment and logistics go, Saturday was a hellish day for at Oxford Plains Speedway.  Cameras broke, computers would not power up and cell towers went down, so as a result our Trackside Now coverage didn’t quite work out as planned.  We apologize for our technical difficulties.  We hope to have our glitches squared away by tomorrow for the heat races and 250 green-flag lap feature.
00 – Jeremie Whorff
01 – Bill Childs, Sr.
1 – Bill Childs, Jr.
1 – Mark Anzalone
02 – Russ Clark
02NH – Randy Potter
2 – Zach Emerson
03- Travis Adams
04 – TJ Watson
04 – Jamie Swallow, Jr.
4 – Jeff Taylor
05 – Ron Henry
5 – Leon Heckbert
6 – Tommy Ricker
6- Cris Michaud
07 – Scott Luce
7 – Glen Luce
7VT – Eric Williams
8 – Alan Tardiff
8 – Rich Lowrey
8 – Dennis Spencer
9VT – Chip Grenier
9QC – Yvon Bedard
09 – Greg Peters
10- David Avery
11 – Ryan Vanasse
11PQ – Claude Leclerc
12 – Laine Chase
12 – Corey Williams
13- Jamie Aube
14 – Phil Scott
15 – Joey Laquerre
15 – Ben Asheline
16 – Joey Becker
17 – Eddie MacDonald
18 – Carey Martin
18 – Jamie Fisher
20 – Kurt Hewins
21PQ – JF Dery
22 – Gary Caron
23 – Bobby Gahan
24 – Patrick Laperle
24VT – Steve Fisher
25 – Dale Cullivan
25 – Dave Whitcomb
26 – John Donahue
26 – Corey Morgan
27 – Alexandre Gringas
29 – Ricky Morse
30 – Dean Weber
31  Tim Pendergast
32 – Jean Paul Cyr
35 – Mario Gosselin
36 – Kip Stockwell
36 – Brad Hammond
41 – Josh St. Clair
41 VT – Pete Potvin
44VT – Dave Pembroke
44TX – Terry Labonte
45 – Brian Hoar
47NH – Brock Davis
48 – Robbie Crouch
48QC – Karl Allard
50 – Jeff White
50 – Jay Laquerre
51 – Ricky Rolfe
55- Brad Leighton
55- Brent Dragon
56 – Dale Verrill
57 – Doug Coombs
60 – DJ Shaw
60 – Dale Shaw
63 – Don Wentworth
69 – Dave MacDonald
70 – Gary Chiasson
70 – Scott Dragon
71 – Bobby Dragon
72 – Scott Robbins
75 – Pete Fecteau
77 – Jon Brill
77MA – James Lindary
78 – Ryan Nolin
78 – Quiney Welch
80 – Donald Theetge
85 – Trampas Demers
85 – Travis Stevens
88 – Kevin Lepage
89 – Scott Payea
91 – Patrick Laperle
93 – Mike Ferguson
94 – Shawn Martin
97 – Joey Pole
99 – Roger Brown


Saturday was an optional practice day for Late Model teams competing in the TD Banknorth 250.  No official times for practice were kept or distributed, but a longtime 250 observer singled out three drivers who appeared to be very quick on his stopwatch – Travis Adams, Doug Coombs and Alexandre Gingras.

Adams didn’t practice for long.  His team arrived around lunchtime, turned a few laps, parked their #03 car and then closed up their hauler, a former school bus, for the day.  The Oxford regular has won the last three Late Model features at the track and looks to have figured something out.

Another observer pegged Patrick Laperle as the quickest – in three different cars.  We’ll have more on that later.

The practice sessions ran clean and green, with no wrecks all day long.  However, Dale Cullivan blew an engine in his #25 and appears to be done for the weekend.


As of Saturday afternoon, the official car count for the RD Banknorth 250 was 92.  Our count came up with one extra car over that.  More entries could also come in tomorrow, as Sunday morning always seems to bring in a few extra stragglers on race morning.  Will the car count get to 100?  Right now, that’s anyone’s guess.

Here are the cars in the pits at Oxford:

For the first time in a long time, the TD Banknorth 250 might go off without a Rowe in the field.  Mike Rowe has won the event three times over three different decades.  His son Ben Rowe is a two-time race winner and his brother Tommy, now inactive in racing, has also competed in the event.
At 6:30am, there were wall to wall trailers getting ready for the pits to open for the Oxford 250.  Teams got to see some great weather on their day of practice. (51 Photo)
Mike and Ben both planned to race here this year.  They both tested at the track this week in fact.  Their plan was to race in the PASS North IWK 250 at Riverside Speedway in Antigonish, Nova Scotia on Saturday night and then fly a chartered place to Oxford to race the 250 on Sunday.  It was a great plan, but unfortunately it rained in Antigonish on Saturday – moving the race back to Sunday afternoon.

That means that the Rowes, who are first and second in PASS North points, will probably stay in Canada to race. 

Originally, Tracy Gordon was lined up to substitute for Mike Rowe in the Lux Enterprises #24 car in case of rain.  But that plan changed on Saturday when Laperle wasn’t happy with the handling on his own #91.  Laperle practiced both the #23 and #24 Lux cars in addition to his own ride, and was within 1/10th of a second in each of the cars.  However, he found the #24 to be the most comfortable of the three, and his quick times in that machine came on 100+ lap old tires.  With Rowe not making it to the track, Laperle has been named to drive in place of Rowe tomorrow.  Whether the car will be numbered #24 or #91 has yet to be decided.

Meanwhile, the driver of the Lux #23 is still up in the air.  A deal to put New Hampshire’s Bobby Gahan in the car feel through.  It doesn’t appear that Gordon will be in the car either at this point.  Stay tuned for more updates.

Ben Rowe’s substitute is nine-time OPS track champion Jeff Taylor, who practiced the #4 car on Saturday.  It looks like Taylor will get the nod to wheel the car at Oxford tomorrow and Rowe will stay up North to race at Antigonish.

Taylor will be a teammate to two-time NASCAR Cup champion Terry Labonte and both Richard Moody Racing team cars are pretty darn close.  When Ben Rowe shook down both cars during a mid-week test at Oxford, they were within 1/100th of a second of each other.

16-year-old Ben Asheline is attempting to qualify for his first TD Banknorth 250 this year.  His family owns and operates Richmond Raceway, a popular kart track in Maine…..Former PASS North champion and third-place 250 finisher from last season, Sam Sessions is a busy guy this weekend.  He’s not planning to race on Sunday, but he did practice Marc Curtis, Jr.’s #27 car today.  Sessions will serve as Curtis’ crew chief for Sunday’s main event…..With the Rowes seemingly out of the race on Sunday, there will be only three former 250 winners will attempt to qualify for tomorrow’s race – Jamie Aube, Scott Robbins and Jeremie Whorff…..Part-time PASS North driver Scott Chubbuck is in the pits at Oxford, turning wrenches on the #4 True Value Modified Racing Series entry of Tony Ricci…..Bill Childs, Sr. will attempt to qualify for the TD Banknorth 250, but that isn’t the only racing that he is doing this weekend.  Childs is also driving the #12 Mini Stock, which he just bought from Justin Karkos, this weekend.  Things didn’t go well for him with that in Saturday night’s feature.  Childs was involved in a spin and fell off the lead lap in that feature…..Donald Theetge has been winning plenty of races North of the Border this year, but he was not happy with the handling of his car on Saturday.  Theetge’s #80 was 3/10th off the pace of his fellow ACT Castrol Serie competitors……Mario Gosselin’s team was one of the latest-working bunches in the pit area Saturday.  Not happy with the handling of his car, Gosselin and his team were still turning wrenches on it at 8pm.


Patrick Laperle started the day in his familar #91, spent time in Mike Lux's #23 and will drive the Lux #24 in Sunday's race.  (51 Photos)